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    If one keeps things only for herself and not having told any single soul about her sexuality, then it’s like living in a high wall house, fully protected from outside world, and aggressively guarded. I’ve been there when I was young and it’s not a happy place to be, for me. It’s lonely out there. Very lonely. “Secrecy is a deliberate act of keeping things concealed from others out of fear.” For some, it may include some elements of shame, guilt and even feeling of being trapped. My bisexuality isn’t my little secret anymore. It is still guarded but very lightly simply because of prying eyes. What can I do? I can't stand people who don’t have anything useful to use their time and brain for. I don’t have fear. I regard my bisexuality as a “private matter” which I freely choose for others to know or not. I am out to my husband, brother, few friends and few colleagues. I am not scared, too, to be seen being reasonably and appropriately affectionate with my date in public.
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    Secret - I suppose I'm a "semi-secret" bi woman. I'm not bi-curious; I've had some experiences so, of course, those women know. I've told my husband and and a few close friends. And of course, everyone here. What I keep asking myself while I'm writing this is why secrecy is still so necessary? I know why for me. I live in a very conservative part of the country and having this known about me would have a negative effect on my children and my family's businesses. I know many wouldn't agree with me (including most or all of my neighbors), but it seems like you should be able to love who you love, and lust should be a personal thing that's nobody else's business. My Thoughts Ame
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    Hi Punk, I don't really feel guilty. Six years is a long time and, frankly, I was tired of denying myself what I wanted. My husband is a wonderful man in a lot of ways, but when it comes to this he just shuts down, even though I've been very honest with him through the years. In retrospect, I see that she and I were perhaps having an emotional affair for months before we slept together. I was getting the support I needed from her instead of my husband. I'm trying to be gentle with myself on this score. Hi Ame, Thank you so much for your response. It is helpful to know that what you did is possible. I'm definitely at that fork, and I need time to assess but with two children it will be hard to negotiate. How does one "work" on a sex life? Is it supposed to be work? I'm not being facetious. It's an honest question. I'm trying to explore every avenue. I want to be happy with my family. Hi Gemini, All that being said, if I had one thing to do over again, I would have left earlier. Before I ever slept with her, I was doing just what you are and I think its led me to a place where I'm just incapable of having sex with him at all. There's a book called Come as You Are. I read it as part of my beginning of the year curriculum to try to get my marriage back on track. One of the chapters didn't seem to apply to me. It was about sexual trauma. I've never--thank god--been raped or assaulted. But after reading the chapter I realized that forcing myself to have sex with him for all those months was like inflicting trauma on myself. Sex made me sad and resentful of my husband, who just didn't seem to see what was going on with me. I'm not speaking to what your experience may be, just my own. Many thanks to all who responded with love, advice and good thoughts. This community is a very special place.
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    Any girls who are secretly bicurious and not told anyone yet?
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    Sometimes we need to take a step back and look around. Your very lucky to have a lady friend and both hubbies are OK with it. There would be many women here who would love to in your shoes right now. I'm single and I can't find a man or a woman. Something I've had to accept and move past. There must be many positives here for you to think on. What do you want from your relationship with her? What would it evolve into if your not in love with her? When I was married, I feel for a woman. Oh boy I was definitely IN LOVE with her. It had to end ASAP as I had my family, so it was similar in a way. I am straight, well 50% of me is. Lol. The other 50%, I am thankful for as it has opened up a whole new world for me. It has broadened my mind and opened my heart way more than when I was straight. So many lessons I've learned from it. These feeling are you, it is what makes up you. Take them away, and there is only a part of you left. Like ( my favourite analogy), a coin, there is 2 sides, but it's still only 1 coin. You can't have nothing on 1 side. There has to be 2 sides to be complete. Just my thoughts tho. Embrace it. Most of us don't get that chance.
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    I have both of mine done. It has been maybe 15 years since I got them and I still love the way they look!!! I also have a VCH. That one is my favorite! hehe Get the nipples pierced you will love them!! yes, it hurts a little but well worth it!
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    All of my life I have been straight but most recently I have been feeling an urge to try being intimate with another woman. I'm currently in a long term committed relationship with the same man for 10 years but there are times that certain women catch my eye and I have this sensual yearning to be kissed by them or more. I'm really confused. I would try it but I don't know what to do or if I'll even be comfortable enough to go through with it. I'd appreciate any advice or input anyone has. I'm 32 and from a small town and I don't know what to do.
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    And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat I tried to find the sound But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness, So darkness I became.
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    32. Under Your Spell In your dream, this feeling, of her hands meeting at the nape of your neck the instant you close your lips around one taunt nipple, and the subsequent wave of warmth and devastating desire that rolls around, loud and heavy - all the way from your lower half up to your throat, it makes you breathe a full breath that cascades down your body like you’re drinking fresh water. The air feels so dense and your ears are ringing like you’re drowning, yet you ignore it all as you hollow your cheeks, suck and pull away. You take your time licking from the bottom of her breast up to passed her nipple, just to feel her shiver, just to feel the soft curve of her flesh up the ridged edges at the tip of her breast. Half-closed eyelids blink with lust-heavy lashes as you slightly pull away, blowing warm air on the wet trail you left on her skin, and delighted to feel her shiver once, hard enough to tremble. You roll her right nipple between thumb and forefinger while you nibble on the left, snaking a hand around her waist to pull her closer. When she makes a fist at the nape of you neck, catching stray strands of blonde, and when she exhales a shudder that has her whole body subtly quake, you close your teeth around her softly before soothing the bite with the tip of your tongue. You kiss and lick up her body as her free hand travels the length of you, stroking your hips, your ass, your waist – shyly climbing up to cup your breast. When you finally reach her mouth, when you lick at the corner of her lips and nudge at her nose, sucking on her tongue, you think you can taste white wine on her mouth, faint but intoxicating. You indulge for a few minutes, mind reeling, as you kiss and pull away, change the slant of your lips only to kiss her deeper, longer. Your lungs burn from the lack of oxygen but this feeling, this feeling, of her lips pushing against yours, her body undulating against yours, it’s enough to distract you for long seconds as you just kiss, push and pull and want and indulge. You don’t want it to stop, the way she softly bites at your lower lip when she kisses you, the way the tip of her tongue catches your upper lip once, twice, before licking inside your mouth. There’s something so sensual, so dirty and so addictive, in the way she kisses – hungry but teasing, forward yet restrained; like you hold all of her but know nothing of her at the same time. Every press of her lips pulls at something deep within you, like you’re under water and she’s your lifeline. The way she breathes – long and low and heavy – has a continuous spark of fire race everywhere in your ribcage, painful thumps of want squeezing at your heart until your whole chest burns. Every kiss exchanged, every caress provided and every subsequent way her body moves empties you a little more, leaves you more breathless, more starved, more aching for more. Your hand traces back from her waist to her breast and you cup both her mounds before you finally allow yourself to part from her lips for one much needed breath of oxygen. You breathe in deep as you glide both hands to her ribs, kiss at the corner of her lips, below her jaw and under her earlobe, biting at the soft side of her ear. With your head spinning a short way, tangled and heavy like she’s put you under her spell, you move back slowly, your hands following the curves of her body up to her shoulders and down her arms so you can loosely hold her hands. You pull at her fingertips softly, enticing her into following you as you climb out of bed. Once you’re both standing, she pulls you to her with one hand around your waist and the other to the side of your neck, guiding your lips back to hers, your body back against hers. You push her backwards gently so that she sits on the edge of the bed and, for a second, all this movement in the still, heavy air feels jarring, reminds you that you’re two separate entities that leave and breathe away from each other’ skin. Her eyes fall into yours and follow your decent as you kneel in front of her, parting her thighs so you can scoot closer. You put both hands at her hips, thumbs following the hollows and dips, climbing slowly on both side of her stomach. When you trail down along devastatingly smooth skin, your gaze leaves the pretty patterns your drawing upon her to lock your eyes to hers instead. Slowly, with purpose and a thundering heart, you hook both thumbs under the edge of her panties and watch for a sign that she doesn’t want you taking them off. Something does indeed flash around darkened irises, but it’s not hesitance or refusal - maybe a slight jolt of nerves and something hungrier. You lean forward between her knees, kiss and nuzzle just above the top of her underwear – taking in the soft, sweet smell of her skin – before you slowly peel them away from her core and along her thighs. Once their off, a thought fleets to your mind, about how you should put them in your back pocket, as a keepsake. You’re not wearing anything that could possibly have something even resembling a back pocket. It makes you smile and breathes warmth along your veins. You make sure you remember where you drop them, close to the edge of the bed. You might pick them up later, once the 12 Hours are up.
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    I've always been one for piercings more than tattoos, though I have both and not as many as I appear to have in public view. My mother forgets all the time until I pull out the bikini, haha. First, I jumped on getting snake bites when I was a teenager. They close up often, but I just shoved them back through over the years that it doesn't phase me. I think I got my nipples done slightly out of my teens, just went to some friend of a friend's place, took off my top and he clamped the needle through each of them. (I remember the left hurt more.) Threw my shirt back on and scampered off. I got my belly button done the same day and that actually ached more for nearly a week! A few years later I added the vertical hood bar at some random place. Just walked in and whazam! Actually~ it was more like a little choke of surprise after a good jolt. So yeah, no issues whatsoever. I don't think I had that much swelling besides the first couple times I reintroduce myself to snake bites all over again. But, not everyone's body reacts to piercings well, so I don't suggest doing like I did and using a garage nail to stab a few holes in your mouth as a rebel brat. Just ugh, do whatever safety procedures you want. Good luck~
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    A slow love song...or one of obsession...longing and desire...
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    Not everything has to end badly for those of us married woman looking for a connection with another married woman. I feel this kind of relationship could be the best option for me. They would understand exactly how the dynamics work when it came to the relationship. Though, I am a recent empty nester, so I have more time then most other married woman. Wish I could find this type of connection....
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    This came up at a very interesting time for me. I'm separated 4 months after 26 years of marriage (amicably). My ex always knew I was bi (he was too) and maybe my sister but cant remember lol. My kids now know and are cool. My son is gay and lives with his partner and my daughter is like- " Mum, its no big deal. People my age are like, fluid?" I am considering coming out as bi and have talked to a guy I know who works for the same council I do. As a teacher it shouldn't be a big deal now but I live in an area where lots of people are Free Church and they are very traditional. My own church- the Episcopal, is very inclusive and conducts gay marriage. I want to be more visible, date and do Pride and stuff but still mulling it over. My thoughts are that maybe its no-one's business but mine? I dont want to wave a big purple and pink flag but neither do I want to hide who I am. Thoughts?
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    This is how I feel as well. I would love to experience the fantasies and wants of being with a woman, but I'm also nervous it would slowly decline my marriage - definitely not something I want.
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    I am not married but I fall under the semi-secretive category too. A few close friends know and even though I live in Cali, I live in a small town (not a lot of options to really explore either). I am very open-minded and am all about doing what you want to do with your life as long as you do no harm to others. I tend to be a very private person with my personal life so I think I just do not want people knowing my business either way--whether I am intimate with a man or woman.
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    I'm not bi-curious, but I'm closeted bi as well as a closeted polyamorous person when it comes to my work environment. I work in a profession where if they get wind that you're not heterosexual and monogamous, then you are in for a world of trouble and possible job loss. I live in a VERY religious area, and nearly everyone I work with has issues with LGBTQ+ individuals as well as relationship dynamics other than monogamous. Therefore, it makes dating very difficult for me because some of whom I date want to do so openly, however, I cannot afford that. I am, though, working on leaving such a place where I can live openly and not give a flying fart about people having issues about my orientation or relationship dynamic. I'm getting to the age where I just don't feel it is fair for everyone else to live comfortably around me and I live stuffed in this closet. It's hot and cramped in here!
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    On my kids, but if it's on me I tend to spend on make up ( that I'd probably not use much) or vitamins & natural supplements.