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    I'm married to a man, and I've been with women for 7 years now. I think I joined this site around 7 years ago also. I used to stress and obsess over finding a label for myself, and now I realize I don't need one, or want one. I used to think I wanted a woman as a FWB, and as time went on realized feelings usually got involved for me. I guess what I'm saying is, you may think one thing, until a situation happens, and you might end up surprising even yourself. I've learned so much about myself in these last 7 years! I've eaten my words many times, and I've grown tremendously from my experiences.
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    Absolutely love having sex with clothes on. I find all that rummaging around such a turn on, it works me up like crazy. Especially love when a girl leaves her jeans on & you need to unzip them & part her panties to one side......soooo hot!
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    Sex anyway any time, with or without clothes
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    For many years I played the role of dedicated wife and mother. Twenty six years and five children later, I found myself at a crossroads. I could stay with a man I no longer loved, keeping the 'perfect' family unit together.Or take the tough, scary step and leave.I chose the latter and it was the right decision.That was a year ago.On reflection, the past year has been, in the main, an exciting and refreshing one.I have met some interesting(and some not so interesting!) people, enjoying good company and also enjoying my own company, my own space...when I needed to.Recently, I've made friends with a woman and she has awakened a sleeping giant within me, that I never knew existed.The feelings that she evokes are stronger than any I've ever felt towards a man.Its exciting and beautiful, if a little overwhelming.I am at the start of a new and very different journey and who knows where it will lead, where I will be or how i will feel, this time next year.For now, I am enjoying the moment and open to all life's possibilities.The next chapter will be written when its ready.When I'm ready!
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    Actually, continuing on from my previous comment, my form of bisexuality seems to be the exact opposite of the women here who can’t see themselves in a ‘romantic’ relationship with a woman. I am sometimes sexually attracted to particular men, and in the past had romantic relationships with men, but never fell in love with one, or wanted to seriously commit to one...which meant that the relationship was really just all about sex and other forms of fun... But, ultimately once I finally admitted to myself that the sex I had with men, although enjoyable, was totally inferior to the sex I had with women, and that I preferred women in every way, I then decided that there was really no point in continuing to see men, and have lived my life as a lesbian ever since. Despite the fact that most men have absolutely no problem objectifying women, in one way or another (often without even realizing that they’re doing so), some of my male lovers accused me of objectifying men, because they knew I preferred women and had no intention of becoming more serious about our relationship (moving in together, or getting married)...and I did wonder if that was actually true. Was I objectifying men by conducting affectionate sexual relationships with them, but not falling in love with and committing to them? In the end, I decided that it was a matter of expectations, but that most men (and people in general) expected more, so, if not unethical, at the very least, for me, it wasn’t really a practical way to live. Now, like @FlaGrl08, the originator of this thread, I see that there are quite a few women here on Shy, most of whom are married to men, who are attracted to and desire women sexually, but for one reason or another, claim that they cannot see themselves in a romantic relationship with a woman...and, at the risk of being burnt at the stake, I wonder if this is just a way of managing their own expectations with regard to their desires (i.e. choosing not to desire what they believe they cannot have, or what could potentially throw their heterosexual marital life into chaos). While, of course, human beings embody every possible variation of sexuality and way of being, and I believe that, bar those that harm others, we must all accept that, I must confess that reading these posts I sometimes get angry and want to shout out, ‘Don’t you think women are objectified enough in this world, without contributing to the objectification of each other? Please do us all a favour and stick to men!’ But then I get a grip, and just think, well ‘different strokes for different folks’...and what goes on between two consenting adults is their own business. Clearly, some women don’t mind being objectified in that way (and, in fact, enjoy being objectified in more extreme ways, for example, in the context of BDSM)... It’s a point of contention - to such an extent that some members of Shy have actually left because they found it unacceptable or distasteful - but one that I can live with, as long as we’re not talking about using and abusing women, like so many men do (which is all over the news right now, as it should be). HOWEVER, having said that, I have to admit that I find it impossible to understand how anyone could possibly confine their interest in and desire for women to the purely sexual, as if erecting an artificial boundary between the body and the emotions contained therein, when there is so much more to experience and enjoy, and the potential for the most intense and fulfilling forms of intimacy imaginable with another woman... How can they resist?
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    I squirmed in my seat and tried to push the intense need to the back of my mind. This auditorium is full of people...calm yourself, Lily. I thought to myself. I tried to shift my focus back to the guest speaker on stage. My company had spent some insane amount on this motivational speaker to feed us the same line of bullshit that we've heard since middle school. All I knew was that my ass and back were going to be sore tomorrow from these seats. I heard him ramble something about teamwork but I couldn't focus on a word he was saying. I caught a whiff of her perfume and turned to look at her. She was looking intently at her phone in her lap, clearly ignoring the speaker. Her black dress had been knee length, but it rose up a few inches when she sat and she had one leg crossed over the other which made it sit about mid-thigh. He blonde hair fell in soft curls around her shoulders and because it was warm in the building, she had slipped her jean jacket off shortly after the program began. I tried not to be obvious since we were surrounded by about 400 other employees, but I could stare at her all day and not get tired of it. Katie was by far the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on…and I was fairly sure she was 100% straight. Just then, she turned her head enough to look out of the corner of her eye at me. I hurriedly turned my focus to the speaker and felt my face redden as she turned to look at me. I glanced back over and noticed that her dress seemed to have risen up a little more, and I could have sworn I saw a smirk on her face when she noticed me looking yet again. I felt the wetness between my thighs growing as I thought of how amazing it would be to gently kiss her soft tanned legs up to her inner thighs. I pictured her moaning and running her nails down my shoulders while I sucked on her perky pink nipples. I licked my lips as I started wondering how it would feel to kiss and suck on her velvety soft lips. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to find a bathroom and get some relief before I exploded. I decided to go to the bathroom furthest from the auditorium to avoid having someone walk in and hear me. I went in the bigger stall and hung my purse up on the hook, not bothering to lock the door since it stayed closed on its own. I stepped out of my heels and kicked them to the side while I yanked my pencil skirt up around my waist. I leaned back against the wall and slipped my hand into my black lace panties. Katie turns me on so damn much, my panties are soaked. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as I circled my clit with my middle finger and started gently rubbing it back and forth. I pictured Katie laying on a bed underneath me as I kissed my way down her belly and buried my head in those gorgeous thighs. I could feel my pleasure starting to build and I couldn’t help the small moan that escaped my lips. I thought I heard a noise, so I opened my eyes and almost fell over when I saw someone standing in front of me. Katie. I froze as my eyes met her own heated gaze. She had pushed the stall door open and was watching me touch myself while she rubbed her nipples through the cotton fabric of her dress. “So,” She said in a breathy voice “I guess now I have my answer.” She slowly moved closer to me until she was standing directly in front of me. “What do you mean? Answer to what?” I asked her, hoping we were thinking along the same lines. Katie smirked slyly at me and dropped her jacked on the floor with my shoes. “Well, I’d say that you responding this way to that little tease I gave you earlier means that you want me as badly as I want you.” She tousled her blonde curls and her scent filled my nose. I couldn’t help it, I lurched forward and grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her wildly, longingly, passionately. I turned her so that her back was against the wall and I moved my hands up into her hair. Katie ran her hands up my back and untucked my satin blouse before sliding it up over my head. I wiggled my skirt back down and she unzipped it and pushed it the rest of the way down. I pulled Katie forward a little and searched Katie’s back for her zipper. I undid it in on swift motion and let her dress fall to the floor. Katie had the most stunning body I had ever seen. She had full breasts, a round voluptuous ass, thick thighs, and curves for days. She had a beautiful tan complexion complete with stunning blue eyes, blonde hair, and very kissable lips. Her pink bra and panties damn near did me in because she just looked so amazing in them. My eyes met hers and I saw the same hunger and carnal desire in hers as I knew she did in mine. I wish I had known months ago that she wanted me this badly. Katie stepped out of the stall long enough to walk across the bathroom and lock the door so no one else could come in. “Now then, Lily,” she said and she placed her hands on her hips and grinned at me. “I want you to know that I’ve fantasized about this day for months and I know you have too.” She dropped her arms and slowly started sauntering towards me. My throat went dry all of a sudden and all I could do was nod my head to let her know she was right. “Mhmm, that’s what I thought. Tell me something, Lily, have you ever touched yourself while thinking about pleasuring me?” Katie was standing in front of me now and smiling seductively at me. I nodded yes and she smiled even bigger. “Me too, Lily, I’ve wanted you for so long and I never thought you’d feel the same way.” Her voice quieted to a whisper and her mouth was inches from mine as she finished her sentence. I felt her hands slip around my waist and pull me to her as she kissed me softly. I pulled her tighter to me and deepened the kiss. Katie’s hands slid up and unclasped my bra before sliding it down my arms. I did the same to Katie and I immediately began kneading her breasts in my hands. I broke our kiss and turned so Katie’s back was against the wall. I leaned down and flicked one of her nipples back and forth with my tongue before sucking on it. I nibbled gently and felt Katie put one of her hands in my hair and I heard a slight whimper escape her lips. I moved up to kiss her neck and trailed teasing kisses down her collarbone, chest, stomach, and abdomen. I kneeled in front of her and slowly started pulling her pink panties down her legs. “Let me show you how much I’ve thought about what I want to do to you.” I smiled up at her and saw that desire still in her eyes. I tossed her panties over to our pile of clothes and I moved her legs apart. Then I lifted one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder. I kissed her thighs teasingly and stopped right when I got to her glistening wet pussy. I paused for a moment before gently tasting her wetness. She gasped and placed her hand back on my head. I swirled my tongue in circles around her throbbing clitoris as her grip on my hair tightened. I smiled against her pussy and slowly inserted two fingers inside of her. Fuck, she’s so wet for me. Katie tasted amazing, just as I had imagined. I moved my fingers in and out of her slowly. “Ohh fuck, Lily, you’re so good. I love your mouth on me. Fuck me harder, Lily” Katie said in between labored breaths as she began grinding on my face. I adjusted my fingers to hit her g-spot and started moving them faster as I resumed flicking her swollen clit with my tongue. “Lily…oh my god…you’re going to…make me come….so hard….don’t stop.” Katie bucked her hips in time with my fingers thrusting into her and kept her hold on my hair tight. I felt her tighten around my fingers and I felt her legs start to quiver. I looked up while I continues my assault with my tongue. Damn, she looks so beautiful when she’s coming undone like this. I thought to myself. I removed my fingers and sucked the sweet wetness off of them. Katie tugged my hair upwards and I stood and kissed her hungrily. Without a word, Katie moved the clothes pile and pulled me down to her on the floor. I laid on my back and used the clothes as pillows. I had only been on the floor for a moment before Katie was yanking my panties off and positioning my legs. She dove immediately in between my thighs and buried her face in me. Katie’s licks were teasing and slow, and she rolled one of my nipples in between her thumb and index finger while she did it. I moaned lightly and Katie sat up and smiled at me mischievously. She scooted closer and straddled me sideways so that our legs were sort of in an X. She rocked back and forth and moved her hips, grinding her wet pussy into mine. “Oh my god, Katie, you feel so good…fuck.” I said as I arched my back up slightly. Katie moved faster and faster as I felt my orgasm build. We were both panting and I could see beads of sweat glistening on her forehead. She ground harder against me and my orgasm ripped through me. I covered my mouth to keep quiet as Katie continued to ride me. “Katie, that was-“ I started but was cut off by Katie putting a finger over my mouth. “Oh I’m not quite done with you, Lily. There’s one thing that I just can’t go without.” I looked at her curiously as she reached over into her purse and produced a pink strap on. I smiled with excitement as she put it on and leaned over me. She kissed me passionately and used one hand to gently move the head of the dildo along my folds to moisten it a little. I bit her lip gently and when she pulled back and started kissing my neck, I whimpered a little. “Katie, please, I want you to fuck me.” She sat up and eased into me with gentle thrusts and I played with my nipples in anticipation of another mind-blowing orgasm. “Katie…harder…fuck me harder...” I moaned as quietly as possible. She intensified her thrusts and took her thumb down to my clit and moved it around in slow circles. I bit my lip and she moved faster in and out of me. I bucked my hips to meet her thrusts and she rubbed my clit harder and faster. This time my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks and I couldn’t help calling out her name. Thankfully, she put her hand over my mouth just before we heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Excuse me, anyone in there? Cleaning crew needs in.” I gasped with wide eyes and Katie replied back to the male voice. “Just a second, we just had some, uh, feminine difficulties.” She pulled out of me and we hurriedly stuffed our undergarments into her bag with the strap on. I yanked my clothes and heels on alongside Katie and we slid into our heels and jackets before attempting to fix our hair. We unlocked the door and made our way back into the auditorium where the speaker was just finishing up. I tried to hide my flustered expression when my phone vibrated in my purse. I picked it up and clicked the messages open. One new message from Katie? I opened her message and felt my face turn bright red at the content. “You and me at your place later. I need more of you, plus I have your bra and panties in my bag. This is going to be fun.” I smiled and looked over at Katie who had an equally big grin on her face. My thighs were still slick from our bathroom adventure, but the excitement of continuing it this evening made me even wetter. Fun is an understatement…tonight is going to be amazing. Maybe this conference wasn’t such a waste after all. The End! **I apologize for any typos or anything, I didn’t get as much time to edit this as I would have liked. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment or something! Thanks!**
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    I've had both. The sex for me with the women that I've had emotional/romantic feelings for has been a better feeling for me. I've only had sex with one woman where it was basically just for fun with no strings. The sex was just that, fun.... but it left me feeling not as fulfilled if that makes sense.
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    Fell in love with a woman. The woman broke my heart. Took steps to change my life completely. Internet dated. Made new friends through internet dating. Met a new fantastic lady.
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    For the first time ever, absolutely nothing! It was a real learning curve for me! I stayed alive, always a plus and on the road to good health. I changed my career and officially start work on that this month. I'd planned to do more, with so much time off, turned out I needed it to heal. I'm certainly looking forward to getting back to the land of the living. I've never been so aware or grateful of all the good things in life, the things I've already done and all the possibilities ahead. Bring on 2018
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    I fell in love. I am 39 and I fell in love with a woman beyond the physical. I fell in love with another human for the first time. I did something that sounded so ridiculous to me that I couldn't believe it. And yet tho I think it's a bubble some times, I know myself and I know it's not and I know it's not going to go away
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    I agree that you dont know unless you try but she might find that after being with her she might not need to be with a man especially if it is just to have a baby, that can be done without having to sleep with one. I do disagree that for all men sex is just about fucking. I'm a sensual emotional person and my husband knows that and knows that our sex life is not just about sticking his cock in and out so he can get off. He's soft and gentle and very sensual. Being intimate with the right person, male of female with a close connection should feel intense and fulfilling for both. If it doesn't it's because you haven't connected on the same level not because they might not be the right gender. Labelling all men the same is like saying all bisexuals can't be faithful to one gender. There are good guys out there who want nothing but to please who they are with emotionally and sexually and if they don't we need to open our mouths and say that things aren't right
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    This is probably an individual question and everyone who comments will have a different answer I'd reckon. For me, I'd prefer a woman as they are more understanding and more gentle. I'm an emotional person and a romantic, so a woman fulfils that need for me. Sexually, I'm not big on penetration itself but gentle fingering, kissing and licking are more stimulating. Basically, foreplay stuff is my thing. A woman is better and more understanding of this. Some men maybe good in this department but, none I have met. I guess it comes down to, we have the same equipment, so know how to use it.
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    Took part in a Pride Parade for the first time. It was awesome!! The only first I want for 2018 is to experience more than just kissing a woman
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    I came to the realization that I am bi, slept with a woman one on one, started my first romantic relationship with a women, also came out as bi to several close friends.
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    Geez! Such a story-from 100mph to zero? Would have me wondering, 'What the hell?' too! Only good thing is that at least she revealed her true character now, before you two got in any deeper. Anyway, prior to typing anything here, I have to preface this with the fact that I have ZERO experience with dating sites, so I can't claim any expertise there. But, there are a couple of things I have learned through the past few years* that helped me a bit, pretty random stuff but thought I would share. Not sure I will explain right, but will try. One thing is about the 'come on strong' right out of the gate folks. They're perfect and great and EVERYTHING we were looking for. It's so exhilarating because the think we too are the most perfect, beautiful etc etc etc person in the world. They are in CONSTANT communication with us, texts, calls, little gifts. And we take this as a measure of, 'Wow! They must really be into me.' Then little by little the perfection of them starts chipping away, dropping off. We wonder where they went? This perfect person who was so wild about us. Because now they are barely communicating. We want to know where that initial 'real' person went. Because we assume the initial person IS the 'real' them. But sadly, it may not be. The real person is the person they reveal to us as time goes by. But that's hard to understand because they were SOOOOOO into us. So we start a quest figure out a way to get the FIRST self they portrayed to us back and, to understand it all. (And for me at this point I usually blame myself--'did I do something bad/wrong that changed their mind???') Anyway, point is, the real them is the person they become as time goes by. People do reveal themselves as time goes by--HUGE lesson I have learned. Second thing is getting all wrapped up in the texting thing. (And I sure have done it.) But read an article about how texting is a low investment form of communication. The lowest actually. Because it in fact does take two seconds. Still, we all get wrapped up in being on high alert for texts...waiting, waiting for a few words to come across our screen. I have been in relationships where the large part of the communication WAS texting. Not saying this person has to be picking up phone everyday to call, or writing some hard copy letter. Not at all. But there HAS to be more that is 'real life' to it, dates that actually materialize, phone calls etc, Otherwise our measure of the relationship becomes how many times they texted us in a day. And even if they texted us 100 times-still low investment. Sorry Gigi turned out to be such a flake! There are non-flake people out there, so her flaking just makes room for one of the non-flakers! *Btw, besides life experience in my 50 (sigh) years--I learned so much from the site 'Baggage Reclaim'--quick posts about boundaries in life and love from the authors experience. (And she is a very funny and engaging writer.) One of her fave expressions is 'trying to turn crumbs into a loaf'--as it applies to dating, haha. That has been me so often, accepting of crumbs in my relationships...hoping it would bake up to a loaf. Haha. Never does!
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    Well with me foreplay almost always start with clothes on especially if I'm wearing a skirt which leads to sex in the nude. If I'm with my husband at home, at the movies or out for dinner and we get playful he'll start with his hand on my inner thigh slowing making his way to rubbing me through my panties. It has made for some interesting situations where I sometimes can't contain myself and will squirm or make sounds which sometimes draw unwanted attention from strangers !!!! I've had similar experiences with some of the girls in my FWB group but they have almost always been somewhere a lot more private and not so public. Especially if we're in skirts!!!! ......
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    Definitely like to start with clothes on. Some pettting, kissing, feeling her boobs over her clothes to start. Then the seduction, taking control and slowly removing her clothes. Piece by piece until she’s just in her panties. Then pulling them down, she arches her hips so I can get them all the way off, and kissing her full on her wet lips.
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    Saturday night and a glass of sweet red wine, sipping and thinking of sweet red lips and realizing how much more intoxicating they would be than this wine in my glass. Sipping as my mind wanders to its happy place, where attached to those sweet red lips is a beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, enchanting body and the sweetest kindest heart in all the world. Yes, I dare say, I love my happy place.
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    There are so many things I could list, and of course it varies depending on what we’re talking about, I’ll just list a few. Physically speaking... Those soulful eyes and warm beautiful smile are an instant turn on, whether it’s someone I care about or a complete stranger. Psychologically speaking... I’m turned on when someone makes me feel good about myself in some way, maybe it’s a compliment, acts/words of endearment, showing support and/or acceptance/approval, or if they’re really good, simply the way they look at me. Sexually speaking... I’m turned on by confidence, assertiveness (perhaps a little dominance ), ‘dirty’ talk, SENSUAL (as well as physical) foreplay, desire to please me (because they truly want to, not because they feel like they have to). Ok maybe I got a little carried away there didn’t I?
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    Same here, my man loves going down on me. And he's really good at it ;3 I want more lengthy kissing sessions. I'd love to get our kink on again but having young children it's not really doable. I want a threesome with my man and another woman, definitely. Tribbing. Yes please. I want to make a woman orgasm. And just a little thing I suppose but I'd be really happy to have a long, hot kissing session with a woman. Whether my fiance is there or not. Inspired by other comments, the massage idea sounds awesome.
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    I guess I would have to answer yes that I primarily enjoy being with a woman for the intimacy that two women can share. I'm married and have a wonderfully sexual relationship with him but there's something about sharing sex with another female that he can't provide. I love kissing another woman's breast, nipples and when I go down on her I love how she reacts when I place my tongue on and between her pussy lips. I've found that each woman has her own smell and taste when it comes to oral sex. So yes I guess if it weren't for the sex I probably wouldn't be as bisexually active.
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    This is just so nice to be blue to discuss it! I haven’t discussed it with anyone! You start to think you’re a bit of a freak! X
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    Fell in love with and slept with a woman for the first time.
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    I went to a play by myself for the first time. It was great to check off that box. I also attended my first pride parade, it was cool to be around other like minded people. My goal for 2018 is to continue to step out of my comfort zone.
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    5. Surprised Breathlessness In your dream, you have a distinct thought for this picture she detailed you months ago, and you wonder if she remembers it too, with a clench of your stomach. Within fleeting seconds, images dance on the inside of your closed eyelids: Clothes all gone and naked skin. Her teeth softly sinking into your bottom lip bring you back to reality and you whisper a shuddering breath onto her mouth as it leaves yours, lips dragged along your cheek, your jaw, to just below your ear. You clutch at her neck, pulling her more fully into you as she kisses and nips at your skin, slowly, from your earlobe down to your throat. You want to let go and fall into the moment; claim her lips again, seize her waist - push and pull and act on this burning want. But you also wish to slow your body down so that your mind can commit it all to memory: How good it feels to have her lips touch down your collarbone - slow, open-mouthed kisses trailed up to the crook of your neck - the overwhelming dizziness she triggers all through your body when she pushes her fingers into your back, bringing you closer as she bites the soft spot where your shoulder meets your neck. It almost feels too good and a groan escapes your parted lips, head thrown back and hands shaking. Somewhere within, under the white-hot arousal slowly slithering and building and sending pins and needles down each of your fingertips as you aimlessly clutch at her, somewhere between breathless desire and the start of a powerful wave of relief, there's... Surprise? 'Cause, in all the times you've imagined this exact moment - and there had been countless of these - you never expected her to be so... Good. Just the thought makes your head spin as she kisses back up your throat again, pulling her hands from under your top and softly putting them to your shoulders, grabbing the collar of your shirt. Her mouth reaches under your ear again and, GOD, how is she so fucking good?! Feeling you with every sense, mapping your neck with lips and teeth and tongue, like she's trying to taste arousal on your skin. It's enough to have you tilt your head and request her mouth to find its way back to yours in a bruising kiss. As you move to put your hands on her hips, she pushes your shirt away from your shoulders and down your arms, trapping your wrists. She smiles into the kiss when you lick at her bottom lip and you can't help but smile back. You pull away and press your forehead to hers, grinning as you try to free your hands and, as you open your eyes, you fall into deep pools of light blue. Her eyes are shinning and her lips are stretched in a mischievous smile that simultaneously makes you want to flip her off and kiss her again.
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    Lindalu thank you for sharing, that’s amazing and brave I am happy that things are going well. You sound very happy. It is so encouraging to others like myself who are at that very crossroad, I too have been married for almost 26 years and realizing I am no longer in love with my husband and trying to find the strength to take that step.
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    2017 has been an awaking of inner strengt. It has been slow and steady but at least I have been moving in a forward direction! I realized that I will be ok with whatever choices I make because they will be MY choices. My goal for 2018 is to stay positive and no looking back. Hoping we all have a great 2018!
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    @Rani When you have sex with her again and again then maybe who knows this pondering (of finding a bi guy who you have emotional connection with) will cease and you take in what you already have. Let's see how you two work out. The more you spend time with her in real life, the more you'll know her and gauge your sexual preference as being bi. Then, perhaps your way of seeing around you and even to yourself...what you can do, sacrifice or even take as a challenge will turn 180 degrees. If I were you, I wouldn't bother to think at the moment about men, cover up, IVF, etc. Enjoy the moment being with her. If you do continue to keep wondering, remember that an emotional connection with men is different from the one with women. Do not expect nor compare. You'll lose. The only way to win this is to accept their differences. Same with sex. It varies how emotionally both of you are connected with and sexually compatible with. @BenedettaC said in other forum, "lesbian sex has its own merits." Interestingly, I had my first exciting and gratifying oral sex with a man (former bf going down on me) but I had my first orgasm with a woman. *makes me smile always* Keep us updated when you two get together. Goodluck
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    Yes I found it more intense with a woman. To be blunt the orgasms were different. Seemed to last longer and were more frequent. Could be just me though lol. It depends if you’re attracted to men I suppose. If I absolutely had to choose one or the other it would be a man x
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    You are right on point! I agree 100% After I told my husband about my attraction towards women it opened a new chapter in both our lives. Communication has never been better. And it helped me accept and love myself the way I am and not be ashamed.
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    My husband and I have talked about it quite a bit. I agree, it’s fun to eye up women together! lol I hope to someday find out if my fantasies are as good as the real thing, and my husband has said if the opportunity presents itself he would be fine with me taking it. If it grew into a relationship, he would want to talk about it before any more happened. I think, because we have talked about it so much already, he knows this has nothing to do with being unhappy with him. He understands that there is something a woman could give me that he just can’t. Above all else, I always encourage a lot of communication. Not just about this, but about everything. I don’t believe there is such a thing as too much. You would be surprised what might come out, and some people find they’re not as happy together as they thought. It’s not always easy, but you have to be true to yourself!
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    Clothed to start with, and the process of taking them off is a turn on too, but I prefer being naked for the passionate love-making and climax stages. Skin to skin just feels so good.
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    The heavy: Cheated, lost a parent, spoke at a funeral, parented 3 traumatized kids, exposed all my secrets to my husband. The affirming: realized I was bi, completely embraced all aspects of my sexual personhood, visited another island, rode in a tiny plane, met a former leprosy patient, saw Everclear in concert, moved into a house on the water, spent money on decorating all of my house how I wanted to.
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    Right! Absolutely pay attention to this weariness. I have a quote (I have a ton!) something about 'the most important thing about a reaction is that it gives you a clue to your inner state, thought process and the overall situation.' Not sure where it came from. But I remember this always. You are feeling weariness? Yup, that's telling you where you are at with the whole situation...and that's important to listen to. So good for you for listening and for sticking with the decision to walk away! After all...who wants to be feeling weary?
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    I’m beginning to put myself in the ‘femme’ catagory it suits my nature and makes sense according to the more butch women I often find attractive. It also explains why I have never been attracted to my peer group friends who were all straight and girly/giggly like me. It also explains why, in my life, I have and still do, much to my frustration, attract more men than women. Women these days like to consider they are on an equal par with their partners and a lot consider the butch femme thing to be outdated but then I am just an old fashioned lady. My experience of being femme bi is that when I once told my best friend that I was bisexual she simply did not believe it of me. Whilst on the internet recently I came across a group in America for bi femme women to meet butch women, if there was such a group in the UK I might just find the energy to shyly walk-in and hope a butch women would hit on me. Well, a femme lady can dream can’t she?
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    In 2017 I proceeded to try and claw some life back and confidence by going back to college... oh and met Darth Vader
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    I would say if you are attracted to some women, you're bi. I will say that in the beginning, who I was attracted to was quite narrow, but as I've become more comfortable and experienced with my attraction to women, my horizons have broadened. I used to have a pretty strict type, and rarely, even now, am I instantly attracted to someone. They generally have to grow on me. My GF, for example, is much more butch than I would have ever gone for at first glance. But she reached out to me online, and I figured I'd give her a chance and see how things were in person. Even then, it took a couple times of meeting to feel something (and for her to be very clear about her interest in me), but now I am REALLY glad I gave her a chance, and I am incredibly attracted to her. I would say be open, and try not to be so picky about pics on an app. Looks fade, but who she really is will be there forever.
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    I'm about to crack open a bottle of homemade hard cider. Yeah buddy So @Apsalar15 why tipsy tonight? Just for fun or is there more to it?
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    It’s a long road when you face the world alone, No one reaches out a hand for you to hold. You can find love, if you search within yourself, and the emptiness you felt will disappear. (Mariah)...
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    Clothes on at first, the process of removing them piece by piece is a turn on. But the Grand Finale... totally nude!
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    Make a different thread or comment on a similar thread and as it's brought up I'm sure more people will respond. I have some experience if we're talking past rather than current! It's totally understandable you're curious. The original post and OP responses are about MANY things, that could be split two categories - everything the OP wants with her potential gf and everything she could have with or without her in future. I don't think comments on open relationships are gonna do anything but fuel a fire and offer more potential questions, to someone who clearly has plenty to think about already. I sense she's looking to that to pacify some of her anxieties and confrom rather than genuine interest for the relationship structure, in-person chemistry etc. I might be wrong. PS. Sex isn't just love and romantic or nothing is it? Maybe it is for some people but there's a lot of grey in the world so people opt for black and white to make things easier on themselves. Having known people who worked in the sex industry, while most of them didn;t get attached there's still the possibility for favorites, affection, good qualities, assholes, idiots, the kinda person you'd date if they were actually on the scene and not seeing sex workers.. You get my point. Open relationships are a bit like that, lots of choices and there is no right or set way to do it!
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    In my experience, squirting is definitely not considered 'gross' in the lesbian world - rather as something desirable and very hot, because it's a manifestation of intense pleasure. Sure - it's messy, but it really isn't much trouble to prepare for that, is it? I guess it depends on how much you value sexual intensity and the ability to let go completely...
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    I'm very glad that this thread opened up dialog on this topic. As much as we are all joined together on this forum by one basic thing- our attraction to women- our experiences are all unique. Maybe it's just a stereotype that women are more emotional when it comes to sex. I haven't read any research on the topic, specifically. I know that my personal experience is that I wouldn't be at all interested in sex if I didn't have feelings for someone. For me, saying I'm "attracted" to someone is synonymous to saying I have feelings for them. I can recognize that someone is physically attractive in their appearance, and feel zero desire to touch their naked body. The actual depth of my feelings for someone I'm attracted to would vary, however. It could range from a crush to love, or anywhere in-between. The very basic question: Could you ever date/marry a woman?" evokes a lot of feelings in me. A lot of those feelings are shame and fear. I think the roots of those feelings have to do with the internalized homophobia I have as a result of various influences in my life. The truthful answer is that I don't see myself in a monogamous relationship with a woman for the world to see, if my marriage were to end. I believe I would continue dating men.
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    This is a great answer! Good for you! I also have a husband who loves it. Is it weird that I feel weird using the word pussy? But at the same time it sounds empowering! I love pussy! lol I definitely need to work on that!
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    Spoke about being bi for the first time. Went on my first date with a girl. Started online dating as a bisexual.
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    Yes I’m going to see it like that I think. After all that’s what it is!! No intentions of anything else at all. Just feels different to meeting a mate or a school mum for a cuppa Lol x
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    Okay well here's a bit more but I don't want to write too much for you to have to read so it's not much: Quite some time had passed since that night and I find myself often wondering and thinking to myself who is she and where have I seen her before? I needed a distraction so I turned on my t.v. to watch some professional pool matches being featured on the sports channel. I nearly spit my drink out all over myself when the next match coming on showed her as one of the opponents and current defending world champion. I knew it, I knew she knew how to manipulate a cue ball around on a table and probably knew how to manipulate other things on a table, it shouldn’t have shocked me that she let me win, she was a classy lady. As I sat there mesmerized by her style of play, I could tell that she played differently when she played me that night. The question still remains in the back of my mind of why was she in my town that night and how did she find my little hole- in- the- wall hang out? Someone would have to have gotten lost off the major highway to even find this place because it’s literally out in the middle of nowhere. Monday was the start of my week going to classes on business management at the local university and then coming home to study because I couldn’t even possibly think that I could make a living playing pool as a professional, I didn’t think I was good enough to take it that far, so I made sure I would have something I could fall back on for my future. Playing pool for me was more of a stress reliever and it was my addiction. I couldn’t seem to go a day without playing and living above Pete’s made it even more difficult to stay away. I knew there wouldn’t be a large crowd there tonight, just the regulars that like to occupy a bar stool because they have nothing else to do but sit there and drink and go home. I came downstairs and greeted Pete, ordered a nice cold mug of dark draft, and made my way over to the one table Pete had that he liked to rent out on an hourly basis. It was in the far back and isolated from the other tables in the bar and it was much larger. I was minding my own business, drinking my cold one and practicing my 9-ball, or the money game as we like to call it because most people just play 8-ball. I had just finished racking up the balls so I went to break them and I made the 9-ball on the break. I had a momentary silent celebration of victory as I imagined winning the game, that’s when I heard her voice say, “Nice shot.” I looked to see who had spoken to me and it was her. I nearly passed out at the sight of her because she was the last person I’d expect to see here on a Monday night. I spoke to her and said, “Evening nice to see you again. Why didn’t you say who you were the last time you were here and we played and how did you even find this place? By the way my name is Jessica but you can call me Jersey, that’s what everyone around here calls me because it’s where I’m from originally.” “Hello Jersey, interesting name, my name is Elizabeth but you may have seen my name as Chance on the t.v. and I was told that I could find a good game of 8-ball here by some of the pros on the circuit.”"Wait, what? You're telling me that other professionals on the circuit have played in here before?""Yes and they like to do that because no one knows who they are so they come to places like this to unwind and practice for that very reason.""So if I understand you correctly Chance, some of the people you compete against have already been here and played against me and I didn't know it?" "Not exactly, they usually stopped by here in the afternoon when it wasn't that busy and practically empty so I doubt that you even knew they were here." "So if that's true then why didn't you follow suite and check out this place during the daytime when it's just about empty and void of people and activity?" "I really would rather not get into the details of my personal life right now but let's just say I wasn't out just looking for a challenge on the tables. It gets old travelling on the road all the time and alone not having someone to talk to or come home to. If you don't mind me saying so, I think you are very attractive and I wasn't sure if you are interested in women?" "Well Chance, I have to say that I'm a bit surprised because I don't think I'm attractive at all and as for women, well let's just say I didn't really discover that part of myself until a little bit later than most but wished I had sometimes when I was younger. I've had a few flings but nothing serious. There's not a lot of women around this area that are into other women because this is a very conservative part of the country. It's not frowned upon by the people around here, but it's not totally accepted either. "Jersey here's my question for you, would you like to spend a little more time with me, either here when I'm in town, or travelling with me on the road? We could have fun travelling and playing pool together, and we could totally make some serious bank?" "Chance as much as I'd love to do that, it sounds wonderful, but I'm in school and I need to finish what I've started. I'll be graduating this spring so after that is complete, I'll be free to do whatever I want to do, if you want to wait but I'll understand if you don't." "How about we just play a few rounds and have a few drinks and then we can go from there, no serious life decisions discussions, just you and I and the game."
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    Hi. Would be good to meet some people. I’m Herts. I mean for a coffee etc. A few of us x
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    Hey ladies I’m 45 and newly separated. Things have been difficult for me at home but it’s a new year and it is all starting to calm down and my new life is taking shape. I’ve been on shy since last summer and it’s great for me as I can dip in and out when it suits. Love getting to know you lovely ladies and the freedom to be myself. I would love a meet up one day, be great to meet like minded ladies. X
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    I know the feeling. I have her my all and that wasn't good enough. I've still no idea what happened in the end. Ghosting is cruel.