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    Sorry u lost yr puppy dear that sucks.. Maybe someday u can get another when time is right..
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    So, I was out with my daughter the other day and she says' "You are so nice and you have so much charisma. You could get any woman you wanted...if you tried." Wow! LOL!
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    Find another woman to be in a relationship with. Should take your mind off her and make you care less what she does or says.
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    I've got hubby and a GF. It's been going strong for a while now. There's always little bumps along any relationship road, honest communication, open-mindedness and understanding is key.
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    @Ronit I'm glad you came back. I don't think you should be embarrassed, your situation is one of the reasons this group exists. I can't see on your update if you still want input on what you should do, but I'll throw my two cents in for what it's worth. Your AP may be hot and cold because of the possible implications of sexual harassment. She, as your superior, is the one in power and she will be the one who stands to lose the most professionally. Imagine if something happens between you two and she evaluates your performance as sub standard, she may be afraid that you could claim sexual harassment and she may be reprimanded or fired. From your point of view, she may seek to derail your career or make your work-life difficult if things turn sour. I realize that you are attracted to her, but there are other women out there who are just as good looking, treat you well, and most of all, are not your superior.
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    @BiTriMamalisted a number of great stops. I would be more then happy to visit any of those spots!
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    While you have a lot to lose, you have so much more to gain, like your sanity, your happiness, your independence, your right to pursue your dreams and someone who will be better suited for you. Often the scariest things are the most worthwhile.
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    I would if i lived in california. I would bring a friend along as well.
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    Thanks. If it works out to popular more bi groups might take on these activities. I agree having lesbian/bi friends to talk to comfortably is important.
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    I agree. I was a teacher before I became a stay at home mom, and I’ve seen great principals and terrible ones. By the sound of it, I don’t think she’s flirting. All Principals spy on you when you’re not looking- lol It sounds like she may think your “aggressiveness” is the flirting. If she’s reading the riot act then you need to heed her warning. It sounds like she has her guard up, but is also trying to be friendly with you as her subordinate.
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    Just saw this post and for me, it screams of bad news. Every little step you take w/flirting, she responds in an abusive manner and reprimands you? Honestly, I think your time is better spent elsewhere, on a woman who's not going to read you the riot act and especially, not your superior. I'd chalk it up as another life experience and put it behind me (hoping to meet another woman who won't play games).
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    I'm confused. The origianl post was created in October and I'm not sure if you have worked through this issue Ronit? And I'm super confused by the replies. Ronit, are you still wanting support?
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    My story is a little different, it started off as a mutual want. We had talked about a threesome. I thought I was the luckiest woman having the most supportive, understanding H in the world! The conversation of it went on for years til it finally happened lets just say not the way he fantasized it. We had been together a few time and I was alone with herher a few times. When I was I shared all the details just like he asked and like we talked about. But he slowly began to change, I saw it happening and I stopped sharing that side of me. It slowly pecked away at what I thought was the strongest marriage anyone I have known. If I could go back yes I would have done things differentl. I only regret sharing that side of me now because of the way he turned. If I had known or suspected anything like this I wouldn’t have shown him how important it was to me. I wouldn’t have shown him how much I enjoyed being with a woman. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have had a threesome. How did your husband find out about you GF. Why do you think he rejects your fluidity? Is he insecure? As for your husband wanting to know EVERYTHING about ur relationship with ur GF, I don’t think u should tell him. In my opinion and based on my own experience that won’t help him with understanding you more. Have u told ur gf what he has asked and is she ok with u sharing ur intimate details? I know the girl I started seeing after our threesome made it clear to me she did not want me to share any initiate or personal details with my H. Sending you strength, I know it’s a difficult situation. Good luck!
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    Could it be he's insecure and afraid you'll leave him, so he's asking questions which will give him an idea how much you're into her compared with him? Do you want both? Is she ok with that? If you want both then I would suggest making it seem to him as if the female relationship is essentially a "deep friendship" where you trust eachother enough to be intimate. Don't say those things directly to him, but build up a "story" in your head where he will remain safe. Then tell him about your experiences in that context. For example you could say you feel you can tell her about personal female troubles or that she's an extension of yourself rather than a partner. You could tell him that he's a strong person in your life and you love him for it. That sort of thing. I haven't been in your situation but I have thought about how it would work if I was. In reality I don't know how I would cope. Good luck!
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    I ideally want to meet another bicurious women like myself and i dont want to persue it so directly in such a way like going to an event or bar for a lot of reasons but mainly because im married lol it just wouldnt be a good way for me.
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    If I was in love with a man enough to marry him, I’d not leave just because I’m bi. If he had a problem with it, there’s more fish in the sea. You won’t stop being bi just because you’re married.
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    I’m not the right person to ask because frankly I’m full of raging bi lesso hormones atm lol sooooo... my answer is dominate her ass & *** her so good teach her a lesson for being so mean to you. ..or not.*insert sweaty face*
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    I feel like the best situation for me would be to find another woman who is married. I am just coming out of a messy and heartbreaking situation where the woman I discovered my bisexuality with went from being satisfied with casual encounters and occasional snuggling and affection and generally more friend stuff to divorcing her husband and growing angry and jealous of me for putting my family first as I always had. She, more and more, was seeking for me to push aside my husband and family obligations for her. I sensed something was not right for a long time when she continually suppressed emotions and refused to speak about them. I finally...FINALLY...after way too long told her that I did not feel right pursuing a physical relationship with her because it seemed very wrong to me. Like I was dragging her down. Using her? It feels awful saying that but I should have picked up on her growing attachment to me way earlier and stepped away soon. I frankly was scared to death of not having a person who I could talk to about my bisexuality and on numerous occasions joked about outting me to friends. (Only she and my husband know this about me) Frankly I was terrified and should have done something about this red flag the couple of times it happened.. So to cut this short - I frankly feel like for me it would be ideal to find another married woman who is in a stable and happy marriage and can still find the the time for me. We would both respect each others obligations to family first (or whatever priorities we had in our life) and would keep the line of communication very much open. Honesty and talking are so dang important it isn't even funny.
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    In an absolute ideal world I think I would like a comitted relationship with a bi man. Then I could have other more casual (or committed if we could make it work) relationships with women. And he could do the same with men. And we'd still have each other. But that's probably unrealistic... I'll keep dreaming though!
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    There was a time I thought about it but I realized that I would never do it because I want to form a connection with whomever I sleep with. But trust me, there are times I think I am idiot and I should just do it.
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    I like natural and I don't like false advertising. So no make up, no push up bras, no botox, no ass implants, nothing that makes her look unlike herself. Doesn't interest me. I like casual too, so jeans, chucks, plaid, and t-shirts are absolutely fine with me. No heels. I don't wear them and I'd rather she didn't. I don't mind if she has her own unique style just as long as she's not a full on girl about it. On the otherhand... I want to be with someone people can very easily and quickly identify as a woman. So I guess a tomboy with a few feminine qualities would suit me best.
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    I'm married and in an open relationship with kids. Between work and the kids, it's tough, because I don't really want to spend more time away from them than I already do. I have a few different "ideals". 1. We are both married with kids. We take them along when we go on dates (as appropriate, obviously). The kids all play together and entertain eachother while we "play" together. We have occasional alone-dates and get-aways. The husbands are aware but not involved. Unless her husband is really hot. Then I might make an exception. 2. I go work in a different city 3 days a week (that part is actually likely to happen). We live together those three days, and then I go back to my family. If our days off coincide, I'll spend an extra day at least sometimes so that we have actual time to do stuff together (however you want to interpret "do stuff"). But I'll still have 3-4 days a week where I'm home with my family without any sort of interruption, which would actually be better than I'm managing now with a 5 day a week job. I have a specific person in mind with that last one. I know she'd be happy to have kids around some of the time, too. She's said before that she doesn't want a full-time marriage-type-relationship, so part-time seems ideal for both of us.
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    I know what you mean. I’ve only ever kissed a girl, and never really thought to give my attraction to women a name before now. When I think about it, the first time I saw lesbian porn was when I was around 9 or 10. My friend’s dad had a huge stack of magazines we found in the basement. I still remember the picture I saw when we randomly opened one magazine, and how it affected me. I’ve only ever watched lesbian porn. I’ve never been interested in porn if a man is in it. My husband and I talked early on about this. I don’t remember how it came up, but I think he knew before I did! We have always talked about women we both find attractive, so when I finally told him I would like to find a woman to have a relationship with he wasn’t surprised at all. I’ve never admitted to anyone else that I have these attractions though. I think a lot of people in my life would be shocked! Mainly because I love having sex. I love having sex with my husband. All of our friends know this about me. I don’t think anyone could ever see me as anything other than straight. So, what do we do? How do we find another married women with kids interested in being with another woman? Lol. Kinda hard to do when we can’t be honest with the people in our life. And you’re right, it’s not something people just bring up at a moms lunch!
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    I've been mulling this over quite a lot, especially recently. Unlike a lot of women here I think I'd like more of a casual/part time gf to be a part of our lives - socially and sexually. My fiance is my best friend, we do pretty much everything together and he's fully supportive of my sexuality, I see no reason to leave him as an outsider completely. But I have no idea how I'd meet such a wonderful creature nor how we'd be able to do it considering that we have three children. Waaaah :(
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    It's emotional and the sensual side that attracts me more than anything X