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    I've found a lady who actually understands me. She is decent and loves me and I do with her. We have no secrets from each other and we are true to our word with one another. She's taken the big step of introducing me to her mum and brother. She's never done this before. We've both come from rubbish situations where we are rebuilding ourselves after difficult previous relationships. We are now doing this together. It's early days but all the signs are good for us both. Here's hoping this continues as I've been burned badly before with a woman and it almost destroyed me. For the first time in a long time I feel positive again for the future. Hope it continues.
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    Know how you feel. Some days I think, oh well, never going to happen, get over it. Other days, I've thought about it all day long. Doesn't seem to be an answer. Don't want to destroy my marriage, but deeply curious.
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    @Ev33 what you've just described is exactly how I feel, so you're not alone. My thoughts are so similar that I could have written that myself. I have a difficult time explaining that to people because I have a difficult time believing it myself. It doesn't always make sense to me. I know it's possible to want both, whether or not you can HAVE both remains unknown to me.
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    "To the world, you are a nobody, but to somebody, you are the world." Haven't a clue who said that but I like it.
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    I'll admit that prior to being on Shybi, I thought I was too old to be bi, and that I have missed my opportunity to ever connect with women. Of course that's nonsense, and there is no biological clock for being bisexual! This discussion thread makes me feel a lot better.
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    Waking up with a headache, being brought tea and now listening to a very easy playlist on Spotify whilst loafing in bed still... and chill...
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    Just checking to say hi, so HI!
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    Oh my, I figured out what happened. I confused @Violetta with @Veronica and tagged the wrong one! You both have lovely names but they sound similar and I had a brain fart. My apologies.
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    I've been away from here for a while. And a lot has happened. I finally came to terms with my sexuality and have officially come out as a lesbian. All my family and friends know. I feel like such a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel me again.
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    Hi! I’ve been a member here for quite a while, but it’s a long time since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d better reintroduce myself! Since I was here last I’ve given birth to a little girl, now 18 months old, and split up with my husband! We are still living together for financial reasons while the divorce goes through, but things are not very amicable. Anyway, since then I have been seeing men purely for sex ... but there’s a shortage of women in my life, haha! I’m not here to solicit for dates AT ALL (and is against the rules in any case) but interested to know how people met their female partner/s and which dating sites are good for us bi ladies. :-)
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    “Tiera I love you and I wish our circumstances were different. Unfortunately they’re not and I will never have you. You are my wifey and always will be. So blessed to have you back in my life.”
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    I get my fight and stubbornness from you, and I thank you for that. You don't have to fight anymore, it's okay. I love you!!
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    @sexysassyldy Stay home from work. Clean and relax all by myself Not very exciting, but just what I needed.
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    I think the author answered her own question on why some women will endure uncomfortable sexual situations - and the answer takes place in the bit about 'faking orgasms'. "This is especially true where sex is concerned. Faking an orgasm achieves all kinds of things: It can encourage the man to finish, which means the pain (if you're having it) can finally stop. It makes him feel good and spares his feelings. If being a good lover means making the other person feel good, then you've excelled on that front too. Total win." The question is, if society expects a measure of female discomfort during sexual encounters, why on earth would a woman feel the need to fake an orgasm? If discomfort or pain was expected, wouldn't they just openly suffer though it? They wouldn't feel the need to pretend to enjoy themselves for the sake of their partner, because it wouldn't matter to their partner whether they did or didn't. " It would be grand if women (and men) were taught to consider a woman's pain abnormal; better still if we understood a woman's discomfort to be reason enough to cut a man's pleasure short." There is one solid point here, but the rest annoys me. Yes, women should absolutely be aware that pain during sex isn't normal. When they experience it they need to learn that it's okay to say so. Hell, it's even okay to say, "Sorry, but this is really uncomfortable - I'm not into it anymore. Let's stop." I know someone somewhere will probably say it isn't that easy - but it really is. I know, because I've done it. I'm willing to bet that, more often than not, people care if their partner is experiencing pain or discomfort during sex, and they won't continue an act that's truly unwanted. She states women are enduring discomfort and faking orgasms to spare the feelings of their partners (presumably because their partners want them to be enjoying themselves - otherwise, why would they care in the first place?), yet in the same breath she's insinuating that pain during sex is considered normal by men. How would they know there's pain in the first place if their partners aren't telling them? The solution to this particular problem lies less with men and more with women. If it hurts, or it isn't comfortable, say so. Be open and honest about what you're feeling. If your partner is the the rare class of asshole that doesn't care, then dump the loser like yesterday's garbage.
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    That was a very interesting read, and I think there is a lot of merit there. I have been told by a partner in the past “ the whole point of sex was (his) orgasm”. My satisfaction was irrelevant.
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    Couldn't agree more I need one desperately!!!!!!!!!
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    That's quite alright ;) I have regular brain farts ..
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    Depends on what you define as older. When I was younger, my BF then was nearly 20 years older than me. I was 19 and he was 38. My younger daughter now is 18 and loves to tease me about fucking a grandpa (apologies for my language). The age gap wasn't a problem at the time. My one and only GF was 14 years older, age again wasn't an issue. It would be now tho if we were together. My ex-husband was 2.5 years older. I managed to get the gap smaller. lol. I'll be 55 next month but a younger woman is more appealing now. I'm young at heart, so definitely someone younger for me. How much younger? Idk, depends on the person.
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    I haven't had time to read the article fully but it hit home in a way for me. I was brought up that sex was for reproduction only and a woman wasn't meant to enjoy it. These old-fashioned views remained with me most of my life. I've only once had an orgasm through intercourse or penetration itself. Many times I've had sex with my partner/husband to keep him happy. Intercourse was nearly always painful for me. I have a hard time relaxing (pardon the pun). It took me ages to communicate to my partner how I felt and what I wanted. My husband was patient mostly but I still never achieved orgasm with him without helping myself as well. My opinion is men aren't taught enough about sex, the effects it can have psychologically on women and some men to. I grew up with the opinion if I didn't lose my virginity I wasn't a woman. So I lost it at 15 in a bad situation. I had a few hangups because of this. Sometimes I think this maybe the reason I prefer a woman now. After being with a woman I found how wonderful sex could be. I've encouraged my girls to make sure your man is gentle. Talk to him and let him understand how you feel. If it hurts, tell him, don't lay there and take it.
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    I don't have a problem with looking into the root of why women are more inclined to worry about their partner's satisfaction at the expense of their own. My own thoughts on the matter is that it's likely a mix of biological and social reasons, What I do have a problem with is automatically assuming or implying that the actions of men are a direct cause as a rule, or that they don't care as a rule. This is an overly simplistic assessment that disregards the motivations of women in favor of having someone else to blame - a trend that becoming annoyingly problematic these days. Perhaps since women assume more physical risk from the repercussions of sex, we may be more instinctively prone to want to please our partners to keep them with us, which may include accepting discomfort during sex, because we wish (subconsciously or otherwise) to prevent them from feeling inadequate or undesired. From an evolutionary standpoint this would make sense because it would decrease the likelihood of that partner choosing a different sexual/life partner. Thoughts?
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    In that the owner is no-longer anti-gay and doesn't donate to groups that are also anti-gay? No, I don't think that's changed - or at least I haven't heard of it. What I do know is that they still hire gay employees and serve gay patrons, which they did before the bru-ha-ha with Dan Cathy.
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    I honestly don’t know. 14 years ago when I met my husband, I had zero interest in women. It was something that was forbidden and I pushed those feelings so far back I couldn’t even find them anymore. Then I met someone who made those feeling surface. I think I could be happy with a woman and only a woman. But I don’t know. Bc of that I don’t know if I could be with someone that is Bi. I don’t know how my husband does it honestly. I would struggle if our roles were reverse.
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    What a lovely video, books and a pretty lady, sounds very good to me.
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    Were you asking me? Well I'll answer anyway just in case lol i don't really consider myself bi since I've never even kissed a woman, at least not until I actually have sex with a woman. More bi-curious I have a whole thread on this story if you want to read it-- it's in the married section, its title is "both of us married and I'm falling in love". You can read the whole story there.
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    I don't typically go for women over 30, but I seem to be developing an infatuation with the music librarian in the chorus I just joined, whom I estimate to be around 60. I doubt it will going anywhere beyond me admiring her as a musician and fellow human.
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    Catching up after taking a long break from here.
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    I have always been dom, never had the slightest desire to sub. Nothing about the idea turns me on. (A number of men have tried but none have succeeded haha!) However, never having been with a woman, I feel slightly different about the dynamic. I still don’t get turned on by the idea of subbing to a woman, but I feel more ... vanilla, I guess? I think because it would be new to me, I’d probably want just to explore in general with her sexually in the vanilla sense before bringing D/s into it. Ive stopped identifying as dom now anyway and consider myself more as a ‘sadistic top’ if we have to have labels. Top because I don’t get turned on by ordering people around, more by doing things to them, haha, but I also want my partner to be happy and I have absolutely no problem with them requesting things or suggesting stuff they’d like to try.
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    love rubbing myself and feeling that tickling sensation. mmmmmmm.....
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    Hey that's great that you met here I agree, I almost feel a fraud as I've never been in a relationship with a woman before. But I can't deny feelings that have been there for a good few years so will just see what happens!
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    I would love to do it several times a day...but its mainly either midday or on a night when husband is sleeping. I used to feel guilty, but as of late come to terms that on the sex drive scale husband and i are on different ends of the scale!
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    Thank you both! It did indeed contribute to the break up as I was ashamedly 'experimenting' with girls whilst I was still with him although it was in wreck and ruin by that stage... Fortunately I wasn't really raised in a homophobic family although I was bought up in a small town which definitely had no diversity whatsoever, with many holding racist and bigoted views. Needless to say I hightailed it out of there straight to London, and now I've ended up in sunny Brighton I'm starting to feel happier, although can't help but feel a sense of anger towards society and attitudes towards LGBT people. The idea that other people find it disgusting etc enrages me! But I am also starting to learn that the less you care about what others think, ultimately the happier you are! .
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    Welcome! This is a great place for support, and for guidance. Members here are very supportive of one another, and as I’m sure you can tell, we’re very protective of this site. There are plenty of women here (myself included) who don’t have that kind of support system in our physical lives, so it’s pretty great to find that here. Shybi is a fantastic little community, and I hope you can take something valuable from it
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    Im not sure what you would consider older? Would it be older than you? Or women over 30? 35? I agree with BiTri that individual maturity and priorities and every day behavior matters more than actual age. That being said, I am almost 35 (2 months to go) and dating someone much younger would be an issue at first for me. But if all played out well, I wouldn't let it be a hang up. My current girlfriend is only 11 months older and that seems to be a pattern for me. The largest age gap I have ever had was with my ex husband who is 4 years older. I have been attracted to women older than me.
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    Thank you for the advice. I was looking at it from more of a supportive standpoint as there is none of that here on the island. I have recently come out as bi and all of this is new to me. So I was looking for guidance and ....well.... support
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    @KarrinMurphy are you still on the pill? Please do be careful as the risks for cardiovascular side effects increase after 35. I think it's only strongly contraindicated if you smoke. I actually found being on birth control helped my sex drive because I was no longer dealing with PCOS symptoms as much.
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    Do you still want me sometimes? Am I delusional?
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    I momentarily saw red, I am glad he is past partner.
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    Here is a Buzzfeed post about an English teacher's analzysis of the song Baby It's Cold Outside. I think there is truth to what she writes about - lack of permission for women to say Yes or No when it comes to sex, creating this grey area of confusion and lack of clarity. Don't mind the buzzfeed breakdown ... scroll down to the teacher's Tumbr post. I found interesting, especially in context to the original article. https://www.buzzfeed.com/andyneuenschwander/someone-wrote-a-feminist-defense-of-baby-its-col?utm_term=.jeo78nwWLV#.bmzEP9RyQe
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    Trust me on this, as a nurse , if you have done any time at all in nursing, you can't be shocked by hardly anything. After a few male erections, men and women with things stuck in places down below, seeing a patients get aroused is nothing, just part of the job, no big deal, we are too busy to give it a second though.... Now, a nurse or a Doctor acting in an inappropriate manner is a very big deal, there is no place for that behavior by medical professionals, they should be reported.....