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    How right it felt even though I'd been taught it was wrong, how tender and loving it was, how much different it felt from my experience with boys, how luscious her kiss was..how I never wanted it to end.
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    I just needed a outlet tonight to say how sad I am right now . A month ago I got a call from a sheriff in Atlanta to tell me he was sorry but my twin brother was found in his house and had passed away . It was a heart attack and he lived there alone . He was not married and no partner ...he was gay . And because of this my sister and I had to be the one to go tell my 88 year old mother she had lost her son . My brother had been a first respondo his whole life . The majority of it he was a life flight paramedic . The month has been a roller coaster of emotions . I had to sign to have him cremated and go down to bring him back home to Michigan . The out pouring from his medical community has been amazing . And the people who have messaged me and told stories of how much he taught them and how he was always so compassionate with his paitents has been so comforting . They already had a memorial in Atlanta and dedicated the helicopter heli pad in his name ....at the Atlanta Medical Center ....he most recently had been working back there in the ER ...and had worked there on and off for years also. Now this Sunday is our memorial to celebrate him ...and I have been making boards and things for his friends and family to see and I have to say it is so hard sometimes as I put another picture on the reality hits me again and there I go crying again . I am just sad and needed to share it ....He was a amazing brother ...son ...friend and paramedic and I will miss him terribly .
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    Oh, interesting.....It's never happened, so I really don't know. I don't like super aggressive, but I do like a woman who takes charge. But being a little nervous or shy could be cute too...hell, at this point, I think I would be happy with a woman just approaching me, period! I'll take whatever I can get, lol
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    I never thought I would be writing this post…but a week ago I told my husband that our marriage was over. My bisexuality has developed, to the point where I don’t want to be with a man at all and I don’t love him in the way that a wife should. About 18 months ago, my feelings towards women really stepped up a notch and in that time I have struggled to connect sexually with my husband. I got to the point where I was feeling really unhappy that I might never get to be with a woman sexually again (previous experience was limited and many years ago). My husband, who has always known of my bisexuality, tried to understand my desires and said it would be ok to find someone to explore with. Recently, I met a wonderful woman online, who also had an understanding husband. We messaged non stop, then moved onto phone calls and FaceTime and very quickly had made a strong connection with each other. We met at a hotel and had a proper date - a first for both of us. What followed was the most incredible, highly erotic marathon of a night that I never, ever want to forget and I hope that we will get to repeat. Wow! During our time together, something clicked into place. Every thing that this beautiful woman and I did, felt right. It was natural, I enjoyed every moment of both giving and receiving and I was distraught at the idea of never having that again. Less than 24 hours after saying goodbye to this incredible woman, the reality kicked in that I might need to end my marriage. I couldn’t see myself going back to my husband and being happy, or being able to remotely enjoy sex with him. I was worried that I would just be pretending. My worries were correct. I had to do the right thing and be truthful and honest to both myself and my husband. I don’t regret my night of passion one bit; that incredible woman has helped me to realise that sex can be absolutely amazing and that I was ready to make a change in my life and start accepting who I really am. I don’t regret my marriage either; my husband and I have had a wonderful 14 years together, we have a beautiful daughter and will remain a great team - both for parenting and support for each other through life.
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    *This story was written based on a scenario request I received from a user that will remain anonymous. I hope I have been able to convey this story in the way you imagined and that you thoroughly enjoy the progression. Any one else have a story topic/scenario they'd like to suggest? Feel free to PM me confidentially!* Seducing the Straight Girl I rolled over in bed on Saturday morning after staying up too late binge watching Orange is the New Black. I woke up feeling aroused, so I started rubbing myself absentmindedly when I happened to see the time on my alarm clock. 10AM. Shit! Once a month my friend Amber and I would head to the bordering state to the outlet malls, eat and shop all day, then head back home where we'd finish the evening in my high-rise condo with wine and a movie. I scrambled out of bed. She was going to be here any minute now and I was nowhere near ready. After rushing around like a crazy person, I somehow managed to get showered and had just thrown a sundress over my head when she knocked on my door. I answered the door, dressed but disheveled with wet hair, while she stood there looking radiant in a tastefully loose but short dress that hit her about mid thigh. Fuck. She was so hot. If I didn't know better, I would think she dressed like this on purpose because she knew I liked girls and she had told me ages ago that she didn't wear panties. Ever. Unless she absolutely had to for some reason. However, she had also made it emphatically clear to me on many occasions that she was straight and had zero interest in women. I hugged her in greeting, letting my hands casually slide low on her back just above her buttocks. She definitely wasn't wearing panties. It took a huge amount of will power for me not to grab her ass in that moment. After confirming that her pussy was totally bare under there, it was suddenly all I could think about. I was feeling too frisky that morning, so I excused myself and headed for the bathroom in my bedroom. I knew she was waiting and ready to go but there was no way I was going to survive this shopping trip with her unless I finished what I had started that morning. Before I'd closed the door, I was already reaching into my panties. I was already getting wet when I slid my index finger between my lips and just onto my hole and rubbed my clit with the knuckle on the inside of my palm. I watched myself in the mirror as I pulled out one of my tits and toyed with the nipple. It felt good, but wasn't going to cut it so I pulled my panties down a bit and spread my legs. I leaned slightly forward and started pressing and rubbing my clit vigorously with one hand while fingering myself from behind with the other. I was quite close when I heard her voice faintly, then closer, then nearly right outside the door. "Emme? Are you almost done? We need to leave so we can miss lunch traffic!" Just knowing she was right outside my door with her naked pussy helped push things along. I fantasized about saying screw the outlets and throwing her on my bed and burying my face in what I just knew was a beautiful pussy. Instead, I managed to shout back, "I'm coming!" If only she knew the double meaning. I bit my bottom lip and tried to keep my deep breathing quiet as I came super hard. I was pretty sure she had not left - for some reason. Feeling how wet my panties were against me, I pulled them off and tossed them into the laundry basket. I made a point of flushing the toilet and washed my hands. I opened the door to find that she was indeed still there. She was sitting on my bed scrolling through her Facebook feed; waiting. "It's about time, are you ready?" she asked, putting her phone away and following me to my dresser. "Yea," I said, pulling my underwear drawer open, "I just need to put on panties and shoes." "OH MY GOD," she said, yanking me away from my drawer, "live a little. They are just panties!" Our first stop, as usual, was an all you can eat brunch buffet with all you can drink mimosas. We chose a booth near a window that overlooked the huge outdoor mall. At some point while we sat finishing our last mimosa, I noticed her nipples had hardened beneath the fabric of her dress. They looked so thick, luscious, suckable. I was getting most, so I had to make a joke out of it in an attempt to keep myself from getting wetter, considering she'd forced me to go commando. I waggled my fingers toward her chest and said, "Chilly?" She looked down and a flash of embarrassment crossed her face. "Don't worry about it," I said. I was getting so horny I lost my mind and pulled the triangle of fabric covering one of my breasts aside, surreptitiously exposing a nipple. She covered her mouth and her eyes grew wide with shock as she watched me squeeze and tug at it until it was firm. I did the same to the other side, and made a show of surveying my handiwork. She giggled into her hands and in a loud whisper said, "You're crazy!" We carried on shopping, trying on tons of clothes and shoes. A couple of times she asked my opinion on clothes and I took ample opportunity to let her know how hot she was in each outfit. She surprised me once by absolutely gushing over how I looked in a bodycon dress. "Wow!" she said. "You look beautiful. That dress really accentuates your...everything. I mean look at that. I didn't even know you had that!" she said, gesturing her hands up and down my body. Another woman passing by in the dressing room piped in to agree. "She's right. You look hot!" Amber went ahead of me to check out while I went back to look at some jewelry. Taking the opportunity to speak to me without my companion, the woman that was in the dressing room came up to me and told me that she hoped I was buying that dress because it really looked good on me. "I hope this isn't too forward," she said, handing me a card, "but if you're interested, I would really like to meet up with you sometime." She was a bit older than me, but she was gorgeous. "Definitely," I said, smiling and holding out my hand flirtatiously. "My name's Emme." "Looking forward to talking with you, Emme," she said, holding onto my hand longer than was needed for a handshake, then smiling as she walked away. "What was that about?" Amber asked as soon as we were out of that store. "What? Oh that. She..." I said pulling out her card and reading the name, "Naomi was telling me how awesome I looked in this dress," I said, pointing to my bag, "Then she asked me out! Why? Are you jealous?" "Haha, no! But I don't blame her! If I wasn't straight, I'd be all over it." "Too bad for you then since you have me all to yourself tonight!" I quipped. She laughed. "True! Honestly though, if I ever wanted to be with a girl, I would definitely want it to be you." "Oh really? And why is that?" "You're super hot! But I'm just not attracted to girls so don't get your hopes up!" I was a little annoyed that she assumed that because I liked girls I would want to get with her. I did, of course, but she didn't need to assume that. "No worries there," I shot back, "You're not my type anyway." She looked a bit put off, but I changed the subject to our next destination, Perfumania, before she could comment. "Ooh, let's go here!" We wandered around the store spraying perfumes on those little cards when she finally landed on one she really liked. "You have to smell this one, Emme," she said, yelling and gesturing to me from across the crowd of people between us. I held out a card for her to spray it, but she pointed to her neck instead, "Here." I leaned in to sniff her neck, unintentionally grazing her breasts with mine. "Oh yea, that's nice. What is it?" "Romance," she said, picking up a box, "and it's coming home with me." "By the way," I said, waggling my fingers toward her chest. Her nipples were once again perking against the fabric of her dress. I raised my eyebrows and gave her a questioning look as I pretended that I was going to pull my tits out again. She cracked up laughing, as she looked around incredulously, saying 'Hell no' before she headed toward the registers. The final stop on our outlet journey was for swimsuits. We picked a few to try to on. "There's only one dressing room free at the moment," the attendant informed us. I told Amber she could go ahead of me. "It's fine, we can share one." She told the attendant instead. I wasn't shy so I took my clothes off while Amber shyly pulled her bottoms on under her dress. She became less awkward by the third one she'd tried on. I was barely paying attention to her because I had texted Naomi so she'd have my contact details and we were texting back and forth. I finally looked up at one point, to see her checking herself out in the mirror. "That's the one!" I said, moving to stand beside her, admiring the green two piece in the mirror. "It goes really well with your complexion." She turned to see how it looked in the back. It wasn't situated properly on her ass, so I reached my arms around her, slid my fingers under the edge and fixed it for her. I let my hands come to rest on her hips. "That's perfect! Now THAT is a grabbable ass." I reached down and took a handful of her cheeks, spreading them apart slightly and letting go, both of us giggled as they bounced back together. I turned her back around to face the mirror and made some slight adjustments to her straps. Her thick nipples grew hard again, obvious and glaring under the thin fabric. I pretended not to notice, with the intention of ignoring it, but it was she who brought attention to it. "Ugh," she said, spinning around to face me, pointing to them, "again!" "They want to be freed!" I joked, pulling the top of her swimsuit down. Her breasts came bouncing out in front of me and I got a nice, clear view of them. Her nipples looked just as delicious and suckable as I had imagined. They were right within my reach and I wanted so badly to wrap my lips around one of them; twirl my tongue around it. Her mouth gaped as she tried to cover them with her hands. She only made it worse though because one of her nipples ended up getting pressed between her fingers instead. I laughed as I tossed my dress back on and left her in the dressing room alone to finish. When she finally came out, I expected her to be weird or pissed, but she's wasn't. She just looked at me laughing and said, "You're an asshole." as we headed to our car. "You think that was me being an asshole? I think you'll agree that this is me being an asshole." I said this while lifting the back of her dress and exposing her naked ass to the parking lot. "I stand corrected," she said, laughing and grabbing her dress down while looking around, mortified. After spending so much time walking around in the hot sun, we opted to head back to my place and order in instead of stopping at another restaurant on the way. We showered, put on comfy clothes, and started on a glass of wine while waited for our food. The food took so long that the one glass turned into two. It turns out that what I said to her earlier really bothered her and the wine emboldened her to revisit the topic. "So tell me again why I'm not your type. What kind of girls do you like?" "It's not really like that. There's just not one thing. It all depends on the individual. There are some girls that are just inherently sexy and it makes me want them. I feel the same way about guys. I don't have a type, some people just have a vibe that I like." "Wait, so are you saying that I'm not sexy?" Just then, I was saved by the doorbell. Even though I was very interested in expressing to her how sexy she was, I decided not to pursue the conversation. I was tipsy and she was straight, so what was the point? I kept us far away from the topic as we ate. But she would not let it go. As I searched Amazon Prime to find our chosen movie, she goes, "So?" "So, what?" "You don't think I'm sexy? I don't have a sexy vibe?" "Of course, you're sexy," I relented. "But you're straight, so why would I bother?" "Ok, so if I was wasn't, you'd be into me." It was more of a statement than a question. "Why are you asking?" I asked, playfully. She replied dismissively, "I was just curious, really." "Curious enough that you want me to eat your pussy so you can see what all the fuss is about? huh?" "No! Oh my God, Emme, do you have to say that word?" "PUSSY is just a word, Amber, haha. And it's really no different than getting your PUSSY eaten out by a guy...except most likely better." "Ugh. I'll pass." I laughed, started the movie, and we both relaxed into the couch. Naomi and I were still texting and it was getting quite flirty so I was only half paying attention to the movie. Each time my phone lit up she'd glance but said nothing. Finally after I asked her for the tenth time what was going on in the movie, she decided not to hold back. "Oh my God, if you'd watch the movie instead of texting Naomi you'd know." "Ugh, I'm sorry," I said, "but she's really, really..." "Let me guess," she said, cutting me off, "she has the vibe that you like." Was I imagining things or...did she sound jealous? "Oh my God, She's soooo sexy. But you're right, I'm being super rude." I put my phone down and declared, "Pause it. I think we need snacks." I passed her a bowl of popcorn and she sat on the couch crosslegged, nesting the bowl between her legs. I plopped down beside her after turning the lights back off and spreading miniature candy bars on the table in front of us. "The girl with the vibe texted you again." "No worries, I'll text her later. You have me all to yourself now. " I said the last part with a sarcastic tone. "You sure? I kinda saw the preview and I'm pretty sure she sent you a nude." I shrugged as if to say 'oh well' even though I really, really wanted to see that message. I opted to be a good hostess and eat popcorn instead. Naomi was really just turning me on which was ultimately just going to frustrate me since I could only do so much while Amber was here anyway. I had reached over to get popcorn 100 times just fine until I reached once without looking and my hand went behind the bowl instead of in the bowl. I felt something warm and damp against my hand. Dear God. I had accidentally rubbed against Amber's pussy. She didn't react to it, so I recovered the best I could by grabbing one more handful of popcorn. It was dark when I sat down and I couldn't really tell with the bowl there, so I hadn't realized that her sleep shirt had ridden up when she crossed her legs, basically exposing her pussy. And being that she never wore panties, well...SHE had to know this. I couldn't decide if she just hadn't realized it, or if she just didn't care. A few minutes pass by after I announce I'm done with popcorn and she put the bowl on the table. I'd have expected her to adjust herself, but no. With her legs still crossed, she leaned back into the couch. I snuck a look from the corner of my eye and I could see her mound peeking out from the very edge of her t-shirt. I knew there was no way she could not know. In fact, it kind of pissed me off because it was so tempting and I felt that she was teasing me on purpose because she had some sort of weird competitive streak because of Naomi knew even though she was unwavering in her declaration of straightness. I decided then that two could play that game. She would give in and get uncomfortable much sooner than I would. I reached over and pushed her shirt up a bit more and asked her, "Is this an invitation?" She looked at me like I was crazy, but I slid my hand over her mound and she let me rub her pussy a good three or four times. Her pussy was getting juicy and I was literally just about to work a finger in before she finally stopped me. "I can't," she said, closing her legs, forcing out my hand. "Then why were you sitting here with your pussy out, knowing I could see it if you didn't want me to touch it?" "I wasn't thinking and besides you said I wasn't you're type!" "I changed my mind." "Well, I haven't, so let's just watch the rest of this movie and pretend like this never happened." I complied. We were planning to watch two movies but since things got more than a little weird, I decided to call it an early night. She seemed disappointed but since I was clearly bad at reading her, I insisted. Since my guest room was an office, we normally just slept together in my bed but after tonight's weirdness, I offered to sleep on the couch. "No way," she said, "it's fine. " I lay there unable to sleep for about an hour. I kept alternating from laying on my side, to my back, then to my side again. "Can't sleep? I told you we should have watched another movie!" "No,I can't seem to but I am really tired," I lied. "You just need to relax," she said, and started massaging my shoulder. I tensed a bit at her unexpected touch but she kept rubbing me. She trailed her fingertips up down my back and up to my shoulder again. She moved closer to me and rubbed my neck and my arms. She was so close to me her nips were lightly touching my back when she reached forward and started rubbing my collar bone. She let her hands trail down my chest and over my breasts. Suddenly, she was kissing my shoulder and circling her finger around my nipple. I lay perfectly still when she reached down and rubbed my pussy outside of my panties. I didn't react, I just let it happen. When I didn't respond, she urged me onto my back and straddled me, forcing me to look her in the face. I looked into her eyes and I could tell she was serious, that she wanted me. She brought her mouth down onto mine and I acquiesced. While she was kissing me, I reached down to rub her pussy. She was so wet. I slid my hand back and forth across her clit and wasted no time sliding in a finger. She stopped kissing me and just breathed while her mouth was against mine as I pressed deep into her. She let herself down on top of me and kissed me hard after I slid my fingers out of her. She wanted it badly now. She began kissing down my chest until she reached my breasts and sucked my nipples one at a time. She kept going down, kissing me randomly on my stomach, my thighs. She played with the top of my panties, pulling them down just enough to kiss the crest of my mound while she rubbed the rest of me outside of my panties, between my closed legs. I let her slide them down as far as she could without my moving to help then I took control of the situation. I was going to let her off easy and just let it happen quietly, but I thought better of it. The way she'd teased me and flaunted her straightness! I HAD to hear her say it. I slid my panties off and moved from beneath her straddle. I spread my legs wide on either side of her and began stroking myself as she removed her shirt. She played with her own breasts and watched for a moment as I touched myself. "You want this?" I asked her. She nodded sultrily and slid her hands up my thighs. "I want to hear you say it." "Mmmm," she said, "I want it." "Tell me exactly what it is you want. I want to hear you say 'the word'." She bit her lip and hesitated. I sat up to meet her in her kneeling position. With one hand on her ass and the other reaching to finger her, I pulled in close to her and kissed her tits. "Come on baby," I said softly, " we both want the same thing. I just want to hear you say it. Tell me what it is you want." She put her hands on my shoulders and melted into me as I worked her clit. "I want pussy." She said, in barely a whisper and mostly into my hair. I rubbed her clit harder. I wanted to hear her say it out loud. She knew what I wanted. She just couldn't believe she was actually saying it. "I couldn't hear you, baby. Tell me again." I pulled back and looked up at her. She looked me directly in the eyes as she moaned against my touch. "I want pussy," she said breathily, then again, and louder, getting all the way into it. "Oh my god, I want some pussy. I want your pussy." Satisfied with that, I spread my legs back out in front of her without saying another word and she dived her face in and lapped at my pussy in a way I couldn't believe was a straight girl's first time. She devoured me like an animal. I couldn't believe I was lying there with Amber's face buried between my legs. After we both came once, she couldn't keep her hands off of me. As we lay there post orgasm, she continued to rub her hands all over my body and randomly kiss my arm, my neck, my tits. Her hands eventually found their way back to my pussy. "I want some more pussy," she whispered into my chest as she fingered me. She crawled down and spread my legs. "Mmmmmmm," I moaned as she started eating me out again. "I thought you didn't like girls, Amber," I teased. She looked up at me as she tongued my pussy then gave my clit a nice long, slow suck before she said, "I changed my mind."
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    My first time licking pussy was the BEST! I watch so much porn and literally studied for it but when the time came i was so nervous i just forgot everything but once i was staring at her pussy and it was just dripping i just went for it first really slow and soft then i started spelling my name and her name and then the alphabet and then numbers and before i knew it i was going without even thinking about it! Just hearing her moans and seeing her squirm made me want to keep going until she came over and over again! 😍😍😍 so when in doubt ....JUST WING IT lol.
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    Felix D’Eon is a gay Mexican artist who re-imagines history through a same-sex filter and captures romance in a style that appears authentically historic. His work exudes a joyfulness and playfulness that invites the viewer to re-imagine history along with him. "I view it all as form of propaganda, a tool to normalize something that has been seen as deviant and outlaw for so long, and to capture a language of love and nostalgia for the gay community that has always been denied us." Reclaiming Gay History With Felix D’Eon http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wes-hurley/post_9728_b_7777282.html Felix D'Eon website: http://felixdeon.com Edited to add some new art I've come across:
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    I absolutely love it! Kissing with tongue after someone goes down on you and vice versa just makes me super wet. To be quite honest it's something that can't really be avoided, sex without kissing is just not passionate enough for me!!
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    Hope you guys like this.. please excuse the grammer, I'm writing this on my phone who hates me! She can't stop smiling, leaning against the building, down a dark alleyway with me. Her raven black hair blowing gently in the breeze and she smelt like a spring rain. Her amber eyes watched me, a violent storm that was desperate to be unleashed. I moved in, feeling the heat of her body melting with mine in a valcano erruption of naughty intentions. I pushed her coat aside, pressing my lips against her throat and she moaned shakily. I ran my slick tongue down her chest, leaving a shimmering line in the moonlight. I felt her heart race and the goosebumps of desire shoot across her flesh. With a slow roughness, I picked her up off the ground, pushing her against the wall and running my hands up her naked thighs, pushing the leather skirt up. I was tangled up in her and she was desperate for more. Slowly, I opened her shirt and buried my face in between her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were hard and pink, tasting delicious under my tongue. She whimpered and moaned in the lust that consumed both of us. With a gentleness, I lowered her back to the ground and dropped to my knees. My lips brushing along her inner thighs. She parted her legs, running her fingers through my hair, guiding me. I could smell her sex, and when I brushed my tongue along her panties, she was soaked. I moaned, ready for a taste. Her head fell back, as I pushed her lace panties aside and brushed my tongue along her soft lips. The heat amped up my desire, I could feel the slick liquid nearly dripping and I licked up every drop. She squirmed and moaned, pulling my hair as she got closer to orgasm. With a soft sly smile, I stoppped and glanced up at her. She would wait, until I wanted more of her. She was my lust. My body and soul. My sex. My storm and I was desperate for the rain.
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    Don't freak out about your feelings or lack thereof for your husband. There's a common pattern with most of the ladies here in that they get super excited about their bisexuality and it consumes them to the point where they might question whether they're actually gay, they lose attraction to men etc etc. Bear with it. If you're only just embracing it now then it's new and thrilling, and confusing and awesome. The newness will eventually wear off so give it time to settle down before you let it effect your husband too. Once you're more level headed about everything, then if you can, talk to him. I know that's not the "you go girl!!" Advice that a lot of people throw out to every new member, but believe me it's important. Take time to get to know yourself, talk things through with people in the same position and try to keep a rational head on whilst also enjoying yourself. Good luck!
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    @Rani Your fantasy isn't weird at all. I'm sure there are married women who will bite this enticement because that's what they fantasise as well. Maybe not as much as having the element of forbidden fruit and being found out to be the driving force. When you're in your 20s and single, the "we want what we can't have" can be hot and mind blowing but more unlikely to attract you when you're married and juggling 3 or 4 things in your life including bisexuality. Most bi-married women want a genuine girlfriend or a reliable sex buddy. If you can be either of the two, then, maybe you're the dream woman they're waiting for.
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    It surprised me how easy and natural being with a woman felt. My experiences with men were just uncomfortable and I just went along with them because that is what I was "supposed" to do. Once I realized that I loved women and I can have a happy fulfilled life with one; my romantic and sexual focus turned towards them.and never changed.
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    Hello everyone. So happy to have found this site, reading through the posts of others sharing their questions/problems. While I had been pondering perhaps seeking professional counseling for some of my concerns and issues regarding sexuality, I realized that what I really needed and wanted was that sense of "not being alone" in my feelings and problems, and clearly this site gives me that. Obviously, intellectually, I know there is nothing unique in my situation and my concerns, but there is a big difference in knowing that versus really "feeling" it and "seeing" it on display in the words and stories and questions of others. Once I get to feeling a little more comfortable sharing, and once I have read many more posts of others, I intend to share details of my own concerns. I am married -- love my husband very much -- but have always felt myself to be bisexual, and owing to the conservative home I grew up in -- with parents always very vocal in their disdain, contempt and disgust towards homosexuals and lesbians -- I have long struggled with internalized feelings of shame and guilt. I am happy to have found a place here where maybe I can finally work through those feelings of shame and feel a little better about myself.
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    Last few months ive noticed ive been fantasising a lot about married women. Especially women from north america and the UK. In my single days i had flirted with a few married/coupled females. Nothing more than that. I am closeted as i am from a conservative background so i can relate. Maybe its a weird fantasy but kind of dreamt of being the one who could fulfil a married womans sexual/romantic/emotional same sex fantasy. That she would dream of me while being with her husband. It would be discreet and involve phone sex. A hidden secret known only to a few. I would be the good friend and baby sitter by day and super bi lover at night or evening. There is also that element of the forbidden and being found out. Have any married women come across this scenario of being chased by unmarried women
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    So you are trying to chose between a guy who ghosted you and made up some story about losing a password and who you have never met in person and who you don’t feel a strong connection to and a woman who travels to be with you, makes you food does your laundry, wants to have your kids and who you feel strongly connected to. And all this on top of knowing you like women more than men. Do I have this right??
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    Your hands finally slip under my top and at the touch of your skin on mine, I moan. I couldn't have stopped it, even had I been aware of wanting to. All I can focus on is the feel of your lips on my neck, your tongue, so sweet and talented on my skin and your ever increasing breathing in the otherwise quiet room. I turn and capture your lips with mine again and the kiss is impossibly more heated than the last. I nip at your bottom lip, my secret pleasure and your not so secret turn on, causing you to grind your thigh harder against my crotch. It eases my ache for a mere second, before intensifying it completely. We are dry humping on the couch again, a small functional part of my brain acknowledges. Which makes a nice change from dry humping in the passage, I guess. But none of this takes the edge off my constant need for you. Sometimes, often, and especially at times like this, I wounder if I will be able to withstand this "celibacy" agreement we have. While I fully support the reasoning behind it, the reality of only going so far with you is very, very trying. So much harder than I would have ever thought. I have thought about not beginning at all, that that might be easier, for me at least, but it seems our chemistry and attraction doesn't follow logic. We always end up groping at each other and I have never struggled more with my attraction to someone. Have never been so readily and instantly turned on by someone. Certainly never had restrictions put on me, at least since my awkward high school days. But trying as it might be, I love kissing you, touching you where I have free reign. To not do so seems almost as challenging to both of us as stopping is. But I am willing to do this, perhaps for the next hundred years. Because as much as I honestly want to have sex with you, to see, touch and taste every inch of you freely; I know I want a lasting relationship with you even more. You brush your thumb over my ultra sensitized nipple and I sigh, part longing, part pleasure. My breasts are getting more attention from you than any other lover has ever paid them. Small perks to our limitations, it seems. It does however have the slight draw back of adding to my aching need you create, without hint of a release. You look down at me, your dark eyes cloudy and unfocused with lust and I am certain mine are the same. We are lust drunk for each other and being as reckless as an AA meeting in bar. Your tongue wets your bottom lip before you smile at me, slow and teasing, before you lower your head and close your teeth over my nipple. Even with the barrier of my shirt, I feel like I want to climb out of my skin. Or into yours. You nibble my distended nipple, causing it to become even more erect and to my horror, possibly longer. I have issues about my nipples, how long and how large they are, seldom going without a padded bra for fear of appearing to have a permanent nipple stand. You've assured me you find this super sexy, and the amount of attention you constantly lavish on them certainly helps. You have to assure me about a lot of things and in that, this no sex rule imposed by your therapist has been great. It gets us talking and sharing in ways I have never been able to in a relationship. Nor have you apparently, seeing as this is a bid to get you to replace using sex to avoid emotional intimacy. Life is funny sometimes. You are the first person I have wanted to sleep with in over 4 years, and yet... I am grinding against your thigh, you against mine, my shirt is damp with your saliva and the ache in my core is almost painful. I don't know how you get me into this state, but you do. Sometimes with nothing more that a loaded look. I sink my hands into your curls, close against your skull and gently pull you off my breast. Your hand is still playing over my other breast under my shirt and I swear, if you pinch me again, no matter how gently, I am going to lose control. We maintain eye contact as we grind one another and if I didn't think this could get any hotter, I was wrong. I sit up as much as I can to kiss you. Partly because I need to, partly to break this moment. I am a strong woman, but even saints can only take so much and saint I am defiantly not. You allow me to slow the kiss down, allow me to kiss you softly, slowly, tasting your mouth like a fine wine or favorite desert. We both want to give into the heat, to our passion, but if neither of us takes control one of us is going to end up naked and cumming, if not both. I don't know how much longer we are going to have to wait, and normally I am honestly happy to, conflicted but happy. But tonight...tonight I need to be putting some space between us or I will soon be breaking my word, and I cannot do that... " Jayde..." I breathe your name, promise or prayer, I no longer know. As you pull away from me, I flip you over, pinning you beneath me on the couch. Your eyes flare, partly surprise at my strength to do so, a whole lot something else that I can't, won't go into right now. I distract you with a soft kiss, drag my lips down your face to your chin, your neck, down your body placing chaste kisses as I pass. I reach your waist line where your tee is riding up and finally succumb to my temptation. Placing an open wet kiss in the hollow of your hip, dragging my tongue across the expanse of your skin, my own personal torment and wish fulfillment as I feel you arch into my mouth, raise your hips towards me and instinctively offer access to every soft spot I might wish to taste. I sigh and sit up on my knees, your legs trapped beneath me as I follow the trail of my mouth with my eyes, from your jean buttons up to your eyes. "I gave you my word Jayde...If we don't take a time out right now...I don't know if I will be able to keep it." You bite your lip, and I can see your mind churning. If I know you, your are weighing up ignoring your therapists advise against our immediate gratification and I honestly don't think I could be or even want to be the voice of reason that this point. I want you, that bit is simple. But I have known since day one that my interest in you goes far beyond the simple pleasures we offer each other. " I don't know how you will fell about this, given that there is no reciprocation ,so I haven't bought it up." You voice holds a tremor beyond the heat of need. " But I get to touch you now." Your breathing as gotten heavier and even a less attentive partner would know that you are into this idea, but I am still confused. " Touch me now?" You reach out slowly and cup your hand under my sex, covering my crotch. Even through my jeans, my body heats instantly at your touch and I gasp lightly. " Why? I mean, what...um...how...now?" I struggle to override my bodies reaction to your touch and allow thoughts to create words and sentences that make sense. It doesn't help in the least that you are massaging me lightly as I try speak. You watch me for a moment and it is only when I place my hand on your wrist as if to still you that you speak. " So I was all about receiving really...before. About having fun and enjoying myself. Normally drunk or.... yeah." You chew your lip and I may have let a audible sigh escape my lips. " They got off...defiantly." You shoot me a look that is slightly apologetic but also smug and I can't help but shake my head as I smile at you. " But very little was about... I don't know... the woman I was with. Her pleasure, her experience. Other than that wanting for both of us to cum." Your eyes drop down to your hand over on my crotch and with that simple look, all sensation is amplified for me. " Gabbi says I can start with focusing on you now...like this, I mean..." You squeeze my flesh gently for emphasis, " sexually. Because this has become more about wanting to give you pleasure than just having sex." Your frown is cute, but your eyes are troubled. " That doesn't explain it...this very well..." I take pity on you and remove your hand from cupping me, placing a kiss on the center of your palm. "I get it, " I sigh. " Boy, do I get it." It has always been that way for me. I have always been more comfortable with giving than receiving, to the extent where I have used sex too, in my own way. How do I explain that I need to bring my partner the most pleasure possible, because I get off on it? That I do this because I know I am good with giving, but getting... letting go of that control and allowing the other party the same privilege of pleasing me is so scary and foreign that I fear I can't even? It might not be the exact same thing, but I think our basic wants might be similar. I kiss your wrist and brush my lips along your thumb. " What a pair we make." You raise your eyebrows, silent invitation for me to expand my comment but I shake it off. I am not sure I know how to even start. "So I what, just get to lay back while you have your way with me?" My tone is light and teasing but honestly my heart is pounding at the thought and a lot of that is fear. Fear that I won't be able to receive without wanting to regain some control, of the situation or my own emotions, I am not sure. "Well, to a certain extent anyways." Your smile is pure seduction and I don't think you are even aware. You manage to get up onto your knees without putting too much space between us and as soon and face is level with mine we are kissing. A messy hot kiss, all crushing lips and demanding tongues. You moan and pull closer to me, pressing your breasts, hips, body against mine as you bury your hands in my hair and surrender to the kiss. Your breathing becomes more shallow and soon we a basically panting into each others mouths as hands roam and skin is set on fire by touch alone. I want you to touch me, touch my cunt, where every touch of your fingers on my skin is mirrored with a pulsating response that should scare me. But I want you to touch me and that alone is scary enough. New enough. Don't get me wrong, I get turned on easily enough but never has the experience out weighed the expectation and now I fear never feeling...enough. Your hands cup my ass and we are grinding against each other again until I feel you unhook the button of my jeans. Your fingers are trailing lines of fire down my belly, to slip under the waist band of my underwear before I finally get my brain to engage and react. I grab your wrist lightly, halting your decent. Your eyes find mine and you wait me out, your breathing shallow and fast. " You should know...I er..am very wet." I swallow as one of your perfect brows arcs up. "Like excessively so....embarrassingly excessively so." Your eyes narrow as you frown slightly. " Why don't you let me be the judge..." and start to slide your hand into my underwear as soon as I release your wrist. Your eyes hold mine as your fingers slide over my mons and you lick your lips as you reach the heat of my folds. I can't quite read your expression but we both let out a shuddering breath as your fingers slip between my wet hot lips. " Fuck, " you pant, "that is so hot. You are so hot." You grip the back of my neck with your other hand and pull me hard against your mouth. " We are going to be so good together." You murmur against my lips. " So very, very good. And trust me, I am equally wet, if not more." I smile against your lips, not wanting to pull away and break this closeness as I feel your fingers slowly brush and part my labia, spreading my wet warmth everywhere you explore. "I don't think that is possible." I whisper, breathless as your fingers start to dance over my sensitive nerves. As you slide your slick finger tip up and around my throbbing clit I gasp and grip your shoulders. If there was a handbook on how to touch me for optimal results, you not only read it, you may have co-written it and you are one of the few who has. I close my eyes and rest my forehead against yours. Our breathing is shallow and you may be breathing even harder than I. I have instinctively started arching into your hand as you circle around and over my sensitized clit. I whimper in frustration as your finger leave me then, to travel down through my folds again. You grab my jaw and push me back slightly. " Look at m!" Your voice is a whisper but I obey instantly, this low level domination a new pleasure for me. You slip a finger into my wet channel and my eyes flutter closed as I sigh, only to instantly focus on you again. The look on your face, your attention to my pleasure is so damn hot and I forget that I don't really like penetration or this lack of control. You slip in another digit, along side the first and I grip the material of your top, partly to hold on, partly to pull you closer. You press down rhythmically on the wall of my vagina and it's a slow ache. I can't decide if I love it or need you to be harder, faster, all I do know is I don't want you to stop. Your thumb brushes over my bottom lip and I feel like every inch of sensitive skin on my body, every nerve ending is swollen with need for you. I nip at your thumb as I wish moments like this could last forever. The sight of you watching me is a complete turn on and both of us are still completely clothed. You are re-writing the book for me, of what is hot, and so far everything where you are concerned is. You turn your fingers inside me and now press up towards my pubic bone. I had thought it felt great before but your just continue to make me feel more amazing. My legs start to feel to weak to hold me and I am glad that we are kneeling. But most importantly, what you are doing to my body, what you are doing to my mind seems to have finally shut my brain up. There are no body issues yelling for attention, no running commentary of thought on how a woman should be or how I don't add up. No fear of not 'being normal' enough to get fully turned on. There is just you and this wash of sensation as you slowly pleasure me and it seems, yourself in the process. You sink your fingers deeper into me and brush your thumb over my clit. "Ah...fuck," I breathe against your neck and surrender to the urge to bite you lightly on your shoulder. Your groan is one of pleasure, we both seem to enjoy a slight amount of pain. Your hand slides from my neck to pinch my nipples as you whisper in my ear, your hot breath light against the shell of my ear. " I want to watch you come undone. I want to watch as that careful control cracks. And I want to be the cause of it." Your words add to the storm of my emotions and settle on my nerve endings. " For once, don't think, just feel." You replace your thumb with the flat of your hand and grind faster against my nub as you tease me higher and higher. I cling to you, tense with need and a million emotions that I couldn't express even if I could find my voice. I want to hide from you, to bury my face in the cradle of your neck but you claim my lips again. I can't kiss you deep enough to try convey what you are doing to me, for me and as I begin to spasm around your skilled fingers I lose all thought. " Oh god..." "That's right baby, let go, let go. I've got you", you murmur, your voice sounding far off as sensations tear through my body. I buck against your hand as spasm's seize my body for what seems like too long and far too short in an instant. As my mind clears I hear you whispering to me, soothing words as aftershocks spread from your slowly dancing hand. " Good girl. There you go....you're my good good girl." I find your lips and kiss you hard again, reluctant to ever let you go. This time it is you who slows the kiss, softly nipping at my bottom lip before placing soft kisses all over my face. I finally open my eyes and pull back to raise my brows at you. " Good girl?" I tease. Your laugh is unapologetic as you shrug and carefully withdraw your hand from my jeans. Maintaining eye contact with me you slip your glistering fingers into your mouth and slowly suck each one clean. " Mmmm," you moan and smile at me. " My sweet, sweet girl?" My laugh is slightly awkward, I don't know if I am turned on or embarrassed. I don't know how I taste but I certainly worry. " I can't wait to taste you from the source." Your eyes hold mine as we both picture this and I can't hide my slight shudder. You pull me close and kiss me softly before holding me close to you. I love your hugs...hell, I love everything about you. "Thank you." You say softly and I am sure that should be my line. I finally know that I can in fact orgasm with someone, and this was learned in the best possible way. "You have been so good about all my shit," you say. " And it's not easy and I'm not sure someone else would have stuck around." I squeeze you tight and give you a long kiss, without heat or intent. Just us, being together before framing your face in my hands. " But I have no place else I would rather be. No-one else I would rather not be having sex with." You laugh and we finally pull apart. I need to go shower and by the look in your eye, you could do with a cold one too.
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    This really moved me. Glad I'm not the only one feeling this way
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    Just wondering--what sort of relationship do you hope to have with a woman? Are you looking for something long term--falling in love, marriage even--or do you see yourself involved more casually, in a friends-with-benefits situation or hook-ups and one night stands? Or do you plan to act on your desires for a woman at all? I'm curious where everyone stands on this. For me, I wouldn't say I'm strictly looking for a woman; I'm just open to meeting who I meet. It may be that I meet a guy I really like, and that'd be fine. But I am a bit (ok, a lot) biased toward the hope that I meet a girl. When and if I do, my aim would absolutely be to fall in love and ultimately get married. I want that deep, emotional, soul connection. What about you?
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    Have never been with a woman. In casual conversation I had with a woman friend, talking about sex with men and what we liked and didn’t like, she was telling me what she had always liked best was long, slow foreplay, and most particularly, she loved for the man to kiss and lick and suck her nipples, she just loved for that to go on and on for a very long time. And as I listened to her, I knew that was what I wanted most to do. I wanted to see her breasts, touch them, run my hands over them and lightly squeeze them, run my mouth all over her breasts, tease and lick a nipple and take it in my mouth and run my tongue round and round, and listen to her heavy breathing and moans…. That is what I would want to do …My greatest fantasy is to turn a woman on, hear and feel her be turned on…
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    I have not been with a woman. My yet-to-be-fulfilled fantasy: Being in the presence of a woman at her climactic moment of womanly ecstasy, and knowing I was the one who brought her there. And experiencing my own from her womanly touch.
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    that's definitely one of my biggest fantasies. Having a sexy, short (like me) girlfriend to go shopping with and get our nails done and smoke, then we can have a little slumber party, have a couple drinks and just makeout and explore eachother ;) I would want to be the one to initiate our play time tho... touch her and tease her till her cute little panties are soaking wet and I start rubbing her clit. Id really want to go down on her too. my boyfriend makes me taste my pussy juices on his fingers and I love the taste so Im so curious to taste another girl ;) I seriously think about this scenario too much I need to find someone to make it real!
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    Maybe it isn't searching but more as trying to find a lady that would understand what I am looking for. I want a relationship with a woman that will understand that she will be as equal as my husband. I don't want to choose between my girlfriend and my family but I will make time for each of them. I want someone to understand that I will make time for her if she feels neglected. I'm a simple person so I don't want drama. I want a lady to be able to text me that she's thinking of me, not just assume that I know. Someone that will give me time to show that I do care and will do anything I can to not rock any boats. Pretty much a friend with benefits but better. Is that too much to ask? Is it so hard to show that you care?
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    For me, my gut is usually right about the heart of the matter, but it doesn't see the bigger picture. So I might be right that someone is attracted to me, but they're in a monogamous relationship or not accepting of their same-sex attraction or some other factor that means it's never going to go anywhere. This can sometimes get confusing.
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    Thanks. I am thinking of fleshing out this fantasy into the form of a story in the fantasy section
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    I'm a very sensual person, so for me having long and romantic sex is incredable. Taking a lot of time to slowly work up to the more sexual acts of pleasuring your partner is a must now and again when being psychical. Massage is good. Getting some nice oils, massaging your partner all over, then proceeding to massage more intimately can be one was to start off a more romantic love making session or kissing and stroking each other, teasing and building the tension without going to certain areas of each others bodies. With both male and female partners I have liked to put a lot of thought and effort into keeping sex romantic and loving, of course not all the time though. There are times for romantic love making and times for fucking, but that's for another thread. Lol
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    While I was in college I met a girl, Sonya, who identified as lesbian. She was gorgeous, medium height, brown hair with bangs, green eyes and perfect little cupid lips. She was trendy, always wearing 50s/60s style clothing and not wearing much makeup. I was infatuated as soon as I met her. She invited me out to a bar with some friends (including my then bf) and I decided to go, thinking that I just appreciated her as a beautiful human being. A few drinks into the night she and I kept making eyes at each other, my goodness was she beautiful. I had to use the restroom and she got up too saying she had to go as well. While standing in line we looked at each other and a spark happened. I'm not sure what... but the pit of my stomach dropped and I could feel my lips pulsing with desire to kiss her. I remember she even licked her lips and I about died! I had never felt sexual desire like this before. It was my turn next in line for the bathroom. I started to go in and turned to give her a look that asked if she wanted to join. Next thing I knew we had locked the door and were all over each other. Hot mouths, grabbing hands, bodies pressing hard against each other. Before I knew it my hand was up and down and all into her shirt. I couldn't handle it. Then I remembered my bf was out in the bar and I pulled back. I looked at her and we both had a moment of complete wanting. She kissed me lightly and said "if you ever want to, I'll be here" and then she left the bathroom so I could have a minute. I still get wet thinking about her... We never went further than that night (my bf knew something was up and had very rigid boundaries about her) but I still want her. I'd say she's been my fantasy for a few years.
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    I think missed opportunities are the ones that we remember the most and sometimes regret not pursuing. I had a similar experience and have often wondered what if.... I've learned not to pass up any opportunities regardless of how fleeting they may be.
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    True. I definitely think there are females out there who are 100% straight. Many may sexually respond to females but how many could commit to a relationship with a female. I can see homophobes using this to say people are going to recruit others to the gay lifestyle. Its interesting to think how many more people would sexually explore if society was more accepting.
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    If she has swag and mad confidence that is a HUGE turn-on for me. So if walked up to me and said, "hey sexy" or "hey beautiful" that would definitely score her major points, lol. I definitely want her to let me know what time it is right from the get-go. Funny thing is when a guy tries to use a similar pick-up line with me it just grosses me out. I'm like, "ugh, leave me alone."
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    I admire those of you who are secure enough to be able to decide to live alone rather than live a lie. That takes great courage! And maybe, to be fair, the decisions may not be so clear (for some of us).
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    This is exactly why I joined ShyBi. I'd never taken the opportunity to explore my identity when I was younger - it wasn't the right time - and now being married and these feelings returning, I was really struggling with the notion that I'd never really come to terms with my sexuality and who I am. So I found this forum and through reading the posts, I've really felt at home with everything I've read and the people here. And I gained a little courage. Over the past 6 weeks, I've come out to my husband (who is struggling but coming through it, it's made us a much stronger couple), my mum, and have connected with someone incredible, with my husband's support & blessing. Whilst I'm not fully 'out', I no longer feel lonely.
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    I’ve never been with a woman but I fantasize about it a lot. I would have to say that I think about crazy passionate kissing, lying her down, running my hands over her breasts, kissing her nipples until she’s moaning, then going down on her until she’s thrashing and climax’s. I can just invision the sounds she makes. It gives me chills.
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    Thank you for your replies ladies. It’s been such a horrid week, I feel like I’ve pulled out my husband’s heart and stamped on it. Even more so tonight as he’s been pleading with me to make it work somehow, but I know in my soul that I can’t. Despite a good family life with our 7 year old daughter, I just can’t live a lie. I can’t be the wife he wants me to be. @Storm9 I thought I would be able to carry on and pretend, I really did. I didn’t see this outcome until it was too late. Thank you @Cloudburst; it’s reassuring to know you’ve done the same. I said those same words to a friend yesterday. The woman I met can’t leave her husband, and I understand that. I would never expect her to, neither would I want her to go through the heartache that I’m in right now. Yet, I too (like @MidnightBabe and @ZoeAnne) just want HER. In time, I will move on, but I can guarantee she will always have a special place in my heart.
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    Oh my dear, you really shouldn't say that. "Push these feelings aside?" No, what you feel is what you feel, and if you try to completely totally tamp that down ... well it will just eat away at you from the inside. I know, because that is exactly what has been happening to me, my feelings of sexual attraction toward women just eating away at me on the inside, poisoning my soul, really. I am still in the process of trying to work through that -- trying to absolve myself from feeling guilty, as though somehow just the thought of doing a thing was as bad as actually doing it (that is, cheating on my husband with a woman). I know I should not feel that way, but I still often do. But I am trying to work my way through it. What i feel is just what I feel. It just is. But no feeling of guilt should be part of it. I think the best thing you have done is found this site. Because here you can just openly express exactly what you feel. And you can explore what others have said about how they feel. And, you can enjoy reading some of the fantasies and experiences of others, and in that way, have at least something of a vicarious experience. Yes, you should most definitely "appreciate what you have in life", but that notion that your "family should be enough for you" ? No, not really, and no reason to think that. When it comes to sexuality, yes, your husband should be enough for you, because I do believe marriage vows are important and not to be broken. But I think it is sooooo very important to have, at least, a close woman friend. So your family is not enough. As far as how to go about finding such a friend, I can give no advice. I have for most of my life lived pretty much as a hermit, not a social person at all. I have had over the years some cyberfriends. But, many years ago I did just accidently stumble across a lady at work that blossomed into a friendship ... and then we drifted apart...and then many years later, stumbled across each other at a grocery store parking lot, hooked back up, and she has blossomed into a very dear friend. And it was all just random chance blind luck. Don't despair. Something like that might stumble across your path. But perhaps, more "social" people around this site could give you advice on how to "get out there" and meet people, and at least give yourself an opportunity to find that special female friend. And of course, once you do find that friend .... perhaps, a feeling of sexual attraction towards her might very well blossom in you ... and then you will have to deal with that ... *sigh* Exactly my problem right now, but, I am trying to deal with it. No easy answers here. But you have plenty of sympathy here. And plenty of women in exactly the same boat as you.
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    WOW, Gemini82! I am moved to tears here. Sooo happy for you, truly! I can relate, I found that special woman, have had that super special intimacy, but since she won't leave her husband, I question leaving mine. I know I prefer women, but I really just want HER. I just don't have the strength to move forward like you are. There are reasons to stay AND reasons to go. My marriage is almost 30 years old. We have quite a bond, a good family life, a good connection sometimes. We've had struggles but are working on them. Hard to leave someone when he's working on being better for me, with me! And I think if I shared what I've done, he'd be devastated. But maybe, that is the right thing to do. Happy for you, Gemini82, just feeling lost over here.
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    Wow. That has to have taken a huge amount of courage. Alot of what you said is very, very relatable. I understand the feelings that come when you have an experience like that where everything feels completely natural and wonderful, and you think how are you suppose to continue your normal life knowing what you could have. Unfortunately, alot of us do just continue to pretend, for many different reasons. Maybe one day I'll be able to post something similar. I'm really happy for you, and wish you the best for whatever will come next for you.
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    You definitely need to try scissoring.the stimulation from clitoral friction and the wetness it produces takes you to a whole different level. It took a bit of practice to get into the right position for me and her to get maximal stimulation but once we got it it was amazing. Have not tried strap on so cant comment. I imagine it would be awesome.
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    I never have and want to try scissoring. Also up there in my fantasies is my crush using a strap on on me.
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    @Rani: So many things here, and none very easy to answer. I think I do have different expectations with regards to male and female relationships, but it's hard to explain the differences. With men, I'm initially more comfortable. I've had a lifetime of hetero couples to serve as models for this type of relationship. I don't expect to understand men well at the outset. I sense they're from somewhere I'm not familiar with, with thoughts and experiences different than mine. Exploring those and coming to understand them is the excitement and pleasure in becoming close to a man. They also seem more immediately focused on sex. It doesn't take very much for them to move strongly in that direction, so I think most girls / women are instinctively careful at first; careful not to get that process initiated before we're ready. Women are an enigma to me. I have no model for, and little experience in, flirting with them. It's hard to gauge interest so at least initially it's hard to know where you stand with one. Perversely, I have a sense that I know how women think and have shared life experiences with them. It is TERRIBLY unsettling to find that to be untrue. Girls / women are as unique as men, they just don't give me that outward appearance. It's like being in a mirror world. Everything looks the same, but it's somehow jumbled and out of order. Girls natural or learned behavior to be slow and careful about exhibiting sexual interest doesn't serve same sex couples well. In my experience, women's sexual interest and needs are every bit as strong as any mans. But they're more closely controlled and hidden. Grabbing a guys penis in a bar is likely to work. Grabbing a woman's breast won't. So with women, the difficulty is I perceive I understand, but I really don't. I wouldn't think to advise you on how to choose between your male and female friend, other than to observe that the latter seems much more devoted to you than the former. Perhaps she's not as comfortable for you vis a vis your family situation. You suggest you've thought about marrying the man, and perhaps continuing a relationship with the woman "on the side". Have you considered the alternative: marrying the woman and having a relationship with the man on the side? That didn't used to be possible, but now maybe it is. Good Luck Ame
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    Gosh....over 18 months for us now.... 2000 miles apart....And I kiss her good night every night! We wake to kisses and cuddles...we smile and we laugh all day...! the hours we sleep are the nightmare ones....I can't touch her or speak to her the connection is gone for that short time...i am without her... And it kills...! We maybe apart in form, but in love and wanting.. we are together....she is my soul mate..And I am hers...she makes me whole and feel alive.. I feel myself light up from within when i rebound her smile on the phone... One day we will be under the same roof....Mrs and Mrs..... We see it and visualize it...everyday we hope and pray we get that step closer... She will be mine... We can only give fate that helping hand... I have horrendous days...verging on despair...that we are parted....but they are so so so... out numbered by the days I thank God she came into my life....the memories we both share...the visions.... So in my opinion..LDR can work of course......but it's up to both of you to make it happen.... You have to be honest and open and talk about how your feeling.... Let her know....don't leave her guessing!!! @Mofgirl I love YOU....one day you will be mine x x x 10 days......eeeeeeeekkkkkk!
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    Key word being yet Ive made my fantasy more realistic. Now i fantasise about giving married women a full body massage. It would be a slow sensual massage of all body parts. Then she would moan "if only my husband had your satin velvety touch. Or your soft hands and soft tongue.. Slight brush of your hands and my body is on fire for you again" @Amethyst753 do you think this fantasy is more realistic and achievable?
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    Bare for me, easier for oral. I like bare boys too.
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    I’m not sure you can, I think that’s just part of navigating a LDR. I’m inexperienced so my advice is probably useless, but here it is anyway... I’m sure leaving her will be hard...every time you do it. You can’t not be sad, or not miss her, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be happy. Think about all the beautiful parts of your relationship and focus on that. Chances are, the only negative thing you can think of about your relationship is the distance that separates you. That doesn’t change the incredible bond that unites you. I’m sure there are countless things about your relationship that feels absolutely perfect. Think of how she makes you feel, not only when you’re together, but also when you’re apart. Think of how lucky you are to have such a beautiful connection. Remind yourself that leaving her is not the ending, you’re not losing her, she still loves you and you still love her, distance doesn’t change that. Start planning for your next visit, even if it’s far away, start talking about things you want to do/see together. Get excited about where your relationship is headed. Good luck, I hope you enjoy your time together!
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    I really enjoy the occasional slow, tender lovemaking session. I enjoy savoring my partner, working her up to the point of begging for release, and having the reverse as well. I love when I can discover some sweet spot she didn't even know about, or some new way to really rev her motor. It's harder to find those when you're going hard and fast.
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    Is it bad that I fantasize about that in order to get off while with my husband!?
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    I have a fantasy of spending time with a beautiful woman at night while my boyfriend is at work. We would lay together and watch movies then I would make the first move by touching her thigh. My hand would slowly make its way up and I would find her already wet. I would place kisses on her neck, collar bone and chest as I play with her clit. I would lick and suck her breast until her nipples are as hard as I could get them. Then She would return the favor. I want her hands to pleasure me while I do the same to her and we both cum at the same time... I've never been with a woman but this is how I always imagine it...
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    I agree. It does do a disservice to straight girls. I know plenty of straight girls who wouls not be attractes to females.
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    I keep dreaming about being in bed with a beautiful woman and I wake up longing for it to be real more and more. Just being able to lay with another woman and feel her skin and touch and to kiss for ages and ages. I don’t want to die with this never coming true.
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    My favorite part about sex is the foreplay. The teasing. The rubbing. The kissing. When she least expects it, I make my move. She's talking on the phone and I'm getting antsy. All I see are those gorgeous lips and those beautiful eyes. She's sitting on the couch. I kneel before her and start gently rubbing her legs and feet. Her skin's so soft. She's wrapped up in her phone call, but I don't care. She looks down at me and smiles with approval. I keep rubbing. Slowly. Gently. I start to moan. I am connected to the burning desire that is building up within her. She's still talking and wrapped up in her phone call. I creep up to her thighs now. I build up the intensity. The rubbing turns into squeezing. She throws her head back indicating her undeniable arousal. She says to the person on the other line, "I gotta go. I'm tired and really need to lay down." She's looking at me as she tells that lie while licking her lips. She hangs up. She takes my hand and pulls me forcefully to her bedroom. I throw her on the bed and kiss her passionately. She tastes like honey and silk. Mmmmmm....so delicious. Our tongues explore each other with no holds barred. I am on another level right now and it feels so good. The heat is up. I pull off her pants. The ripping sound from tearing the seam on her leggings turns me on like something fierce. In my mind I am thinking that I can't wait to take all of her deliciousness into my longing mouth. I go down. I look at her beautiful lotus and stroke it ever so sweetly. I tell her how enticing she is. How I've craved her all morning, and I need her. Oh, I need her. I start to lick and taste. Craving satisfied. She throws that head back again. My lady parts are throbbing. As I take in her essence - her scent, her flavor, her passion - I start to feel like I am going to explode. I rub her sexy thighs while my tongue gives her pussy the pleasure she deserves. I suck her clit. I kiss her clit. I love her clit. She's writhing and moaning. She whispers "Yea, right there. Right there." I give in to her commands as she's stroking my head. I insert two fingers ever so slowly She's wet. She's soft. She's warm. Oh my! All my senses are heightened. My fingers go in and out slowly, while I'm licking her clit. This is the most beautiful pussy in the world, and she deserves the royal treatment. I start to speed up as she continues to moan in ecstasy. Suddenly, her legs collapse, and she asks in a sultry voice, "How does my cum taste?" Indescribable. Delectable. Award winning. I come up for air. We lock eyes. She's so sexy. I kiss her lips to give her a taste of my favorite treat. We cuddle until it's time for me to go back to the real world. In her arms is where I want to be. All the time. Always. Damn....true story.
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