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    I get you 100%. I had a friendship that lasted 5 years. Eventually we really connected and kissed and i was honest with her from the beginning. I told her that i was bi and that i really liked her after that kiss. And then she just started ghosting me as well....it has been 2 years since we have actually spoken and no explanation from her side. This really irks me. If i can be honest why could'nt she just be. Just tell me that you are not interested and lets move on....don't keep me hanging! I just hate that!
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    I've never actually been with a girl, but it's almost all I can think about! I have so many fantasies of public hook ups, oral sex, and the such. Is this only me? I need somebody to teach me/help me learn, or even just to talk to!
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    I have not been able to stop thinking about what it would be like to be with a woman. I've had these thoughts before but just recently have I actually wanted to know what it would be like in reality. The thought of being naked with another female turns me on so much. I have found myself searching for pictures of breasts often, and thinking about how much I would like to kiss and touch them, and have mine touched by a woman. I'm still not sure I would ever want to really act on it - I'm married - but the thoughts are so good.
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    As it happens, I have a clear head. Just saying!
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    @riatheshortone I’m feeling the same way... my husband thinks I’m crazy-lol ... far as my sex drive goes ...& no way he is in to inviting anyone in to our bed. I think along with craving the physical aspect of being with a woman, there is definitely the emotional connection ... like I can already feel just reading so many posts here...it’s like shit resonates & people are speaking my language-.women are just so deep, sensual, introspective, intelligent..
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    So, remember that chick who ghosted me? You do? Good Because I saw her at the grocery store on Friday My mom and I were up at the grocery store on Friday and we ran into my aunt at the one entrance so we stood off to the side to chat, as you do. Well, after we were done, my mom wanted to pick something up from the small display that was down by the self checkouts so I went to follow her with the cart. Nothing weird... ...until I looked up to see ex-lady friend. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have even really noticed her except she had very obviously spotted me and was working extremely hard to blend in with the distinctly crowd-less area she was in. I mean I was worried she'd give herself neck damage with how hard she had her head turned to the side and that she might run into the wall for not looking where she was going. Part of me was a bit shocked that she was going to such lengths to avoid me. What? Did she think I was going to invade her personal space and bother her? Because if that's what she thought, I'm also a bit offended. I am a grown woman capable of respecting people's choices. I wouldn't bother someone who has made it clear that they don't want anything to do with me. Another part of me thought this was hilarious. Because, honey, don't think that I need to chase after you. You're nice and all but I'm not going to bend over backwards to impress someone who doesn't want me. And maybe it's a bit mean of me, but I'm (not so) secretly enjoying this little encounter because I think being starkly reminded that just because you ghost someone doesn't mean you won't see them around town is a fitting reward for not having the balls to handle a situation like this like an adult.
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    I’m wondering if any of the married women on here would be happy to stay married and have a girlfriend. Someone they could meet up with occasionally. In my mind that would be the ideal situation obviously the whole emotion verse reality probably wouldn’t work...but I wondered if anyone has experienced this set up
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    I’m feeling pretty frustrated and need to vent please. I know exactly what I want and I’m not fearful or apprehensive. I’m a confident but not arrogant, attractive, funny bi female. I don’t know any other bi females and I don’t know how to meet anyone. My previous relationship was in a different state. We were friends growing up. Dating sites are ridiculous, after many years I have only seen men pretending to be women or requests for threesomes. I’m not a club person and wouldn’t want to go by myself anyway. I had a bad experience with Meetup groups. What’s a girl to do lol. Done whining now.
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    The title should be enough of a description of what I'm going to write, but I will expound on the meaning behind the title. Yesterday I took her to the airport after having ten wonderful blissful days together. It's never enough time together to satisfy both of our longings and need for each other. In just 3 short months we will say our vows and become each other's wife. Before that milestone happens, my youngest will graduate high school. She will be the last one and then it's off to bigger and brighter things for her future. It's only been a day and I'm an emotional basket case. Every time we have to say good-bye, the part of me that I need to be with gets ripped away again. The only thing that will heal this wound that gets reopened every time we have to part is for us to be together forever. Don't get me wrong I know we will have some struggles along the way, but every couple does. It's what strengthens and builds a strong relationship. We have been doing this now for four and a half years. We've done well and long may our relationship last. Once we are married however we won't be able to be together yet. I still have to come home and work for another half a year or more until I can make enough to have some money to take with me when I move over there next year. Life will be much different than what I've been used to in the U.S. when I move over to the U.K. and there will be adjustments that will have to be made. I won't be coming back home after two weeks once I move over there I will be there. It's a huge change for me. My family will be here in the U.S. and my kids will all be here in the U.S. and I will have to get a job and still be sending money home to help out my youngest while she's going through college and figuring out her next path in life. I'm looking forward to beginning our lives together as a couple. Waking up to each other, having disagreements and laughing about them later, being woken up by a cat sitting on my stomach or a dog trying to nudge me off the bed. I've already settled it that I will be the one to clean up the mess after meals are made because I'm shit in the kitchen but have better talents utilized elsewhere. I like where our house is and I love the location. There are scenic views all around and a famous person buried in the graveyard that's across the street. So cool to be living there. I'm looking forward to cooler summers because I've lived in the heat all my life. I prefer cooler weather. I mean don't get me wrong, I'll miss the pool and swimming but I won't miss the heat and humidity. I'd rather be a little bit chilly than sweaty and hot all the time. I have the air on right now because it's a little warm outside. I'm looking forward to going on walks with her and the dog and adjusting to being a step-mom to her daughter. I will miss my little space that I spend most of my time in here in my bedroom, but we'll sort things out and make a space for me so that I will feel comfortable. Just to clarify I will feel comfortable anyhow because we will finally have our home and be together in one place. Hopefully everything will come together and on our date in July we'll be saying I DO. I may get a chance to see her again in October but if not it will be another 6 months after we say I Do that I will see her again. My heart is aching and longing for her tonight as I write this and watch her sleeping.
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    I hear you, @ExploringtheNew, but sometimes people won't listen. Sometimes, some people are unreasonable. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we'd never dream of happening, yet there we are. We do our best. It's all a person can do. There are some very tough choices out there, often involving many people. If you've never had salmon, how can you know if you like salmon without tasting it yourself? And I agree with you, @Chelle, we can only make ourselves happy. It is very good to be kind, but we must also be true and kind to ourselves.
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    I'm married and that would be my ideal situation. just not really sure how to find it lol!
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    A few years after my divorce from my first ex I went out with a group of people, mostly girls and one of them cornered me in a bathroom stall and started making out with me. It was from that point on that I really dove into my curiosity and it's when I discovered this site. I have had feelings off and on for close friends of mine and after thinking about my younger years and growing up, I'd have to say all the signs were there I just didn't pick up on them.
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    What is tough is to meet a woman who has a clear head, not living in a fantasy and genuine.
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    It’s reasuring to read everyone’s comments and there are so many women like me out there x
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    Very rarely watch it. Can't stand how tacky and cringe worthy it can be. The quality of the amateur ones is poor, well to me it is. As for the more professional ones, especially the girls, I could do better. Seriously. Not that I'm changing my career anytime soon!
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    I'll admit I'm pretty curious how it would be to have sex with another woman. The interest in this increases every day. I know that I can't talk to my husband about it. He's very closed minded and has trouble sharing me in general. I think that's why I just long for a connection with a woman that is sensual and I can be free to express myself to her. If that makes any sense. But physical touches, kisses, our bodies pressed together. Yeah that sends tingles to all the right places when I think about it.
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    Sexting is a definite for me. No need for pictures. Though wouldn't mind them. I love being able to picture it in my head. I have quite the imagination. I haven't tried phone sex. I'm scared to. I think I'd just be really awkward because I hear a woman's voice and I find it alluring I tend to become a stuttering mess.
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    I think using the message feature on this site definitely has it's advantages. You can go from gently sensual to as hot and heavy as the both of you wish to go. Personally, I love the calmer more sensual approach first...then work our way up to the more graphic, hotter scenes. I wonderful way to find some sort of connection. Sending a big thank you out to those who make and have made the first move....*wink.
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    I like it. It can be quite the erotic experience
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    Every lesbian fantasy I have involves making out with a woman's nipples -- letting it slide between my lips, sucking it, circling it with my tongue, softly nibbling and pulling -- I can't wait to do it for real, and have the same done to me. It's such a turn on.
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    No I respect others choices... I just don’t understand it from my mindset..lol. I have had 3 somes but do not find them all that satisfying .. to much going on at one time and they don’t feel like they have any type of intimate factor for me personally
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    I’m engaged but I’m bi curious, I’ve always been attracted to girls but never pursued anything as I have always been interested in guys I’ve always ignored the side of me that is attracted to girls
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    Hmmm - I've re-read these posts and I note that most responders say they wouldn't pay for sex. But now I'm curious: If you were someone that said you would pay, how much would you be willing to pay? If you were someone that said they would not pay, is there a price that might change your mind (say, for example, US$5)? This could be interesting ... Ame
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    I took a selfie to send my GF to remind her what she'd come home to when she got back from her weekend trip.