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    Correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't this a forum for women who are curious about their sexuality? And the forum has a section dedicated to erotic stories and fantasies, right? Seems pretty ridiculous to think there's too much sex talk on a forum for curious bisexual women. If this was the Knitting for Jesus forum, I'd totally understand the complaint, but seeing how this isn't the Knitting for Jesus forum, is the sex talk really a problem? Where else is there to go online and discuss sex in a non sleazy way with similar women? Nowhere. Social media is too public, chatrooms are full of guys with their fingers hovering over their dick pics, and going by the recent threads on here no one's having a great deal of luck with dating sites (which are for dating not discussion). It's bad enough that a lot of women are forced on here because they have NO ONE to communicate these things to, let's not make it worse by slapping an abstinence ban on them here as well. I don't come here expecting intelligent politically charged conversation about LGBTQ+ rights and the issues faced by the community either. It's a forum where most women are still figuring themselves out, and trying to get comfortable with the idea of not being straight. I'm sure there are other websites with more advanced and scintillating conversation for people who have already worked through their sexuality and don't feel the need to discuss it.
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    Don't take them personally. Something feels off about those two, IMO. I've been here a long time. The site isn't as active as what it was, but that isn't because it's turned into some oversexed cesspit. There's always been sex, or I probably would never have stuck around in the first place . I mean, I didn't join a site about bisexuality to look for muffin recipes. If you look through the site activity, most of what's there is actually relationship advice type stuff or totally unrelated, not explicit sex. Multiple rounds of the site going down drives people away. Plus I think there's an internet culture shift away from small, single-subject forums like these. Lack of things like the chat room and the naughty forum (which was never that active, but was a carrot on a stick as far as encouraging active, quality participation from new people) is a factor, too. Now we do have an active chat at least, even if it is unofficial and we're all a bunch of oversexed, tell-all, good-for-nothings. And the dead threads coming back to life? Some of that is a deliberate attempt to try to stir up some activity, with a focus on provocative threads that might catch people's attention (no point bringing up old threads about the 2008 election, right? I mean, reminiscing about Obama might be a bit fun for a few minutes, but it's unlikely to generate any new insight). If you're not happy with what's here, don't throw a hissy fit and leave. Create the sort of content you want to see.
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    It’s quite interesting to have older threads revived some of which we may have missed anyway. With regards to discussions about sex I think the more we talk about such matters the more informed we become. If some are embarrassed or can’t relate then they don’t have to read or contribute. This is 2018 and women today know there is much more to sex than penis vagina penetration.
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    @ChemFem, I personally like seeing dead threads revived. They're kind of like the classic rock music of discussion topics: oldies, but goodies .
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    I've been guilty of reviving a lot of dead threads, but I generally tried to pick ones that I thought people would find useful. Sorry that some people apparently don't feel that way. Issues about sex seem like totally fair game, and I will join @BenedettaC in applauding @Punk Maneuverability's witty take on the subject.
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    Yeah ive seen people leaving because its over sexed stuff...wtf...straight after my posts too... People please if you cant express yourself here...where can you?.. This is suppose to be a safe place from the judgers....and moaners... There is enough space for all surely..else whats the point of any of it... I have no inhibitions...and will say what ever...when ever..but always truthful.. .it is hurtful to think that what i am saying is upsetting to people i think i can share with...and will make some shy away from doing so... Pity...
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    Very well said @blueberry, I agree 100%. There are times when sex is a pretty hot topic around here, and other times it’s low priority, and something else takes the spotlight. Personally, I enjoy reading (and posting) anything that I can relate to in some way...and a LOT of people can relate to sex. A place like this is bound to be filled with sexually frustrated bi women who just want to talk about what is otherwise ‘untalkable’ (yes I just made up a word) in their daily lives....and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Not all of the sex threads are of interest to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s unwelcomed. If I’m not interested, I simply don’t comment.
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    Funny thing, I use to think about what I would do if I won the lottery. I thought it would be nice if I could buy an abandoned building and create a safe haven for abused women and children. People would work together, as a community. There be a community kitchen, some people cook. Other people watch kids while others work. A crazy idea, but it's what I have thought about it. I also thought about the same thing regarding veterans. It kills me to see them struggling after they gave up so much for our country. Again, silly stupid dreams, but it's what I have thought about.
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    People demand again I won't leave mylady :p. So for one more time I might make it a sort break.
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    I hope you're next chapter is filled with deeply fulfilling experiences and adventures that you will then share with us upon your return You've made great contributions to this site and you will be missed.
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    Aaaahh Kairi, know what you mean but haven’t you written this chapter before? LOL Me too though. Sometimes things going on in our real life distract us then after a while we miss shy’s and return. Anyway whatever happens for you wishing you well and lots of love and happiness. xxxxxx
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    Have you read any of @celeste teal's threads about the book Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman? It was written about a century ago, but it's a very forward looking vision of what an all female society could look like.
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    I couldn't have said this better. There are a lot of forums here that should have something for everyone. As previously stated, don't like all the "sex" topics, then contribute with other topics. Make new topics.
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    Ummm... @Mofgirl ave a read of this darlin..... Love it girls...know exactly where your coming from.. x x
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    Thank you for another wonderful blog...... Good dream....we all have those.....shame we have to snap back to reality again. I think that dream of closeness and intimacy is the one that hurts the most though...
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    Great post!! I'm a horror lover myself....so my scream queen would have to be Jamie Lee! I loved John Carpenter back in the day, especially the creepy music he'd create!! Anyway, the ones that freak me out the most are the paranormal...things like Freddy Krueger just don't ... I watched The Possession of Michael King and I really enjoyed it...The Babadook was very enjoyable but I just can't choose a favourite...I still go back to The Thing which was one of the first ones I watched when I was 8 ...bad I know....
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    If I know that the person close to me is not having an open mind and heart about my sexuality, that it's NOT a PHASE, I just drop it. There's no point of talking about it. It's a waste of my time and energy. I'd usually say, "yeah, if it's a phase, maybe I'm a moon because it repeats over and over you know?" Then I smirk.
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    It's been about a year since the release of WW and this is how it did in the domestic US market. It did so well that rumor has it that the Justice League movie was edited and partly re-written to make WW a much more important character. Wonder Women 2 is being produced for a November 2019 opening and the movie industry is continuing its pivot towards more, and stronger female characters Captain Marvel is being released in March 2019 and will probably be another smash success for a female led movie.
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    I *might* miss you.
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    Kairi please stick around the slack chat so we don't miss you too much
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    But who will tell us what to do?
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    Best of Luck mate. Some of us go then come back hopefully you will to. Best Wishes. X
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    Miss ya kid - always kept it light and colorful! Best of luck on all your future journeys!
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    Pity....i laughed a lot at some of your comments... Thought you contributed a great deal to the site... .Don't forget your words will help alot of ladies that come along after you.. be proud... x x Wish you well x
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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check it out
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    @BenedettaC Hooray for buying the DVD! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments about it
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    @celeste teal - I finally bought this DVD last week, as it hasn't been shown on any of my film services yet, but I haven't yet had time to watch it... After such an extended build-up, I'm looking forward to that!
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    Thanks everyone for posting about this one, as a result of this thread I just found and watched it. And immediately watched it again Reminded me of Kinsey (2004) which is similar in when it is set and again a true story, but with a bi male protagonist who has lovers of assorted genders.
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    Yeah your dreams aren't silly. Those are very nice dreams, and great ideas.
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    @femmekat I had a similar reaction to the movie, and also became teary when they showed the real pictures at the end. It was such a beautiful love story - it's a shame that it probably wasn't seen by many women when it was in the theatres - I think it's boxoffice take was in the low single $ millions. Perhaps it will get to be seen by many more women over time via Netflix etc.
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    I just watched this movie this week and I think it has become one of my favourite ever movies. Stunning love story. I did feel jealous pangs a little as it would be the perfect life if only I could learn to share DH. I cried my eyes out at the real pictures at the end of the movie - it made it so much more real as somone's life. (I'm such a wuss!)
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    It's really satisfying to come up with a random question and then be able to search Google and find answers, isn't it?? I'm always researching stuff...I've just got to know!! lol