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    Well, you could make a new audio thread. "Demonstrate what noises you make when you come" It occurs to me girls tend to become, for a time, quite foul mouthed when being pleasured by another woman for the first time. I've heard it called the oooh shit phase. But I know I'm doing something right when she gets beyond foul language to being completely incoherent. No more pleases, no more yeses, no more noes, no more no mores. No more words, just grunting, sobbing, whimpering, panting. moaning, gasping...I want to take her past human speech to animal noises.
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    It went better than expected. I totally broke down at the session and didn't get everything I wanted to said. It took me half the session to start talking. I know that I hurt him and that he wasn't expecting the separation. He feels like I've shut him out and that I need to communicate more. He feels like he's done so many things wrong and wants to know how to fix them to get be to come back home. Tbh it's not just one thing and it's hard to name or list the things that drove me away. I just knew a big part of it is I'm gay and being married to a man doesn't fit that. I'm still trying to process everything that went on Mon and need some time to sit down and think. I've been staying with my mom and with work I haven't had much time to do anything. I will give you a better update in a few days.
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    I feel kind of weird posting. I'm using this website to be heard, or at least to feel like I'm being heard. I'm open to talking about what I post but I'm not really seeking solutions or answers to my problems just looking for some comfort if that makes sense. Me and my husband have been together for about 9 years. He has a good heart and good intentions but he can be very nasty and mean when he wants to be. He has changed so much since we first got together when i was 17. It was toxic , he would party, do drugs, cheat and on occasion lay his hands on me. I got pregnant quickly after dating him for 3 months and moved in right away. He was 2o when i was 17 when we first met so we got married and my fate was sealed. Things are calm now and his aggression towards me is passive but stings stills. Our sex life is good but I'm lonely now more then ever and this has intensified my thoughts and fantasies of being with a woman. He is pretty controlling as well, so i just gave up on having a life and have no friends. I just feel like i went from being under the rules of my mom to being under the rules of my husband. I know im rambling but my mind is all over the place. I have cheated on my husband with a man once after i found out my husband was in fact sleeping around on me but that was driven by my desire to hurt my husband. Now i want to try and be with a woman if the opportunity arises not to hurt my husband but because i really want to experience it, i want to know if theres something there that im missing. I sometimes have to think of the lesbian porn i watch during sex with my husband and it always makes me almost get 'there' , so i cant ignore my thoughts about it anymore. I wish i could talk to him about it but no matter how i gentle i approach a topic if its about how i feel my husband instantly becomes defensive and shuts down. In a perfect world id have have my husband know my wants and desires and support me exploring them but i dont think he would be ok with it unless he could be a part of it which i dont want. I dont know , im young and im getting older and i dont want to not experience life in fear of my husband's wrath. If the opportunity arose to be with a woman i was attracted to i would take it regardless of my husband knowing or not. I have 3 young kids with my husband and i want us to stay together for their sake as well and i love my husband but so much bad and ugly things have been said and done between us that i feel nothing now when i think of cheating on my husband with a woman, i feel like i deserve to do it in a way. For some reason if i think about cheating on him with a man the guilt is still there and the fear of being caught is there too but when i think about doing it with a woman i feel no shame or remorse. Sorry this is all over the place but thanks to all those who read it, at least im being heard somehow.
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    Good thinking! But also do remember to have a good sense of judgement because some women might cause you more trouble. There are also a LOT of women who are not sure of what they want and when you are ready to jump, that's the time they will run away. This will leave you sulking and feeling dejected. Also, know about your SELF. What do you want when opportunity comes? . Some opportunities are only given only to last for the moment or for the night. Nothing personal but I don't want your number, you don't need to give me your number. Or an opportunity that comes back again and again. Or something like a "booty call." It is important that you know what you want and your expectation.
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    I have my husband too. I have been with him for 10 years now and have 2 kids. But the flame is not quiet there no more. I honestly have to watch lesbian porn for me to satisfy my need and has driven me more and more to women and have fantasies of being with one. I feel guilty and I sometimes ask my self.is something wrong with me?. What is happening to me? But I’m glad I’m not the only women that feels some type of way. Like you say if the opportunity comes in I will jump on it. And maybe if I’m comfortable enough I can do some type of three some with my husband. I want to try something new.
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    You are being heard! Reach out and you will see that you are not alone. Sometimes we discover comfort in places and people we are not expecting. Shy is one of them. Most of us here started lost and confused, we only wanted to be heard for our reasons each. This site might have lost some of its old glory but there are still women that care.You sound all over the place indeed but I think you know what you want and what you are looking for, you just not sure about the outcome.You sound like a strong woman that don't give up easily. Stay strong,have faith and everything will be alright
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    Wow, I haven't been on this site in, probably, 2 years... But this topic caught my eye... my fiancee and soon-to-be wife had almost the same story... she never thought she was bi just bicurious and never acted on it until meeting me. She married young, has a 10 year-old daughter, was married for 15 years, is 38 Now but 37 when she decided to leave him... I can tell you this, I hope your husband will turn out to be a better man then her's was... we went through hell with addition issues like being oversees ( for them, since I'm European), he's in military so it was a game of nerves, constant threats of different kinds.... But we survived and are now on our way go be happy... maybe it's a good thing you're single so he wouldn't feel betrayed and lesser of a man because you're leaving him for a woman ( I know, I know, sounds idiotic)... good luck and you chose a good place to share your story... this is a good and supportive community...
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    I totally get all of that. I actually get bugged by my coworkers because I "going to regret not doing stuff when I'm older" and because I "need to live a little". It's like, I enjoy my hobbies even if they are quiet ones. Being on the go and around people all the time burns me out and besides, even when I do get bit by the let's-go-do-something bug, I can't find anything to do where I live
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    Sympathy & Empathy! My gf and I are similar. Other people ask what we did on the weekend and when they hear we sat around reading or boardgaming there is a sense of "oh that's not very exciting" when it's one of the best ways to pass a weekend ever (and no crowds or new people to cope with!) Let alone after a big weekend of putting on an outgoing face, then needing a day of quiet calm just to get back to being myself.
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    Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. It means the world to me!
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    Thank you for crossing your fingers for us! And, I agree...who would know me better? xo
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    @C00kie and @California shy oh ladies. My motto is ‘who better then a women to know what women wants.’ Someday .... fingers crossed we’ll get there!
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    I've never been with a woman, the closest i have gotten is kissing my bestfriend when i was 12 years old which we banged our front teeth and quickly retracted from each other in embarrassment. Now that i think of it i always would fantasize at least once about my very close friends growing up. With the same best friend i had a oppurtunity to touch her breast, we were joking about giving eachother hickeys so people would think we had boyfriends. Yeah we were dorks haha. But she lifts her shirt up and covers her eyes, we're sitting on the floor in her room, and covers her face with her lifted up shirt exsposing her bra, looking away she goes 'you can give me one i wont look', i froze up and after a few moments she pulled her shirt down and we just both played it off as just a joke but i wanted to so bad. I also had a oppurtunity as a 16 year old but once again i chickened out, i met a girl in a open relationship with a boy and she was interested in me but i was so worried about what she would think of my body and my vagina and if she would be judging me, i felt like i wasnt, like I'm not good enough for a woman. We ended up just being friends. As an adult i had a friend that showed interest in kissing me but we had been drinking so I'm not sure how that would've played out. She would constantly make passes though but i would just brush it off as her being nice and me being dumb for thinking shes hitting on me, who knows. I fell out of contact with her because of my depression. It got really dark for me for a while and i pushed everyone out of my life, its been so long I'm afraid to reach out to her even though she lives just 20 mins away. I wish i could redo those moments and not be scared. But hey , you live and you learn, I'm to the point to where i have enough fuck it in my system to not let another opportunity pass me by. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading.
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    I understand just where you are. I started watching lesbian porn and found it much more exciting. I don’t think it is wrong for you to want a one on one with another woman. That’s what this site is all about, learning about yourself and finding that you aren’t alone in your thinking. I think it is very brave of you to talk about this. It isn’t easy. I hope you can tell your husband at some point, but you will do what is best for you. I’m glad you’re here.
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    I’m glad you found this site so you know that you have no need to feel guilty and there is nothing wrong with you! I know if the opportunity presented itself, I would so go for it. It doesn’t change my feelings for my husband, but it is just another side of me.
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    @C00kie girl I’m right there with you! I have been married for 10 years with a child. Girl/girl porn is really the only thing that satisfies me too. If the opportunity ever arose, I would do it hands down. I just want the experience, and to maybe answer some personal questions that have been popping into my brain. Don’t get wrong I love husband, but this year has been a major struggle for me. He brought up the whole threesome thing, and of course it’s with a girl he has always want to be with (insert eye roll here). FYI she’s totally into. I’m not opposed to it, but it’s been a been hit’n’miss with her and I.
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    This site is hot and sensual... http://bellesa.co/
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    I feel sleeping with a woman is different than cheating with a man. Just my point of view. If/when the opportunity presents itself, I’m jumping on it, and I’m going to let my BFF know this very soon. I honestly feel the same way. I'd never even think about cheating on my boyfriend with a man, let alone act on it. Being with another woman is different..
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    You have a voice and lots of women who have experiences with the things you have described. This is not a place for people to pass judgement, just support and perspective as it relates to any given topic. You will navigate this how you feel is best based on the inputs you have in your life - we will listen and answer questions when you need/want to process it all.
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    Oh most definitely....69 wins out...but I do enjoy watching her face and hearing her moans..
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    Hi - yes that’s social anxiety and it’s not easy . I fortunately don’t have that problem at all , but I can empathize . I tend to be drawn to someone like you say in a class . I like everyone to fit in and be comfortable. I’m actually more drawn to quiet people . My bff is opposite me introverted and we compliment each other well . I bring her out of her shell , she makes me meditate lol . When we are together we talk non stop , 1:1 is more my speed though I can walk into a room of strangers and command the room ( not sure if that’s always a positive ) lol keep being you .. here if you want to chat !
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    I would say don't give up caliwoman. CA has many awesome women. I was about to give up after many bad experiences with both guys and girls. I learnt a bit from those bad experiences. I was about to settle down with eternal singledom then I met my gf. She has been amazing support and made my life an awesome place blossoming with flowers of hope, joy and happiness compared to the dry barren land it was before. So never give up. I had my first kiss at the age of 30 but I wouldn't have it any other way now
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    It’s true when they say it’ll come when you aren’t looking, or when you least expect it. I responded to someones post just to show support and maybe become friends. We started talking non stop and finally met in person this past weekend. It was an incredible weekend and I can honestly say that she completes me. I could have never imagined being this happy or finding someone like her, but I did. And I honestly wasn’t expecting it at all. So don’t give up. It’ll happen when you least expect it, too.
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    Wish you both the best @California shy and @Cookie. in finding that someone. It is definitely worth it if the right person is found. Someone who understands you and will be there to satisfy your needs emotionally and physically. Someone you can take care of as well
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    When? Oh I hope so! I hope so!
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    I know I am looking forward to it
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    @C00kie and @California shy Oh man guys..just reading these posts all i have to say that when (not if) when you each find a match and have all the goodness of connection and attraction - you will very much enjoy the outcome - pun intended ;)
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    Hi everyone! I’m so glad I found this site! I’m married to a man but have always been attracted to women. I’ve never been with a woman but hoping to change that. My husband isn’t aware of my feelings I’ve tried hinting around and he got all weird about it. As I get older my feeling and the urge become stronger. Anyone else in my situation?
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    I can't emphasise enough about the being cautious about emotional attachment part enough. Things may seem really intense in the beginning but that may be hard to take for one or the other. In real life ghosting may be less common but it's a real issue online. You can share intimate details of your life, become emotionally vulnerable and then one day the other person could just disappear or cut and run. Online humans aren't humans behind their usernames. They are just usernames without feelings.
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    Yes indeed.. im assuming girls are more gentle and sensitive, take their time. I was reading that when it come to going down on another women, they tend to do it better than guys.. i wish it could be easy for me to go to a bar and find a nice looking girl and ask do you want to hook up? lol
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    Hello, im 30 and married for 10 years now. Couple of years ago I have felt and desire of kissing, making out and now having sex with a woman. I recently started watching lesbian porn.. it satisfing more than the other regular porn videos. My husband don’t know this. Sex with him is blah . Flame has been down for bit. We have had our ups and downs like any relationship/marriage. Is it wrong for me to have a one on one with a female and maybe if I’m comfortable enough have a three some with him? I feel like he is no longer satisfying my needs no more.
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    Oh god! That is just how it is for me! I can’t seem to get the excitement flowing. I long to be with someone that will make me wet, that will make me scream, that will satisfy me. That will be generous and put my needs first, at least once in a while! It’s just a wistful dream, but I so want it.
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    I am glad I’m not the only one who feels that way!.. i love my husband too but when it’s time to have sex I be dry like a desert hahaha.. it just not there anymore..
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    I like the sound of this. Although, if you are going to be seeing someone on a regular basis, I think there is still an emotional attachment. I think we get emotionally involved with anyone we get close to. I’m emotionally attached to my best friend, for example, and there is no sexual connection there, but I care about her and worry about her when something is wrong. But, I suppose there are different levels of emotional attachment. That being said, I would love to have the chance to meet a woman that I could experience a physical relationship with .
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    This is true. In person, I am a much more shy person and don't talk / interact much. It just stresses me out so much. I always feel like I'll say something stupid. Another reason why I'm single, I just don't know how to flirt and I feel like I have nothing "witty" to say to make someone interested.
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    I totally agree. Im still unsure myself honestly. Ideally i would like to meet another bicurious women in a similar situation as me so that we could try new things together sexually and enjoy each other as friends as well. Someone who has a significant other and is not looking to get attached emotionally on a deep level. It sounds good in writing but in real life who knows? Heres to hoping though
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