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    I never thought I would be writing this post…but a week ago I told my husband that our marriage was over. My bisexuality has developed, to the point where I don’t want to be with a man at all and I don’t love him in the way that a wife should. About 18 months ago, my feelings towards women really stepped up a notch and in that time I have struggled to connect sexually with my husband. I got to the point where I was feeling really unhappy that I might never get to be with a woman sexually again (previous experience was limited and many years ago). My husband, who has always known of my bisexuality, tried to understand my desires and said it would be ok to find someone to explore with. Recently, I met a wonderful woman online, who also had an understanding husband. We messaged non stop, then moved onto phone calls and FaceTime and very quickly had made a strong connection with each other. We met at a hotel and had a proper date - a first for both of us. What followed was the most incredible, highly erotic marathon of a night that I never, ever want to forget and I hope that we will get to repeat. Wow! During our time together, something clicked into place. Every thing that this beautiful woman and I did, felt right. It was natural, I enjoyed every moment of both giving and receiving and I was distraught at the idea of never having that again. Less than 24 hours after saying goodbye to this incredible woman, the reality kicked in that I might need to end my marriage. I couldn’t see myself going back to my husband and being happy, or being able to remotely enjoy sex with him. I was worried that I would just be pretending. My worries were correct. I had to do the right thing and be truthful and honest to both myself and my husband. I don’t regret my night of passion one bit; that incredible woman has helped me to realise that sex can be absolutely amazing and that I was ready to make a change in my life and start accepting who I really am. I don’t regret my marriage either; my husband and I have had a wonderful 14 years together, we have a beautiful daughter and will remain a great team - both for parenting and support for each other through life.
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    Hi - I've just joined - I've had a look around the site - and you ladies seem super lovely and this seems like the kind of space I'm looking for. I did look at other sites which weren't really my cup of tea. I'm married to a heterosexual man. I've told him I'm bi, but I doubt he remembers as I don't really talk that much about it. When I told him he said he didn't care what I was so long as I didn't cheat with anyone (monogamous). Which at the time was a commitment I was happy to make. But over the years this keeps bubbling up in me and I keep squashing it down, saying to myself that this is the choice I made. But now, for the past few years, I've been going through a period of self-acceptance, self-compassion and really just coming to terms with who I am, all of me, not just bits of me, and my bisexuality isn't something I want to put back in a box anymore. I assumed that being bisexual was a behaviour thing and so being in a monogamous hetero marriage meant I couldn't be one. And I had to choose between who I was and my marriage. But since exploring this further I've read stuff online and realise this is also about identity, regardless of behaviour. My marriage isn't in a good place - largely due to the fact that I now have self-worth and boundaries which is putting huge communication and connection issues between us. I don't want to make my bisexuality a part of that mix because I think he'll blame everything on that rather than taking responsibility for his role in our marriage breaking down. But I also feel like not saying anything means I'm still hiding and I'm really done with editing myself. But then a friend of mine said maybe don't try to do everything at once. Deal with one thing at a time or its overwhelming. I have kissed girls and was briefly with a girl before I met my husband. I just always assumed that I'd be with him for a few years and then there'd be time to explore this more without me having to make a choice between myself and breaking my husband's heart. But that didn't happen. I do still love him. It just doesn't feel like it works anymore. So this is where I am, and I joined the site because I just wanted somewhere safe to share this and the things I'm going through, and maybe find a community of other people dealing with stuff in varying degrees like this.
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    Have never been with a woman. In casual conversation I had with a woman friend, talking about sex with men and what we liked and didn’t like, she was telling me what she had always liked best was long, slow foreplay, and most particularly, she loved for the man to kiss and lick and suck her nipples, she just loved for that to go on and on for a very long time. And as I listened to her, I knew that was what I wanted most to do. I wanted to see her breasts, touch them, run my hands over them and lightly squeeze them, run my mouth all over her breasts, tease and lick a nipple and take it in my mouth and run my tongue round and round, and listen to her heavy breathing and moans…. That is what I would want to do …My greatest fantasy is to turn a woman on, hear and feel her be turned on…
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    I have not been with a woman. My yet-to-be-fulfilled fantasy: Being in the presence of a woman at her climactic moment of womanly ecstasy, and knowing I was the one who brought her there. And experiencing my own from her womanly touch.
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    Seeing this billboard almost everyday on my way to work.
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    Don't freak out about your feelings or lack thereof for your husband. There's a common pattern with most of the ladies here in that they get super excited about their bisexuality and it consumes them to the point where they might question whether they're actually gay, they lose attraction to men etc etc. Bear with it. If you're only just embracing it now then it's new and thrilling, and confusing and awesome. The newness will eventually wear off so give it time to settle down before you let it effect your husband too. Once you're more level headed about everything, then if you can, talk to him. I know that's not the "you go girl!!" Advice that a lot of people throw out to every new member, but believe me it's important. Take time to get to know yourself, talk things through with people in the same position and try to keep a rational head on whilst also enjoying yourself. Good luck!
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    Last few months ive noticed ive been fantasising a lot about married women. Especially women from north america and the UK. In my single days i had flirted with a few married/coupled females. Nothing more than that. I am closeted as i am from a conservative background so i can relate. Maybe its a weird fantasy but kind of dreamt of being the one who could fulfil a married womans sexual/romantic/emotional same sex fantasy. That she would dream of me while being with her husband. It would be discreet and involve phone sex. A hidden secret known only to a few. I would be the good friend and baby sitter by day and super bi lover at night or evening. There is also that element of the forbidden and being found out. Have any married women come across this scenario of being chased by unmarried women
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    Hello everyone. So happy to have found this site, reading through the posts of others sharing their questions/problems. While I had been pondering perhaps seeking professional counseling for some of my concerns and issues regarding sexuality, I realized that what I really needed and wanted was that sense of "not being alone" in my feelings and problems, and clearly this site gives me that. Obviously, intellectually, I know there is nothing unique in my situation and my concerns, but there is a big difference in knowing that versus really "feeling" it and "seeing" it on display in the words and stories and questions of others. Once I get to feeling a little more comfortable sharing, and once I have read many more posts of others, I intend to share details of my own concerns. I am married -- love my husband very much -- but have always felt myself to be bisexual, and owing to the conservative home I grew up in -- with parents always very vocal in their disdain, contempt and disgust towards homosexuals and lesbians -- I have long struggled with internalized feelings of shame and guilt. I am happy to have found a place here where maybe I can finally work through those feelings of shame and feel a little better about myself.
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    I’ve never been with a woman but I fantasize about it a lot. I would have to say that I think about crazy passionate kissing, lying her down, running my hands over her breasts, kissing her nipples until she’s moaning, then going down on her until she’s thrashing and climax’s. I can just invision the sounds she makes. It gives me chills.
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    Thank you for your replies ladies. It’s been such a horrid week, I feel like I’ve pulled out my husband’s heart and stamped on it. Even more so tonight as he’s been pleading with me to make it work somehow, but I know in my soul that I can’t. Despite a good family life with our 7 year old daughter, I just can’t live a lie. I can’t be the wife he wants me to be. @Storm9 I thought I would be able to carry on and pretend, I really did. I didn’t see this outcome until it was too late. Thank you @Cloudburst; it’s reassuring to know you’ve done the same. I said those same words to a friend yesterday. The woman I met can’t leave her husband, and I understand that. I would never expect her to, neither would I want her to go through the heartache that I’m in right now. Yet, I too (like @MidnightBabe and @ZoeAnne) just want HER. In time, I will move on, but I can guarantee she will always have a special place in my heart.
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    So you are trying to chose between a guy who ghosted you and made up some story about losing a password and who you have never met in person and who you don’t feel a strong connection to and a woman who travels to be with you, makes you food does your laundry, wants to have your kids and who you feel strongly connected to. And all this on top of knowing you like women more than men. Do I have this right??
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    Gosh....over 18 months for us now.... 2000 miles apart....And I kiss her good night every night! We wake to kisses and cuddles...we smile and we laugh all day...! the hours we sleep are the nightmare ones....I can't touch her or speak to her the connection is gone for that short time...i am without her... And it kills...! We maybe apart in form, but in love and wanting.. we are together....she is my soul mate..And I am hers...she makes me whole and feel alive.. I feel myself light up from within when i rebound her smile on the phone... One day we will be under the same roof....Mrs and Mrs..... We see it and visualize it...everyday we hope and pray we get that step closer... She will be mine... We can only give fate that helping hand... I have horrendous days...verging on despair...that we are parted....but they are so so so... out numbered by the days I thank God she came into my life....the memories we both share...the visions.... So in my opinion..LDR can work of course......but it's up to both of you to make it happen.... You have to be honest and open and talk about how your feeling.... Let her know....don't leave her guessing!!! @Mofgirl I love YOU....one day you will be mine x x x 10 days......eeeeeeeekkkkkk!
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    A very long time ago I met a British woman in NYC and entered into a mad, passionate love affair with her, but after about 8 months she unexpectedly had to return to the UK, and so we had no choice but to conduct a long-distance relationship by telephone and letter (it was before the days of electronic communication), until such time as she could return or I could move to her home country. It was incredibly difficult to be apart - especially because we had begun our relationship being physically together in the same place - but that also stoked our passion further, and the letter-writing added a new dimension to our dynamic. Ultimately, after a little over a year, I moved to the UK to be with her, and although the relationship didn't work out in the long run, I don't regret the experience of our LDR, as it showed me that I was capable of a different way of loving, and of devotion and monogamy (despite the fact that I am not a naturally monogamous person) without constant physical proximity and interaction... But I would caution anyone who engages in such a relationship to be aware that no matter how much you talk, write, and interact electronically, you cannot really know a long-distance lover as well as if you are physically in the same location with them all or at least part of the time, and engage directly with them in person, because our knowledge of one another is based not only on our own perception, but also disclosure - what we choose to reveal to one another...and some people are far more selective about what they reveal than others...
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    Haha.. @kairi hello babes.... it does...it's super huge....to bite your lip and count to ten..and finally say what's been hanging on the end of your tongue for months....THIS ISNT ME..!!..to say my plush life, material things, no stress over money and comfortable living.......... this life I have led for 42 years ....isnt me!!...it's what is expected by others.... The path society took me down....yes i am happy.. but not fulfilled...i am married but lonely....please love me for who i am... This is me..AND I LOVE HER...!!! X X
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    If I don't get to make love to a woman soon I am going to go insane! I can't stop watching lesbian porn and OMG there is this one woman that really is too hot for words. Her porn is so erotic and sensual and you can see that there's always some connection between the women. Go check out Eufrat on pornhub. Any of you ladies have a favourite pornstar? I have recently made contact with an old friend again (we have some history lol kissing and fondling) and now I am even dreaming of making love to her. She has been in my dreams for the past 3 nights now. I am so frustrated, i don't know what to do with myself. Uurrrrggggggg.......all i want is to have the chance to treat a lady to blissful unforgettable lovemaking. To kiss her tenderly with my fingers in her hair. To hear her moan when i please her in ways she has never been pleased before. I need this badly!
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    Zzz-girl, you sharing your story has been exactly what a part of me needed to hear: a cautionary tale. Because I have had this rather evil little voice inside my head, pushing me and pestering me, telling me, “well maybe you should go ahead and confess to your friend that you are attracted to her, and then maybe you won’t feel so guilty if she knows.” But then what? I mean, really, what is the point of telling her? And the little evil voice whispers to me “well, maybe she will confess to having some of the same feelings toward you, and that would make you feel good, to know that, wouldn’t it?” Yes, it would. But then what? And the evil voice whispers “Well, maybe the two of you could have just a little intimate physical contact, nothing extreme, pants stay on, just above the waist stuff, maybe over the top of the clothes stuff, that would be so wonderful and you could enjoy that so much and it would satisfy you, and that would, technically not really be cheating, a kiss would not be cheating, you are not cheating as long as your pants stay on…” Such are the things that devious despicable evil little voice in my head is whispering to me. And sometimes, it is so hard not to listen to it, sometimes I would find myself starting to listen, starting to think, well maybe …. But then I read your post, and it is exactly the splash of cold water on my face that I very much needed. I see the wisdom in your words, and that you are speaking from experience, the very painful experience of making a terrible mistake. With those words, maybe I can silence the evil voice in my head that keeps pushing me where I should not go. That keeps trying to push me to make a very very big mistake. I will not make that mistake. I will not mess up my wonderful relationship with my husband. And I will also not mess up the truly wonderful and very valuable friendship I have with this woman. They are both far too valuable to me just they way they are. And it would be pure insanity to risk messing all that up, and for what? Just to have an orgasm? Thank you so so much for giving me that cold water on the face . {{{hug}}}
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    Thank you for sharing and good luck to you. I am also at the point where I would rather be alone than living a lie. I am ready to move forward, find a happier life.
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    This really moved me. Glad I'm not the only one feeling this way
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    Such a powerful moment, bringing my girl to climax, and her moans and moves and everything that happens, turn me on, big time!
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    I never have and want to try scissoring. Also up there in my fantasies is my crush using a strap on on me.
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    I've been in an LDR for 5 years me and my gf started slow meeting only 4 days the first time we meant then a week then 2 and this past summer I spent 8 weeks with her in England .. She is coming here in December for 9 days we try to see each other as much as our lives let us as we also have priorities.. Are goal is to someday spend 6 months together and maybe if things work out spending are lives together .. We both take one day at a time and cherish and hold on to them as a reminder of are love for each other.. And besides she's the best thing since bread pudding or was that slice bread lmao oh a bit of humor helps to.. Good luck Tree or was it Lover lol.. as long distance does work ...
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    I’m not sure you can, I think that’s just part of navigating a LDR. I’m inexperienced so my advice is probably useless, but here it is anyway... I’m sure leaving her will be hard...every time you do it. You can’t not be sad, or not miss her, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be happy. Think about all the beautiful parts of your relationship and focus on that. Chances are, the only negative thing you can think of about your relationship is the distance that separates you. That doesn’t change the incredible bond that unites you. I’m sure there are countless things about your relationship that feels absolutely perfect. Think of how she makes you feel, not only when you’re together, but also when you’re apart. Think of how lucky you are to have such a beautiful connection. Remind yourself that leaving her is not the ending, you’re not losing her, she still loves you and you still love her, distance doesn’t change that. Start planning for your next visit, even if it’s far away, start talking about things you want to do/see together. Get excited about where your relationship is headed. Good luck, I hope you enjoy your time together!
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    I don't have daughters, but I do have four nieces, ages 16 and 17, and two who are 20 and at university - two are my brother's daughters, and the other two are my partner's brother's daughters. They all have a close relationship with me, and my partner, and we have always been totally open and honest with them about our lesbian relationship and lifestyle, and to a certain extent, they even know about each of our unconventional personal histories (bisexuality, lesbianism, polyamory, etc.) and previous life choices. They are all gay-positive (and two of them have two dads, as my brother is gay and married to a man), one has come out as bisexual (when she was 16) and one as a lesbian (when she was 14), and all of them know that they can be open and honest about their sexuality, whatever it may be, with our families, and also in the wider world, including with their friends, as they deem appropriate. They also know that they can have children with a female or male partner, married on not, but that both marriage and having children are completely personal choices, and that it isn't necessary to have children to lead a fulfilling life. Our families have taught all of these girls that they are equal to men, and that they should not allow themselves to be discriminated against or otherwise oppressed in any way (and to stand up for themselves, raise it as an issue, and take the appropriate action if they are), and also that they should pursue their dreams and the opportunities that are available to them. In the case of my brother's daughters, I encouraged them to take self-defence classes (which they did), so that they would be more confident on the street, and be able defend themselves in any given situation, in public or private, if necessary. (I studied karate for a few years, when I was a teenager, and it has served me well ever since, including enabling me to defend myself successfully against a violent attempted rape by a man I considered to be a close friend when I was 23.) The fact that boys/men are usually physically stronger than girls/women, and can be sexually manipulative or coercive, and in the worst case scenario, actually sexual predators, is something that we all need to admit to ourselves and take on board in terms of teaching young women how to lead a safe, happy and fulfilling life. You can have the most wonderful life imaginable, in every way, but violence of any kind - whether it's committed by a total stranger or someone known to you - can have a severe and lasting impact on your life, and even destroy that life, so it is essential that we are proactive in teaching girls and young women to act wisely and skilfully to protect themselves, and to defend themselves effectively if necessary. This is something that is all too often neglected by parents and other relatives, to the great detriment of girls and women of all ages.
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    Thanks, @Amethyst753 , for taking a risk and posting your thoughts on the topic of whether males are the dominant sex. This kind of discussion is always beneficial to us all as women, and really doesn't happen enough. However...I must point out that you have taken my statement (which was posted on the 'Am I the only one? Dominate [Dominant] vs Submissive' discussion thread), totally out of context, in order to use it as a jumping-off point for your 'debatable rant', and have also misinterpreted it. To be honest, I really don't mind this at all, because I'm very pleased that you found it inspiring, but I do feel that I should clarify a few things. The statement you have quoted appears in the context of my post about a book entitled Inferior: The True Power of Women and the Science that Shows It, by Angela Saini (London: 4th Estate, 2017), which, based on what you have said in your post, would probably interest you very much. This book questions commonly held preconceptions about female behaviour and biology, many of which are based on biased, and therefore faulty, research in the sciences, and also in the social sciences (e.g. psychology and anthropology), which is a very big problem. I work in an industry which sits at the intersection of the sciences and the social sciences, so I am very familiar with the types of problems Saini discusses in her book, which is one of the reasons why it interested me. Among the questions she considers are the following: Are women more nurturing than men? Are men more promiscuous than women? Are males the naturally dominant sex? Can science give us an impartial answer to these questions? The back-cover blurb describes the book as 'an enlightening and deeply empowering account of women's minds, bodies and evolutionary history', and states the following, 'Interrogating what these revelations mean for us as individuals and as a society, Inferior unveils a fresh view of science in which woman are included, rather than excluded.' My own full statement about the book reads as follows: 'At last, we are beginning to question the bias in research in the sciences and social sciences that has supported the notion that males are the dominant sex, and are therefore superior to females! But, as we know all too well, the social conditioning and associated sense of male entitlement that supports that bias are very firmly entrenched, so although progress is finally being made, it will take a very long time for that to have a positive impact on the daily lives of women around the world...' So...this book and my statement about it are in agreement with your general observation that males have dominated women throughout the course of recorded history - I really don't think anyone is in doubt about that. But, with all due respect, I would argue that your analysis of the reasons why men have exercised this dominance is far too simplistic, and I don't mean to be pedantic but hope you won't mind if I touch upon a few key points below: The 'realities of the world' are partially created by human beings, and usually, to the present day, by men. Widely and strongly held social mores are often the product of various forms of social engineering by men - the clearest example of which is patriarchal monotheism (the notion that there is an all-powerful, omniscient male deity that has created the world, and the entire universe, and presides over us all in divine splendour), the reality of which is that man created 'God' in his own image (not the other way around), in contradiction to the biological reality that women are actually the bearers of life, who give birth to all of humanity, including men. This pervasive and self-perpetuating world view is misogynistic by its very nature, and has kept women in an inferior position in society and civilization for over 2000 years. Further, during the 'historical period' (i.e. throughout recorded history) throughout the world, men have prohibited women from full participation in society and civilization (e.g. excluding them from particular activities and professions) via innumerable strategies, imposed through 'cultural traditions' and the law. This continues today in many countries around the world (e.g. Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia). While the perception that men have exercised dominance over women is not the product of bias, the notion that they are genetically (i.e. biologically), and therefore physically and intellectually superior to women is indeed based on bias (and this is the subject of Angela Saini's book). It is now well known that, while men are generally physically stronger in some ways (i.e. due to their size and musculature), women are actually stronger in others, and indeed recover from severe illness more frequently and have greater longevity. As for male intellectual superiority, that one has gone totally out of the window in the Western world, and is in decline in much of the Eastern world too (e.g. India and China, although severe sexism is still rife). While history is indeed full of accomplishments and events driven by men, it is well known that there is a great deal of bias in recorded history, which, by its very nature, is selective. Generally, it is now also well-known that women (and also, for example indigenous cultures) have often been excluded from recorded history, and there are many projects under way in various academic disciplines to revise historical accounts to include them on the basis of the available evidence. In the past it was virtually impossible to secure any kind of research funding to support such academic projects and studies, because the funding bodies were governed by - yes, you guessed it - MEN, who didn't consider such research necessary or important, and sometimes actually considered it quite dangerous, so torpedoed those grant applications. This is what I would describe as quietly exercising power by being in control of the purse strings... Physical strength has undeniably been a factor in men's ability to exercise dominance over women - through hard labour and war, and also violence directed toward women 'to keep them in their place' (from the suffragettes to women in the home), and also as a weapon of war. But this application of brute strength in the service of establishing and maintaining patriarchy has not just been a product of 'life realities in which strength was particularly valuable' - it has also been used in a premeditated and strategic way to oppress women, employing a range of tactics, from cultural (i.e. social) and political policies to domestic violence. It's worth mentioning that sometimes 'troublesome' women (including bisexual and lesbian women) have even been incarcerated in mental institutions and heavily medicated, subjected to electric shock treatments or given a lobotomy. I personally know a number of women my own age (I'm in my 50s) and older who were subjected to this type of treatment when they were younger...and this still goes on all over the world, including in the US and UK. Women have always farmed, often fished, and sometimes hunted (in certain cultures), so the notion that men have been the sole protectors of and providers for the family is a fallacy. While it's true that men have been responsible for tasks requiring physical strength and endurance (especially hunting for food, defending the family, waging war, and building), we now know that there was much more of a contribution to general family survival (in addition to bearing and raising children) by women than was previously acknowledged (more lost history coming to light). Yes, male domination is definitely in decline, due to the reasons you have stated, but we still have an enormous struggle on our hands - sexism, discrimination and sexual predation are still rife all over the world. Just consider the fact that Donald Trump recently nominated a suspected sexual predator, the 'conservative' (i.e. right-wing) Circuit judge Brett Kavanaugh, to the US Supreme Court - a role in which he would preside over women's rights, including the right to have an abortion (i.e. a woman's right to decide what to do with her own body), which he will probably vote against if given the chance. One of the things that Saini mentions in her book is that men often cooperate with one another on a very basic level (e.g. as friends, and in the extended family), as well as on more sophisticated ones (e.g. in a professional context, and as political allies), sometimes in positive ways, but also to discriminate against, restrict, exclude, oppress and otherwise harm women (including committing group acts of sexual violence, such as gang rapes, which occur every day all over the world). Women, however, do not often cooperate with each other in any way, and some actually collude with men against other women. Such cooperation between ourselves as women can make all the difference as to whether it's possible for men to exert dominance over us, and act in ways that are against our welfare, or whether we ourselves can exercise dominance in a given situation, and protect ourselves, so this is something we all really need to consider very seriously. I totally agree! We really must all take this to heart.
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    That's great that your husband is coming round to the idea of you dating a woman, it must be a great feeling I think rules and boundaries are needed, especially if youre doing it with your husbands permission. Make sure that what you expect and what he expects are the same thing. I can't really give you much advice on this side of things, as not all of us can tell our partners. As for the privacy side of things, if hes willing to let you have a relationship with a woman, he should also have enough trust in you to not need to see the messages between you and her? Relationships with women, as I'm finding out, can be very intense. I would think if he saw the messages shared between you, it could definately spark some jealously/insecurity for him, but that's only my opinion. You know what he's like and what he can handle. I know I wouldn't feel comfortable as the other woman, knowing that your husband might be reading messages or seeing those photos meant for your eyes only, if you know what I mean... What I would say, is before you enter into anything with a woman, make sure you both know what each other are looking for, and what you can both offer each other. This may prevent alot of hurt and heartache further down the line. Good luck, I hope you work something out with him and are able to find a woman who fits what you're looking for. For all the overthinking mine causes me, I wouldn't change her for the world.
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    @Rani Your fantasy isn't weird at all. I'm sure there are married women who will bite this enticement because that's what they fantasise as well. Maybe not as much as having the element of forbidden fruit and being found out to be the driving force. When you're in your 20s and single, the "we want what we can't have" can be hot and mind blowing but more unlikely to attract you when you're married and juggling 3 or 4 things in your life including bisexuality. Most bi-married women want a genuine girlfriend or a reliable sex buddy. If you can be either of the two, then, maybe you're the dream woman they're waiting for.
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    I’ve always know I’m bisexual. Women are... well, they’re everything I fantasize about. I’ve been married for almost 9 years. I love him, and we’ve been together since I was fifteen. He’s my soulmate. Still, now that I’m rounding 30, things have started to feel more difficult. There has been a lot of dreams that have left me reeling in the morning. Okay, more than once. Still, I’m yearning over a relationship I can never have. I love him and I would never be unfaithful. Still, I’m yearning. Just thinking about a woman’s touch sends chills. I’m so confused. He’s so good to me. I use to classify myself as bisexual but now I’m not so sure. Yes, I fell in love with a man but mostley, women are what I find myself attracted to. Anyone who can help me is appreciated.
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    Hello all, I'm new to the site. I stumbled upon it after typing, "Married but Bi-Curious" into the browser. I've read quite a few posts and I'm glad there is a site for women like me who are married but curious AF about women. While I've never been with a woman, I've been fantasizing about my BF for years. My husband knows and supports my decision to perhaps experiment with a woman. Only problem is...not sure how to go about finding the right chick to do that with. My BF is also married and has flirted with me a ton but she is afraid to talk to her husband about it.
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    Good for you, @Gemini82! I know this is hard, but it’s so important to live your truth. There are several members here who have done this, and I think it’s a lot of men’s worst fears when their wife comes out to them. It’s a very real risk. But your sexuality isn’t something you have a choice about. You’re also showing your daughter about living her truth and not putting the feelings of others ahead of her own, which many women don’t learn for a long time. And you’re right- the girl who changed it all for you will always hold a special place in your heart.
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    So there are lot of ways this whole being married and faithful for decades thing can play out if both people communicate. This is something that many couples have worked out over time and as relationships evolve. My advise is don’t be hopeless about it if there is even a little bit of flexibility within the marriage, anything is possible.
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    Hey. Im Becky. Very nice to meet you all. Im 35, from uk and "mostly straight?" My sexuality has forever been fluid. I once dated a woman for about 3 months - over 10 years ago, but mostly was drawn towards men. But recently, i have been majorly crushing on a female work colleague. My first female crush for 10 years. And also my first female crush of a like minded and similar aged person. Most of my previous female crushes have been famous people or older women.(role models) (Im married but seperated) Ill just point out - that i would never act out on this crush. But its fun, and its turning me into a teenager again, which i love! So we work for a big firm with hundreds of buildings across the country. She is in a depot about 2 hours from where i am. We only really spoke on the phone, but it would always be a giggly conversation. We became friends on social media, and this made me drawn into the fact that shes a person who is always happy. It was around this time that id start day dreaming about spending time with her. Then i thought... "do i have a crush?" Quickly brushed it off and completely forgot about it. About 2 years later, we had a big meeting that we both went to. We spoke a bit, exchanged numbers as we are both involved with a new work project. We got on well and pretty soon we were emailing each other a fair amount each day. Always light hearted emails, generally joking around and laughing. Then the crush returned and she hasnt left my mind since!! Im not making it obvious at all (i hope) and im trying not to let it spiral out of control. But i love the excitement. Anyway, turns out our birthdays are only a week apart. So i invited her to my hometown for a night out. She said yes and actually came, even though she only knew me out of everyone who was going, and even then, had only met me in person twice! I was so nervous and excited. The night wasnt awkward. I was very cautious of how loose i become when im drunk and didnt want to give anything away!!! I did okay i think. I spent a lot of the night with her (we were in a group of 10) and even walked next to her when we walked into town and was always sat next to her. I did feel it best to warn her that i can become overly huggy when i drink...just in case i went that way! She said she does too so it was all good. And yeah i did keep touching her (you know friendly). And we danced together but with distance between us. I remember she was on the end of the table and i was next to her but on the front bit of the table.(if you can imagine a square table) We both sat down after a boogie, but for some reason we both sat completely sideways on our chairs so our bodies were facing each other and our knees were touching. Yet we were engaged in conversations with everyone surrounding the table so our upper bodies were facing everyone else! It was electric i tell ya! This happened a few times. The night was full of laughter and shes said that she wants me to come to hers next for a night out. Even when we were at my friends house, she always had some part of her body facing me. It felt like the attraction was mutual, even my gut instinct said that. But i will just believe that to be wishful thinking! She is "straight" by the way. Well shes been single forever but when she dates, she dates men. She believes i am straight although i did admit to having lesbian experiences in the past. When i said that, she instantly took a sip of her drink. I hope that didnt make her feel awkward. Any idea what that could mean if anything? She didnt seem off with me after or anything but the convo continued about relationships and then she said something like "you may find the man of your dreams tonight,ya never know" to which i probably laughed and said naaa. Anyway, i have no intention of ever telling her but this whole crush has opened a fire within me. Im so excited all of the time! Shes a lovely person to be around. We are really in tune! As much as id love for something to happen, im doubtful it ever will. So i will enjoy it while its fun. Any advice would be appreciated! Now,please share your stories and experiences!
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    echoing @Cute&Curious and @Amethyst753 this is definitely the place to meet women in a similar situation, and I'm very much one of them! I know how hard it is to unpick sexual identity issues from issues that are just about you and your husband, or the cultural baggage that comes with marriage, or the internalised crap that makes us reject identities we could have and leave all kinds of impulses unexplored... In my twenties, when I met my husband, I would have called myself bicurious, and now I feel a whole lot more gay. But honestly I might just be bored, or too familiar with my husband, or pissed off with him, or god knows what. It's a huge, ongoing, complicated conversation we're all having with ourselves, but this is a good place to share it. Thanks for sharing some of your story with us - I'm looking forward to reading more from you
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    @CallistoDidNotWin I did not confess my romantic feeling for the new friend who triggered my sleeping bisexuality (it's long story). But she knew that I felt differently for her because of the nature of my text messages, things I did for her and of course my actions. She's bisexual, too. I was tempted to tell her to get it off my chest. I was not expecting to have a relationship with her. For some reasons, I did not tell her. It was the best decision I made between the two of us because we became very close friends who look after each other like sisters after I got over her. But, then, my feelings for her was rather on the caring, romantic side. Not sexual at all. My feelings had dissipated over time (not seeing her, meeting other women) and honestly, I can't remember what it felt like. These days, we're like BFF when we see each other. We hug, put our arms around each other naturally. She and her GF sometimes have dinner at my house and she plays with my little one. I go to her when I am brokenhearted. I go to her to tell about a new woman who makes my life happy. She comes to my house (or we go for a drink) whenever she and her GF has disagreements. Had I confessed my feelings for her, it would mess up the future friendship. Of course I didn't know the future. BUT, at that time, I was not in a secure and stable position to support my feelings for her in case she's got feelings for me. Plus my husband was still trying to come into terms about my bisexuality and it was creating a bit of shaking in the foundation of our marriage because he got confused. Every situation is different. My point here is, if one is going to confess to her friend, she should have a clear head and know (more or less) what her objective is. In my experience, if I don't have a plan to follow through my feelings then I don't tell. I don't just dump and leave.
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    I appreciate @zzz_girl‘s sharing her experiences but I don’t think those are the only options for everyone: either have to go chasing sex every night with random people or have daily sex with one person while fantasizing about other people and feeling guilty about it. i mean you could have a partner who is ok with you having other experiences. You could open up to a friend and they can be accepting of your feelings. You could have a long term loving relationship with more than one person at a time... there are a lot more possible outcomes and you can read about many of them on this site. It’s of course good to be careful and consider the consequences, but I would just caution thinking those are the only possible outcomes.
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    Not going down on a man anymore. Haven't done for long time and not planning to.
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    @Rani - Perhaps you should work for the Australian national tourism board! ;)
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    Oh my goodness - the experience you had with HER sounds amazing! And I can see how it was a game-changer - it's one thing to suspect that you'd enjoy an encounter like that, and quite another to actually be living the aftermath of an intense night with some you have a deep connection with. It's such a brave and positive decision that you've made; I guess I just want to say that, and let you know I'm rooting for everything to work out as well as it possibly can for you. I hope you'll let us know how things go...
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    I hope we get to read that novel with the hot bisexual scenes. My biggest turn is accents. Like American accent. An American accent on a married woman who winks at me while hugging her husband goodbye for work. Haha maybe that some a fantasy. Having the chance to kiss and suck on an American woman's breasts. Due to distance only got to do it through phone and online sex but the moans were worth it. Sucking on my partners ear lobe, kissing her wrist, massaging her body and kissing her head to toe. Kissing her breasts in a way that I appreciate all of it. Like starring at the base kissing, licking and nibbling in concentric circles till I reach her areola Then making the way down The best australian kiss is the one that happens down under..when you worship tht most sacred and vulnerable area few get to see in its uninhibited state. Watching her moan in ecstasy as she trembles like a leaf in a storm . Her moaning my name and directing me with her hands because words don't seem like a possibility yet. Oops I answered multiple turn ons and what turned her on. Seeing her turned on turns me on. Oh yeh when she kisses and sucks up my throat An American or British or foreign accent can create attractions. Mannerisms like when she plays with her hair or gazes deep in your eyes. I do like women with deep eyes and a story behind it. My first story on the fantasy thread would be about how a married American woman got seduced by a foreign stranger
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    I admire those of you who are secure enough to be able to decide to live alone rather than live a lie. That takes great courage! And maybe, to be fair, the decisions may not be so clear (for some of us).
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    This is exactly why I joined ShyBi. I'd never taken the opportunity to explore my identity when I was younger - it wasn't the right time - and now being married and these feelings returning, I was really struggling with the notion that I'd never really come to terms with my sexuality and who I am. So I found this forum and through reading the posts, I've really felt at home with everything I've read and the people here. And I gained a little courage. Over the past 6 weeks, I've come out to my husband (who is struggling but coming through it, it's made us a much stronger couple), my mum, and have connected with someone incredible, with my husband's support & blessing. Whilst I'm not fully 'out', I no longer feel lonely.
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    The challenge makes it more exciting I guess.. Rainbow item on your body or a thumb ring could be a sign. Rainbow scarf Let's invent some signs
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    I do love how I get to be educated on new vocabulary on this site. I have so much to learn on some of the terminology with some things. But I dutifully googled "demisexual" and tucked that away for future reference. I do have to kind of ditto you there, that "do whatever she wants to me in bed" does sound hot. But on the flip side, in my fantasy world, sometimes I do slip into wanting to be the one that is the agressive one, taking charge, kind of directing how things go, and feeling so turned on by imagining the woman being compliant and obedient and yielding ..... *deep sigh*
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    It’s rare I’m turned on right away (I think I’m demisexual). But I’m most turned on by a woman who’s taller than me and has a dominant/strong personality. Not so much butch though. And I would let her do whatever she wants to me in bed with that dominant personality.
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    I did the exact same thing. I'd rather be alone and honest with who I am then to go on pretending to be someone I'm not. Wishing you the best.
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    You definitely need to try scissoring.the stimulation from clitoral friction and the wetness it produces takes you to a whole different level. It took a bit of practice to get into the right position for me and her to get maximal stimulation but once we got it it was amazing. Have not tried strap on so cant comment. I imagine it would be awesome.
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    Everyone reacts to pleasure in their own way, regardless of gender, an orgasm is still and orgasm. But men generally get there much faster, so there's a good chance that in your eyes he will be less expressive than a woman in comparison. Best to approach it without any expectations, and experience whatever happens with that person in the moment. Ask them what they like, and as others have said.......listen and learn!!
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    Bare for me, easier for oral. I like bare boys too.
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    @Amethyst753 since I remember myself all I could hear was to find a good guy to marry, someone like my father. My grandmother grew up like that and so was my mother. I live in a country that religion teaches about the "normal" and traditional family as God and Jesus wanted.Everything else is not normal according to a religion that teaches love. I refuse to let those traditions and views define me or my daughter.I tried to explain to her since she was small when she came to me shocked after seeing two of her girl friends kissing and had a mini homophobic brake down that this is something she should respect even if she doesn't like it. I was shocked that day too because I wasn't expecting to have a conversation like that with her in an age I thought she wouldn't understand but she did.It was not her fault because we live in a certain society and environment and some things seem to be given.Anyway,i think I did a good job that day. I try to tell her that marriage to a "good" Greek orthodox man isn't everything and to live her life to the fullest first and be independent and then think if she wants a man in her life.As @BenedettaC said about self defense, it's like I hear my husband lol. He tried to make her take some karate and self defense lessons because as he said he knows his kind and he wants her to be able to defend herself.I will say just one more thing.I have the relationship I have with my husband, Greek, "traditional", woman serving man and try to fulfill his needs and stroke his ego It's my fault for this to an extent. It's not completely though and to my surprise he is telling my daughter a little jokingly to find someone that will treat her as equal and will respect her and won't treat her like he treats me in our marriage and that she shouldn't allow anyone to treat her like that
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    Gemini: I'm in no position to give the advice that you asked for. My husband would not be supportive of me having a relationship outside our marriage so our ground rules are pretty stark and simple. But I felt compelled to respond to your comment that your husband wants to oversee your communications with others. You say it's not controlling and perhaps it's not, but it seems very intrusive and disrespectful. You're his wife not his child. You're entitled to your own communications and relationships. Do you insist on reading his mail and monitoring his friendships? Unless you promised him to share these things, I don't think you need to. They're yours to do with as you wish. You needn't tolerate it unless you want to. My Opinion Ame
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    Thanks. I am thinking of fleshing out this fantasy into the form of a story in the fantasy section