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    I understand it completely and it’s wonderfully wise and beautiful. x PS just like you!
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    Those are such lovely words to read on Christmas Day. Thank you.
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    Awwww that's a tough spot to be in. I do not have expertise in this area but I do hope that you will do what it takes to take care of *you* so that you can keep taking care of the ones you love. Xx
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    That's great! Good that you can come on here and let all that excitement out. I hope it works out and that it's the start of something amazing for you.
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    Awesome!! Good for you! Enjoy every moment.
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    Excellent voice, enjoyed!
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    Welcome back. Sounds like you’re a little lost. I’m sorry for that, perhaps soul search into yourself first ( self care which I’m learning is pretty phenomenal) then toss your hat out in the ring. Hope the sadness ends soon for you.
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    Some very true and inspiring words. Although you say you have trouble expressing yourself, the content of the article is something I imagine you saying, and probably have said before in one way or another. Thank you for taking the time and effort to translate it for others. <3