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    I couldn't find the book I was looking for in library so I approached the librarian. She was cute in a geeky kind of way. Young too. Her hair in a bun wearing a blouse and knee length skirt and sensible shoes, but a hint of red lipstick told me there was more to her. She was probably in her twenties. I smiled at her and asked for the book I wanted. She smiled. "Come with me!" She winked as she said it. I followed her down the aisles filled with books. Past student beavering away and people trying to find the right book. At the back of the library she opened a door that said 'Restricted section - staff permission needed' and walked in. "This way and you'll find what you're looking for!" Strange! I knew the book I was looking wasn't going to be in this room and yet I felt compelled to enter the room. As I entered the room, she pointed to a shelf on the other side of the room. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it was in here. I moved to the shelf and began to scan it when suddenly I realised she was standing right behind me, pushing herself against me, her arms reaching found and grabbing my breasts. "Like I said," she laughed, Come with me!" Before I had a chance to object or cry out, she yanked up my skirt and shoved her hand inside my panties and quite forcefully pushed her finger inside me. I was shocked I was so wet and turned on yet knew I should ask her to stop. "No," I murmured. "Oh yes you dirty little bitch." She whispered in my ear. "You want it. You know you do." She rubbed my wet, swollen clit with one hand and groped my breast with her other hand. "Oh god please stop!" I said. "No way!" She laughed. You're so desperate for a good fuck I can smell it. She turned me to face her. Her mouth on mine. Kidding me hard, still fingering my cunt with a passion I'd never experienced before. Her tongue explored my mouth. I heard myself moaning. Shocked I was responding to her forceful fingering. Scared someone was going to come in. I was getting wetter by the minute. She stopped for a second, stepped back and pulled the pins from her bun, letting her long dark hair fall to the floor and pulling off her glasses and placing them on the nearby table. Then she stepped forward and grabbed my blouse, pulling it hard, pulling the buttons apart and pulling it from my body. Tossing it to the floor. She stared longingly at my bra cover breasts. Ann Summers, sheer and white. I knew she could see my nipples through it. She licked her lips and I felt my clit quiver in anticipation. "Bend over the table," she ordered. "I... I.... I can't," I muttered, "What if....." But before I could finish she'd grabbed me and pushed me over to the table, pushed me forward and hoisted my skirt up and pulled down my panties. She forced my legs apart but my resistance was pretty futile and half hearted. Her fingers back inside me, she dropped to her knees and began to lick my cunt from behind. I cried out as it felt so good. Her fingers. Her tongue. Two fingers. Then three. My wetness audible. I was almost at the point of no return when she stopped and her hand came down on my ass spanking me hard. Two or three times. Her fingers and tongue back. Then each time as I was almost going to climax, the spanks came. I was desperate to come in her mouth and she knew it. After a while of her doing this, she grabbed my hair and pulled me back to standing and turned me around. Yanking off my skirt. Pulling off her own blouse and skirt. Omg! No panties! Just a neatly trimmed cunt. She took my hand and led me to the carpeted area and pulled me to the floor. She parted my legs, kissing me and opened her own as she lay over me finding my cunt with hers. Finding my clit with hers. Our rhythm was strong and hard. How had she known this was what I'd fantasised about for years. Our swollen wet clits loving each other so hard. I felt it rise through me. Wracking my body with a pleasure I'd never felt before as we came together clinging to each other as our clits combined as one. Omg! I'd barely had time to recover and her tongue was there. Between my legs. Licking and sucking my already satiated clit. Straddling my face I knew she wanted the same from me.mi took her clit between my teeth and nibbled as she cried out. I sucked, my tongue flicking backwards and forwards as hers mirrored mine. Coming hard I bucked hard, my hips grinding against her face, squirting hard, as did she and we drank each other's orgasms as we fell together, flicking each other's nipples as we stilled and quietened. A short while later, I left the library with a huge smile on my face, minus the book I went for: amazed by the unexpected fuck I'd found. I vowed I really had to go back and join the library tomorrow as I think I'm about to become an avid reader and library regular... I wondered if the other librarians provided a personal service like that.
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    I wanna fuck myself to thoughts of you. I’m tired, and tipsy, and it seems like it makes thinking of you all that too easy. Thinking of your soft skin and sweet smell; your eyes, your hips, your lips. I wish I could fuck myself to thoughts of you. Not feel guilty that I only had you once and shouldn’t want more. Not feel bad about your fiancé not knowing. I can’t fuck myself to thoughts of you. I want you so much it itches at my flesh, but as soon as my fingers graze my body, I freeze. We’re friends; or at least that’s what we are trying to be. I shouldn’t... We’re a firework that’s been canceled, we’re exhaustion and satisfaction waiting to happen; we’re what’s pretty about war: When it doesn’t happen. I want you. Can’t have you. And, as it turns out, can’t even get myself off to thoughts of you. You’re too close. Too far. Do you ever think of me, wherever you are?
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    I've had the most turmoil I've ever had in my life in the past year and a half. I was in a long term relationship which was dead emotionally. I fell in love with a woman who treated me like crap in the end which I didn't deserve after standing by her. That nearly destroyed me. I left my long term partner and stored my entire life away and lived with a friend. I met a beautiful woman 7 months ago and she has been wonderful for me. She has supported me with lots of things and I've done the same with her. We've been living together for about 3 months now and we get on well. Last week I finally got the keys to my new home and I'm dealing with that with her support. Life takes many twists and turns and is hard sometimes. Sometimes someone has that glimmer of light and they are there for you and you for her. I'm now looking forward in life, more than I've done in a long time. I'll get there. Never lose hope or sight of who you are and keep going no matter how hard it seems sometimes. You will get there.
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    Hi, lovely ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted here. For a couple of years, I was head-over-heels for a close friend. She and I had some sexual encounters, but she hurt me deeply because she would push me away. My feelings seemed like they would never end. It took forever and I can't even pinpoint what caused it, but... I'm over her!! Yay! Over the last few months, I've noticed my interest in what she is up to has dwindled. I don't check my phone to see if she's texted me; I don't care if I hear from her; I don't sit on the edge-of-my-seat waiting for her to invite me to hang out. I just don't care. The burn is gone for me! The lovely thing is that life circumstances have meant that we don't see each other much, anymore. I suspect that's been a huge part of it. Also, her flaws became clearer and clearer to me. And they played a part in turning me off to her, too. So, now I am kind of bored!!! What's a girl with a desire for a fun, sexual relationship with another girl to do? Hubby would be ok with me having a sexual relationship with another woman. Nobody interests me, right now. I'm waiting for another crush to strike me, because that's how it started with her. Crushes are delicious and fun. As for her, it wouldn't surprise me if she tried to re-initiate sex at some point. That's just how she is. She loves the chase. It shocks me to even type these words, but if she tried to re-initiate, I would turn her down. I cannot wait to find another woman I have that connection with. She's out there somewhere.
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    Had one of the most amazing sexual experience of my life this weekend. My girlfriend and I do not get a lot of alone time. Most of our alone time includes our husbands watching us or rushing us. This weekend it was just us and so amazing! I texted her around 5 and told her she needed to go ahead and shower before I got there, making it very clear what I wanted later on. When I got there we drank and talked and laughed so much. We talked about experiences from our past and so forth, things we have never discussed in the past. Later on she started flirting with me. I grabbed her and pushed her up against the counter and kissed her gently. She couldn’t handle it, she tried to put your hand down my pants several times and I stopped her everytime. I could feel the frustration building up and told her to just wait, we will get to that later. No need to rush tonight. I ran my fingers down her face and kissed her some more. We finally moved into the bedroom and I don’t think I even made it in the room fully before she was standing there naked. I followed suit and got in the bed with her. I’m not sure if I have ever in my life experienced that much passion as there was btw us at that moment. We both wanted it so bad. Looking at her completely naked on the bed with her legs spread open just for me was an image I don’t ever want to forget. I just looked at her for a minute watching her squirm begging me to touch her. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. I kissed the whole way down her body and then kissed her very wet pussy. We didn’t hold anything back, we let it all out. We had our way with each other until we were both exhausted. I cannot believe I have went my whole life without experiencing this! If being with another woman is wrong, I don’t want to be right. It felt so right. Neither one of us wanted to let the other one go. We managed to get up and get dressed. I wish I would of been able to cuddle up with her and go to sleep. But I knew I had to get home. We went back to the kitchen and had another drink. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet, I kissed her slowly for a long time before I let go. God I love that woman. Her smell is so intoxicating! I made my way to the door finally as it was approaching 2:30 I’m the morning. But she wouldn’t let me leave without one more long kiss on the front porch. I hope we have many more night like that in the near future. Definitely one of the top experiences I have ever had!
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    I stepped in to the shop, and a young red headed assistant came over and asked if she could help me. The thoughts that ran through my head shocked me as I noticed her cute face and glanced down at her pert breasts under her corporate white blouse and the hint of a lacy red bra underneath. Not surprising given this shop sold lingerie and it was her job to sell it. I picked up a sexy purple lacy number and asked if the had my size and she asked if I needed a fitting. I nodded and she took me to the cubicles at the rear of the store. She told me to remove my shirt and she’d come in and look at the bra I was currently wearing the give her a shout when I was ready. I did as she requested and she came in to the cubicle, closing the door behind her. She looked at the bra I was wearing. A black number and checked the sizing, 34G. She told me to lift my arms and checked the gapping. She nodded and then disappeared, quickly coming back with some options for me to try. I noticed one was a low cut red number, with black cross cross ribbon across the top. Not my usual thing and perhaps more suited to the sex bedroom wardrobe than the daily work wardrobe... she told me to try them on and then get her to come in and check. I did each in turn. Every time she came in she slipped her hand in side my bra cups to check I was pulled to the front. Each time I let out a sigh, desperate for her to kiss me but she was just doing her job. finally I tried the low cut sexy number on and called her back. She came in, shut the door and bolted it. She nodded, “very nice!” Her lips were on mine before I knew it. Initially I was shocked but then I pushed my tongue gently in to her mouth, flicking it around inside her mouth suggestively as her tongue explored my mouth eagerly. Then she turned me to face the mirror, whilst kissing my neck behind me. “This looks amazing on you,”she said, taking my red lace clad breasts in her her hands and squeezing them, rolling her hands around on them. I moaned softly as she slipped her fingers inside and began to roll my nipples between them, still kissing my neck. I watched in the mirror as her hands travelled down across my tummy on to my skirt, down my legs, slowly pulling up my kirt, revealing inch after inch of leg above the knee and a stocking top and suspenders. She playfully flicked the suspended, pulling my skirt up so I could see my own lace panties in the mirror. Her hands ran up and down my outer thighs. Across the stockings to the bare leg and back again. I moaned gently. She slipped her right hand inside my panties whilst her left hand we t back to my breast, inside the bra. As one hand toyed with my nipple, tweaking and and rubbing it, the other slipped between my wet lips, gently fingering my clit. ”Pull off your panties,”she whispered in my ear. I didn’t hesitate, yanking them to the floor, watching in the mirror as she watched as I bent forward, stepping out of them. Her hands were on my bottom, massaging it as she reached back around. “Open your legs!” She ordered. As I did I watched in the mirror as she pushed two fingers inside me easily as I was so wet. Her fingers massaged my clit as her other fingers played with my nipples. I watched my own desire and pleasure in the mirror. ”Sit in the chair,” she ordered. I sat in the chair that faced the mirror. A large, leather looking easy chair with arms on the side. She knelt in front of me, lifting each leg over each arm of the chair, exposing my smooth cunt to her and to me in the mirror. I could see I was wet and my clit was swollen. She wasted no time and her tongue was on it. Licking. She sucked hard and I yelped. Trying to stay quiet so the customers and other assistants wouldn’t hear. Her tongue felt like magic against my clit as I watched her licking me langoriously in the mirror. Suddenly it wasn’t just her tongue, but her fingers finger fucking me as her tongue toyed with me. I rode on a crescendo of pleasure as first two fingers then three pushed hard inside me as her mouth sucked my swollen clit. I raised myself to her mouth, not wanting it to ever stop, and bucked hard as my orgasm ripped through my body, wave after wave, over and over, stilling then again, cumming and cumming until she had drunk all my juices and I couldn’t take it anymore. she moved up my body, kissing my mouth hard. It turned me on to taste my own sex in her mouth. She pulled me to standing as we kissed in front of the mirror. I undid her blouse and it fell to the floor and I slipped her bra straps off, undoing it and letting it fall to the floor as I bit each nipple in turn. It was her turn to moan as I sucked hard on them. She pulled up her skirt and I sighed as she wasn’t wearing any panties. ”You naughty bitch!” I whispered in her ear, “you’re a sexy bitch!” ”Lets fuck?” She whispered back. we fell to the floor which had a thick carpet. To begin with fingers and mouth were everywhere and then we slowed. She sat opposite me and opened her legs wide. I opened mine and manoeuvred until our open legs were entwined and our pussies met. We wriggled together until our clots touched and I felt a jolt of electricity coursing through my veins as we began to move rhythmically together, clit on clit, slowly at first then more frantically and faster and harder until we both helped quietly trying to keep quiet so no one would hear. We could hear the chattering in the store and people coming and going from the other cubicles but we were just cumming. Cumming hard together. Our juices exploding on each other in a volcanic heated sexual eruption that rocked us both as we melded together for what felt like hours. As we stilled in our orgasmic aftershocks, we slowed and shuddered until both were satiated and wet with sweat and smelling of each other’s sex. We kissed and she thanked me. We dressed and left the cubicle. oh and I purchased the sexy bra, and matching panties and wore them later for my girlfriend, in front of the mirror at Home... she told me what a naughty girl I was as she spanked me before peeling off my new bra as I licked her out in front of the mirror... I silently thanked the nameless girl in the store for teaching this older girl some new tricks to take home...
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    Fall in love with someone who will love your soul more than your body.... ( unknown)
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    Before Shybi, I used to think that I had to be either gay or straight. That anything in between was either confusion or a stepping stone to eventually coming out as gay. That by saying I was bi meant I was probably just in denial. Now I know that sexuality is fluid and any feelings that I might have are legitimate and not problems that need to be solved, but simply aspects of who I am.
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    Before shybi, I used to think there aren't that many married ladies who love women :-D.
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    Has Shybi changed your perspective on sexuality? Perhaps you learned something about yourself. Let's share by filling in the blank in the above statement. I'll start: Before Shybi, I used to think I was only pseudo-attracted to women because society sexualize and glamorize women. I didn't acknowledge my bisexuality until I realized my attraction to women is real and is something that originated from within me.
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    PInk: My thought is that it depends a lot on what you're after. If you're looking for a one-time encounter, and are game for some kink, this woman might be OK. She's made it pretty clear that she wants to service some fetishes and I think it's good she's up front about that. Like you, I'd be a little nervous about the wrestling. I might get back to her and ask her to clarify what she had in mind. If she's a big girl (or a strong one), you could get hurt. One thing you might consider: tell her you want to meet for lunch in a public place to see if there's any "chemistry". If she won't, I think you'd be better off passing. An hour of chat over lunch should give you an idea if you want to go further. Ame
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    Before shybi...i used to think... give up hope...and your stuck with the worst wrong decision of my life..... Ohhh now I've found her... x x
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    Mmmm... This is a sore point for me. I believed that unless you "compromise" its pretty clear the Bible says no to same sex relationships, no to non-monogamy, and tells you that even thinking about these things is as bad as doing them. My story in a nutshell: raised as a protestant, really only got into the evangelical variety of christianity about ten years ago. I became fluent in Christianese, and did Bible studies a plenty. I knew all of the positions on sin and homosexuality. And i felt guilty ALL.THE.TIME. Not just because of my "impure thoughts" and sexuality, but because of everything. Last year I turned 40. I decided that I can't continue like this. I decided to take a break from Christianity. Trying to live like "im supposed to" actually made that I fell out of touch with who I am (not always feeling so fearfully and wonderfully made) and what I wanted (because I am certainly not always called to His purposes) I spent a year and a bit in therapy. I read poetry instead of the Bible. And now I feel a lot better without Christianity than I did after years of deliverance, and praying and bible study, and repenting and laying down my sins. I might find my way back to Christianity some time in the future. But it will be a more moderate version. If I have to believe what God says, then He is not into condemning people. And if I practice my faith in such a way that I constantly feel guilty, its not because of God. Its because of the brand of Christianity that I choose to practice.
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    So first off I’m an atheist. I just don’t believe this other worldly being who could stop horrific events doesn’t. I do believe Jesus Christ was a real person with “magical” qualities. Probably somewhat of a liberal storyteller. Anyways.....if your religion isn’t making you happy why do you believe in it? Isn’t religion suppose to bring you peace? I have found more peace since admitting I don’t believe in God.
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    Just simply lovely I waited a lifetime to meet her something I always dreamed about after several months of talking long distance she took it upon herself to come see me at first I thought she was pulling my leg but she was on a mission a mission to see the lady she fell in love with... And I her.... I remember picking her up at the airport almost 5 years ago and I held her hand in my truck all the way to the lovely suite I had booked for 4 days.. We were both equally a bit shy in the room but something I knew we both longed for.. It was the most amazing 4 days .. sad to see her go as I cried as I journeyed home... I knew my life would change from that point on and we are still together I talk to her on most days... she is my best friend my soulmate and my life ..
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    I'm married and have children, and my husband of 12 years is supportive of my bisexuality. While I'm not experienced with women, and I don't actively seek to explore my sexuality, I have developed a bond with a particular woman who lives on the other side of the planet from me. This has not changed my relationship with my husband, which has through the years, been honest with clear boundaries and active in support for each other's physical and emotional needs. We are, however, treating this with extra care because my connection to this woman is new to us, and it potentially (positively or negatively) impacts other people, such as her significant other. I hope to meet her someday, and I also hope that we both can meet each other's family. In my mind, the ideal situation is where two women bond in a way where they both get to experience and admire, not only each other, but also other aspects of their lives, especially the people who have helped them be the person they are.
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    It's those eyes. If only they weren't so big, and green, and sad. If only you weren't so complicated, damaged, and selfish... I wouldn't like you half as much. I couldn't be with a person who sails through life. Perfect grades, perfect career, perfect bank balance, perfect body. I don't force myself to achieve those things. I don't expect you to, but I kind of wish you would. I wish you were a perfect type A personality so I could hate your guts. Instead, you're a miserable bitch. You're stuck in a life you hate, and everyday is a struggle just to keep going. I admire you, the way you keep your shoulder to the wheel, even when you want to tell the world and everyone in it to fuck off. I like it when your smile reaches your eyes, because of something I said. I like that when you can't handle things, you pick up your phone and ask for me, instead of reaching for the blade and the medical wipes to harm yourself. I like that you found in me a safe place, somewhere you can place your trust without fear. I know that you're ten pounds of trouble in a five pound bag, and I like that too. The problem is I like you too much. I know you're halfway to insane, that you're traumatized, that you have about a million mental booby traps, brick walls, and defenses. I know people think you're a waste of my time. Maybe you are a waste of my time. But it's my time to waste, and unfortunately I'm wasting it on you. It only took a year to form this weird symbiotic relationship. You need me, I need you to need me, you need me to keep on needing you. How did that happen? And when did we finally realise it and become ashamed of it? We both know this isn't healthy, that happiness shouldn't be hinged to another person, but knowing all of this doesn't exactly give us the incentive to let go, does it? We've tightened our grip on each other. It's only a matter of time before one of us chokes. But what a way to go, eh? Keep smiling at me, green eyes. I'm yours for however long we're given.
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    Im a young girl who has always fanazised being with an older woman.....I get so wet thinking about her teaching me what to do by doing it to me, and then having her make me do it to her.... I think about it all the time and have gone as far as to join online dating sights looking for older women... Can anyone else relate? or any older women out there looking to chat? -young and confused
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    Ok, ladies, I have updates. Trying to anonymize the entire experience over the weekend because of the many parties involved. I did go to see her. We spent 3 days alone and we talked, went out and watched TV. I immediately noticed that she was/is not in an emotional frame where she could/want to talk about 'deep feelings/issues". She suffers from depression and (something that I was not truly aware until this point) she numbs herself with different "stuff" (not going into those deets either). Despite all her professional success, she is very lonely. We sat on the couch and she would glance at me and smile suggestively every few mins or so. Again, because I sensed that she was not in a good emotional state, I did not want to be pushy, aggressive and bring my agenda to the table. Part of caring for someone is understanding that it may have not been the right time to bring up "how much I was into her". Maybe she just wanted a friend around for a weekend who is more balanced than the company she keeps . Maybe as one of the readers suggested, she is sussing me out. This was her home and I wanted to be as respectful as I could for her privacy. Yes, I may have missed out an opportunity, yes, she may/may not invite me over again, but I do trust my instincts and THIS was not a good time for confessions. Have I turned this trip into something that (at least for her) was nothing more than a friendly visit? Possibly. Have I noticed her checking me out? Yes. But when the evening came we both went to our rooms and stayed there. I dropped enough hints during the visit that I am looking for a romantic relationship with a woman for her to get it. But since she did not make any moves (and she is not shy, believe me), this could mean that she indeed likes me as a friend. Time will tell. My feelings for her have not changed and they are not going anywhere. But when a person is telling you that they are not currently looking to hook up with anyone, my gut instinct told me to respect her space.
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    before shybi, I used to think I was the only married woman with desires for other women. I feel women tend to keep quiet about the possibility of being bisexual so it's hard to tell anyone. I don't want to be judged on my choices of being married to a man, yes I'm completely in love with him. but my curiosity for women has been overwhelming since I knew what "sex" was. kissed a girl once, I just remember her being so soft. it was on a dare. and she would ask me sexual questions and things but would always come back to "vaginas are gross". kind of misleading lol. sorry for the long post.
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    Before Shybi, I used to think.... I had to define what I am and how I feel, as if it somehow made a difference. I thought I needed to find all the answers in a singe description, as if sexuality was that simple.
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    It s difficult to find someone safe and discreet. Being married doesnt make it easy either. Looks like there is a lot like us out there going over this site.
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    Here's a video to change things up - a 1 and a half minute Magnum commercial featuring a beautiful lesbian wedding
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    So its another sleepless night or is it a sleepless morning? Trying to think about life and get myself together and this dream thought creeps right in, its like my mind has a mind of its own and I have no say in what it thinks whatsoever and I am beginning to think maybe it needs to be rewired. I wonder how painful electric shock therapy is ** thinking** I am kidding, but seriously anyone know??? Anyway, I had no idea where to put this in the forum so just decided to leave it here buried in my blog, incidentally who came up with the word blog anyway? I mean did someone just start writing something on the internet and thought what do I call this?? So I guess Blog was born and here we ( when I say we I mean me) talking about it and I doubt anyone really cares about the history of the word blog at all, so lets keep this moving on..... Without further adieu ( did I spell that right?) Apparently so since no little lines slapped my fingers.... here is the dream thought that popped into my minds mind.... As the moonlight streams in the window illuminating the room, my eyes open for a moment, awaken from a deep sleep, trying to focus on where I am and my surroundings. Hearing the wind blow, my eyes move to the focal point of the room, the fire in the fireplace dancing to the music the wind was playing. My eyes then darted to the window and seeing the snow fall at a very rapid pace, smiling like a child on Christmas morning, I dearly love to watch the snow fall, especially at night. I was tempted to get up go to the window and throw back the curtains wider, so I could watch the snow fall romantically to the ground. But the warmth and comfort of your arms enticed me to stay right where I was, feeling one of your arms wrapped protectively around my waist, your hand lying flat on my stomach, the body heat radiating from you warming not only my body but my heart. I listen quietly to the sounds of the wind, placing my hand on top of yours, hearing your even breathing, turning my head to watch you sleepy, in a very non creepy way, I wonder for a moment what you might be dreaming about and hoping it was my face you were seeing. After a while my eyes began to grow heavy, and I felt you scoot closer to me, smiling as I closed my eyes, I drifted off to sleep, feeling incandescently contented. ( Just love bold italics, don't you?) If you took the time to read this, thank you. I had better do the world a favor and get some sleep.
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    Time for me to leave here.Since I joined the site helped me a lot. I had some good times, good laughs and some bad times.I had sleepless nights, sometimes for staying up late discovering someone, sometimes because I couldn't keep the sadness of not understanding behaviors. I discovered more about myself and I've made few friends. Not many. Very few decided that I am worth it and sticked around. I regret nothing!!And I am thankful for the few that gave me chances and for all that didn't. But the site has nothing to offer me anymore and I certainly have nothing to offer either. Maybe some day I'll feel like I can offer again.Until then αντίο και ίσως τα ξαναπούμε
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    I was raised catholic, I am catholic but less strict and less hard on myself, if that makes sense. Guilt has to be one of the worst emotions, for me anyway. Most of my life has been driving by guilt. Making everyone else happy always putting myself last. Well u could imagine when this side of me started to wake up. I tried so hard to not even acknowledge it and when I did I thought for sure I would go to hell because according to my religion it’s a sin. As time went on, a lot of time I started thinking for myself and not what I was taught. I realized that I am a good person and treat all people with love, kindness and respect. Aside from little white ones, I don’t lie, steal and I have never killed anyone. I thought how can loving someone be a sin. I was taught God loves all his children unconditionally, he (or she) ;) doesn’t pick and choose and if he did he wouldn’t love any of us because no one is perfect we all have faults but loving someone, to me isn’t one of them. It’s not a choice who we fall in love with or who we desire. It’s a feeling we have inside. We were born this way, the way God intended us to be! Just be a good person, love yourself and others!
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    Before Shybi I used to think... Well. To be honest I'm not sure what to put. I've known and been fine with being bi from a fairly early age. I've had some experiences which were great. So all good in that respect. I suppose before joining shys I've always felt like an outsider, not because of my sexuality but just in general, and it's never bothered me but i sort of feel like I fit in here and its quite nice. Talking to so many like minded women is great
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    Before Shybi, I used to think that my lack of sexual experience with women disqualified me from the right to say I'm bisexual.
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    Before Shybi I use to think........ I was the only one that felt this way. I felt it was wrong to like men and women. I felt like I was cheating on my husband for having these feelings.
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    Before Shybi i use to think..that you couldnt be Bisexual if you had only 'fooled' around with a couple of girls..and that is just 'greed'..its amazing what you believe when you hear it enough times.
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    Which do you guys prefer? Tribbing Or scissoring? None of which I’ve done yet IRL. God. I cum hard enough watching it.
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    Wow, that was hot. I like the one that's suggested below: "girlfriend shared with another girl". It's obvious the girl on top has done this before, and maybe the girl on the bottom was the bicurious girlfriend. I also picture the girl leaving her boyfriend to start dating the experienced girl, but that might just be in my fantasy
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    I started watching porn about 5-6 years ago and now watch almost exclusively lesbian porn. I'm quite picky, though- surgical enhancements and silly long nails are a turn-off! I sometimes watch straight porn, although it doesn't do much for me, and occasionally I watch gay porn. It's the women who really do it for me, though.
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    Ashwini: My girlfriend in college was Indian (Asian, not American). I feel like I ought to be able to answer your question, but there are just so many things. On one hand, she was very American. I loved to go places and to shop with her. We had great fun. But there were some differences. She was smart as hell and positively driven. She graduated college in three years. Our relationship often came second to that. She was very family oriented. I loved and respected my parents, but she positively honored hers. She would never do anything to displease them. She was very modest. She never wore sleeveless blouses or tops and her skirts always extended well below her knees. Though we slept together many times, I only saw her naked once, and that was by accident. So, I guess my thought is she was just wonderfully different ... differences I cherished all the time I was with her. Ame
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    Tove Jansson and Tuulikki Pietila's beautiful love and partnership: https://www.moomin.com/en/blog/tove-jansson-and-tuulikki-pietila/ http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-26529309
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    Not too sure about it yet lol. I like the 2nd half better. Of course it is what I want to do to my boss haha! Too bad couldnt send it to her ;) Come close to me Feel my breathe on you The heart beat in my chest Our finger intertwined My lips on yours Feel the passion My tongue parting your lips More lust, more desire Bite your lip a bit Touch the small of your back Move my lips to your neck Make you feel helpless Throw you down Slide my hand, ankle to thigh Remove your shirt; your bra Caress your breasts My tongue explores your nipples Slip of your pants, off your panties My hands explore every inch of you Touch your breasts Gentle strokes Soft kisses Fingers guided to warmth Kiss your thighs Feel the heat My mouth invades. My mouth explores. My tongue penetrates My tongue twirls You moan. You twitch My tongue moves faster My mouth moves with you Juices become thicker Taste sweeter You shiver. You release I pull you down to me Kiss your lips. Smile.
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    @Punk Maneuverability and @Cute&Curious - At the risk of stating the obvious, if you’re concerned about Shy being quiet right now, don’t you think that chatting elsewhere (and encouraging other Shy members to do the same), ‘while waiting for things to pick up around here again’ will just contribute further to its demise? Obviously, chatting live is a qualitatively different experience, and you can certainly do whatever you want to, but considering that we all have just so much time in the day/night to engage in social media, going elsewhere will definitely have an adverse effect on activity here, and it will become even more quiet. The site has already lost quite a few members due to the last serious outage...and I’m sure you can do the math... Just say’in...
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    I prefer to regret what was done instead of what could have been as well. Didn't turn out well though. No way I could have known. Something to consider.
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    My thoughts exactly. It's good to know that there are so many likeminded ladies out there!
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    Before shybi I used to think... That I was the only woman who had made love to other women while married to a man.
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    I would try to avoid it if you can. I started out with a friend with benefits situation with my friend. I was in a bad marriage & was looking for comfort. Started out great, we just got closer & closer until we really fell for each other. My marriage has damaged me terribly & im still trying to deal with that. My friend & I, although we love each other, there is a lot of bitterness & resentment because my marriage isn't finished yet. Any day now, we are going to say enough is enough & I know we can't be friends. The good was amazing, but the bad is traumatic. Avoid if you can. Xx
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    Your hands finally slip under my top and at the touch of your skin on mine, I moan. I couldn't have stopped it, even had I been aware of wanting to. All I can focus on is the feel of your lips on my neck, your tongue, so sweet and talented on my skin and your ever increasing breathing in the otherwise quiet room. I turn and capture your lips with mine again and the kiss is impossibly more heated than the last. I nip at your bottom lip, my secret pleasure and your not so secret turn on, causing you to grind your thigh harder against my crotch. It eases my ache for a mere second, before intensifying it completely. We are dry humping on the couch again, a small functional part of my brain acknowledges. Which makes a nice change from dry humping in the passage, I guess. But none of this takes the edge off my constant need for you. Sometimes, often, and especially at times like this, I wounder if I will be able to withstand this "celibacy" agreement we have. While I fully support the reasoning behind it, the reality of only going so far with you is very, very trying. So much harder than I would have ever thought. I have thought about not beginning at all, that that might be easier, for me at least, but it seems our chemistry and attraction doesn't follow logic. We always end up groping at each other and I have never struggled more with my attraction to someone. Have never been so readily and instantly turned on by someone. Certainly never had restrictions put on me, at least since my awkward high school days. But trying as it might be, I love kissing you, touching you where I have free reign. To not do so seems almost as challenging to both of us as stopping is. But I am willing to do this, perhaps for the next hundred years. Because as much as I honestly want to have sex with you, to see, touch and taste every inch of you freely; I know I want a lasting relationship with you even more. You brush your thumb over my ultra sensitized nipple and I sigh, part longing, part pleasure. My breasts are getting more attention from you than any other lover has ever paid them. Small perks to our limitations, it seems. It does however have the slight draw back of adding to my aching need you create, without hint of a release. You look down at me, your dark eyes cloudy and unfocused with lust and I am certain mine are the same. We are lust drunk for each other and being as reckless as an AA meeting in bar. Your tongue wets your bottom lip before you smile at me, slow and teasing, before you lower your head and close your teeth over my nipple. Even with the barrier of my shirt, I feel like I want to climb out of my skin. Or into yours. You nibble my distended nipple, causing it to become even more erect and to my horror, possibly longer. I have issues about my nipples, how long and how large they are, seldom going without a padded bra for fear of appearing to have a permanent nipple stand. You've assured me you find this super sexy, and the amount of attention you constantly lavish on them certainly helps. You have to assure me about a lot of things and in that, this no sex rule imposed by your therapist has been great. It gets us talking and sharing in ways I have never been able to in a relationship. Nor have you apparently, seeing as this is a bid to get you to replace using sex to avoid emotional intimacy. Life is funny sometimes. You are the first person I have wanted to sleep with in over 4 years, and yet... I am grinding against your thigh, you against mine, my shirt is damp with your saliva and the ache in my core is almost painful. I don't know how you get me into this state, but you do. Sometimes with nothing more that a loaded look. I sink my hands into your curls, close against your skull and gently pull you off my breast. Your hand is still playing over my other breast under my shirt and I swear, if you pinch me again, no matter how gently, I am going to lose control. We maintain eye contact as we grind one another and if I didn't think this could get any hotter, I was wrong. I sit up as much as I can to kiss you. Partly because I need to, partly to break this moment. I am a strong woman, but even saints can only take so much and saint I am defiantly not. You allow me to slow the kiss down, allow me to kiss you softly, slowly, tasting your mouth like a fine wine or favorite desert. We both want to give into the heat, to our passion, but if neither of us takes control one of us is going to end up naked and cumming, if not both. I don't know how much longer we are going to have to wait, and normally I am honestly happy to, conflicted but happy. But tonight...tonight I need to be putting some space between us or I will soon be breaking my word, and I cannot do that... " Jayde..." I breathe your name, promise or prayer, I no longer know. As you pull away from me, I flip you over, pinning you beneath me on the couch. Your eyes flare, partly surprise at my strength to do so, a whole lot something else that I can't, won't go into right now. I distract you with a soft kiss, drag my lips down your face to your chin, your neck, down your body placing chaste kisses as I pass. I reach your waist line where your tee is riding up and finally succumb to my temptation. Placing an open wet kiss in the hollow of your hip, dragging my tongue across the expanse of your skin, my own personal torment and wish fulfillment as I feel you arch into my mouth, raise your hips towards me and instinctively offer access to every soft spot I might wish to taste. I sigh and sit up on my knees, your legs trapped beneath me as I follow the trail of my mouth with my eyes, from your jean buttons up to your eyes. "I gave you my word Jayde...If we don't take a time out right now...I don't know if I will be able to keep it." You bite your lip, and I can see your mind churning. If I know you, your are weighing up ignoring your therapists advise against our immediate gratification and I honestly don't think I could be or even want to be the voice of reason that this point. I want you, that bit is simple. But I have known since day one that my interest in you goes far beyond the simple pleasures we offer each other. " I don't know how you will fell about this, given that there is no reciprocation ,so I haven't bought it up." You voice holds a tremor beyond the heat of need. " But I get to touch you now." Your breathing as gotten heavier and even a less attentive partner would know that you are into this idea, but I am still confused. " Touch me now?" You reach out slowly and cup your hand under my sex, covering my crotch. Even through my jeans, my body heats instantly at your touch and I gasp lightly. " Why? I mean, what...um...how...now?" I struggle to override my bodies reaction to your touch and allow thoughts to create words and sentences that make sense. It doesn't help in the least that you are massaging me lightly as I try speak. You watch me for a moment and it is only when I place my hand on your wrist as if to still you that you speak. " So I was all about receiving really...before. About having fun and enjoying myself. Normally drunk or.... yeah." You chew your lip and I may have let a audible sigh escape my lips. " They got off...defiantly." You shoot me a look that is slightly apologetic but also smug and I can't help but shake my head as I smile at you. " But very little was about... I don't know... the woman I was with. Her pleasure, her experience. Other than that wanting for both of us to cum." Your eyes drop down to your hand over on my crotch and with that simple look, all sensation is amplified for me. " Gabbi says I can start with focusing on you now...like this, I mean..." You squeeze my flesh gently for emphasis, " sexually. Because this has become more about wanting to give you pleasure than just having sex." Your frown is cute, but your eyes are troubled. " That doesn't explain it...this very well..." I take pity on you and remove your hand from cupping me, placing a kiss on the center of your palm. "I get it, " I sigh. " Boy, do I get it." It has always been that way for me. I have always been more comfortable with giving than receiving, to the extent where I have used sex too, in my own way. How do I explain that I need to bring my partner the most pleasure possible, because I get off on it? That I do this because I know I am good with giving, but getting... letting go of that control and allowing the other party the same privilege of pleasing me is so scary and foreign that I fear I can't even? It might not be the exact same thing, but I think our basic wants might be similar. I kiss your wrist and brush my lips along your thumb. " What a pair we make." You raise your eyebrows, silent invitation for me to expand my comment but I shake it off. I am not sure I know how to even start. "So I what, just get to lay back while you have your way with me?" My tone is light and teasing but honestly my heart is pounding at the thought and a lot of that is fear. Fear that I won't be able to receive without wanting to regain some control, of the situation or my own emotions, I am not sure. "Well, to a certain extent anyways." Your smile is pure seduction and I don't think you are even aware. You manage to get up onto your knees without putting too much space between us and as soon and face is level with mine we are kissing. A messy hot kiss, all crushing lips and demanding tongues. You moan and pull closer to me, pressing your breasts, hips, body against mine as you bury your hands in my hair and surrender to the kiss. Your breathing becomes more shallow and soon we a basically panting into each others mouths as hands roam and skin is set on fire by touch alone. I want you to touch me, touch my cunt, where every touch of your fingers on my skin is mirrored with a pulsating response that should scare me. But I want you to touch me and that alone is scary enough. New enough. Don't get me wrong, I get turned on easily enough but never has the experience out weighed the expectation and now I fear never feeling...enough. Your hands cup my ass and we are grinding against each other again until I feel you unhook the button of my jeans. Your fingers are trailing lines of fire down my belly, to slip under the waist band of my underwear before I finally get my brain to engage and react. I grab your wrist lightly, halting your decent. Your eyes find mine and you wait me out, your breathing shallow and fast. " You should know...I er..am very wet." I swallow as one of your perfect brows arcs up. "Like excessively so....embarrassingly excessively so." Your eyes narrow as you frown slightly. " Why don't you let me be the judge..." and start to slide your hand into my underwear as soon as I release your wrist. Your eyes hold mine as your fingers slide over my mons and you lick your lips as you reach the heat of my folds. I can't quite read your expression but we both let out a shuddering breath as your fingers slip between my wet hot lips. " Fuck, " you pant, "that is so hot. You are so hot." You grip the back of my neck with your other hand and pull me hard against your mouth. " We are going to be so good together." You murmur against my lips. " So very, very good. And trust me, I am equally wet, if not more." I smile against your lips, not wanting to pull away and break this closeness as I feel your fingers slowly brush and part my labia, spreading my wet warmth everywhere you explore. "I don't think that is possible." I whisper, breathless as your fingers start to dance over my sensitive nerves. As you slide your slick finger tip up and around my throbbing clit I gasp and grip your shoulders. If there was a handbook on how to touch me for optimal results, you not only read it, you may have co-written it and you are one of the few who has. I close my eyes and rest my forehead against yours. Our breathing is shallow and you may be breathing even harder than I. I have instinctively started arching into your hand as you circle around and over my sensitized clit. I whimper in frustration as your finger leave me then, to travel down through my folds again. You grab my jaw and push me back slightly. " Look at m!" Your voice is a whisper but I obey instantly, this low level domination a new pleasure for me. You slip a finger into my wet channel and my eyes flutter closed as I sigh, only to instantly focus on you again. The look on your face, your attention to my pleasure is so damn hot and I forget that I don't really like penetration or this lack of control. You slip in another digit, along side the first and I grip the material of your top, partly to hold on, partly to pull you closer. You press down rhythmically on the wall of my vagina and it's a slow ache. I can't decide if I love it or need you to be harder, faster, all I do know is I don't want you to stop. Your thumb brushes over my bottom lip and I feel like every inch of sensitive skin on my body, every nerve ending is swollen with need for you. I nip at your thumb as I wish moments like this could last forever. The sight of you watching me is a complete turn on and both of us are still completely clothed. You are re-writing the book for me, of what is hot, and so far everything where you are concerned is. You turn your fingers inside me and now press up towards my pubic bone. I had thought it felt great before but your just continue to make me feel more amazing. My legs start to feel to weak to hold me and I am glad that we are kneeling. But most importantly, what you are doing to my body, what you are doing to my mind seems to have finally shut my brain up. There are no body issues yelling for attention, no running commentary of thought on how a woman should be or how I don't add up. No fear of not 'being normal' enough to get fully turned on. There is just you and this wash of sensation as you slowly pleasure me and it seems, yourself in the process. You sink your fingers deeper into me and brush your thumb over my clit. "Ah...fuck," I breathe against your neck and surrender to the urge to bite you lightly on your shoulder. Your groan is one of pleasure, we both seem to enjoy a slight amount of pain. Your hand slides from my neck to pinch my nipples as you whisper in my ear, your hot breath light against the shell of my ear. " I want to watch you come undone. I want to watch as that careful control cracks. And I want to be the cause of it." Your words add to the storm of my emotions and settle on my nerve endings. " For once, don't think, just feel." You replace your thumb with the flat of your hand and grind faster against my nub as you tease me higher and higher. I cling to you, tense with need and a million emotions that I couldn't express even if I could find my voice. I want to hide from you, to bury my face in the cradle of your neck but you claim my lips again. I can't kiss you deep enough to try convey what you are doing to me, for me and as I begin to spasm around your skilled fingers I lose all thought. " Oh god..." "That's right baby, let go, let go. I've got you", you murmur, your voice sounding far off as sensations tear through my body. I buck against your hand as spasm's seize my body for what seems like too long and far too short in an instant. As my mind clears I hear you whispering to me, soothing words as aftershocks spread from your slowly dancing hand. " Good girl. There you go....you're my good good girl." I find your lips and kiss you hard again, reluctant to ever let you go. This time it is you who slows the kiss, softly nipping at my bottom lip before placing soft kisses all over my face. I finally open my eyes and pull back to raise my brows at you. " Good girl?" I tease. Your laugh is unapologetic as you shrug and carefully withdraw your hand from my jeans. Maintaining eye contact with me you slip your glistering fingers into your mouth and slowly suck each one clean. " Mmmm," you moan and smile at me. " My sweet, sweet girl?" My laugh is slightly awkward, I don't know if I am turned on or embarrassed. I don't know how I taste but I certainly worry. " I can't wait to taste you from the source." Your eyes hold mine as we both picture this and I can't hide my slight shudder. You pull me close and kiss me softly before holding me close to you. I love your hugs...hell, I love everything about you. "Thank you." You say softly and I am sure that should be my line. I finally know that I can in fact orgasm with someone, and this was learned in the best possible way. "You have been so good about all my shit," you say. " And it's not easy and I'm not sure someone else would have stuck around." I squeeze you tight and give you a long kiss, without heat or intent. Just us, being together before framing your face in my hands. " But I have no place else I would rather be. No-one else I would rather not be having sex with." You laugh and we finally pull apart. I need to go shower and by the look in your eye, you could do with a cold one too.
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    Hello! My last status said I was going to try to be here more often (back in January!) and now it's October. Oops. Well, there's been a lot going on. In order of importance: 1. I got a well-paying job back in March! 2. I moved out of my parents' house and into my own apartment just a few weeks ago (I am so relieved) 3. I am getting a decent start on paying all of my own bills (even more relief) 4. I have a boyfriend! 5. I am back in contact with a high school friend, and hopefully we will remain friends even after she moves to Hawaii 6. I am researching LGBT groups/businesses in town, and there are a few places that still seem to be active. I'll do my best to go the next meetup! There's a lot of stuff I need to think through pertaining to... well, most of this list, but I really feel like I'm pretty on track to being a functional adult! And I really will try to be online more often this time!!
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    Stunning. I have tears falling.... @ZuZu'sPetals @JadeBleu15 Isn't it fascinating that this beautiful video is being used to market a product.....I think it's probably likely that the intended market is not just lesbian or bisexual women, but all women, and ...I think the underlying message has gone way beyond "acceptance" of diversity. This seems to be selling.....a new vision of happiness and new possibilities for pleasure for all women
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    In this forum, you have a great sounding board for your feelings. Use it. While it's great that you have good friends in real life, sounds like they may be in the awkward position of being stuck in the middle since they're friends with you and her. That's a sucky place to be. Use this forum as a way to get your feelings out. There's a way to blog on here, I think. Post. Comment on others' posts. You will get lots of sympathy and advice from people who have been where you are (like me). You're right...her don't-give-AF attitude makes her immune to the heartache you're experiencing. You feel vulnerable and weak. One thing that helped me was listening to various self-help and motivational people on YouTube. I would read tons of articles about walking away from an ex and boosting self-confidence. It gets your mindset in the right place.
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    I want to give writing historical romance a shot (probably the product of too much Pride and Prejudice recently) - only I want both my protagonists to be women. I've done my best to look up the practical aspects, ex: how much money would it take to set up a household, where would two women get that kind of money, would there have been any concerns with them not living with a male protector, etc, etc. without much luck. The most I've been able to find is general essays on what life was like for a woman who never married and as a result never set up her own household away from her parents/siblings or what it was like for wealthy widows that then went on to do (almost) whatever they wanted after their husbands passed. I guess my question is, do you think I can extrapolate fairly reasonable scenarios from this much research, or if not, does anyone have any recommendations for where I can find more specific information? (Also, if this needs to be moved, please let me know and I will move it. Just because it doesn't seem quite in line with the rest of the topics but I wasn't sure where else to put it.)
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    Friends are not food. seriously though only few can make that work usually it crashes and burns fast!
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    Must admit the scissoring/tribbing videos do it for me! Just wow x