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    I was thinking the same thing! I miss this
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    Well, I’m what could be described as a coffee aficionado, so I derive immense pleasure and excitement from preparing my brew...and the same is true for sex...
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    I just opened a topic about the unicorn. I am single and have been approached and messaged on sites by couples . I have also had a couple 3 somes in my lifetime. Honestly its not my favorite thing . I prefer women alone. I also feel like couples say they want all leaving totally satisfied but then put boundaries up . Basically then the couple gets the best of both worlds as they say but the 3rd does not . She gets a man and woman giving her oral.. and then usually expected to give them both oral ... and they finish with the Big Bang... while the 3rd is left out of that scenario. I am not a fan of the bj unless I am getting finished through penetration ... so honestly the man isn’t doing anything for me in a 3 some if that boundary is up ... And I noticed alot of the posts actually were just worried about themselves and not much of a mention of there unicorns experience and desires .. does that make sense from the 3rds perspective?
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    Oh, I agree absolutely. I always anticipate eagerly while I'm heating things up, but I never take shortcuts. It has to be suitably steamy, you know. Sweet, and hot as hell. And I intend to enjoy every bit of it, from that first taste on my lips to the profound satisfaction at the end, when it's completely drained. What were we talking about again? Oh, Vibes. well, anyway, I do think that the more accepting you are of your own sexuality, the more likely you are to pick up on a vibe given off by others. If you don't own your own sexuality, or bisexuality, or what have you, then you aren't likely to notice that others are capable of feeling the same attractions as you are.
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    Well crops don't grow in droughts, so I guess it's better to be wet. Or have I missed the point here?
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    A lot of us use Discord for chatting, so I thought I'd address some privacy basics. There's no such thing as a truly private conversation on a Discord server. The server administrator, and possibly other individuals of the administrator's choosing, can see EVERYTHING posted on the server. Even if a limited-access channel is created, they will still have the ability to see. To see who has access to see a conversation in a channel on a Discord server, click the "Member List" (looks like two heads/torsos) at the top of the screen. However, sending a Direct Message (DM) to someone is totally private and cannot be seen by the server administrator or anyone else besides the intended recipient (unless someone else has access to their account). To send a DM, just click on the name of the person you'd like to send it to. If you add someone as a friend, you can continue to DM them even if you are not on a server together. See https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/218344397-How-do-I-add-my-friend-to-my-friends-list- for more information. If you want to have a truly private group conversation, you can do a Group DM. You must be friends with someone in order to invite them to a Group DM. See https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/223657667-Group-Chat-and-Calls for more information. The only privacy downside to friending someone on Discord is that they'll be able to see if you're active, so don't hesitate to friend people you'd like to stay in contact with!
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    For the Birthday Girl...
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    The only threesome i would be interested is one where the husband is tied down, blindfolded and cannot participate. Then i use a strap on on the wife. Haha
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    @Rani Now you're talking! I wonder, too.
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    I wonder what a female 3some would be like and if it would be different to a ffm
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    It’s like, I dunno, not feeling it anymore really, that is the bi thing, like it’s just not me anymore. Yeah I’m fluid and persecuted and thought of as Lesbian by morons but I am certain I am not that. Sex just doesn’t come high on my priory list any more, I no longer long for it. I do long for friendship companionship and freedom to be. Gonna take a break ladies, love you all, (platonically) and concentrate on that..
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    I hear this quite often from unicorns @gwnanc - though I've never been the unicorn myself I can imagine it's depressing over time, almost like being "guest genitalia" rather than a three-dimensional human. Easy to slip into for the couple I suppose as they are likely to spend more time thinking about how great a threesome would be, rather than having spent that time thinking how amazing a threesome with you would be.
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    Hey everyone, Soo I’m 26 years old, and few days ago I finally realised I’m bi. Since I was in middle school (when I had my first crushed on a girl), I wondered if I was completely straight. But as I’m a very logical person, whenever the question popped into my head I tried to compare “evidences”, and this particular middle school crush should I have been quite enough, but I always thought to myself “I don’t feel about girls the same way than I feel about boys”. Between middle school and now, whenever I had confusing feeling towards a girl, I never was able to know if I was attracted to her or if I wanted to be like her. So few days ago (night of 24th actually), this question popped again, and unable to sleep I went online to find answer. I went on reddit r/bisexual, and it opened my eyes (I did not sleep at all that night). In particular, - this part about the fact that “even if you don't feel attracted to boys and girls equally or in the same way, even if you haven't been with a boy/girl, even if you have been in a straight/gay relationship for a really long time, even if you haven't told anyone else about it […] you are bi and you don't need any evidence on this”. - Or this post And it is also there that I found the link to this forum! =) It feels so great to finally be sure, to know I will never question this again. And looking back it seems so obvious that I had crushes on girls. And I LOVE purple which is probably the biggest proof (ahah). So now, I’m 26 and I’ve never been with a girl, and to be completely honest I’ve been with only one guy, my actual boyfriend, it’s been 6 years. When I was in highschool, I was not confident and pretty shy so, even if I wanted to, I never had any kind of relationship. So it is kind of weird for me to have only been with one person in my life. It is not intentional, I never though “I have to find the perfect person and stay together for life”. But I found this great guy at 20 years old, fell in love and we are together since then. I guess now the next step is to tell him, I want to. Its been a month that we are long distance (I’m in the US for a year, we are European). He is visiting next month, and I plan to tell him then. I don’t think this fact will be a problem for him. Now, I also wondering if I should discuss with him the possibility of seeing other people while we are long distance. I’m also his only relationship so maybe its weighting on him too. But I’m not even sure I want to and I afraid he will be hurt by this discussion. Thanks a lot if you read all of this!! I would love to hear your advice/story.
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    Hi! I am new to all of this. I am happily married with children. I recently just feel that something is missing. I have never been with another female, but I have always found other women attractive. As long as I can remember I have been curious which always made me feel awkward. I was raised to believe that same sex relationships are dirty and bad, but as an adult I think there has to be so much more than just black and white. I want to believe in a true gray area. With the alsupport and encouragement from my husband I have been looking for a friend to chat with and hang with, see where it goes from there. I feel like it’s so hard to find anyone. Any suggestions or ideas where to start? Better yet, anyone near the Buffalo, NY area?
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    For the A.D.H.D. you can use diet to help, from what I remember, sugar, red food dye, riboflavin amongst others is bad, my one friend is A.D.H.D. and his mom had him on a special diet, even the ice cream and peanut butter was homemade with low or no sugar. I am no expert, and considering he uses the word kill you should really see a professional, I know my child hood friend use to have wild mood swings even with medications, but once he was on the special diet he did level out.