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    Does anyone else find this a turn on? I love the idea that I'm turning on someone I've never even met via sexy/naughty messages and we are perhaps doing naughty things to ourselves throughout the conversation. I'd love to try phone sex too... The thing is it's safe and you can have a fantastic orgasm without any dating hassles or playing games etc...
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    4.5 years on, and I still get giddy and smile when her name pops up on my screen, when I hear her voice on the other end of the phone. I have literally smashed open my comfort zone and done things I never thought I'd ever do. For her. For us. If that isn't true love I don't know what is. I can't imagine myself with anyone else, for the rest of my life.
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    I did have a relationship with another woman while I was married. So here's my perspective. I would be willing to pursue a relationship with a married woman. She's an adult, and competent to decide for herself if this is something she wants. and is willing to engage in. If she wants to be with me, and the attraction is mutual, then as far I'm concerned I'm OK with it if she is. That having been said, a couple of cautions apply. First, you have a great responsibility to not blow up her life. That means respecting her privacy and discretion absolutely. She may be taking some risk to be with me, so be aware of that always. Second, you have to understand and accept that however much you come to care for this woman and however much you enjoy being with her, you can never be first in her life. The odds are there's no HEA in your future, so you have to accept an HFN. (Happy Ever After/Happy For Now. The terms come from the romance novel genre.) If you're not OK with this, then don't start down this road. Finally, you both have to be clear on where this is leading. Maybe this is just you're lovers while you can be, and offer each other emotional support, warmth, smoking hot sex, or whatever. But you have no expectation that she's going to leave her family for you, and neither does she, really. If you both decide that she should leave him for you, then maybe that happens, but neither of you should expect that as a realistic outcome. Go into it knowing that it's temporary, and you have to be on the same page about this.
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    @Yogagirl34 I'm so sorry to hear about those difficult experiences you've had. Speaking as a married woman who recently had a relationship online with a lady I absolutely considered to be my girlfriend - I completely understand your wariness about dating us! For my part, I think I would be wary about dating a single girl. The imbalance of our situations would worry me, and the potential for her to get hurt. My girlfriend was also married with kids, which made things a little easier for me. We both had lots and lots of other commitments, so when either of us had to take an extended break from messaging because of family stuff, the other would understand and not feel neglected. Don't get me wrong, we were deeply in love, but we still kept one foot on the ground because we had to. Neither of us was ready to break up our families, uproot our children and move them halfway around the world to be together - I doubt any relationship could emerge beautifully intact from that kind of wreckage. And we both understood that what made our connection so lovely was the fact that it wasn't real, not in the by-turns wonderful and utterly boring way that marriage can sometimes be. We were escaping our real lives, it was a euphoria-inducing fantasy... …. which is fine if you both have something to escape. Because even though it CAN be very monotonous, and slightly crushing in a gender inequality way, marriage and family is also very grounding, and warm, and reliable, and safe. I felt more comfortable knowing that I was with someone who had all of that for herself, and who wanted from me the exact same thing I wanted from her. That and no more. I wouldn't want to keep a single girl emotionally tied to me when she could be out looking for a better prospect. I wouldn't want to feel like I was constantly letting her down or giving her less than she needed. But if it did happen - I know how these things can just strike you - then at the very least I'd be super honest, right from the off, about what my limitations are. That said, I'm not sure it would achieve much if both of us were becoming infatuated.
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    Hey girls, been a while since I posted anything on here, but... ...it seems I have achieved the impossible A couple of weeks ago, myself and my fiance confessed to one of my oldest and best friends that we had feelings for her. Especially from my side - there had always been a little something between us but I never really knew what it was or what to do with it. There's been lots of confusion, a couple of freak outs and loooooads of communication but it would seem that she's officially our girlfriend <3 I still can't quite believe it! I'm totally smitten with her and it's been amazing getting to know her in this whole new way, it was a challenge to go from friends to more but I'm so glad it's happening. Sadly we live 220 miles apart at the moment so now I'm missing her like hell, but it'll be worth it to see her again. The vibe between the three of us is amazing and we seem compatible in so many ways ;) Can't believe my luck!! So ladies, you never know what could happen
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    Married, single, whatever, it depends on each person, what they want from the relationship, how they balance both relationships (if they are also married) and most importantly that you're both on the same page! If one wants more and the other can't offer that, or can't handle it because feelings become deeper than they anticipated, it's not going to work. For the single woman whose considering dating a married woman......we have a lot to offer......we just can't give you everything.....even if there are moments that we wish we could. And if you do enter into it, do so with love and respect for that person and their family and understand that you will have to be second to them or it will never work.
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    I am a married woman and I feel like I have to contribute my experience in this thread. One with another woman and another with a single woman. I had to turn down (with huge effort) a booty call set up with a local bisexual married woman that I met on a random encounter last year. It's like, "hey hun, I'm in town, you wanna bang?" It's probably okay if sex was only what I was looking for but not. At least, she was clear in the very beginning what particular situation she thought only worked for her to keep her marriage intact and at the same time still be able to satiate her craving for women sex. Initially, the single woman who I was dating briefly was okay and didn't mind that I was married. It was after a short while when she realised that she's wanting more and more of me. She wanted me for herself only. The first one, I thought we had a perfect chemistry but I found out her ideal situation was not matching my moral compass. The second one, I thought was perfectly fine in the beginning but then she realised that it's not her ideal situation. I still don't know what to make anything of these at all. The more I think and analyse women, the more I fail. Hahaha!!! So ironic because I'm one of them. So, nowadays, whatever! I don't care if you're married or single. If we can create perfect moments, if we can be even once or twice be honest with each other on what really feel at that moment. If we can be genuine in bed wanting each other not only for the sake of sex but because YOU want ME and I want YOU, then, that's good enough for me. That's good enough because I will not be perfect for you in the real world and you will not be perfect for me, either. But the moments we create will be. Because it is ours in our limited perfect time. Yesterday, I was talking to a very wise good friend about my growing affection for this certain woman. I asked her if she thought that I had a penchant for self-torture. She said, "no, I think you have a penchant for romantic ideals which isn't dangerous, just means you don't wanna quit sometimes." Hmm, yeah.
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    I wish that some people could understand what it's like to be an introvert. Then maybe, just maybe, when I have a hard time wanting to go out anywhere, they will know the things they are saying is making things 10 times worse. I do NOT need to be told I'm irrational in my thinking, or I'm going to miss out on a good time. Don't you think I know I'm going to miss out on life and experiences? I don't need those comments. Or being told I'm a boring and un-fun person who likes to do nothing. My "nothing" is what grounds me. I need my nothing or I will go crazy. So please, just stop.
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    This is all assuming that rationality prevails, and a coup de foudre doesn't occur... As a general rule, I'm a very rational person...but I know very well that sometimes it just doesn't matter how rational you usually are... It can all very easily go right out of the window if the right woman comes along...married or not... I'm a firm believer that rather than there being 'the One' for each person, there are quite a few different 'Ones' that we might encounter in life...and whether they are married or not really doesn't come into that interpersonal chemistry... So, if/when that happens, try to keep your head screwed on straight, if you can...
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    RULE # 1 - NEVER share everything to my husband. RULE #2 - NEVER share the intimate details with my husband RULE #3 - NEVER confide and make my husband a sounding board. Find a friend to do this (or share here). RULE #4 - when sharing (“there’s a woman...”), I talk to my husband like it’s a matter-of-fact professional business without showing emotions like being too keen or excited. Be brief and straight to the point. RULE #5 - meditate and gather the sexual energy in me to satisfy the emotional and physical needs of my husband in bed. Make love. Have sex. Make love. Have sex. This is to assure him that I am present and will always be. I cannot do this all the time especially if I’m physically stressed from work. The point is, this works for my husband. These are the rules I made for myself. Like many of you, I had stumbled once and I learned that my husband wasn’t immune to jealousy and insecurity despite of knowing how much he accepted me. Over time, I have developed a certain way on how I communicate with him about my sexuality and active interest in women. We both understood the meaning of “privacy” and even if he wanted to know more, he wouldn’t want to have it if I feel compelled to do it. When you are compelled to do something, then you are not free. He doesn’t want me to feel that I am a prisoner of our own relationship. @Curious Jane Maybe my rules can help you to craft yours one day or apply them in the future. I fear that you have to give yourself and your husband a considerable time to heal. Even if he’s saying positive things now, consider it, as his guilt and love for you that is kicking that’s why. But you don’t want him to feel any bad feelings, right? Letting you do things when in fact he’s not fully accepting it. Build the trust again. Reassure him. This will take time and effort. Your Mistress, if she is wise and is after your well being (which I mentioned on another thread), will let you go to sort out your relationship. If she continues to see you and does not give a damn, “it’s not my problem,” then this domme is greedy and doesn’t really care about her sub. My two cents. All the best.
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    Umm, my first.... yes a very nice memory indead. I was 31. Never touched another woman except to shake hands. It was a cool night, she had a log fire going so it was warm and very comfortable. We'd both had a couple of drinks. I was having feelings for her I'd never really experienced before. I had no idea how to deal with this. As far as i new i was straight and she was very straight. Amway one thing led to another and we started kissing. Well that was it. That kiss was a drug. After that she ripped my shirt off and dragged me off to her bedroom. Pushed me onto the bed, pulled my jeans off and started kissing my stomach back up to my mouth. I was scared, excited and totally in ore of what was happening. She was 14 years older. I'd fallen for an older, incredible woman. But it was a love that could never be. It had to end. That was over 20 years ago. An experence I'll never forget and one that changed me in more ways than one.
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    @MrsLovett Your penultimate paragraph touched me so deeply - your descriptions of how you feel when you see her, and think of her, were so perfect. I recognise them all. It reminded me of a fragment of poetry by Sappho (31). Thousands of years may have passed since she wrote it but love hasn't changed one bit... That man seems to me to be equal to the gods who is sitting opposite you and hears you nearby speaking sweetly and laughing delightfully, which indeed makes my heart flutter in my breast; for when I look at you even for a short time, it is no longer possible for me to speak but it is as if my tongue is broken and immediately a subtle fire has run over my skin, I cannot see anything with my eyes, and my ears are buzzing a cold sweat comes over me, trembling seizes me all over, I am paler than grass, and I seem nearly to have died.
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    "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things." Robert Brault
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    I always loved this painting of two women walking in the rain arm in arm. Sisters or friends perhaps? But I like to see it as two lovers strolling through a lane in the rain ( see what I did there? ) arm in arm sharing possibly just an everyday moment but those everyday moments are in my mind very intimate to the people who share them, the feeling you get being with someone you care deeply for everyday, doing everyday things. Also the RAIN tho Just thought I would share my thoughts and this lovely painting.
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    She didn’t need to be saved, but rather found and loved/appreciated for exactly who she was... not for something the world thought she should be or look like but for herself, for in her true self is where her beauty lies. J Iron Wood & JadeBleu15
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    It strikes me that the answer to this question has everything to do with what you're looking for. Interestingly (to me), most of the single women responders are looking for a long term partner that they can make an emotional investment in, and they expect exclusivity. Wisely, they don't think married women are good candidates for this because they already have a long term partner and exclusivity isn't in the cards (unless the married woman is having marital difficulties and may be a single woman soon enough). Many, not all, married women are looking for FWB relationships. They don't want to leave their husband and family but want a physically intimate, but not an emotionally intimate relationship with a woman. Another married woman with the same objectives would seem to be a good opportunity for this. I didn't actually count, but it seemed to me that the single women that wanted a FWB relationship were in the minority. For those that are open to that, the right married woman might be a good choice. But, as always, the trick is to be clear what you want, and to carefully and gently tease out what your potential partner wants. All of this said, if I were a single woman, I wouldn't think my odds would be very good with a married one. Ame
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    Married women are tough, especially as a single woman. Most of my experiences have been with married women and did not turn out well. However, I also had a disheartening, hurtful experience with a longtime bi friend who was single. She threw me under the bus for her control freak ahole BF whom she barely knew and we had been friends 10 plus years. We are no longer friends. I cannot speak for married women but I think if everyone is open and honest and on the same page, I think it might be easier for married women to date or be sexually intimate. It really depends on what you want and your boundaries. From my single woman's perspective, I felt like I was getting the leftover crumbs and was an afterthough in the married woman's life. Some single women may not have a problem being an occasional sexual hook-up, no strings attached set up, but sex minus an emotional or mental connection does not work for me--man or woman. I also want someone to give me their full attention and not always possible. With married folks (and even divorced/single moms), they have a lot going on, especially with kids and family responsibilities. Some people can make it work but I feel someone is going to get hurt in the end--why the poly lifestyle is not my thing. I have gone down that road briefly with married men and that sucks too. If you are single and date a married woman, just go into the situation with realistic expectations and your eyes wide open. Be honest and transparent from the start. It is when people start to lie and act sneaky that things can take a bad turn very quickly. Please be respectful of the other person's feelings. Whatever your status, just remember the other person is a human being and has feelings and thoughts and it is not a one-sided situation.
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    I've had one online relationship with a woman and I started it by propositioning her in a message - that was our first contact - and she responded enthusiastically ;-p. But I kind of 'knew' her already from reading her work and her posts so I was pretty sure that I wanted more than sex - I may already have been slightly in love with her. After that we tended to write longer messages... sex scenes I guess you'd call them?... for each other and send them via email. I liked having time to consider what I wanted to do to her and what I wanted her to do to me. And even the process of writing and editing it was very erotic... I had to take a lot of, um, keyboard breaks ;-p It made the pleasure last. Every time I re-read a scene or changed a few words I was having sex again. I think I actually had stronger orgasms from that than I've ever had from physical sex. I'm not sure why that is... it's not a confidence thing, I've always been pretty confident about my looks when I'm with a person physically, but I am a fairly anxious, secretive person and I find it difficult to be completely open, emotionally and sexually, with people who are right next to me, so perhaps it was easier to have more fearless, fully expressive sex, with a partner who was thousands of miles away. Now that I'm kind of single (at least in terms of females, I'm still married to a guy who isn't really cool with any of this ;-p) I'd quite like to be having email sex again, maybe in slightly more of a fun, casual way. But at the same time, I don't exactly want to go looking for it. I'd rather it happened like last time, where a crush just strikes me out of the blue and I can't help acting on it...
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    Secret - I suppose I'm a "semi-secret" bi woman. I'm not bi-curious; I've had some experiences so, of course, those women know. I've told my husband and and a few close friends. And of course, everyone here. What I keep asking myself while I'm writing this is why secrecy is still so necessary? I know why for me. I live in a very conservative part of the country and having this known about me would have a negative effect on my children and my family's businesses. I know many wouldn't agree with me (including most or all of my neighbors), but it seems like you should be able to love who you love, and lust should be a personal thing that's nobody else's business. My Thoughts Ame
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    There's nothing more sexy than a sext that is well put together . I find intellect a turn on anyways. So when a woman sends me a message of what they are doing or want to do and it's more than a picture or repeated phrases, yes! Hell yes!
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    What is the Chatbox for? The Chatbox is for short greetings such as Good Morning, Welcome to the site and other quick messages or general questions of that nature. Please refrain from using this as a place to chat and have lengthy conversations. The chatbox itself is very public and viewable to all people, including non-members. Unlike a chat room, this is not hidden and doesn't reset/delete when you log out. So all conversations and details there are viewable to the public. Please don't share personal details of any nature. Try to keep all conversations limited to profiles or PMs if you want something more private. While on that topic, if you'd like to PM someone please ask before sending a message if you do not know the person. Many of our members find unsolicited inbox messages intrusive and annoying. Do not use the chatbox to solicit messages. Unsolicited personal messages (or soliciting PMs) may lead to a ban from the site.
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    I'm so glad I found this site. I signed up yesterday and have mostly been reading through different posts. I feel like this is the right place for me at this precise moment. I feel safe. I have always felt attracted to both men and women for as long as I can remember. As early as pre-school days I would say, but it wasn't until I was 21 that I had my first experience with a woman. Although I knew I had done the right thing by giving in to my instinct and following my heart's desire, I felt an instant tidal wave of shame afterwards and I don't even know why as I have been raised by a very understanding and open minded family. From then on, I have had several different experiences with extraordinary women I have fallen for ( love has always been present and I have never got involved with a lady without having developed romantic feelings towards her). The shame gave way to acceptance eventually, however I kept being secretive about it as the relationships never lasted long enough for me to gather the courage to come out to my family ( my friends were always fully aware) and I met and fell in love with my current husband 10 years ago. My sexual preferences were never openly discussed with him at the beginning as I believed at the time that meeting him was the end of an era, or a phase. I did not feel attracted to any woman - or any other man- since I met him and I have always been faithful. Although never mentioned, I hinted many times that I had previous experiences with women and, although he has never told me, I can feel he is also bisexual and has never acted upon it. Our marriage is not perfect but it's good enough for us. We have a deep emotional connection although the physical side of things has been quite neglected for the past 11 months. A few months ago, I developed a crush of massive proportions for a female coworker who I had never thought about before in that sort of way. I had always liked her at a professional level and thought she was an interesting person who I'd like to know more about until one day she came to my office to talk about a project and her hand accidentally touched mine over the computer's mouse...I blushed intensely- I could feel the heat in my cheeks!-I realised I couldn't stop preening , touching my hair and stuttering in her presence! I had never felt so socially awkward before. The revelation that I was emotionally and sexually attracted to her came to me as hard as a hammer hit as this is the first time in over 10 years that I have to acknowledge my latent bisexuality but now things are different because I'm married and committed. The feelings for her have grown exponentially during this past few months. She's made me realise- without even knowing it- that I cannot deny who I am anymore. I need to gather some courage and speak out and finally decide which kind of life I want to lead. Do I believe this could be another phase? Unlikely... She is a single woman and I don't think she realises the nature of my feelings for her and I don't know if I want to act upon them yet without having cleared my mind before and decided whether to come out officially to my husband or not. I believe she's straight but she's never hinted it or mentioned any boyfriends or male love interests in the horizon ( she hasn't mentioned girlfriends either, though...). We are quite friendly with each other and there's a definite energy between us. A kind of a palpable warmth. Call it spark or chemistry... All I know is that I feel almost "drunk" with desire when I see her , my stomach becomes a cage full of butterflies wanting to escape and I feel like my heart could explode every time she smiles at me... I don't even have to physically see her to trigger all these crazy, marvellous feelings: sometimes seeing her name on an email does it for me! I honestly don't know where this could lead... it's early days of my re-discovery journey. But even if nothing ever happens and we stay friends I will always be thankful to her for "reminding" me who I truly am and made me realise that's it's never too late to re-direct one's life, if need be.
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    worse... the unattainability, and the risk involved in pursuing a relationship, can even feed into the chemistry, right? As the married party, when you're typing 'I love you' to your secret girlfriend, or exchanging with her the kind of messages you need to type one-handed ;-p, the fact of what you're both risking, your constant longing for what you can't have, the potential fallout if those messages reached the wrong person, all of that can massively intensify the feelings on both sides. One's wet panties don't always align with one's moral sense ;-p and mother nature in her infinite wisdom seems to have made recklessness an aphrodisiac, god love her. happens to the best of us xD
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    This happens with men too... I have a friend who works in an all-male environment, and is a totally out lesbian in her 40s, and when she first began to work there, the men (of various ages, 20s - 60s) would make a point of trying to make her feel uncomfortable in different ways, in order to intimidate and shame her, because they were intimidated by the fact she's an out lesbian, and in some cases because they were homophobic... They would speak VERY lewdly about women (dates they had and what they 'did to' the woman in bed, or just observations about women who came into the shop and what they would like to do them), or ask her which one in her lesbian relationship was 'the man'... So, one day, two of the worst offenders thought they would have some fun at her expense by taking out a soft-core porn men's magazine and showing her a photo of a beautiful, very well-endowed topless woman and asking her what she thought... Well, that was an ENORMOUS mistake on their part, because she wasn't having any of it, and without blinking, grabbed the magazine out of their hands, to take a closer look, then said, 'Mmm... She's gorgeous! I love huge tits! She looks just like one of my exes... Can I have this?', then walked away, soft-core mag in hand. After that, they stopped trying to intimidate and shame her...and the younger ones started asking her for advice about women!
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    I'm having this fantasy of being there at the party. The person explains the strap, and what it's for. Woman #1: OMFG! How could anyone use that?? Me: Well, if I was using it, I'd probably put her in doggy. That way I can pull her hair, slap her ass. I can .use a vibe on her clit at the same time. Woman #2: I could NEVER use something like that on another woman. Me: You could try usingit on your husband, then. After putting him in doggy, or course. I mean, I would have SO much fun! And since I think they might just be protesting too much, I'd see if I could maybe get one of the protestors to go out with me after to this wine bar I know...
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    “ Confidence isn’t about whether or not people will like you. It’s about you being perfectly fine if they don’t .” “Be confident enough to know that somebody else’s opinion doesn’t become truth about who you really are . Never allow the power of what people think become more powerful than what you know. Find peace in this and then you will find confidence “ Tailoredmotives
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    Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, Did my heart fly at your service William Shakespeare
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    The only thing I can say, in the most completely objective context, is that it sounds to me that you are echoing his concern as well. you say know that you won't fall in love or harm your marriage, so isn't it equally possible that he won't either? I'm not suggesting that you should have to include him in your experiences with other women, but it definitely sounds like you two are not on the same page and if you choose to keep seeing her under these circumstances, until he is ok with it, it will affect your relationship negatively.
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    I would not be okay with that. That's settling to me. I want a relationship. I want to be that person's special someone and I want her to be mine. It's pretty simple. I just want a regular monogamous relationship. I just happen to be a woman who wants a woman for a partner and not a man.
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    I've had a report to say that you are being deliberately beautiful and thus distracting the other members on the site. If you continue to flaunt your good looks, great personality and witty sense of humor I will be forced to take action in a disciplinary way, possibly involving spanking.
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    Hi girls. only found this site a few days ago but since I have and realised how normal these feeling are I have been propelled into an emotional week where I am enlightened and confused all at the same time. it's not the first time I have had erotic thoughts about being with a woman, but after having my second baby my sex drive plummeted, and didn't come back until recently when I stumbled across some watercolour porn and erotic drawings on Insta. Then I realised how turned on I got by both the Herero and lesbian pictures, and then I was on a rollercoaster I couldn't get off. My sex drive has gone through the roof, everything feels sensual, licking something off my fingers, moving on a chair, my nipples brushing against my bra, it feels amazing. Me and my boyfriend had a fairly good Sex life for a couple with 2 kids but it was more about me keeping him happy than satisfying my own needs. I pushed him away a lot. This week, being so horny, I have wanted it a lot more but he hasn't been game, we talked about it last night and it seems that he doesn't have the same sex drive he used to, mainly because I pushed him away so much and he resigned himself to less sex and was just grateful for what he got, ironic how the tables have turned and we can both empathise with each other. It really stimulated a deep emotion in me, have I ruined our intimate side? Can we get it back. How can i even think about telling him about this side of me when I can't get our own sex life back on track. I cannot stop thinking about being with a woman now and I'm even finishing it hard to concentrate in the day, I just know it's something I need to experience, preferably with someone who is also exploring this. So I'm sexually frustrated on both sides, in a constant state of being horny, which is delightful and torture at the same time.
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    Or two of the things....
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    I hate when your watching a show /movie and someone is reading, they get interrupted and they just close the book! Seriously? Where is the bookmark? How in the hell are you going to remember what page you was on?
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    I recently started to dip my toes back into the dating waters. I an 46 and wow, just wow. For the record, I live in a small town so the dating pool is fairly limited with single people in my age range. I have been laying low with women and have gone out on dates with men--both younger and older than me. It has been tough and a bit disheartening. I am trying to keep an open mind but at least, I have figured it out pretty quickly that these dudes had issues and did not waste my time. This applies to both men and women but if you are single and in the 40s-50s plus age range, have you found it difficult to meet new people and date? I did the online dating scene in my 30s but do not want to dabble with online dating, even though I personally know people who had good luck with it and met their partners/spouses through dating sites. It is also scary and I tend to be paranoid and overly cautious but there are some freaky people out there. I thought folks would be more settled, secure and happy in their 40s-50s plus but not so much. I have encountered a lot of weird, dark energy lately. I would love to hear from single women in the 40s-60s age range as to what your dating experiences have been like. Is it just me or is it tough? Thanks for sharing!
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    Hi ladies I’m new to the site. I never knew there was a place to go in private and relate to other women with the same feelings.
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    I've just rediscovered this heart-felt, moving song from the French-English ensemble, The Night VI...
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    I haven't had the chance to read through your posts in detail, but I just want to point something out: My husband and I are not fighting. We don't yell at each other. We talk with each other. We also know how to effectively communicate. It's just that during the past two weeks we have been extremely busy and haven't had a chance to really discuss things in depth. We talked about it a little more after we took took lunch together. I even told him about some of the posts ( from you ladies) that are in his favor. I think he is leaning more toward not wanting me to continue anything with Kelly. Also, I recently received a message from Kelly. She said she is really worried about this is doing to my family and she doesn't want to be responsible for problems in my marriage. I'm not sure if she was breaking things off. I messaged her back and explained that she shouldn't feel that burden as I am responsible for my marriage. I apologized for giving her more details than I should give -- and that all I really should have done was wait until I had a final discussion with my husband, then tell her either "Yes. I can continue" or "Sorry, I can't go forward with this after talkikg to my husband."
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    @Gemini82 - You could make that argument about any given person, female or male. Your husband could equally argue that the female work colleague he has the crush on could give him something that you can't provide, because she has different attributes from you, and he would have a different interpersonal dynamic with her... This is the reason why many extra-marital affairs happen in the first place.. Further, in addition to a woman, another man could also give you something that your husband can't provide... So the gender-based, bisexuality argument really doesn't hold.
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    @Curious Jane - This sort of situation isn't specific only to heterosexual marriages... It happens in lesbian and gay relationships too. It really isn't ever fair to expect your partner to accept the idea or reality of you having sex and/or romance with someone else if you aren't open to allowing them to do the same, bisexual or not.
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    I had my first sexting experience with a woman recently and I couldn't believe what an absolute turn on it was! I didn't think it could get me going. I have to agree, it depends on writing skills, and I guess I got lucky. Every once in a while she will text me something super naughty and it drives me wild. And knowing that my texts to her will get her going is a turn on in itself.
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    kneel down Posture collar soft rope riding crop don't clench leather blindfold candle wax Hitachi vibe Oh God just relax adjustable clamps ice cubes no cumming peacock feather deep breaths from behind good girl
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    I feel you. I dont think we can really count on anyone but ourselves, its not thst everyone means to let us down, it just happens. I hope you pick yourself up and get back out there.
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    An alternative slow love song but one of the most beautiful songs and lyrics....in my opinion.... "Crave my heart and its bleeding in your hands"
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    I wouldn't mind being played with and I don't need batteries!!
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    I fantasize about being with women a lot. I play movies in my head about it - just real life like I have a wife instead of a husband or that am having an affair. But is usually the girl I am crushing on. I should try making up strangers instead. I have only ever really been with 1 person ever - my husband. I wish I knew I wanted to experiment long ago!!