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    Ha ha, two Merry Widows, where do I find the other one? These are like an old fashioned version of the modern day ones you post. Enchanting and surprising for their era.
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    It'll happen one day for everyone @VirgoGirl
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    Jip....exactly what I want too.
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    @Punkbettie I know the feeling all too well! It sounds like you’ve gotten out of your funk, but if you ever need to talk, I’m here! Sometimes it’s easier going through something when you have someone to talk and vent to.
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    Thank you for your kind words. x I understand that you were having a very difficult time. Please know that you aren't alone x Depression really is hard to endure most times. But I do hope you are doing a bit better right now. Baby steps. I am a message away as well if you ever need to talk x Thank you again.
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    I'm really sorry that you feel so low. I can relate to a point. But please know that you are loved by your family and friends. x I truly understand that the struggle is real and extremely overwhelming and too much at times, maybe most times. But I really believe you will overcome it. You are stronger than you think, and you have people who care and love you. I know that maybe at times, even this won't help to know... but, please keep strong. x Please take care. Safe hugs if okay. x
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    I think he moved to London a few years ago to be honest. But we used to live in the same area.
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    @Punkbettie new here, but came across your post. I couldn’t agree more. It’s so hard to find happiness and it really shouldn’t be this hard. There just seems to be so much drama around everything, so most of the time it’s not even worth it. But no, it’s not too much to ask!
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    Very lovely words.. Kairi thanks for posting.
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    I always think it’s a good feeling when we find words that relate to us, that’s why I like quotes and certain lyrics from songs. Glad you are feeling strong and loved.
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    It’s beautiful @kairi. Whether it loses its translation or not, you’ve given us, the reader, an inspiring and truthful translation that your heart and mind could bring it into. Thank you. -Blue-
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    I feel for you, and also totally relate, sometimes. I love this place, I enjoy hearing people's stories, but it's their story, not yours. Everyone is different and I also think a lot of people like to share the best bits, the highlights. You miss a lot of the heartache that people go through behind the scenes. Yes there are a lucky few, there always will be, but the worst thing you can do is compare your circumstances to theirs and be envious as a result. It will get you no where. I'm not in my ideal situation either. I'm not even sure what my "ideal" is really. I just have to hope that I can make the right choices and eventually be truly happy, even if I have to wait a long time for that. When you're married with kids it's not about yourself anymore and making choices is far more complicated. Sending a big virtual hug and hope things get better for you very soon!