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    I've had the most turmoil I've ever had in my life in the past year and a half. I was in a long term relationship which was dead emotionally. I fell in love with a woman who treated me like crap in the end which I didn't deserve after standing by her. That nearly destroyed me. I left my long term partner and stored my entire life away and lived with a friend. I met a beautiful woman 7 months ago and she has been wonderful for me. She has supported me with lots of things and I've done the same with her. We've been living together for about 3 months now and we get on well. Last week I finally got the keys to my new home and I'm dealing with that with her support. Life takes many twists and turns and is hard sometimes. Sometimes someone has that glimmer of light and they are there for you and you for her. I'm now looking forward in life, more than I've done in a long time. I'll get there. Never lose hope or sight of who you are and keep going no matter how hard it seems sometimes. You will get there.
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    Hi, lovely ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted here. For a couple of years, I was head-over-heels for a close friend. She and I had some sexual encounters, but she hurt me deeply because she would push me away. My feelings seemed like they would never end. It took forever and I can't even pinpoint what caused it, but... I'm over her!! Yay! Over the last few months, I've noticed my interest in what she is up to has dwindled. I don't check my phone to see if she's texted me; I don't care if I hear from her; I don't sit on the edge-of-my-seat waiting for her to invite me to hang out. I just don't care. The burn is gone for me! The lovely thing is that life circumstances have meant that we don't see each other much, anymore. I suspect that's been a huge part of it. Also, her flaws became clearer and clearer to me. And they played a part in turning me off to her, too. So, now I am kind of bored!!! What's a girl with a desire for a fun, sexual relationship with another girl to do? Hubby would be ok with me having a sexual relationship with another woman. Nobody interests me, right now. I'm waiting for another crush to strike me, because that's how it started with her. Crushes are delicious and fun. As for her, it wouldn't surprise me if she tried to re-initiate sex at some point. That's just how she is. She loves the chase. It shocks me to even type these words, but if she tried to re-initiate, I would turn her down. I cannot wait to find another woman I have that connection with. She's out there somewhere.
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    Had one of the most amazing sexual experience of my life this weekend. My girlfriend and I do not get a lot of alone time. Most of our alone time includes our husbands watching us or rushing us. This weekend it was just us and so amazing! I texted her around 5 and told her she needed to go ahead and shower before I got there, making it very clear what I wanted later on. When I got there we drank and talked and laughed so much. We talked about experiences from our past and so forth, things we have never discussed in the past. Later on she started flirting with me. I grabbed her and pushed her up against the counter and kissed her gently. She couldn’t handle it, she tried to put your hand down my pants several times and I stopped her everytime. I could feel the frustration building up and told her to just wait, we will get to that later. No need to rush tonight. I ran my fingers down her face and kissed her some more. We finally moved into the bedroom and I don’t think I even made it in the room fully before she was standing there naked. I followed suit and got in the bed with her. I’m not sure if I have ever in my life experienced that much passion as there was btw us at that moment. We both wanted it so bad. Looking at her completely naked on the bed with her legs spread open just for me was an image I don’t ever want to forget. I just looked at her for a minute watching her squirm begging me to touch her. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. I kissed the whole way down her body and then kissed her very wet pussy. We didn’t hold anything back, we let it all out. We had our way with each other until we were both exhausted. I cannot believe I have went my whole life without experiencing this! If being with another woman is wrong, I don’t want to be right. It felt so right. Neither one of us wanted to let the other one go. We managed to get up and get dressed. I wish I would of been able to cuddle up with her and go to sleep. But I knew I had to get home. We went back to the kitchen and had another drink. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet, I kissed her slowly for a long time before I let go. God I love that woman. Her smell is so intoxicating! I made my way to the door finally as it was approaching 2:30 I’m the morning. But she wouldn’t let me leave without one more long kiss on the front porch. I hope we have many more night like that in the near future. Definitely one of the top experiences I have ever had!
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    No alcohol?! I'm living in a different country to you then haha
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    PInk: My thought is that it depends a lot on what you're after. If you're looking for a one-time encounter, and are game for some kink, this woman might be OK. She's made it pretty clear that she wants to service some fetishes and I think it's good she's up front about that. Like you, I'd be a little nervous about the wrestling. I might get back to her and ask her to clarify what she had in mind. If she's a big girl (or a strong one), you could get hurt. One thing you might consider: tell her you want to meet for lunch in a public place to see if there's any "chemistry". If she won't, I think you'd be better off passing. An hour of chat over lunch should give you an idea if you want to go further. Ame
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    My rule #1 would be to strongly encourage the expression of LGBTQ identity in all areas of life so that our country becomes a magnet and sanctuary for LGBTQ people worldwide.
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    Hmmm Gonna be a bit controversial and say no religion.
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    Before shybi...i used to think... give up hope...and your stuck with the worst wrong decision of my life..... Ohhh now I've found her... x x
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    Mmmm... This is a sore point for me. I believed that unless you "compromise" its pretty clear the Bible says no to same sex relationships, no to non-monogamy, and tells you that even thinking about these things is as bad as doing them. My story in a nutshell: raised as a protestant, really only got into the evangelical variety of christianity about ten years ago. I became fluent in Christianese, and did Bible studies a plenty. I knew all of the positions on sin and homosexuality. And i felt guilty ALL.THE.TIME. Not just because of my "impure thoughts" and sexuality, but because of everything. Last year I turned 40. I decided that I can't continue like this. I decided to take a break from Christianity. Trying to live like "im supposed to" actually made that I fell out of touch with who I am (not always feeling so fearfully and wonderfully made) and what I wanted (because I am certainly not always called to His purposes) I spent a year and a bit in therapy. I read poetry instead of the Bible. And now I feel a lot better without Christianity than I did after years of deliverance, and praying and bible study, and repenting and laying down my sins. I might find my way back to Christianity some time in the future. But it will be a more moderate version. If I have to believe what God says, then He is not into condemning people. And if I practice my faith in such a way that I constantly feel guilty, its not because of God. Its because of the brand of Christianity that I choose to practice.
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    A great list of reasons by a lesbian girl on why she appreciates bi women https://www.pride.com/first-person/2015/5/05/10-reasons-i-am-thankful-bisexual-women
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    Here's a video to change things up - a 1 and a half minute Magnum commercial featuring a beautiful lesbian wedding
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    Ok, ladies, I have updates. Trying to anonymize the entire experience over the weekend because of the many parties involved. I did go to see her. We spent 3 days alone and we talked, went out and watched TV. I immediately noticed that she was/is not in an emotional frame where she could/want to talk about 'deep feelings/issues". She suffers from depression and (something that I was not truly aware until this point) she numbs herself with different "stuff" (not going into those deets either). Despite all her professional success, she is very lonely. We sat on the couch and she would glance at me and smile suggestively every few mins or so. Again, because I sensed that she was not in a good emotional state, I did not want to be pushy, aggressive and bring my agenda to the table. Part of caring for someone is understanding that it may have not been the right time to bring up "how much I was into her". Maybe she just wanted a friend around for a weekend who is more balanced than the company she keeps . Maybe as one of the readers suggested, she is sussing me out. This was her home and I wanted to be as respectful as I could for her privacy. Yes, I may have missed out an opportunity, yes, she may/may not invite me over again, but I do trust my instincts and THIS was not a good time for confessions. Have I turned this trip into something that (at least for her) was nothing more than a friendly visit? Possibly. Have I noticed her checking me out? Yes. But when the evening came we both went to our rooms and stayed there. I dropped enough hints during the visit that I am looking for a romantic relationship with a woman for her to get it. But since she did not make any moves (and she is not shy, believe me), this could mean that she indeed likes me as a friend. Time will tell. My feelings for her have not changed and they are not going anywhere. But when a person is telling you that they are not currently looking to hook up with anyone, my gut instinct told me to respect her space.
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    YOUR GENDER NEEDS YOU (in plaid) Just a moment my brave bisexual ladies, lend me your ears, and listen to the travesties of heterosexual imprisonment and the lies that keep you there. The true lady lovers among you, I hope, will soon wake from this god-awful dream and reach out to your fellow women. Lies are being sold to you, lies of security and social acceptance, lies of the religious kind and of needing a man to ensure your satisfaction. A life in prison is a life of misery. You see, my ladies, these are our darkest hours of yet, and yes, the grass is always safer on the heterosexual side, but do you dare leave your women behind you? No! You stay and believe, and know you were not just another June Cleaver. We are the women of the Plaid Army, Who, I ask, will be the next to post in uniform?
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    My rule #1 is for everyone to have a compulsory (yes, it is compulsory!) endorphin shots! That endorphin shots come in a form of at least 5 hugs (more than 1 source) on every waking day of your life. It should be consented (except the pet, lol) and not perverted in nature. You can hug a stranger, a pet, a colleague, a bystander, of course your partner, your crush etc.
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    It's a very limited, ignorant, and dare I say it, patriarchal view of sex. Unless it involves a penis, finger, or tongue inserted into a vagina it's not 'real' or 'normal'. I call bullshit. I'm sure plenty of people here can say they have made love to a woman without ever having touched her. We have five senses and a complex range of emotions. Sex isn't just about touch.
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    To all you ladies who, despite being married have found the woman of your dreams and feel more comfortable with a woman, go for it and good luck and happiness to you. To all the ladies who are married and not yet experienced a woman I would recommend caution. Think twice. My experience is that the Lesbian lifestyle is entirely different to the heterosexual lifestyle and can be quite a cultural shock. I was lucky in that, for a while, I had both, so when one scared me (The Lesbian scene) and the other suffocated me (The heterosexual lifestyle), I could escape into the other. This was my ideal situation. This didn’t last though and crushed by my gf’s rejection of me I did finally retreat into the heterosexual lifestyle which felt more comfortable for me. My husbands love felt more genuine and caring as well at this time. Now alone and widowed I have only memories of both of these people and miss both of them in different ways. For me I don’t feel comfortable to ever return to the Lesbian scene and mix amongst those who have lived this lifestyle all their lives, there would be no common ground there. I also don’t feel comfortable pursuing another man because I feel that he was/is irreplaceable. I identify as bi fluid, I know that I am not 100% Lesbian and could go either way depending on who I meet. As a loner with very little social outlet chances are remote. I chat on here, have chatted on Lesbian dating sites and was even recently considering joining the asexual site, which is set out similiar to shy’s, but was drawn back here. I like it here, it suits my life experiences. Only time will tell (or it will run out) how far I am willing to go. In the meantime I am happy with my cat.
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    I have zero experience with strap-on play, so really can’t compare the physical feeling. However @KariS made some pretty good arguments in favour of strap-on sex. Here’s why I like the idea of strap on as opposed to penis penetration...penis penetration is primarily for HIS (the giver) pleasure, or at least HE is the main focus. Whereas strap-on penetration is strictly for HER (the receiver) pleasure. When a woman uses a strap-on with another woman she isn’t thinking of her own pleasure (the way a man does), all of her focus goes into pleasing her partner...and anyone who selflessly puts all their energy into pleasing me deserves my vote.
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    So first off I’m an atheist. I just don’t believe this other worldly being who could stop horrific events doesn’t. I do believe Jesus Christ was a real person with “magical” qualities. Probably somewhat of a liberal storyteller. Anyways.....if your religion isn’t making you happy why do you believe in it? Isn’t religion suppose to bring you peace? I have found more peace since admitting I don’t believe in God.
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    In answer to your question on platonic friendships......Yes it is normal, especially when you're best friends. Some women are just very tactile and she clearly appreciates your beauty and is attracted to you. That doesn't mean she has any sexual attraction to you.....she may just enjoy the closeness and intimacy that many of us crave and lack from our (likely male) partners and she's comfortable with you and feels safe doing that. I think it's wonderful that she's been accepting of your sexuality, but I also think it's a little unfair to up the physical contact, knowing that you can easily fall for her. So it makes me wonder if she's doing this because she wants attention, and enjoys the tease, or whether she actually wants something to happen between you. Personally it sounds like she's curious too but clearly adamant that she's straight.....just to avoid confusion or to confirm to herself that she hasn't led you on in any way. Honestly, I've seen this happen before and it will eat you up and confuse you further unless you address it and are more direct in your questioning of what she wants from this friendship. Has she ever kissed a woman before? Does she question the closeness you have? The relationship? The fact that you're the first and last person she thinks about during her day?? All this suggests much more than a friendship but she may not even be aware of it. Is she single or is she also married? The alternative to facing it head on is just to give it time and see where it goes and if you have the patience and emotional strength to let her lead then it could all work out in your favour. In the meantime, enjoy the friendship for how special and rare it is to find such a strong connection, if you can get those fantasies under control. It really is a confusing and emotional situation to be in so keep us posted and I wish you the best of luck.
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    Whether you dress it up in science or not, the idea of "spaghetti girls" (straight until they get hot and wet) is pretty toxic. I'm all for greater recognition of sexual fluidity, but not at the expense of mistrusting people's identities.
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    I’m in no way suggesting that members jump ship and replace shybi with a new chatting platform. I’ve just seen a lot of members talk about missing the chatroom here over the last couple of years. And I was simply stating that there is an alternative for those who are interested in chatting live...in addition to shys, not instead of. The forums are ofcourse very valuable and have many advantages over live chat. The slack chat is just a way to get to know people you might not have otherwise, as well as provide a bit more privacy and a relaxed atmosphere for random discussions that don’t really belong in the forums. There seems to be an issue right now preventing new members from joining, which I believe is largely contributing to the slow spurt we’re experiencing in the forums...not the outside chatting. The site depends on new members sharing new stories, new opinions, creating fresh topics, etc. Until admin addresses the problem, I think the site will remain slow.
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    I was raised catholic, I am catholic but less strict and less hard on myself, if that makes sense. Guilt has to be one of the worst emotions, for me anyway. Most of my life has been driving by guilt. Making everyone else happy always putting myself last. Well u could imagine when this side of me started to wake up. I tried so hard to not even acknowledge it and when I did I thought for sure I would go to hell because according to my religion it’s a sin. As time went on, a lot of time I started thinking for myself and not what I was taught. I realized that I am a good person and treat all people with love, kindness and respect. Aside from little white ones, I don’t lie, steal and I have never killed anyone. I thought how can loving someone be a sin. I was taught God loves all his children unconditionally, he (or she) ;) doesn’t pick and choose and if he did he wouldn’t love any of us because no one is perfect we all have faults but loving someone, to me isn’t one of them. It’s not a choice who we fall in love with or who we desire. It’s a feeling we have inside. We were born this way, the way God intended us to be! Just be a good person, love yourself and others!
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    @zzz_girl, this is my field of expertise. Lol I totally relate to you feeling like your head and your desires are in conflict with each other. Its a problem to be managed day to day, not something that has a magical solution. ....and every human being is managing a few unsolvable problems like this every day. For me, Prozac helped when it got really bad. Also, staying insanely busy keeps me out of trouble. Find people who make you happy and do fun things with them. Get a hobby or sport and get good at it. It makes me a more interesting sane person, I like to think.
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    I am married with a long distance girlfriend on the side so I am not the type of person you are looking to give you advice. But I don’t know if that person exists. You seem to be looking for someone to tell you that they successfully ignored what they actually want and were happy. I kind of doubt such a person exists. why exactly didn’t your arrangement work? Did your husband make you feel guilty for wanting to explore your attraction to women? It kind of sounds like it from reading between the lines? Or Did you feel jealous of what he was doing? Maybe the woman that you had a relationship with was not a good fit for you or your situation? Its possible that non monogamy doesn’t work for you. But maybe it just didn’t work for you with those particular people? i don’t know... maybe meditation or therapy might help? But it’s a tough situation to be in, to want something and feel it’s bad to want it and impossible to get. Good luck!
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    My #1 rule would be the Golden Rule with a twist: treat others how they want to be treated. It's about treating each other well and respecting our diversity.
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    For 8 years, the answer was no. Now it isn't anymore.
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    Decriminalize the use of all drugs. Treat addiction as a medical issue and not a criminal justice issue. Focus on gender equality and aim for Iceland's stats. Women make up 66% of graduates from University, hold 30 of the country’s 62 parliamentary seats (48%), and over 80% of women in Iceland make up part of the work force. Provide world class education for free. In Finland, not only are bachelor degree programs free of tuition fees, so are master and doctoral programs. Students pursue higher education goals without mountains of debt facing them after they graduate. Universal Health Care. Good health care isn't just for rich people. In the first world we pay taxes and access to decent health services should be an expectation. Labour and employment laws that are strongly biased in favour of employees. OK I know you said one and I did five lol. I could go on and on and on so I'll stop here.
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    I agree. I don't drink much, but do love a drink every once in awhile.
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    Not the best picture of me, but I do have a plaid shirt
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    Hey you.... @JadeBleu15... Bloody difficult times at the mo...phewww..getting nasty....hard to smile sometimes.... But i just picture her in my head...the life we could lead...and it lifts me up again.....she resparkles me.. x I gotta go for it....noone else will do it except me...can i really not..?.. Im 42 ..ive lived half my life..not the wrong way....but something always missing.. Can i sit in my chair in the old peoples home ..no teeth in...lol.. and wonder what if....should i of......i wish i had.... If it doesnt work ..noone is dead....i come home and start again... At least i can say i tried.. And if it does work... Mmmmyyyyy god.. I'll put my Facebook on for you all to see... Take it easy..and keep well.. x x Life is what you make it ..right?!!
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    Hey ladies..hows it going...x x Hope you don't mind me jumping in.. Im married.. been with him the love of my life 21 years..married 8 on 1st May ..lol....ummm happy anniversary to me...!! I love who i love,can't label myself really...don't care what i am to be honest.....does it matter?!!.. Always shown appreciation for a beautiful person...man or woman...but i think i was swept along by what was expected by friends family and society... To answer your question.... How far are we willing to go....?.. I met her the first time and just knew what i had was wrong....and i had everything i could wish for..believe me...wanted for nothing.....but it was nothing like the way she made me feel... I have flown thousands of miles 7 times in 6 months... x x My divorce has started....the court case to take my child away to live abroad will follow...i am folding my business.....i will have nothing and have to start again.....and im smiling.... x x How far am i willing to go...all the way...you only live once ...im just glad there is time left for me to enjoy who i really am......a lady love...a woman who now loves a beautiful woman who can give me something i never thought possible......a man woman love is nothing compared to a woman woman love....in my eyes totally different... You make your own fate...and I'm gonna make mine....i refuse to make do and always wonder ..what if.......I'm making the jump.. How far?...im all in ... x x So..so...so..glad i did... x x It didnt make things worse.....it opened my eyes... x x x
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    I started watching L word recently and just watched this episode tonight! Lol that was pretty true. It made me think of my BFF who I have feelings for. She had long term relationships with women before she met her husband, but her husband and family don't know, which I find odd since she's very open about everything. Based on how she talks about it, you would think she would have ended up with a woman, but I don't think it would have been accepted by those close to her. Kinda sad women have to live like that.
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    Ashwini: My girlfriend in college was Indian (Asian, not American). I feel like I ought to be able to answer your question, but there are just so many things. On one hand, she was very American. I loved to go places and to shop with her. We had great fun. But there were some differences. She was smart as hell and positively driven. She graduated college in three years. Our relationship often came second to that. She was very family oriented. I loved and respected my parents, but she positively honored hers. She would never do anything to displease them. She was very modest. She never wore sleeveless blouses or tops and her skirts always extended well below her knees. Though we slept together many times, I only saw her naked once, and that was by accident. So, I guess my thought is she was just wonderfully different ... differences I cherished all the time I was with her. Ame
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    I had open honest communication from the start but still my ex ended up condemning me for wanting her and hubby. So it would seem that even though some Lesbians may try to make it work something just doesn’t feel right for them. Now that I am a single bi woman I tend to avoid relationships with men, not because I don’t like or fancy them but because I have a fear of once again being in a relationship with a man and then also wanting a woman and having to experience the fear and frustration that causes. Maybe Lesbian women could try and understand how we feel a bit more and not be so quick to judge us. It is difficult from both points of view. I am not comfortable labelling myself either way, it’s a lonely place to be but it is just me.
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    @Cute&Curious You're not just full of cuteness..I've observed. Slack live chatroom has its own fun and shybi its fundamental purpose. The slack is a good avenue to be in touch with each other in a different level. It has a reason to exist and thanks to the women who put it together and the current ones who make it running. I agree that lack of fresh members who may vent, share their stories, ask for advice play a big factor in the slowness of the site. The site needs fresh bloooooods
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    Hi Anne, Good advice has already given by other wonderful people. There is one thing I would like to add - you cannot just figure out what you want in your head merely armed with your thoughts. It can actually positively drive you crazy and get you nowhere, I know it did that to me. You have to venture out into the real world! I can relate to many things you say, though my life has had a somewhat different path. I too was teased and was pushed into the closet I was struggling to break out of for a decade. The same fear you have about hurting your boyfriend and has kept you in the relationship made me keep distance with my boyfriends. I knew I had to explore my attraction to women, before I could even possibly entertain a thought of a serious relationship with a man. (But I can see how I could have slipped into one anyway like you.) The struggle to explore has not been easy but the payoff has been great! I’m still not 100% out I see it more like a journey than a destination now. I did have some relationships with women. And even though some were not great relationships they were still of great value to my self actualization and learning. Even to just be in a place finally where you can date women is hugely liberating! I too thought I was more attracted to women and at some point even thought I was a lesbian. But in an ironic twist just after I had finally accepted of being a lesbian to my surprise suddenly feelings for men started to surface. It can be I just repressed them in order to figure out the stuff with women. A year later a random chance brought me together with my husband and I fell madly in love like nothing before pretty much at first sight. But without having the experience with women and all that knowledge about my sexuality and the hard won ability to be open and honest, I would have never had the possibility for that kind of deep acceptance and love from myself and from my husband I now enjoy! My journey is mine and I do not know what yours is going to be. I just wanted to show the importance of lived experiences and how unexpected and gratifying the results can be. Good luck! Tsikk (also Anne in real life)
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    That I didn’t realize I was into girls sooner. All that shitty sex with men, I was really missing out. Sucking on boobs, yum.
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    No bullying and ban alcohol and drugs. Pass a law where you had to earn a certain amount of money to have children, or a nominated amount has to come from your income to cultivate your children’s interests. Parents, siblings, relatives who mistreat their children/relative face life in prison. People who mistreat animals severely punished.....
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    Maybe we should change this to when we create our village, what would rule #1 be
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    May I join this army too? Love the plaid shirt!
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    My experience, I hated the dating sites, but had some luck on a local lgbt forum. I started out looking for casual company or friends and I met some interesting people. We started talking without seeing each other's pictures and met in person if the conversation was interesting enough. I wasn't looking for love because I wanted to focus on study, but attraction happens unexpectedly and indeed something romantic is going on rn. I think it pays off to really be looking for friends, not expecting too much. You'll be less stressed.
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    I'm one of those who joined this site after falling in love with a woman (once again) while in a serious relationship with a man (he was my first serious boyfriend and we were together for 5 years). Now I'm quite sure that I will not date men anymore. All my life I suppressed attraction to girls/women, idealized men, and thought that being with a man is the pinnacle of a woman's life. Feeling attractive to men was validating for me. After I cleaned up the societal expectations this was pretty much over. Up to now, for two years after breaking up with my boyfriend, I've only been dating women. Recently I've met a woman, we've known each other for a very short time and maybe I'm speaking too soon, but with her I'm feeling things I've never felt before. I want to commit to her and really say yes to the relationship. I would be proud to be in public with her and call her my girlfriend (or 'womanfriend', IDK ), I'm bringing her flowers and feel very romantic in general I enjoy sex better than with any man so far. Despite all this, I'm not calling myself a lesbian, because I was infatuated with men a lot, I still can find a man beautiful and attractive, and might feel the urge to kiss a man. But not much more than that. While being with a man I had doubts from the start. In highschool I was totally in love with a boy, but when we finally had sex (after 3 years of crushing on him!) I felt NOTHING. So I don't really know. But in any case, I don't need validation from others, especially not from judgemental lesbians who like to pick on bisexuals. I know what I'm feeling and if I promise my love to someone she shouldn't have to fear that I will think of men or other people in general.
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    I've done a little light bondage, but only with males. Maybe a bit more than light, but nothing too hardcore. A little pain is good, but not a ton. I can see going further with the right person, but there would have to be a lot of trust involved.
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    I have no experience with any sort of kink really, but there are a few things that interest me... The D/s dynamic appeals to me, mainly in the form of light play...blindfolds, wrist restraints, a little discipline, not in a ‘hardcore’ kinda way, more of a sensual thing. I like the idea of being teased and seduced. I’d like to be on the edge of ecstasy, and have someone else control when and how I fall over that edge. And I’d also like being on the opposite end of that dynamic, depending on the other person.
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    From The L-Word: Helena: Have you ever fallen in love with a straight woman? Tina: You're asking the wrong person. I was straight until I met Bette. Helena: Then talk to me as a straight woman. What went through your mind when you first had these feelings? Tina: It was terrifying. I mean, the falling in love part feels good, but there's so much to wrap your head around. Helena: But why? I mean, isn't love just love? Tina: No, it isn't. It's not the life that most straight women want. Most straight women, they spend so much time preparing for the husband, the kids, the house, it's too much to undo. I think this makes a lot of sense.