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    Just simply lovely I waited a lifetime to meet her something I always dreamed about after several months of talking long distance she took it upon herself to come see me at first I thought she was pulling my leg but she was on a mission a mission to see the lady she fell in love with... And I her.... I remember picking her up at the airport almost 5 years ago and I held her hand in my truck all the way to the lovely suite I had booked for 4 days.. We were both equally a bit shy in the room but something I knew we both longed for.. It was the most amazing 4 days .. sad to see her go as I cried as I journeyed home... I knew my life would change from that point on and we are still together I talk to her on most days... she is my best friend my soulmate and my life ..
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    I love you baby, Your face Your body Your truthfulness Your laughter Your thoughtfulness Your no filter filth!!!!! Your loons Your wardrobe (so gonna steal stuff) Your fierceness Your courage Your values Your weaknesses Your yearns Your neediness Your hornyness (not a word I know) You've shown me another way to love and be loved, for that alone I adore you immensely, I'm yours forever more baby, thank you for being just the light I needed in the dark, your a beauty XXX Here's to many more Adidas filled wardrobes, wine filled, healthy eating dines and girly fun with our minis! Love you Queen x Yours forever x
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    Genius. With my ingenuity, I would create something amazing that would benefit humanity, and by doing so, I'd exude an inner beauty that is arguably, extremely attractive!
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    A great list of reasons by a lesbian girl on why she appreciates bi women https://www.pride.com/first-person/2015/5/05/10-reasons-i-am-thankful-bisexual-women
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    “She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: "Winter is dead.” ― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young
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    Exactly snap.. He said he was ok with it...but it was just another way of saying he wasnt bothered about us any more... Shes millions more me...than he ever was... Never look back x x x Becareful.... because what they start off being happy with...soon changes ..insecurities set in...and the rot has already started X x
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    "Wherever there in pleasure there is pain, only one step away."
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    Hello I’m in Hampshire
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    Maybe you try to channel your genius towards preventing the stupidities Turkey is doing μπας και γλιτωσουμε τον πόλεμο! ; p
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    LOL I think everyone is beautiful in one way or another. But really, if I could do something amazing for the world, it would be helping people understand that we're really not all that different and that classism, racism, and xenophobia and the like are totally unnecessary. Basically, I'd eradicate that sh*t so we could all move on and love life.
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    I am a mixture of both. I like to be around people but enjoy my alone time. Does that make me a bi-trovert?
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    We look back and reflect on those who hurt us, admittedly adding to already present damage, and we have to learn from this, lonely as it is, the need to protect ourselves from further damage is just so paramount. In fear we move forward, little steps, retreating when more potential damage shows its face, ever alert, wary. Step by step, one day at a time....
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    Pretty bi pride ring I bought off Etsy - seller is VyTvir and it's made with flowers - so pretty!
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    This video is both erotic and romantic....erotomantic
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    I so love this description, just sounds so beautiful and intense to me. Lovely.
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    You have your own personality and thinking. If it makes you more anxious to share then simply don't share. We all have wild fantasies and damn there's nothing wrong with that as long they don't consume you. Find someone to share your thoughts if that'll help you. Someone who's not going to judge you and maybe the two of you will end up exchanging notes about bdsm. Lol. Take it easy.
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    I totally missed my 1 year anniversary on here (May 17). Man I've been through a lot of stuff in a year.
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    I had a few first times when it came to phone sex and cybersex. There is just something about making a woman feel comfortable and vulnerable enough to let go and orgasm while she moans your name. Even if you cant see her you can imagine the smell, the sweaty and flushed appearance of her face, her head rocking back, her eyes partly closed and rolled back, lips slightly parted and her mouth murmuring your name. Her breathing getting more rapid and the coherent speech being your words. I had felt confident enough and had done plenty of phone and cybersex with my online gf of 9 months.. But in reality our first time wouldnt be like it was online and on the phone. It was both our first time making out with someone so we took it slower than we had thought. We had enough emotional and mental connection after 9 months. It started off with slow, tender kisses. Then progressing to passionate kisses over our face, forehead, eyelids, cheeks, earlobe, neck, collarbone, shoulder. I loved making love to her breasts, between her breasts and under her breasts. They were beautiful. Just takibg my time to kiss, nibble, and lick from the bottom of her breast to her areola then nipple was amazing. Her moans and fast breathing were addictive especially how she would crush my head closer to her. There was no set time we would just continue where we had left off. My gf tried to kiss down me but i was too ticklish and then i decided i wanted us to have oral and penetrative sex in a more spacious place than a cramped studio apartment or shared accomodation. We have done some tribbing. Our clits and each others thighs meeting. We have bathtub products, candles, rose petals, our fav songs soundtrack as well as lube prepared for our hotel trip in June. We have a jacuzzi on the balcony overlooking the ocean. Looking forward to it but at the same time i know there is a sexual fire burning within me and the flames get fanned whenever we start our make out session.
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    Extremely attractive...wait, don't boo me just yet lol....extremely attractive with my feet very firmly on the ground, I would give my time & beauty freely to highlight good causes, never take my beauty for granted & go on dates with those who needed a self esteem boost thus doing lots for humanity ; ) Do I get away with that?!
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    Being a genius sounds quite cool then I could get the better of all the bitches and bullies blighting my life. However maybe I could come up with some brilliant ideas to make the world a happier place for them.
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    I know it’s got to the stage where I have to consider cctv now but I can hardly bear to think about it.
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    Am I literally the only one in the Hampshire area?
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    Hi! Hampshire here!
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    If I had to pick one I'd say introvert, but it really depends on the people I'm around and how well I know them.