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    Is it just me, or are heavily detailed and unexpected messages often better than watching videos? I've messaged a few girls over this past week, and I don't know if it's because my lesbian virginity is still intact, but it's driving me wild. I'm so insatiably horny, it's crazy. My clit aches from not having a break but I just can't leave it alone. I love it.
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    I've responded to topics on the 'ideal' several times since joining a couple of years ago, and I seriously doubt any of those responses were the same. The fact is, people change and grow, and our ideals change with experience. I've yet to find what I believe to be my ideal, like many married women, I thought I wanted just what you described above, a secondary relationship with a women while making my marriage my number one priority. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Except I now know better, if I did manage to achieve this, would it really feel ideal? I highly doubt it. I'd still want more. What good are ideals if they don't line up perfectly with those involved? Ideals aren't always practical or realistic, maybe they aren't meant to be, maybe they're meant to simply guide us through our journeys, helping us understand our wants and needs. I no longer have an ideal, just a better understanding of who I am and what I'm capable of. If it feels right then that's ideal enough for me, but if it isn't enough for those involved, it isn't right for me. I don't need ideal, nor do I need to be ideal, but I do need to be enough.
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    A friend to play with. That’s all I want. I have a husband and a family and don’t want that to change. I dont really want to fall in love with someone else; though loving someone has to be part of the deal just to make myself vulnerable. Ugh. Why does this have to be so hard. I wish we could just know when other women are as curious as we are.
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    My husband keeps telling me how soft and suckable/kissable my breasts are. I wish i had the opportunity to find out how soft and suckable a woman's breasts are! Sigh.....
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    Oh my goodness yes!! I can't see a pair of naked breasts without wanting to get my hands near them and my mouth around them. To play with the nipple as it hardens and feel the tenderness of the flesh that surrounds them. It definitely gets me horny!!!
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    I completely agree with you in that for a lot of married women, it starts with the idea of wanting another married woman. Someone who is in a similar situation, someone who will understand. Someone to have an emotional, and occasionally, physical connect with, whilst still having the comfort of your marriage. Plus, she's married too, so it'll be easy, she'll completely understand, right? Then the above just falls into place with someone you have got to know, at first it's amazing and exciting. Building this connection with someone who understands, someone who feels the same. But then feelings grow as you get to know one another. All of a sudden you're thinking about her more than you think about your husband. Then you meet, and everything you experienced online together is doubled. Being with her, touching her, being intimate with her feels more right than you ever thought it would be. Then there's the reality. The situation you thought you would be okay with has turned into way more than you expected. You've fallen in love with her, but you're married. But this was suppose to be what you both longed for? You thought this would make you happy? Only now she's all you can think about. You can't forget what it was like being with her, and you know she is what you want. But you're both married. Then you realise she's not ready for what you want, and you have to make some tough decisions. I think experiences and time both change our ideal, mainly because we learn more about what we want, and about what truly makes us happy. What I do know is the road to discovering what is our ideal is can be confusing and painful, but can also bring amazing experiences and happiness. I like the way @blueberry put it. Although I'm currently married, my relationship with my girlfriend is not my primary or secondary relationship. It's our relationship, and to me, it's just as important
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    I have started to notice that my girl on girl fantasies goes in one direction only. I get off of fantasizing pleasing a woman and nothing more. I want to give and I dont give a fuck if i receive or not. I have a couple of good ones like going to the movies but we're the only ones there. We start kissing and I eventually end up between her beautiful legs watching her come hard, i get so turned on by the thought of knowing i made her come that it's enough pleasure I will ever crave in my life. If only the object of my affection and fantasies will just let me have her once! Does anyone else relate? I don't know if i am weird or whatever but i just want to pleasure a woman and i dont care if i receive, knowing i pleased her is enough satisfaction for me.
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    Ya know @treelover123 sometimes ya both gotta come quickly first and then u can dive into hours more of making out and touching so that you can continue to both come and over again! neither of you should settle, just manage each other expectations as to the mood you are in and everyone leaves happy! ;)
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    I'll never forget the first time I had sex with a woman. I remember it just like it was yesturday. I just moved into my new home and my friend (who later became my gf) came into the bedroom where I was to help me unpack. There wasn't even a bed in the room yet. As we unpacked my stuff I kept catching her watching me. I would smile at her and then go back to what I was doing. Suddenly I stopped what I was doing and walked up to her. We gazed into each others eyes for a moment and then she softly kissed me. The kiss was soft and gentle at first then exploded into passion filled hard kissing. While we were kissing our hands were exploring each others bodies and slowly articles of clothing were removed slowly exposing our naked bodies. I loved holding her breasts in my hands and i kissed her neck. She would moan as she reached up to slide her fingers inside of me. I moaned and then laid her down on the floor and we had the most amazing sex i have ever had. She would arch her back every time i went down on her and it was the most amazing feeling ever. Her body was beautiful and I took my time exploring every inch of her body.
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    that's definitely one of my biggest fantasies. Having a sexy, short (like me) girlfriend to go shopping with and get our nails done and smoke, then we can have a little slumber party, have a couple drinks and just makeout and explore eachother ;) I would want to be the one to initiate our play time tho... touch her and tease her till her cute little panties are soaking wet and I start rubbing her clit. Id really want to go down on her too. my boyfriend makes me taste my pussy juices on his fingers and I love the taste so Im so curious to taste another girl ;) I seriously think about this scenario too much I need to find someone to make it real!
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    Ladies, I'm embarrassed to admit this one. Please tell me I'm not a complete weirdo lol. One of my fantasies involves a breastfeeding mama. I always think about massaging her full breasts and sucking on her nipples while her sweet milk flows into my mouth.
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    I have a fantasy that involves a woman who is a new arrival at a harem. She is taken one day to see another woman who is lactating and she is shocked to see a young woman at one of her breasts sucking softly. and swallowing the milk that is produced. She is guided to her other breast and is told to...suck...drink...and soon she is tasting the warm sweet milk and swallowing. The lactating woman begins to caress the back of each each woman's head, then after some time she gently signals them to stop, after which she pushes their faces towards each other and they begin to kiss.
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    Is it okay to be promiscuous? A floozy? Ideally, I’d like a bunch of lesbian friends who use me as their plaything. Failing that, I’d like a bunch of lesbian friends who accept me for who I am (minus the sex, not the prefered option but still a good option). I don't want to do anything that jeopardizes the relationship I already have. I don’t believe in magical relationships, I believe in give and take, and the notion that relationships require constant work, care and attention. So a bunch of lesbian friends would be nice.
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    Oh yes boobs!! Love mine all the time:) Would love the opportunity to an evening of booby play! Ice cream and honey come to mind....
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    I agree as well. It felt so right and natural. Her lips were so soft and her kisses were not intrusive and obligation free. That was my first thought. Her boobs were so firm and nice, I didn't want to take my hands off, I wanted I look and soak up the feeling I was having. I've never felt so loved before. When I went down there, it wasn't as bad as I'd thought. After we'd made love, I went to sleep spooned with her, next thing it was morning. I've never had that total feeling of being complete. I've never felt as comfortable with a man. With her I felt I actually had control, not just laying there, wishing it was over. I'd sum it up as being fully complete. An exact equal, 2 sides of the 1 coin.
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    Well I am new here not sure what I’m doing. Or how to even approach another female. I just know that I followed along with what was considered “normal” my whole life. After I was pregnant with my second child I noticed I a bit of an attraction to other women. Confused? Lost? I’m not sure. I am married, wondering, but still find myself attracted to certain women.
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    I'm glad this thread has opened up again. This is me. And it's been totally my own decision to be like that especially in regards to my children. I've no regrets about putting them first at all even at the expense of being able to do things for me. They're like my friends as well as my daughters and I enjoy every moment spent with them. However, now that one has moved out and the other is becoming more independent every day, I'm beginning to think about myself more and about what I want to do. My husband has always done that and, again, it was my decision to let him and for me to be OK with it. It's baby steps at first though. The other evening, he suddenly said how much time I was spending chatting on WhatsApp to someone. He was right. I do spend a lot of time talking to her. We proceeded to have a conversation about it. Just a short while ago, I probably would have thought that maybe it was too much and that I should cut down on this time spent chatting with her. I don't feel that way now though. I like talking to her. We have really enjoyable and interesting conversations on WhatsApp. She makes me smile and laugh and makes me feel good. I'm not willing to stop this in any way. This is the start of my time now. And, it feels great.
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    I think life and relationships, to an extent, can be as easy or as hard as you make them. Alot of the time we get treated how we allow someone to treat us. If you're entering into a relationship with a woman expecting to be treated like a 'second class citizen', you're almost devaluing your relationship from the start. You're right, things can be hard as a same sex couple, and there are challenges to face. But the reward of being in a loving relationship with a woman, far far outweigh all the possible negatives in my personal opinion. Unfortunately homophobia exists, and it always will. There will always be someone who hates. But this applies to everything in life, not just sexuality. Things are changing, the changes may be slow, but they're still there. My first relationship with a woman was 15 years ago. At times I was made to feel like it was wrong, I was called names, and I lost friends. I thought I deserved those things because of my choice to have a girlfriend. I believed I was doing something wrong. When the relationship ended, I started going out with a man, and it surprised me how easy it was. No one made me feel bad for being with him, or holding his hand in public, it was eye opening. Unfortunately due to my experiences, I developed internalised homophobia. This in turn lead to some harmful patterns of behaviour whenever I became intimate with women. When you surround yourself with all the negative views about being in a same sex relationship, you sometimes start believing them to be true. Yes, there will be times when you hold your girlfriends hand in public and some moron makes a remark. Yes you may have to listen to homophobic views from time to time, but it's much much less tolerated than it ever has been. You should try to be proud of who you are and who you love. So, to your question. Yes a relationship with a man can be very easy. Lot of the things you raised will not be issues of any kind. However, what other issues would you face instead? If you're in a relationship with a man, when you really want a woman, then no it will not be easier. Try not to get caught up on all the negatives, a womans' love can be wonderful.
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    Every lesbian fantasy I have involves making out with a woman's nipples -- letting it slide between my lips, sucking it, circling it with my tongue, softly nibbling and pulling -- I can't wait to do it for real, and have the same done to me. It's such a turn on.
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    I have a fantasy of spending time with a beautiful woman at night while my boyfriend is at work. We would lay together and watch movies then I would make the first move by touching her thigh. My hand would slowly make its way up and I would find her already wet. I would place kisses on her neck, collar bone and chest as I play with her clit. I would lick and suck her breast until her nipples are as hard as I could get them. Then She would return the favor. I want her hands to pleasure me while I do the same to her and we both cum at the same time... I've never been with a woman but this is how I always imagine it...
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    Boobs are fun for sure! And they all feel different. I love watching my girl suck on and play with mine, when her eyes meet mine, then she closes her eyes like she's in heaven and goes to town. I love feeling hers pressed against mine when we hold each other or watching how they move when we're using a strap on... I could go on! LOL
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    My heart aches. There's a hole in my life. When you are near I feel whole. My body comes to life. Singing with energy like it has never know. My soul sings and all darkness shatters around me. Forbidden to touch. Forbidden to love. You are my Apple and I'm your Eve. I want to taste you, hold you, be yours. And you mine. Shy glances, knowing smiles. Waves crashing, lips collide. Passion. Explore. Beauty. Feeling of hope and wonder... Wonder... wonder how I have gone through life so long not knowing what true passion was. Wonder how life is so cruel to take this long to bring us together. Together. Only for a small time. Not forever. Wishes. Wishing that you could be mine, and I yours. Forever. Heartache. Longing.
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    I stumbled on some erotica where two new moms discovered their attraction to each other and they tasted each other's milk while they got intimate. It was rather hot. Thanks for sharing your fantasy.
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    I think it might be unique-let's see if some ladies reply in support! Hasn't crossed my mind before, but a few thoughts pop to mind: 1) I don't think it's weird and don't think you should be embarrassed-it just feels unique to me, 2) I think you are going to help a lot of breastfeeding mums with confidence! When I was breastfeeding-I really struggled to see my breasts as sexual objects. Because breast play is such a huge turn on for me, it started impacting our sex life-and I didn't believe hubby that they were still sexy-I felt like a cow! Reading your post makes me realise breast-feeding breasts can still be sexy! 3) Still don't think I would want to suck on a mums milk filled breasts - but the way you described this is super sexy and I would definitely be open to receiving it if I was still breastfeeding! I think you'll be creating some new fantasies for mums here so good on you!
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    Hi! I am new to all of this. I am happily married with children. I recently just feel that something is missing. I have never been with another female, but I have always found other women attractive. As long as I can remember I have been curious which always made me feel awkward. I was raised to believe that same sex relationships are dirty and bad, but as an adult I think there has to be so much more than just black and white. I want to believe in a true gray area. With the alsupport and encouragement from my husband I have been looking for a friend to chat with and hang with, see where it goes from there. I feel like it’s so hard to find anyone. Any suggestions or ideas where to start? Better yet, anyone near the Buffalo, NY area?
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    I hesitate to refer to myself as "mature" although I'm 48. Maybe that's because I just spent an hour checking out the ladies in yoga pants while at the grocery store. Many of us who've been married for decades identified strongly with a discussion on a different thread. We feel like we've spent our entire lives being sensible responsible pleasant daughters, wives and moms, anticipating everyone's every need and working hard to not make anyone uncomfortable or inconvenienced. Now we're questioning where this is really getting us, and if this is truly how we want to spend the second half of our lives. .......SO....... consider this thread as permission to do something out-of-character.... something unsensiible or downright stupid....... something secret and just for you, even maybe something (gasp) selfish...... or lazy........ or hugely brave. Then tell us about it. Doesn't matter if it's something big or a tiny first step.
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    It seems that so many of us women across the globe take that caregiver role to the point of practically losing ourselves along the way. This thread and the many posts here prove that's true. I value every post because I know there's a woman writing each story who has had some struggles of her own. We get stronger when we share and support one another. Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories. I know that at this point, I need to shift the focus to me and take better care of me. I do this by taking Zumba classes and exercising frequently. I even got certified as a Zumba instructor so I can sub for my teachers if needed. I'm rededicating myself to my work, which helps me be more independent. I've got three amazing daughters who make me proud each and every day. They're young adults and they're doing just fine. I've been in an emotionally abusive relationship for too long, and I just may break away. I'm getting stronger with the help of a great therapist and one very special friend. My advice is to reflect on where you've been, where you are, but most importantly, reflect on where you'd like to go. Develop a plan to get you there. Then get going! Find support, figure out what you need, and find it.
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    When I first joined this site in 2010, I was in a relationship with a young man. Engaged, in fact. There were... many reasons why we shouldn't have been together, but that didn't stop either of us from 'trying'. However, we split up once I finally decided that I couldn't stand living with his thumb pressed down on Me, every day. I'll save (most of) the ancient history but suffice to say, he wanted a woman that I was/am not. I've been openly out as bisexual since 14, so he knew about this part of Me pretty much from day 1. After we got more serious (and his ultra-possessive nature kicked in), he set firm limits for My self-exploration. He was uncomfortable with Me just being 'alone' with another man pretty much from the beginning - even if the meeting was in public place and involved studying for an exam. That fear magically started to apply to women as well during My second year of college, four years after we got together. I know that for relationships to work, all sides must compromise at some point or another. Fear and insecurity can plague even the strongest relationships, from time to time. But there were so many red flags that I ignored because I'd convinced Myself that I needed to be the woman he wanted... Not the woman I actually was/am. I tried so many ways to make the relationship work, even playing the role of a submissive. Talk about trying to shove a square peg in a round hole... But I'll get to that some other time. The real problem - for My side, at least - was that I did not recogize or respect My own value. The last few months of our relationship felt like poorly-placed dominoes as I tried to reconcile (what I thought was) love and the personal anguish I felt, trying to keep it all together. Start, stop. Start, stop... One day, something finally clicked in Me. I saw My reflection and knew it wasn't what or who I wanted to see. Something had to change. As 'luck' would have it, he had a tantrum about something unrelated to us that day... and for some reason, threatened to take away My engagement ring (for the third time in a year). That was it, for Me. I told him it was over and that I deserved respect from My partner - not threats. I've rarely felt such strong surges of assurance that I was making the right decision, than on that day. I made some hard choices to sever our seven year relationship. It was a hellish experience but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was tough readjusting but it didn't take long to see the fruits of honesty and self-awareness. I started living healthier, losing weight, and surrounding Myself with friends who'd previously lost interest in the person I had become. The entire transition was a real eye opener. Five years later, My life feels like it belongs to a totally different person than the one I was when I joined here. Even though I was open about My desires and identity back then, I was forcing Myself to cover up the results of those desires and that identity in 'real life'. I let him (and Myself) force Me into believing that I couldn't truly... Be. No longer am I under that impression. Since rejecting that notion, I've tackled many goals. I moved out of state. I acquired two degrees, and now I'm working on getting the third. I met a man who loves Me for Me - and now we've been married for two years. We have had our ups and downs which I'm sure I'll likely mention at some point. Long story short, he encourages My exploration and supports My endeavors. Seeing as how this is already a novella, I'll end with this... It changed My life to realize I needed to be Myself. It's such an obvious need but it amazes Me how many of us cover up our true selves in order to please others... to our own detriment. I shared a bit about My story here to let others know: if you're fighting yourself, there's likely a bigger reason than you may realize. Honesty is excruciatingly difficult sometimes, but in My case... That pain was My saving grace. I hope if you are seeking your truth, you persevere to find it. The journey can be so worthwhile, especially if you find someone who wants the real you.
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    For me the self fish aspect always weighs on my mind, I really think I was conditioned to believe/feel anything I wanted to do for me was/is selfish. I’m learning selfcare is important for me and for my family ( even if they don’t think so) selfcare makes me a happier person. I still have a long way to go and reconditioning my mind that it’s ok to take care of me...
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    I have a landing strip to remind me that I'm a woman, not a pre-pubescent girl (no offense intended to those who do shave it all off).. Whenever a guy has asked me about shaving, I always wonder in the back of my head, "Why, do you want me to look like a little girl?" Kinda freaks me out. Thankfully, my husband never asked or commented on it.
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    Unfortunately, any changes like this are under the control of someone who is unlikely to make any changes. That said, if a jealous visitor is a true concern, it's much better for that person to be aware of what they're posting and how it might identify them, because there's absolutely nothing stopping a jealous visitor from making an account to get access to the private stuff. Plus the publicly available posts are at least as likely to contain identifiable information.
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    Wow, this post hits close to home for me. So 11 years ago I had a brief affair with my colleague, who is a lesbian. I completely fell for her and we ended up having a passionate night together. I had literally just gotten married, and my feelings for her completely took me by surprise. Thus started the most difficult year of my life, facing my sexuality, questioning my marriage, losing my new love. I couldn't handle the emotional side of carrying on an affair. I told my husband I was falling for her, that we'd kissed, I couldn't tell him all of it, he still doesn't know. I had to cut off all personal contact with her. I needed her out of the equation to figure out myself and my marriage. Long story short, I stayed in the marriage, but it has not been easy. My feelings for her, and general desire to be with a woman have never gone away. We had children, which were a good distraction for awhile, but the last year or so my longing to be with a woman again has grown to a point I can't ignore it. I decided I had to tell my husband, or I would likely end up cheating again, and I don't think I could handle that. My husband is my best friend, and I never want to hurt him. So, he's been very accepting, surprisingly so, and has given me the go ahead to find a friend with benefits. I don't want a girlfriend. I know how quickly and intense feelings can grow between women, and I don't want that to compete with my marriage, which I know it easily could. I was lucky to quickly find a woman online in a similar situation, and we've started seeing each other every couple of months. We get along really well, enjoy our time together, but then return to our marriages, which we both agree are our primary relationships and priorities. So I guess I have 3 main points from all of this.... 1. The feelings you have won't go away, and if you try to ignore them could easily lead to depression and a break down of your marriage anyway. 2. An open marriage only works with clear communication between you and your partner, and clear expectations and guidelines that everyone agrees to. 3. My feelings for my co-worker have never gone away. We spent 5 years essentially not speaking at all, and then slowly built a friendship (We're still working on this). It's hard, but I decided I would rather have her in my life as a friend than not at all. I also strongly recommend counselling. On your own first to help you figure out what you want, and then with your husband. Good luck, I don't envy your position, and I completely know and sympathize with you about how heart wrenching this whole situation is. <3
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    Hurting, perhaps. Maybe a little. Perhaps. Deep down missing something. A kind of kinship. Friendship. That only two women can share. Shared secrets. Smiles. Touching. Boundaried limits. Safe. Secure. Gentleness, warmth, softness. Sliding my fingers along her arm. Holding her close. The smell, divine. Whispers. Giggles. Spooning. Sleeping. All the while knowing I can’t go there. Not back there. Holding the fantasy in one hand. The other hand letting go. A deep connection. Unexplainable. Exquisite. Nonexistent. Redundant. Next word: unfathomable
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    The average man's ego cannot take the truth on sexual matters! They'll feel insecure and do not know how to handle information like this. They'll pretend like it's all good but in reality they want to cry. They want to be supportive but most won't know how. I would never, ever divulge any potential female relationship that I thought could turn sexual. This is only my opinion though.
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    I'm late to this thread on account of a busy Thanksgiving, part of which was spent showing some people that pheasant actually makes a better Thanksgiving feast than turkey, but that's neither here nor there. Did someone say something about being a Bad Lesbian? Can't have that. Bad Lesbians don't get fruitcake for Christmas. Or they might even get a spanking. Benedetta pretty much nails it. Lesbian sex doesn't have to mean any one thing, and it doesn't have to last for any set time. And as for how long it can last...well maybe that's unanswerable because when you're with her time stands still. Maybe it can be about making her feel loved, and appreciated, and cared for, and special. . If that means you need to make her come until she's a limp, sweaty mess, then that's what you do. Or maybe you do something else altogether.
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    I find myself thinking of this often. what they would feel like in my mouth and mine in hers, both of ours rubbing together. ugh I just can't. someday!!
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    Oddly, I have never been pregnant and cannot get pregnant due to a hysterectomy but I think pregnant women are incredibly sexy and with the raging hormones, they are horny and need extra TLC. Mmm and those luscious full breasts. I would not turm down an invite from a beautiful, sensual pregnant woman. Mmmm.
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    I didn't want the clutter up the forums so I thought I just put this here so I can be excited somewhat in public...I'm talking to a girl on a dating site And things seems to actually be going well. She's not super far way from me, she seems super nice, and I'm really hoping that we actually get to the point of meeting up. It's been such a long time since I've been attracted to someone on a dating site (probably because I was sticking to men and my attraction to men seems to be very very low anymore), let alone someone who seems to share that attraction, I really hope this works out.True, if this works out I have to have The Conversation with my dad finally but for now, I'm very happy. That's it. I just needed to get that out so I don't accidentally explode at work and blurt it out to my blissfully unaware coworkers...
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    WE DO NOT DELETE PROFILES. Countless threads would become indecipherable if we deleted members as asked. Please be aware in your postings that your posts will stay. If you decide to leave the forum, if your post count is zero, your account will fall out of the system in time. You (or we) won't be able to delete posts or threads to get to zero. If you have posts you want to remove, and you have created enough posts to have the edit option (20 posts overall), you can edit those posts to remove the content you want removed. While we hope you won't do this, we also understand sometimes it is what needs to be done. You will probably want to remove any photos from your profile, as well as any identifying information, as your profile will still be searchable and available.
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    Hi, everyone. It's nice to be back. I originally joined Shy's in 2010. I was a pretty active poster for a while. Many things have changed in My life since then... I had considered updating My previous profile but for the sake of privacy I do not think that's possible. I am not concerned about others knowing about My sexuality as I've been proudly out since the age of 14. I joined Shy's before I attended college. Two degrees and almost ten years later, I have been / am under more public scrutiny due to My specialty. Unfortunately, I cannot risk the utter transparency with My identity here as I had before. Oh, to be young again. ;) However, that will not limit the things I intend to share. I am pretty much an open book... Aside from My name. (I'd like to apologize for the cloak-and-dagger intro - I mentioned the previous in order to say this.) I was greatly empowered by this site back then, and it helped Me find the path towards sustained happiness. The interactions and revelations I had here helped reveal to Me that I was not on that path. For that, I am eternally grateful. I'd like to say, to every woman who has had the courage to share herself here... Thank you. Your story may help others in ways you'll never know. Here's hoping the updates from Mine might do the same. Cheers.
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    This thread is a little old but wanted to share my experience: My long-term BF, who may as well be my husband, always knew I was bi and that I'd had experiences with women in the past. It never came up in our own relationship until this year, when I fooled around with a female friend ... behind his back. I went a while without telling him but eventually the guilt ate me up and I decided we needed a conversation. He was furious at first... we were at real threat of breaking up for a few days. But once the anger settled we were able to have a very candid, real talk about things, and how we might move forward. My BF is an open-minded, understanding man who is able to grapple with life's gray areas. I'm very lucky. Also, we don't have kids so that makes things a little easier. We came up with some ground rules that would allow me to explore with women. So far that has consisted of a couple nights with the female friend mentioned above, and another short-term fling arranged on a dating website. I give my BF basic details, he knows who I'm with and when, but I don't get elaborate. We are still figuring things out and yes it's a little delicate. I do have some doubts and insecurities about the door we've opened. My biggest fear is that my BF will develop his own desire to explore new things outside of our relationship, which I am not ok with ... even though I acknowledge it's not "fair" for me to have my fun and him not. We have also not properly addressed what would happen if I developed real feelings for a woman and wanted to be more committed to her. So far neither of these scenarios have come up and I hope they don't, but ... you never know. Bottom line: it's tricky! But for me it's been extremely helpful to be able to address everything honestly and openly with my BF and navigate this WITH him. Lies and secrecy certainly would have destroyed our relationship.
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    I think I would love hot messages from a woman!
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    I don't know. Perhaps. I kind of doubt I'll ever label myself a lesbian. It doesn't seem right with my life history. But I also realized one day that it's been like 15 years since I really felt attracted to a guy. Is that just situational? If I weren't involved with a man, would I feel differently? Or would I be like @bi-the-ocean describes, go get involved with a woman, and decide I didn't actually ever truly like men after all? So I call myself queer or not-straight and leave it at that. Pretty much covers all bases.
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    @Rani: Wow! This just exploded in my head like napalm. I'm seriously jangled. Oh Wait That's not what you asked. What did you ask again? I wasn't paying attention. LoL Ame