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    A moving document of an incredible journey. Thanks for opening up about what the site has meant to you in good times and bad. Sexuality is an important part of our identity, but it's a particularly difficult one to incorporate in a healthy way. Wishing you the very best in the next chapter of your life.
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    I'm sorry to see you go! You've been a staple around here for a long time, and we've had some good conversations between us. Thanks for lending an ear when I've needed it. You've grown and matured so much over the years I've seen you here, and it's been beautiful to watch. I hope your path moving forward is a positive one!
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    It has been an enchanting experience for me ‘meeting’ you online. From you I have learned that age is no barrier when it comes to friendship and support. As a damaged person myself who lets very few people in I have even felt the long forgotten warm glow of true friendship. Your ability to empathise and offer possible solutions and support always shine through and if you take these qualities with you on your journey you will go far. I hope you do check in again in the future, in the meantime rest up, get well and find meaningful happiness in your own life. xxxxxx
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    You're an incredible lady @Amysecret You've been so understanding and supportive and life really is brighter with you around. Thank you! xx Also, the late thing...... lol! You must be used to my terrible timekeeping by now, right?
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    Although I'm sorry to see you go, it has been a pleasure to get to know you while you've been a member here. I have very few people here that I consider friends and you are one of them. Thank you for all the times you've listened and understood. I'm grateful that you stuck around Also sometimes the odd girl with the disability is the first choice You're an amazing woman and I hope we can always keep in touch. Me and the missus think you're the bees knees so don't forget about us. You know where we'll be. Good luck with the rest of your journey x
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    Beautifully said @Hungry Best wishes to your future and thank you for all of your contributions to Shy!
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    Bravery isn't a personality trait, it's a behavior. You can still find ways to be brave.
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    You've reminded me of one of my first posts here about how I wished I'd been braver and true to myself. But you were braver than I was. You took the step to go somewhere unfamiliar to be with the person you loved, regardless if how you handled it. You did what was right at the time, sometimes you have to protect yourself, and thats ok. It wasn't the right time then, but you'll know when it is and it will work out. Don't regret what happened back then. Time is precious and you're getting back on track now. That's what matters.
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    As @kairi said, you are not a coward. Only you can truly understand the situation you were in. You did what you felt was in your own best interest and what was necessary to get your life in a better place. There is NO shame in that. Having the courage to change your situation is incredibly brave and something you should be proud of.
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    You are not a coward. We choose to do things that seem right to us. At that time that's what you thought was right. Sometimes we end up hurting people without wanting it. Moving to a big city and leaving a life you are used and taught is a brave thing
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    Thanks you lovely lot I'm glad you like it. Everyone here has their struggles and women have such an incredible way of supporting and encouraging each other. It's a powerful force and I wish all of you the best too. @rgold72 You're way too kind and I will make sure we catch up properly when one of us isn't working or sleeping! Time differences are rubbish!
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    You are an amazing woman lsroses! Wishing you an adventurous year (!) and may you always have peace and balance at home, much love!
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    This is such a happy, feel good post! It definitely sounds like your paths were meant to cross. When you find that pull, and someone who gets you, it's hard to ignore!
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    You know you never have to thank me. I've never doubted your resolve and care, not just for @Amysecret but for everyone and yourself underneath it all. I should really get in touch, shouldn't I? I always feel like I'm the one saying I don't have time, doesn't mean I don't care though
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    If anyone is gonna make the best of things and work out a way forward it's you @lsroses you and @Amysecret both together and separately. You two have yourselves to thank for fostering your connection and trusting each other to explore and moving forward considering everyone and everything - the site just gave you a starting point and I'm glad it did
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    Wow, super happy for you and congrats on learning from the experience and finding a suitable balance! *I tip my hat to you*
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    Wow, ok so we are now well over a year on.... going from the butterflies darting in my tummy everytime i checked shys, to loving my best friend !. The first time we met and those agonising extra twenty minutes you made me wait ... i'm joking! Was such a remarkable day . We walked around as we do now, in our own little bubble, everything a blur around us and just enjoying every second we spend together. I love the fact we set our own standards for our relationship, what was right for us and our families and said forget how others view it. Its down to us! Yes we both have amazing men in our lives and have happy marriages , beautiful children and now have the very best friends-how lucky are we?! I believe it was fate to chat and our paths to cross we needed each other and you came at the perfect time. You will never realise how truly special you are to me as i simply do not have the words . X Shys will always be home and i feel very thankful to the site and the ladies who helped make sense of things for me and made me feel i was not alone.
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    The movie is out and it's getting very good reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 88% from critics and 81% from audience.
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    Beautifully written!! Shybi has found a special place in my heart as well. I have not found love...but I've found friendship, support, compassion and understanding. I may never be the person I want to be, or have the life I want to have, but shys has given me a new perspective on many things, mainly myself. I value the friendships I've formed here, and I am truly grateful to those you've gotten to know me on a personal level. I loved reading your story @lsroses, it's so genuine and heartfelt. I always enjoy hearing of romances found here, because it sounds like such a beautiful thing...like a fairytale. I hope your fairytale is everything a fairytale should be. Thank you so much for sharing, I wish you all the best Oh, and a big cheers for shys and all the shybi ladies
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    I loved this!! Thanks for sharing! I used to tell my (ex) girlfriend all the time that I wish she could see herself through my eyes, then she'd know how truly amazing she is. This video reminded me of that.
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    Thanks @celeste teal - the film looks amazing! I hadn't heard about it, and was wondering if someone might take up their story... I was just in the US, where everyone (even people who don't ordinarily watch superhero films) was talking about Wonder Woman... Professor Marsten & the Wonder Women might not get a wide release, due to its depiction of a polyamorous lifestyle, but if it does, considering the current political climate in the US, it could result in the status of Wonder Woman as a beloved icon being tarnished... I really do hope not, but sadly, it's clear that could happen...While there could be a larger discussion in cosmopolitan society (among liberals mainly in or near cities) about polyamory and female bisexuality, Marsten will probably be viewed as a pervert by the conservative right, which is still seriously homophobic and persistently trying to overturn hard-won gay rights and gay marriage, and intolerant of anything that doesn't conform to their own expectations...with the result that they will instigate a boycott of anything to do with Wonder Woman... There is an American-Canadian Netflix series called You, Me, Her, set in Portland, Oregon, which depicts a polyamorous relationship between a married couple in their 30s and a 25-year-old woman, whom they initially hire as an escort to invigorate their sex life. While it can be a bit silly, it does explore some serious themes, such as the prejudicial reactions of their friends and neighbours, and how they attempt to pressure them to conform to societal conventions. I have watched the first season, and have to admit that I kinda like it... To the best of my knowledge, it hasn't caused any controversy, but then again, it's on Netflix, which tends to be pretty fringy and sometimes downright exploitive, and the show doesn't deal with a beloved cultural icon... Well, fingers crossed...
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    Sorry to see you go my peep I wish you the best .. Miss you already
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    You've been a great friend to me from the very beginning. Don't go too far young lady. You still owe me home made granola and I still owe you a lasagne! Plus I have many fashion tips that I know you can't wait to hear about. I wish you the best of luck and I'm glad you thought this was a hook up site and were persuaded to stay anyway by voicing your, quite frankly, hilarious at times, comments around the site. Wont be the same without you so don't stay away too long!
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    I watched this movie over the weekend...it was very interesting. I agree that there was a lot to process in terms of ‘non traditional’ lifestyles (but I think that’s a good thing), something you really don’t see much of, particularly something so mainstream. I think it was portrayed very well, well written, directed and acted. It was so much more than a love story...excellent movie...I loved it
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    @celeste teal I was thinking the same about the Netflix release actually, that's a new form of critique in itself. Love themes have evolved somewhat with diversity but relationship structure is still relatively new to the screen. So in some ways, you have to wonder if the other themes helped people understand and appreciate the movie as a whole, or was their love just something within all those parts? There's a weight and depth to that probably didn't register. I'm not sure how you measure peoples core values and the impact of material? More questions! The film is clear and speaks for itself, so no worries there.
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    That's a great question. @Hungry There was a lot to process in their story - same-sex romance, polyamory, B&D and radical feminism which all contributed to the creation of a pop-culture icon who has recently been brought back to glorious life by Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins. Their story (albeit somewhat modified for the big screen) might be too much even for today's relatively enlightened age. I think it's a movie that people in general will be more comfortable viewing at home via DVD/Blu-ray/Netflix etc. and those people's reactions will probably reveal how the overall public feels about it. I wonder how one could measure that?
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    i love everything you wrote and it completely reads how i feel about my girl too and it feels damn good ....i could have wrote this word for word...ty for sharing
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    Aww I'm glad. I wish the same. I don't see a point in holding back in any of my relationships as long as it isn't taken for granted.
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    the best thing I did was to join this site... I'm grateful for it... just when I though I was going crazy ...
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    You are a beautiful strong woman.Believe it.Being here and revealing yourself is brave,You are surrounded by amazing women here that understand and try to help ,take what you can because the support and the openness we find here is not something we get even in our lives and in the world.
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    wow, thank you for sharing. i can relate so much to everything you wrote. i can safely say that i feel like i am in a very similar situation (about a year and a half since I joined Shy) and i wouldn’t be where i was if it wasn’t for the honesty and kindness of the women I have met though this forum. it has made me way more confident in what i want, how to ask for it and is helping with how i move forward. i wish you happiness and clarity on your future and appreciate hearing I’m not alone in experiencing this wild adventure.
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    Lol! I told you I have manners and you deserve a thank you! I was just thinking how I need to catch up with you! It works both ways you know, and I have been out of action too after the hols. Anyway, you have had a bloody good excuse so I'll let you off
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    Yes! We'll have a Shybi screening in.....(a suitable city in North America) for bluebell!
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    I like how they have movie posters for both women - this is Elizabeth, and Olive is the one above.
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    Wow. I love the original so I thought I wouldn't enjoy a cover. But the more varied delivery actually accentuates the meaning of the lyrics. In some areas such as the line "And then the people bowed and prayed/To the neon god they made" I would almost call it savage.
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    what a wonderful post. I think this site has helped so many women like ourselves. I am with you in Thanking the creation of such a community. Like you I have no idea of my journey but I am in a much better place in my life having this outlet. I think its remarkable how you were able to find a love even if its platonic, that doesnt deminish how deep you can feel for someone. Thank you for this lovely post.
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    I hope so @BenedettaC! I really don't have a clue where I'm going but I quite like it this way @Cute&Curious this place really is special and I'm glad it's helped you too. The women here are truly wonderful. I've followed your story and it must be incredibly hard for you. I wish you all the best too and hope everything works out. My fairytale isn't exactly what we wanted but we're lucky to have a mutual understanding and respect as all good friendships should. Accepting we would only ever have a platonic relationship was a very hard and emotional conversation for us both at the time. But we had a meet up scheduled and we stuck to it knowing it might be difficult. It was a little emotional, but in a good way. Knowing the other person is happy and that we have some infuence in bringing that happiness is enough right now so it feels like everything is as it should be.
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    I read that Pr.Marston's granddaughter didn't appreciate it (I had an impression she was just defensive about her family although no one knows what exactly happened between those three, if Olive and Elisabeth had a sexual relationship too yada yada). I liked it though. And the fictional Elisabeth and Olive are prettier than the real ones were like Luke Evans (who I heard is gay but I think he played very well)
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    This is one that I didn't find in the first hunt! As I see more I'll add them here.
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    Aww that's so wonderful!! I'm glad you have that as well.
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    I am reading this and I feel the love in everything you wrote I wish all of us could just be so open and accept and give the love we deserve and can give. The world would be so much better!
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    I've just seen some clips on youtube. I want to watch it too while waiting for "You me her"
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    The DVD and Blu-ray are being released this Wednesday! I'm SO excited.
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    So happy for you Girl!
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    Great post! I can relate a bit. Love the context you've set this topic up in. I'll respond more thoroughly tomorrow when I have more time! Thanks for sharing this.
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    Yeah exactly, she fully seemed to accept it, I was young then but looking back that must have hurt her as she was fully out... older and hopefully wiser!??
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    Yeah got the idea. You likely did hurt her by being closeted, but hopefully you can learn from your mistakes. Also moving to be with somebody is a big step, so don't discount that.
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    Your story is amazing! I think so many of us would love to find the same thing. Your post gives me hope.
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    I feel the same way ChemFem. I wish I didn't feel like I needed to hold on to her pics for insurance but she's shown that she can't be trusted and I really don't know what she would do. Like you said. It is a shame.
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    The old saying is true...you have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find your prince/princess! And you do learn something new, about yourself, with every connection.So look on it as research, rather than a waste of time! You are right to concentrate on YOU, in the meantime.There's nothing quite so enticing as somebody who doesn't need you but actually wants and chooses to have you in their life.Good luck with your search! She's out there!