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    HUGE turn on! I looooove when I slip my fingers into my girl's underwear and she's soaking wet. Or even better, when I work my way there with my mouth and am welcomed with such a clear sign she's into it. Plus, it makes it easier to do a lot of other things without having to apply (or reapply) lube!
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    I'm unstoppable as soon as I find out that she's wet because of me. I cannot be trusted to stop because I cannot stop. I go wild
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    It sounds like maybe you and M are finding comfort in each other and your connections to your husband, and this is one way you're both processing your grief, and that's okay! I would guess that the first time you DO fool around with your couple, it will be emotional for all of you, and you'll feel the void of your husband not being there. Again, that's okay. You can all talk about it in advance, and even during. Sometimes grief sex like that can bring you closer and be very intimate. It's a very different dynamic. If you all can get over this hump (pardon the pun), I think eventually you'll find a new normal that's the three of you. Do they know that you're sleeping with M? Don't be afraid to cross the bridge into sex with them. They will probably treat you like you're fragile, so if that's not what you want, talk to them about it beforehand. Lots of communication. As mentioned above, everyone grieves differently. I think probably for those of us for whom sex is a means of intimacy, it's natural that the sex drive goes up when you're craving comfort and affection to heal. Plus, with how things were sexually in your life when you lost him so suddenly, and how much connection you've experienced through that kind of intimacy, it all makes sense in my mind. There's no one "right" way to grieve. You have to go through your own journey. Sending you big hugs! I'm glad you have people around you that you can lean on.
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    It sounds like these people have terrible boundaries. They should have warned you they'd be showing you a nude pic of her in the first place. Seeing a nude pic of a friend is so different from seeing one of a stranger. I have a few friends I have seen pics of, and it's always been kinda weird for me. I agree that, while maybe not homophobic, they are playing on your sexuality, and particularly your own discomfort with it. This has been a major struggle for you for some time, and if they've been around at all the past couple of years, they know this. Good friends wouldn't try to make that WORSE. Some people use joking around as an excuse to be abusive, and it's NOT okay. Not to mention the disrespect of the calls and texts in the middle of the night. Not cool. It sounds like these two thrive on drama. Don't be a part of it. Lay down some boundaries, and start phasing them out.
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    Turn on, definitely not a turn off. It is a glorious sign for the other woman to discover how turned on her lady lover is.
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    To me, being bi-curious is more of a curiosity. I've been with a woman, so can safely say I am bisexual. On the other hand, one doesn't have to bite the apple to know it's sweet either. It's just a label, and as long as you feel comfortable with it, it's fine. I like a label sometimes as it gives me a grounding, a starting point. Bisexuality is a scale and we can slide up or down as we experience life.
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    When I'm aroused I get extremely wet. Yeah we're talking Bon Jovi album title 'slippery when wet' kind of wet!!! It never caused much of a problem on the straight side of the fence, apart from the occasional lul in sensation for me due to the lack of friction. But now I'm on the gay side of the fence I'm wondering how it's perceived. I've dated a few woman over the last while & none have complained : ) but I'm just curious to know if it could be considered a turn off?
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    I know him, although you can never be sure about anyone,sometimes people tend to surprise us. Personally I am not in a position where anything else would work for me.I think if you want to be completely honest with him you need to be with you too and accept all the consequences that might follow.Right now I am not
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    Thank you for sharing and for your honesty. It's a hard thing to talk about bc no one wants to be in this position. I think at least we can respect the fact that every marriage is different and support each other in the struggle to be true to ourselves and our partners.
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    Funny I was watching this the ither day. Lol
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    Hello I happened to stumble across your post about your husband the other day - first of all I just want to say I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that and so sorry for your loss xxx As for the grief and libido thing, obviously it's a bit different but about a month after losing my dad my sex drive went wild. And funny enough I hooked up with a male friend. We'd already slept together a couple of times but not for a long time. I think I ended up sleeping with three different guys in that month which isn't something I'd normally do! Everyone's experience of grief is different but I think for me personally, obviously I was horny but I was also desperate to feel anything other than the numbing emptiness and raw pain that had been consuming me. Sex was therapy, an ego boost and a way to shut out the constant grief if only for a few hours. If it works, it works right? So yeah... More power to you, no not everyone will understand and it's none of their business anyway so you can tell or not tell anyone. But i definitely get it coz I've been in a similar situation and I think it's awesome that you have someone that you have that kind of friendship with. Hope you're doing alright x
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    A fabulous queer band writing great music. If anyone is feeling isolated and needs a feel good track right now, this is it! And very fitting for a place like shys
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    hey you gorgeous woman I'm back it has been forever since I have been on here :( so i use to live in Tassy, since May last year I am now living in the Gold coast, I still have three children loving life!!!! i have so much to catch up on... But I just wanted to let u all know I am back lol
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    @Bruna_V @kairi I think if you know your husband isn’t going to take the news well and you really want to stay with him I really see no reason to rock the boat. I’m thankful my husband has been accepting since I told him. Although we are still monogamous and intend to stay that way for now.
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    Lol!!!! Thankfully it doesn't!
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    As long as it don’t smell I say let it be.. that’s a positive
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    And sometimes it’s just good to have a cuddle night.
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    Hi Laurie, welcome to Shybi. We all go through this. It's so much harder when your married with kids. Hopefully being here will sort you out a bit. Good Luck on your journey.
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    I wish I had someone to cuddle with and watch TV. Future goals..
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    Hello I’m in Hampshire
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    I think they are just labels created to make people feel good and that they belong. I personally don't need a label to know myself Not regarding my sexual preferences at least because I struggle to label myself in something else. I get it though. It's this sense of wanting to know and find people that get you
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    @khichihouvan keep talking to him. He may just be scared. My very best friend gave me some great advice. She said “you’ve been dealing with this for years. He just started dealing with it. Be patient.” This is helped me a lot because I was quite shocked when I realized I was really attracted to women.
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    Hi Ali, the part about him being your best friend and fulfilling all your hetro needs but you still wanting something more that he can’t give you, sounds like something I wrote not too long ago!! My husband has known about my being bicurious for some time now but just last year I brought it up again in a way that conveyed to him that I was serious and that I still think about it. His response left me even more stressed and frustrated! He said he wouldn’t be able to handle it but knows that I’m my own person so I should be able to do whatever I want to do. Therefore, if I found a woman that I was attracted to, I’d have to keep it to myself and not share with him. So in a way I have his blessing but I’d have to lie to enjoy this new experience. Needless to say, I still haven’t been with a woman. Partly because I haven’t found anyone and partly because of his half ass openness to it Not sure if my sharing helps you but as you can see, there are so many of us out here with such similar situations!
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    I vote for letting it fade only because your mother is part of the equation. A big confrontation with someone who already doesn't seem quite right could become annoyingly dramatic. I'd let it fade and that way you can just leave it, if she's not an idiot she'll get the hint and find someone else to harass.
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    Wow, it seems like people have really taken your orientation to be asshole to you. This is sexual harassment, full stop. Your coworkers (I hesitate to call them your friends) are behaving in a totally inappropriate manner towards you for their own entertainment. You'd be well within your rights to start a paper trail and show it to HR. If you don't want to report that is understandable. Definitely unfriend Arlene if nothing else. Feel free to PM if you need to talk more, it sounds like you've had a rough week. <
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    Two songs from Rae Morris' album Unguarded, which was inspired by her two-year relationship with fellow Blackpool singer-songwriter Karima Frances... She was only 22 when the album was released, and even younger when she wrote those songs, all of which express incredible maturity and depth of emotion for such a young woman. She must have gone through alot...
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    I agree with this. We have all gotten to accustomed to being on our phones / electronics now days and not communicate anymore. There is a time we need to set aside to be off our electronic devices and actually have meaningful conversation. Not with just strangers but even our own family. Especially with our own family. I feel a part of the problem with the world is that family doesn't seem to be as important anymore.
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    Elena undone! I rarely cry during movies, but I basically cried the whole movie. So touching. And it's a true story.
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    I met this girl at work who is so hot. I had such a wild fantasy about her coming to my office and us doing all kinds of things on my desk... Cliche, I know... But I can't stop thinking about her! She's on vacation this week but ever since I had that dream I get all nervous thinking about the next time I'll see her! Half hoping/half afraid she can read it all on my face!
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    Ha, ha... I do need to go to work the next day... What fun that will be!
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    Welcome back. Gold Coast. Nice spot.
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    Hey all I’m in good Coast
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    Thanks for sharing this. I've had a similar experience with a man. I've learnt to express my feelings more but i still don't always get it right.
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    I'm free Wednesday Just kidding.....I'm not sure a night out with you could possibly be followed by work the next day! I have my friends birthday celebrations instead.....I'm just too sociable I guess .....now I'm missing out on good gigs!
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    Sounds like your work days are about to get more exciting!
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    Pretty much any song by Zolita is about women. Fight Like a Girl Holy