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    I've known my best friend Kat since college. While I was experimenting with girls, she saved herself for marriage to the perfect guy. They really are good together so I was surprised when she revealed to me that she was not entirely satisfied in the bedroom. He could give her a good dicking though. Guys, she even gave up her ass to him!! And apparently, his fingerbanging skills were top notch, but he would not put his mouth anywhere near her vagina. She gave him head all the time, but it was because she liked doing it as much as he liked receiving it. He's never returned the favor so she really didn't know...but the way he responded differently when she sucked him off made her want the same. She knew I was bi; I never hid it from her, so I wasn't sure why she was telling me this. I could have responded like a normal human, but Kat was gorgeous! And, she just so happened to be talking to me about something I was an expert in. So the words that came flying out of my big mouth were, "Jesus Christ, I'd go down on you in a heartbeat if I had the chance. You're hot as hell!" I instantly regretted it. The truth is, I'd always found her attractive, and I'd had a naughty thought (or two...or three...) about her, but I always feined disinterest for obvious reasons. Yet, there I was...basically telling her that I would fuck her. She took it in stride though and just giggled and moved the conversation forward like it was no big deal. That was 9 months ago. Besides my occasional bouts of feeling like a dumb ass for saying that, nothing about our friendship had changed at all. Fast forward to last weekend. She asked me to travel with her to a jewelry exposition she was having. This was not abnormal, we had taken overnight trips together on several occasions. But not since I said what I said. So the whole time we were driving there, I was being ultra careful that I did not do or say anything to make her think I was lusting after her. Everything was going well until the night after the tradeshow. It was a crazy busy day so we decided to have drinks and relax at the hotel bar. By the time we made it back to our room, we were both tipsy and giggling like teenagers. I headed straight for the shower while she plopped down on the king-size bed to call her husband. She surprised me by coming into the bathroom while I was still drying off in my towel. She undressed in front of me while I was brushed my teeth. She was lingering while naked a little too long so I had to ask her, "Ummm...what are you doing? I'm --" "Relax," she said, cutting me off and gesturing to her body, "we both know I don't have anything YOU have haven't seen before!" and stepped into the shower. She laughed heartily as she closed the glass door. I shrugged as I walked out laughing as well and called out, "Touché!" over my shoulder. So, about that king size bed. It was literally big enough that we didn't have to be anywhere near each other. I slid in on a side and hung out as close to the edge as possible. As soon as the lights were off and were laying there in the dark and silence, my mind started to wander. As I said, she was gorgeous and it was a real treat to have seen her naked earlier. Her tits were the perfect size. Her caramel colored nipples were tiny but erect. Her pussy was bare except for a small patch that was trimmed super low. By now you're probably getting how this whole time I had been overthinking & trying so hard to pretend I couldn't see her that I drove myself to thinking about her non-stop. I lay there fantasizing for a long time. Hearing her steady breathing and assuming she was fast asleep, I brought my hand down and started touching myself as I thought about how delicious she looked earlier. It was slow at first but then I started really getting into it. I realized I was getting carried away so I turned to make sure I hadn't woken her up and oh my fucking god, she was watching me. I don't know for how long, but just knowing that I'd been caught sent my heart racing. She didn't say anything though. She just smiled and bit her bottom lip a little. What she did next shocked me. She slowly pushed her t-shirt up, exposing her breasts. Then she kicked our covers down so that I could see her hand which was now reaching down into her panties. I watched, in stunned silence, as she squirmed beneath her own touch. At this point, I knew that she knew what she was doing to me. I reached into my own panties again as I watched her. Her face took on a look of absolute pleasure as she watched me too. I couldn't stop myself from doing what I did next. I moved and laid on my side right next to her. Even then she didn't stop exploring herself, so I put a hand on her stomach, brought my face to hers, and kissed her. She kissed me back in a way that I can only describe as hungry, like she'd been waiting for my lips for so long. I moved to straddle her as we kissed and suddenly her hands were on my face and in my hair, then on my back pressing me onto her. I pulled away from her to take my shirt off. Her hands then found my breasts and she rubbed over them, gently grazing my nipples. I put my hands on top of hers and squeezed my nipples with her hands. I didn't want her to stop touching me, but there was something I wanted even more. I leaned back down, bringing her arms up over her head and holding them there as I kissed her again. I moved from kissing her mouth to kissing her neck. I could tell she wanted to reciprocate so badly. She was pushing her body hard against mine. I brought my face back up to hers, looked her in the eyes and said, "Keep your arms here. Just lay back and let me..." She inhaled deeply as I let her go and moved down, taking a nipple into my mouth. She let out several whispered Ohs as I teased her nipples back and forth with my hands and my mouth. I kept traveling down, leaving a trail of kisses from her chest to her stomach. I tugged at her panties and she moved to help me get them off. Wow were they soaked through! I continued my descent of kisses, returning to her stomach where I had left off. I knew she'd been craving this next bit for a long while (& if I'm honest, so had I!), so I took my time. I alternated between kissing and rubbing her mound as well as the crest of her closed lips. Whereas she was eager and rocking against me before, she was now calm and breathing deep, anticipating breaths. She yielded to me and allowed me to spread her legs myself. I kneeled between them with my hands on her knees. I took in the full view of her beautiful body in front of me as I let my hands slide down her thighs. I fondled the very outside of her lips with my thumbs, pulled them apart to see the sticky wetness that had gathered there. Laying down, I kissed one of her thighs and kept kissing down and down until I reached her pussy. She was so turned on that my mouth came away wet with her as I pulled back from my first tiny kiss. The first taste of her juices nearly sent me into a frenzy. Part of me wanted to be greedy and devour her. But I kept my resolve and kissed her clit gently at first, reaching out with only the tip of my tongue, then mouthing as much of it as I could, gripping with my lips and pulling it into a deep kiss. I felt her hands on my shoulders. "No touching, remember?" I cautioned her playfully. She brought her hands back up to rest on her head and tousled her hair, whimpering a little in frustrated ecstasy. I teased her like that for a little while, relishing the taste of her as she squirmed and moaned softly. Then I went all in, spreading her pussy open with my fingers and and putting my mouth and tongue all over it. I reached up with both hands and pulled her nipples while I continued to circle my tongue around and around her clit. She was moaning loudly now and I kept at it until my face was messy and her juice was dripping down my chin. I slowed down the intensity and rubbed her pussy with my fingers. She spread her legs as wide as she could and pushed her hips up just a bit as if to ask for more. Finally, pushing one finger in deep and letting it come to rest inside of her, I pushed my tongue down on her clit in a licking, sucking rhythm that took her to the edge. She was moaning very loud and grabbing at the bed sheets. She got louder and louder, screaming as she orgasmed. I liked the sound of that. I put my hands on her waist as her body shook hard and just held my mouth over her clit until the throbbing subsided. When she settled down I crawled back up beside her. She grabbed my face and kissed me, sucking my top lip, then my bottom lip, tasting herself off of them. I thought she would have been ready to settle down but she was instead ready to take what I had denied her earlier. Her hand reached down and rubbed my pussy outside of my drenched panties. She kept fondling until she had pushed my panties far enough aside that there was no longer a barrier preventing her fingers from sliding against my wet folds. She slid down and sucked on one breast as she gently rubbed my clit and dug deeper into my wetness. Her strokes were unsure but she continued to explore me trying to find my hole. I reached my hand down and guided her. Her confidence then grew with every thrust of her finger and at my insistence she gradually inserted another and another. She fingered me for a while before pulling her fingers out of me and putting them in her mouth. She looked right at me, coyly, as she sucked my juices off of her fingers. I turned onto my back and started masturbating, assuming she was not going to go down on me. I couldn't have been more wrong. She pushed my hand aside and brought her mouth down on my pussy and reinterpreted some of the same things I had done to her with my tongue. I reached under my leg and fingered myself as she licked me until I came. She came back up beside me and we kissed a few more times then caressed each other until we fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up to her kissing my shoulder, her tits pressing into my back. She reached under my arm and fondled my nipple as she grinded her pussy against my ass. I turned over and she straddled me. I reached down and pressed against her clit as she rocked against me. I couldn't believe she wasn't freaking out and instead wanted more. So I put my hands under her ass and urged her to sit on my face. I ate her out like that until she screamed again, grinding against my face as she orgasmed. Her tradeshow was from Friday to Sunday, so for three days I fucked her and made her come over and over again. She's tried to find an excuse to be alone with me since. Finally, tonight, after trading dirty pics and sexting all week, she's coming over to (her words, not mine) sit on my face. Mmmmnnnh. I should probably feel used, but I'm loving every minute of it! -------
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    I never thought I would be writing this post…but a week ago I told my husband that our marriage was over. My bisexuality has developed, to the point where I don’t want to be with a man at all and I don’t love him in the way that a wife should. About 18 months ago, my feelings towards women really stepped up a notch and in that time I have struggled to connect sexually with my husband. I got to the point where I was feeling really unhappy that I might never get to be with a woman sexually again (previous experience was limited and many years ago). My husband, who has always known of my bisexuality, tried to understand my desires and said it would be ok to find someone to explore with. Recently, I met a wonderful woman online, who also had an understanding husband. We messaged non stop, then moved onto phone calls and FaceTime and very quickly had made a strong connection with each other. We met at a hotel and had a proper date - a first for both of us. What followed was the most incredible, highly erotic marathon of a night that I never, ever want to forget and I hope that we will get to repeat. Wow! During our time together, something clicked into place. Every thing that this beautiful woman and I did, felt right. It was natural, I enjoyed every moment of both giving and receiving and I was distraught at the idea of never having that again. Less than 24 hours after saying goodbye to this incredible woman, the reality kicked in that I might need to end my marriage. I couldn’t see myself going back to my husband and being happy, or being able to remotely enjoy sex with him. I was worried that I would just be pretending. My worries were correct. I had to do the right thing and be truthful and honest to both myself and my husband. I don’t regret my night of passion one bit; that incredible woman has helped me to realise that sex can be absolutely amazing and that I was ready to make a change in my life and start accepting who I really am. I don’t regret my marriage either; my husband and I have had a wonderful 14 years together, we have a beautiful daughter and will remain a great team - both for parenting and support for each other through life.
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    Omg. I’m going through a “longing” and “aching” for it stage, right now. I haven’t had sex with a woman since April of last year. I’ve officially created a new record of the longest time w/o doing the nasty. In the meantime, I’ve turned to porn to get some jollies. Lol. I’m absolutely obsessed with real, homemade porn. I LOVE it when I can hear the girl cumming. I love how she rides her face. Ugh. And since I have no one else to share it with in my real life (my straight friends would think I’m prob trying t throw a hint their way): http://www.homemoviestube.com/videos/396813/lesbian-face-sitting.html
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    Many of us are drawn to a bit of emotional danger. We like the girl who is mysterious, who keeps us guessing, and on our toes. We like the girl we know we have to compete for. It makes us feel awesome when and if we win. She's had a rough past, and we want to believe we can be the one to change things for her, we think we could be the magical cure that makes her feel happy and loved. She is the kind gestures that you have never preformed for another women. She is the thoughts that consume you at night when you're alone, and you hate to admit that you're thinking 'Is she in someone else's bed tonight?' Eventually you wake up and realize that you're not enough for her, no one is, and no one ever will be. After enduring these kinds of relationships and wondering if all people are like her, you cross paths with a different type of girl. She seems to be like a magical creature, handcrafted by Disney, she is the unicorn girlfriend, you blink twice, checking to see if she is real. Someone so beautiful, funny, intelligent, emotionally sound and uncomplicated couldn't possibly exist outside of a work of fiction. Could they? You're amazed when you discover she doesn’t play games, she tells you her intentions from the start and holds true to them. You're confident you aren’t going to lose her, she loves you and has prioritized you as important, that not only makes you confident in her, but yourself as well. She tells the truth, when you say or do something she may not agree with, she’ll let you know without being passive aggressive about it. She follows through with her promises, the things she says she’ll do she actually does. She values your relationships with others, not only is she trying to make things work with you, but she tries to make a good impression on your friends and family too because those people are important to you. She doesn’t add extra stress to your life, and she makes you feel better just by smiling at you. She’s doesn't insult you or make you feel bad, she lifts you up and her affection is genuine. She challenges you to be the best version of yourself, she doesn’t want to change you, but sees the potential of what you can be, and encourages you to live up to it. She loves the wonderful things you do for her, but she isn't a one way street, doing sweet things for you too genuinely makes her happy. Like showing up during menstruation week with your favourite movie and chocolate and lots of cuddles because she cares. When you go out with her, all other women seem to fade into a blurry grey background, and all the colour and light in the room seems to be coming from your girl. That's how awesome you think she is. The best part? You're not afraid to tell her, because you know you're the apple of her eye too. There is no fear in your relationship with her, no insecurity, no anxiety, no games, and the love is true. I'm making a point to stay away from headwreckers from now on. Bring on The Unicorn!
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    I've found a lady who actually understands me. She is decent and loves me and I do with her. We have no secrets from each other and we are true to our word with one another. She's taken the big step of introducing me to her mum and brother. She's never done this before. We've both come from rubbish situations where we are rebuilding ourselves after difficult previous relationships. We are now doing this together. It's early days but all the signs are good for us both. Here's hoping this continues as I've been burned badly before with a woman and it almost destroyed me. For the first time in a long time I feel positive again for the future. Hope it continues.
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    Be honest with him. Being with a woman alone is SUCH a different experience than a threesome. If you cave to HIS desires, it then becomes about him, and you start to resent him. And as @unknown said, you start to feel like you have to perform sometimes. Plus, you don't want to risk him feeling left out, and it's always on the back of your mind, even if for a moment it's just you and her while he sits back. I was married to a man who said ok to me being with a woman if we dated her together. He ended up REFUSING to let us be alone together, which was all I really wanted. It made it REALLY hard. The whole thing ended up really complicated and high drama. My marriage ended a year after we split with her, for other reasons. She and I ended up reconnecting later, and let's just say we had some "unfinished business." I'm glad we did, even though we're not together anymore. I wish it was a freedom my ex could have allowed me, but he has a tendency to make EVERYTHING about him, including this. Now that I am free, I exclusively date women (well, one woman), and it's MUCH better for me.
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    Oh, labels, labels...how I hate them! In my experience, most bisexual and lesbian women are a combination of 'feminine' and 'masculine', and often unorthodox or non-conformist in various ways. Still, to this day (most recently in California, of all places, in July), people express surprise when I tell them I have a female partner, but only if they don't know me at all...because I am petite, have very long hair, and wear make-up, lots of jewellery, and sometimes 'feminine' clothes. C'mon folks - are we really still totally stuck on stereotypes in 2017?!!!
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    I would love to open up to my husband about my bisexuality. He would be thrilled and would immediately start pressing me for a threesome. Here's the thing...I don't want a threesome. I want the opportunity to explore my sexuality with a woman without a penis getting in the way ;). I'm worried my husband will see this as a rejection. But I don't want to be with a woman behind his back either. Sigh...
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    Had one of the most amazing sexual experience of my life this weekend. My girlfriend and I do not get a lot of alone time. Most of our alone time includes our husbands watching us or rushing us. This weekend it was just us and so amazing! I texted her around 5 and told her she needed to go ahead and shower before I got there, making it very clear what I wanted later on. When I got there we drank and talked and laughed so much. We talked about experiences from our past and so forth, things we have never discussed in the past. Later on she started flirting with me. I grabbed her and pushed her up against the counter and kissed her gently. She couldn’t handle it, she tried to put your hand down my pants several times and I stopped her everytime. I could feel the frustration building up and told her to just wait, we will get to that later. No need to rush tonight. I ran my fingers down her face and kissed her some more. We finally moved into the bedroom and I don’t think I even made it in the room fully before she was standing there naked. I followed suit and got in the bed with her. I’m not sure if I have ever in my life experienced that much passion as there was btw us at that moment. We both wanted it so bad. Looking at her completely naked on the bed with her legs spread open just for me was an image I don’t ever want to forget. I just looked at her for a minute watching her squirm begging me to touch her. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. I kissed the whole way down her body and then kissed her very wet pussy. We didn’t hold anything back, we let it all out. We had our way with each other until we were both exhausted. I cannot believe I have went my whole life without experiencing this! If being with another woman is wrong, I don’t want to be right. It felt so right. Neither one of us wanted to let the other one go. We managed to get up and get dressed. I wish I would of been able to cuddle up with her and go to sleep. But I knew I had to get home. We went back to the kitchen and had another drink. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet, I kissed her slowly for a long time before I let go. God I love that woman. Her smell is so intoxicating! I made my way to the door finally as it was approaching 2:30 I’m the morning. But she wouldn’t let me leave without one more long kiss on the front porch. I hope we have many more night like that in the near future. Definitely one of the top experiences I have ever had!
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    I agree it's an interesting article, and it makes a lot of good points. I'm glad you shared it here! I know I really struggled when I shifted to focus on dating women, because men are SO much more aggressive, and that was what was familiar. I couldn't tell if a woman was interested. Even now, the women I've actually had relationships with have had to be VERY explicit with me about their interest, because I just wasn't picking up what they were putting down, I didn't want to "misread signals," etc. I came out at 18 as bi, then at 25 as gay, then 2 years later, opened back up to men out of frustration trying to date women, and ended up married to a guy (who treated me horribly, which is why I am not married to him now). When we divorced, I swore to myself no more men, and it's better for me. I think actually that desire to be romanced, as discussed in the article, is part of how I ended up in such an abusive marriage. He lovebombed me, and after 2 years of loneliness, I was so hungry for it that I skipped right past all the red flags along the way. I didn't grow up recognizing my attraction to women for what it was. I thought I admired certain girls, appreciated the female form, all that, but only in hindsight do I see I actually had crushes on certain girls. I definitely grew up feeling like I needed to be the chased, not the chaser. What I felt for girls was always different from what I felt for guys. I figured what I felt for guys was what there was. I love the egalitarian dynamic between two women. My girlfriend is very butch, and in some ways, definitely takes on a more "male" role in our relationship, but also in other ways, I get to see the difference and how we're on a more level playing field, and I love it. I will say that my coworkers now know her for bringing me flowers to work when she picks me up for lunch! She was married to a woman who ended up leaving her for a guy, who she subsequently married, and that has left her scarred for sure. She was a bit wary of me when she heard I'd been married to a man before, but I am most decidedly gay! My last girlfriend let our relationship fall to pieces over a guy she had met, so I can understand how lesbians, on the whole, are often hesitant to date bi women, and yes, most bi women, as we see all over this site, end up married to men in the end. I think a lot of it is on a subconscious level, that desire to procreate and fit into societal standards, especially if that's what you've grown up with. It takes a lot to feel good breaking free of that and settling into a life that goes against the grain. But for those of us who are only happy that way, it feels amazing.
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    The donations are still in Paypal untouched for now until 1and1 get back to me tomorrow. If nothing comes of it, and the site closes all will be refunded. I can't thank everyone enough from the bottom of my heart who donated. Truly.. and I hope things are sorted in the next few days. I'll keep you all posted. I'm not long back from a 12 hour shift so apologies for not being able to clarify sooner. A few other clarifications :- Social media is killing off discussion/debate forums and has been for a while now. End of story.. However... women who find us here do NOT want to appear on social media. I understood that from the start and named the site accordingly... and it's also why Facebook/Twitter and all other social media icons are removed from the forum software. Too many are afraid that they share or out themselves accidentally or someone else does and cannot take that risk. Facebook and other media links and referrals are also needed now to rank highly in the internet stakes. But it's really not an option for this site and probably never will be. The internet has moved on since 2005 when this site started. The ethos of this site cannot since it's about being a safe harbour. Once moved we'll still be with the same hosts we've been with since 2009. Like an old mobile phone contract that hasn't been updated and you end up paying far more than new customers for the same or better services,... personal financial difficulties aside.. that's where Shybi has been for the last few years. On a 'bronze' server for nearly £250 a month, when newer clients were on the platinum for much less. I cannot afford £250 a month at the moment the new server is less than half that. The site may well end up moving again... but at the end of the day my appeal went out because whatever happened I did not want the site to end due to a few months financial difficulties. Better things for me are hopefully just round the corner ( new job fingers crossed )... I couldn't just let the site go down to a few skint months and that's why I reached out. Chat rooms etc... well IPB have closed even their own native and fully integrated chat rooms now. Things like that are another area dying off thanks to social media and messenger services. Other things such as 'clubs within forums' and many other progressive features are afoot in IPBoards now. But there's not point in harking back to wishing things were as they were on the net in 2010 or 2013.. Chat rooms etc can surely be done again, but integration with the database and safety is somewhat more problematic these days given that even the forum software makers have given up on them completely. IF things work out tomorrow with 1and1 the site will be ok for a while. I cannot do much about the site's fortunes in relation to Facebook groups and Twitter chats... but I do know for those that find us here and stay for a while, that this site has been worth every penny I've spent on it since 2005. Thanks once again SO much for the donations. They'll be put to the use they're intended within the next few days or refunded in full. Keep your fingers crossed. LF xxx
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    I'm married to a man, and I've been with women for 7 years now. I think I joined this site around 7 years ago also. I used to stress and obsess over finding a label for myself, and now I realize I don't need one, or want one. I used to think I wanted a woman as a FWB, and as time went on realized feelings usually got involved for me. I guess what I'm saying is, you may think one thing, until a situation happens, and you might end up surprising even yourself. I've learned so much about myself in these last 7 years! I've eaten my words many times, and I've grown tremendously from my experiences.
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    Has anyone tried the scissoring and enjoyed it? For me it was the best thing ever!! People seem more interested in the oral side of things which was also amazing but that was just unbelievable!
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    I did have a relationship with another woman while I was married. So here's my perspective. I would be willing to pursue a relationship with a married woman. She's an adult, and competent to decide for herself if this is something she wants. and is willing to engage in. If she wants to be with me, and the attraction is mutual, then as far I'm concerned I'm OK with it if she is. That having been said, a couple of cautions apply. First, you have a great responsibility to not blow up her life. That means respecting her privacy and discretion absolutely. She may be taking some risk to be with me, so be aware of that always. Second, you have to understand and accept that however much you come to care for this woman and however much you enjoy being with her, you can never be first in her life. The odds are there's no HEA in your future, so you have to accept an HFN. (Happy Ever After/Happy For Now. The terms come from the romance novel genre.) If you're not OK with this, then don't start down this road. Finally, you both have to be clear on where this is leading. Maybe this is just you're lovers while you can be, and offer each other emotional support, warmth, smoking hot sex, or whatever. But you have no expectation that she's going to leave her family for you, and neither does she, really. If you both decide that she should leave him for you, then maybe that happens, but neither of you should expect that as a realistic outcome. Go into it knowing that it's temporary, and you have to be on the same page about this.
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    Hi, lovely ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted here. For a couple of years, I was head-over-heels for a close friend. She and I had some sexual encounters, but she hurt me deeply because she would push me away. My feelings seemed like they would never end. It took forever and I can't even pinpoint what caused it, but... I'm over her!! Yay! Over the last few months, I've noticed my interest in what she is up to has dwindled. I don't check my phone to see if she's texted me; I don't care if I hear from her; I don't sit on the edge-of-my-seat waiting for her to invite me to hang out. I just don't care. The burn is gone for me! The lovely thing is that life circumstances have meant that we don't see each other much, anymore. I suspect that's been a huge part of it. Also, her flaws became clearer and clearer to me. And they played a part in turning me off to her, too. So, now I am kind of bored!!! What's a girl with a desire for a fun, sexual relationship with another girl to do? Hubby would be ok with me having a sexual relationship with another woman. Nobody interests me, right now. I'm waiting for another crush to strike me, because that's how it started with her. Crushes are delicious and fun. As for her, it wouldn't surprise me if she tried to re-initiate sex at some point. That's just how she is. She loves the chase. It shocks me to even type these words, but if she tried to re-initiate, I would turn her down. I cannot wait to find another woman I have that connection with. She's out there somewhere.
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    Before I knew what had actually happened, I found myself in my car on the way to her house. I think part of me was still shocked, while the rest of me was charged with electricity and anticipation. If you had told me three weeks ago, when we first started to become friends, that we'd end up here, I would never have believed you. But here is exactly where we are. Things had happened pretty quickly, and had taken some seriously unexpected turns pretty quickly. That having been said, I was pulling into her driveway, after almost a week of some pretty heavy text flirting, and my heart was racing. There was no denying it, I was here for sex and she knew it. She wanted it too. We had flirted, we had pretended we were just joking, then we had gotten a little more serious about it. As I walked upstairs to her room, liquor in hand, I panicked a little. I had anticipated this for a long time. I'd never been with a woman, never even touched one in a non professional or friendly way. But I was prepared to touch her, to lick her, to rub her all over. We were both very nervous, taking a couple small shots and smoking a joint and a bowl, talking and nervously laughing with one another, talking about my husband and her ex boyfriend. Every so often one of us would get brave and graze our foot against the other, or rub the other leg, but we were both too nervous to actually make any big moves. Finally she asked me, "Should I turn off the light?", to which I replied "yes please", and she leaned over to shut it off. By the time she was back, my arms were open and lips were ready. We began kissing, and rubbing. I had imagined being with a woman so many times, I had had dreams about what it would be like. This blew me out of the water. Her lips were soft on mine, and she smelled so fresh and feminine. She bit and tugged on my bottom lip in the sexiest way while we were kissing, before moving onto my earlobes, then my neck. As she pushed me a little, onto my back, and pulled herself up she laid her entire body along mine, I could feel her breasts on me as she kissed and sucked on my neck. While she was doing that with her mouth, her hands trailed downwards, feelings my breasts, gently pinching my nipples, rubbing her fingers lightly on my hips, then moving her hand to between my thighs. As she began touching me, as her fingers danced around finding their way, she breathed heavily in my ear as she sucked on my ear lobe, then worked her mouth downwards as well. Everywhere her hands had touched me, her lips followed. Soon her face was between my legs and she was eating my pussy. She licked all over my pussy, and my clit, she sucked in all the right places, licked me somehow rough and gently at the same time. As she did that she worked her fingers inside me with what was clearly an experienced touch. I was in ecstasy. I could feel my body begin to shake as everything I had dreamed of for so long came true. Everything about her was amazing. I laid there and let her eat my pussy, finger me, and rub on me for more than a few minutes, enjoying and relishing the moments as they passed. While it wasn't explosive or earth shattering, I came pretty quickly. After more than a few minutes, she lifted herself up and brought her weight down on top of me and began to grind herself on my hip. Soon she flipped over onto her back and pulled me into a position to be sitting on her face. She ate my pussy again and it felt so amazing, for a minute I lost control and found myself grinding on her face. Maybe it was for a few minutes. Maybe it was for hours. After cumming again, I climbed down and began sucking, licking, and kissing on her ears, her shoulders, her breasts and beautiful nipples . I sucked and pinched on her nipples as I moved my hands down further, finding my way to her pussy and clit. I worked my fingers as I touched her in a way I'd never touched a woman before, while kissing on her breasts. She came, she came twice actually. Squirted all over my hand each time. As a new sensation and something I hadn't expected, I felt proud and turned on that I had been able to please her that much, I enjoyed watching her breath heavily as I kissed her lightly and climbed on top, straddling her. I put one leg outside one of hers, the other in between hers. I placed my pussy just right against hers, then grabbed hold of her hips and began to gently rub my pussy on hers. I spent a few minutes moving slowly, adjusting a little bit at a time, until I heard her moaning get loader. Once I thought I had found the best place for both of us, I grabbed hold of her hips and ground harder. She and I both ground against one another, moaning. As our energy started to wear down, our grinding slowed down, then stopped and I slid off of her and laid down next to her instead. We laid there and caught our breath, then chatted a little, I don't remember now but we may have smoked another joint. I knew I couldn't stay much longer. While my husband knew where I was, with who, and what was happening, I still wanted to hurry home to him. I wanted to make sure he felt secure with what was going on, so that I could enjoy her again. Because after that night, I had a feeling that I would be enjoying her again, and soon.
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    Absolutely love having sex with clothes on. I find all that rummaging around such a turn on, it works me up like crazy. Especially love when a girl leaves her jeans on & you need to unzip them & part her panties to one side......soooo hot!
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    Casual sex with likeminded women can be fun and even fulfilling to a certain extent...BUT in my experience, intense sexual chemistry with a woman, which leads to a copious amount of wild, mind-blowing sex - the kind of sex that I would describe as 'spiritual' in nature - tends to lead to falling in love... If the chemistry is there, things don't stay casual for long...and that escalation into the great beyond is one of the glorious things that makes my life worth living...
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    Sex anyway any time, with or without clothes
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    Morning sex with a woman presents a delicious dilemma... Women can go forever, so it proves to be virtually impossible to get out of bed...resulting in being very, very late for work...ha, ha, ha...
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    I've never actually been with a girl, but it's almost all I can think about! I have so many fantasies of public hook ups, oral sex, and the such. Is this only me? I need somebody to teach me/help me learn, or even just to talk to!
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    4.5 years on, and I still get giddy and smile when her name pops up on my screen, when I hear her voice on the other end of the phone. I have literally smashed open my comfort zone and done things I never thought I'd ever do. For her. For us. If that isn't true love I don't know what is. I can't imagine myself with anyone else, for the rest of my life.
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    As a math major, I'm tempted to inject some statistics here. Regardless of how many headwreckers and unicorns exist, there will always be more headwreckers available in circulation. That's because they bounce in and out of relationships like ping pong balls. Unicorns are nearly all in relationships because once they enter one, their partner never lets go. Sadly, I think this reinforces the hard life lesson (painfully learned),that going slowly, however counter-intuitive, reduces headwrecker risk, and improves unicorn perception. Sigh Ame
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    I've had the most turmoil I've ever had in my life in the past year and a half. I was in a long term relationship which was dead emotionally. I fell in love with a woman who treated me like crap in the end which I didn't deserve after standing by her. That nearly destroyed me. I left my long term partner and stored my entire life away and lived with a friend. I met a beautiful woman 7 months ago and she has been wonderful for me. She has supported me with lots of things and I've done the same with her. We've been living together for about 3 months now and we get on well. Last week I finally got the keys to my new home and I'm dealing with that with her support. Life takes many twists and turns and is hard sometimes. Sometimes someone has that glimmer of light and they are there for you and you for her. I'm now looking forward in life, more than I've done in a long time. I'll get there. Never lose hope or sight of who you are and keep going no matter how hard it seems sometimes. You will get there.
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    It's really pointless to keep discussing the options and possibilities of what can be done until things are more solidified with the server and the site. Once things are stable and in la-femme's control, she can then take into account all the suggestions that have been made and decide from there. Thank you la-femme for all the personal sacrifices that you've made over the last 13 years since the site began. I for one am grateful. I agree with you that you should be careful of who you give or share your admin duties with because it's a position that should come with respect for you as the main admin and willingness to see things from a neutral and objective point of view and only use the harsher measures to moderate if it is deemed necessary, such as filtering out men who try to disguise themselves as women and try to join the site. Also being able to deal with other things that may come up between members. I'm sure when everything becomes more stable that you'll be able to make the right decisions as to who you'd want to help you form an admin team. The good thing about you being the main admin is that if someone does do something stupid but it's not obvious to you, others can see that and make you aware of it, then you can take measures to remove them or just take away their ability to have access to those parts of the site. There's a whole different group of women that are on the site now than even 8 years ago and I'm sure there are some out of the new crew that might be willing to at least moderate. I'm looking forward to where the future leads the site and just a side note, there are those of us like myself, who have stayed with the site through everything and didn't give up on you or the site because it's about loyalty and friendship, not just how it can benefit you but how can it help and benefit others that struggle and have questions about their feelings. Here's to a new and exciting future for you and for the site you created. This is your baby and like all babies the site has changed and grown but it will only get better.
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    I just want to show my girlfriend off to the world. I'm so proud to be hers. She's such a wonderful person. Just absolutely amazing. The way she thinks... the things she does... I've never met another person so closely similar to me, but so very much themselves. Trusting me with her heart whenever she needs to spill it out to me. And she does it so honestly and unapologetically, and accepts my heart when it needs to spill as well. She has so much love to give unconditionally. She's so talented and hard-working and caring and rational. God, is she rational. I love it. We have the same love language. We value and appreciate the same things in a relationship. We're playful and clever together. She amplifies everything about me. I love deeper. I laugh harder. I sigh every other second. With her, I'm so much better. She inspires me to be more. And I do the same for her. She flew into my life so unexpectedly, and I showed her the sort of caring and lasting friendship she was longing for. What she's given me in return is too much for words. And I tell her everyday. She tells me everyday. We write letters full of I love you's just to try to capture some of this feeling, but it's just not enough. Her heart is so pure. Her voice makes my knees melt into the pavement. She has me wrapped around her finger and there's no one I would trust more to do so. Barely any time has passed, but I feel like I know her so well. I feel like I've known her for ages. Like she was a part of me that I never knew was missing and now I can't live without. As many times as I've been in love before, this is so much more. She loves me as much as I love her. We were once the only ones putting effort into our relationships and now we are both putting our effort into this relationship equally. Neither of us is used to it, and both of us appreciate it so much. There's so much that can be felt from a single caring action. We understand that. It's the little things that matter. I just needed to spill this out to someone. It's so difficult to contain how happy I am about her.
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    For many years I played the role of dedicated wife and mother. Twenty six years and five children later, I found myself at a crossroads. I could stay with a man I no longer loved, keeping the 'perfect' family unit together.Or take the tough, scary step and leave.I chose the latter and it was the right decision.That was a year ago.On reflection, the past year has been, in the main, an exciting and refreshing one.I have met some interesting(and some not so interesting!) people, enjoying good company and also enjoying my own company, my own space...when I needed to.Recently, I've made friends with a woman and she has awakened a sleeping giant within me, that I never knew existed.The feelings that she evokes are stronger than any I've ever felt towards a man.Its exciting and beautiful, if a little overwhelming.I am at the start of a new and very different journey and who knows where it will lead, where I will be or how i will feel, this time next year.For now, I am enjoying the moment and open to all life's possibilities.The next chapter will be written when its ready.When I'm ready!
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    Actually, continuing on from my previous comment, my form of bisexuality seems to be the exact opposite of the women here who can’t see themselves in a ‘romantic’ relationship with a woman. I am sometimes sexually attracted to particular men, and in the past had romantic relationships with men, but never fell in love with one, or wanted to seriously commit to one...which meant that the relationship was really just all about sex and other forms of fun... But, ultimately once I finally admitted to myself that the sex I had with men, although enjoyable, was totally inferior to the sex I had with women, and that I preferred women in every way, I then decided that there was really no point in continuing to see men, and have lived my life as a lesbian ever since. Despite the fact that most men have absolutely no problem objectifying women, in one way or another (often without even realizing that they’re doing so), some of my male lovers accused me of objectifying men, because they knew I preferred women and had no intention of becoming more serious about our relationship (moving in together, or getting married)...and I did wonder if that was actually true. Was I objectifying men by conducting affectionate sexual relationships with them, but not falling in love with and committing to them? In the end, I decided that it was a matter of expectations, but that most men (and people in general) expected more, so, if not unethical, at the very least, for me, it wasn’t really a practical way to live. Now, like @FlaGrl08, the originator of this thread, I see that there are quite a few women here on Shy, most of whom are married to men, who are attracted to and desire women sexually, but for one reason or another, claim that they cannot see themselves in a romantic relationship with a woman...and, at the risk of being burnt at the stake, I wonder if this is just a way of managing their own expectations with regard to their desires (i.e. choosing not to desire what they believe they cannot have, or what could potentially throw their heterosexual marital life into chaos). While, of course, human beings embody every possible variation of sexuality and way of being, and I believe that, bar those that harm others, we must all accept that, I must confess that reading these posts I sometimes get angry and want to shout out, ‘Don’t you think women are objectified enough in this world, without contributing to the objectification of each other? Please do us all a favour and stick to men!’ But then I get a grip, and just think, well ‘different strokes for different folks’...and what goes on between two consenting adults is their own business. Clearly, some women don’t mind being objectified in that way (and, in fact, enjoy being objectified in more extreme ways, for example, in the context of BDSM)... It’s a point of contention - to such an extent that some members of Shy have actually left because they found it unacceptable or distasteful - but one that I can live with, as long as we’re not talking about using and abusing women, like so many men do (which is all over the news right now, as it should be). HOWEVER, having said that, I have to admit that I find it impossible to understand how anyone could possibly confine their interest in and desire for women to the purely sexual, as if erecting an artificial boundary between the body and the emotions contained therein, when there is so much more to experience and enjoy, and the potential for the most intense and fulfilling forms of intimacy imaginable with another woman... How can they resist?
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    At this point of not having any in ages... I'd take sex morning, afternoon, night, right before brunch, after the Winter Solstice, on a Thursday... anytime I could get some!
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    Is it just me, or are heavily detailed and unexpected messages often better than watching videos? I've messaged a few girls over this past week, and I don't know if it's because my lesbian virginity is still intact, but it's driving me wild. I'm so insatiably horny, it's crazy. My clit aches from not having a break but I just can't leave it alone. I love it.
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    *This story was written based on a scenario request I received from a user that will remain anonymous. I hope I have been able to convey this story in the way you imagined and that you thoroughly enjoy the progression. Any one else have a story topic/scenario they'd like to suggest? Feel free to PM me confidentially!* Seducing the Straight Girl I rolled over in bed on Saturday morning after staying up too late binge watching Orange is the New Black. I woke up feeling aroused, so I started rubbing myself absentmindedly when I happened to see the time on my alarm clock. 10AM. Shit! Once a month my friend Amber and I would head to the bordering state to the outlet malls, eat and shop all day, then head back home where we'd finish the evening in my high-rise condo with wine and a movie. I scrambled out of bed. She was going to be here any minute now and I was nowhere near ready. After rushing around like a crazy person, I somehow managed to get showered and had just thrown a sundress over my head when she knocked on my door. I answered the door, dressed but disheveled with wet hair, while she stood there looking radiant in a tastefully loose but short dress that hit her about mid thigh. Fuck. She was so hot. If I didn't know better, I would think she dressed like this on purpose because she knew I liked girls and she had told me ages ago that she didn't wear panties. Ever. Unless she absolutely had to for some reason. However, she had also made it emphatically clear to me on many occasions that she was straight and had zero interest in women. I hugged her in greeting, letting my hands casually slide low on her back just above her buttocks. She definitely wasn't wearing panties. It took a huge amount of will power for me not to grab her ass in that moment. After confirming that her pussy was totally bare under there, it was suddenly all I could think about. I was feeling too frisky that morning, so I excused myself and headed for the bathroom in my bedroom. I knew she was waiting and ready to go but there was no way I was going to survive this shopping trip with her unless I finished what I had started that morning. Before I'd closed the door, I was already reaching into my panties. I was already getting wet when I slid my index finger between my lips and just onto my hole and rubbed my clit with the knuckle on the inside of my palm. I watched myself in the mirror as I pulled out one of my tits and toyed with the nipple. It felt good, but wasn't going to cut it so I pulled my panties down a bit and spread my legs. I leaned slightly forward and started pressing and rubbing my clit vigorously with one hand while fingering myself from behind with the other. I was quite close when I heard her voice faintly, then closer, then nearly right outside the door. "Emme? Are you almost done? We need to leave so we can miss lunch traffic!" Just knowing she was right outside my door with her naked pussy helped push things along. I fantasized about saying screw the outlets and throwing her on my bed and burying my face in what I just knew was a beautiful pussy. Instead, I managed to shout back, "I'm coming!" If only she knew the double meaning. I bit my bottom lip and tried to keep my deep breathing quiet as I came super hard. I was pretty sure she had not left - for some reason. Feeling how wet my panties were against me, I pulled them off and tossed them into the laundry basket. I made a point of flushing the toilet and washed my hands. I opened the door to find that she was indeed still there. She was sitting on my bed scrolling through her Facebook feed; waiting. "It's about time, are you ready?" she asked, putting her phone away and following me to my dresser. "Yea," I said, pulling my underwear drawer open, "I just need to put on panties and shoes." "OH MY GOD," she said, yanking me away from my drawer, "live a little. They are just panties!" Our first stop, as usual, was an all you can eat brunch buffet with all you can drink mimosas. We chose a booth near a window that overlooked the huge outdoor mall. At some point while we sat finishing our last mimosa, I noticed her nipples had hardened beneath the fabric of her dress. They looked so thick, luscious, suckable. I was getting most, so I had to make a joke out of it in an attempt to keep myself from getting wetter, considering she'd forced me to go commando. I waggled my fingers toward her chest and said, "Chilly?" She looked down and a flash of embarrassment crossed her face. "Don't worry about it," I said. I was getting so horny I lost my mind and pulled the triangle of fabric covering one of my breasts aside, surreptitiously exposing a nipple. She covered her mouth and her eyes grew wide with shock as she watched me squeeze and tug at it until it was firm. I did the same to the other side, and made a show of surveying my handiwork. She giggled into her hands and in a loud whisper said, "You're crazy!" We carried on shopping, trying on tons of clothes and shoes. A couple of times she asked my opinion on clothes and I took ample opportunity to let her know how hot she was in each outfit. She surprised me once by absolutely gushing over how I looked in a bodycon dress. "Wow!" she said. "You look beautiful. That dress really accentuates your...everything. I mean look at that. I didn't even know you had that!" she said, gesturing her hands up and down my body. Another woman passing by in the dressing room piped in to agree. "She's right. You look hot!" Amber went ahead of me to check out while I went back to look at some jewelry. Taking the opportunity to speak to me without my companion, the woman that was in the dressing room came up to me and told me that she hoped I was buying that dress because it really looked good on me. "I hope this isn't too forward," she said, handing me a card, "but if you're interested, I would really like to meet up with you sometime." She was a bit older than me, but she was gorgeous. "Definitely," I said, smiling and holding out my hand flirtatiously. "My name's Emme." "Looking forward to talking with you, Emme," she said, holding onto my hand longer than was needed for a handshake, then smiling as she walked away. "What was that about?" Amber asked as soon as we were out of that store. "What? Oh that. She..." I said pulling out her card and reading the name, "Naomi was telling me how awesome I looked in this dress," I said, pointing to my bag, "Then she asked me out! Why? Are you jealous?" "Haha, no! But I don't blame her! If I wasn't straight, I'd be all over it." "Too bad for you then since you have me all to yourself tonight!" I quipped. She laughed. "True! Honestly though, if I ever wanted to be with a girl, I would definitely want it to be you." "Oh really? And why is that?" "You're super hot! But I'm just not attracted to girls so don't get your hopes up!" I was a little annoyed that she assumed that because I liked girls I would want to get with her. I did, of course, but she didn't need to assume that. "No worries there," I shot back, "You're not my type anyway." She looked a bit put off, but I changed the subject to our next destination, Perfumania, before she could comment. "Ooh, let's go here!" We wandered around the store spraying perfumes on those little cards when she finally landed on one she really liked. "You have to smell this one, Emme," she said, yelling and gesturing to me from across the crowd of people between us. I held out a card for her to spray it, but she pointed to her neck instead, "Here." I leaned in to sniff her neck, unintentionally grazing her breasts with mine. "Oh yea, that's nice. What is it?" "Romance," she said, picking up a box, "and it's coming home with me." "By the way," I said, waggling my fingers toward her chest. Her nipples were once again perking against the fabric of her dress. I raised my eyebrows and gave her a questioning look as I pretended that I was going to pull my tits out again. She cracked up laughing, as she looked around incredulously, saying 'Hell no' before she headed toward the registers. The final stop on our outlet journey was for swimsuits. We picked a few to try to on. "There's only one dressing room free at the moment," the attendant informed us. I told Amber she could go ahead of me. "It's fine, we can share one." She told the attendant instead. I wasn't shy so I took my clothes off while Amber shyly pulled her bottoms on under her dress. She became less awkward by the third one she'd tried on. I was barely paying attention to her because I had texted Naomi so she'd have my contact details and we were texting back and forth. I finally looked up at one point, to see her checking herself out in the mirror. "That's the one!" I said, moving to stand beside her, admiring the green two piece in the mirror. "It goes really well with your complexion." She turned to see how it looked in the back. It wasn't situated properly on her ass, so I reached my arms around her, slid my fingers under the edge and fixed it for her. I let my hands come to rest on her hips. "That's perfect! Now THAT is a grabbable ass." I reached down and took a handful of her cheeks, spreading them apart slightly and letting go, both of us giggled as they bounced back together. I turned her back around to face the mirror and made some slight adjustments to her straps. Her thick nipples grew hard again, obvious and glaring under the thin fabric. I pretended not to notice, with the intention of ignoring it, but it was she who brought attention to it. "Ugh," she said, spinning around to face me, pointing to them, "again!" "They want to be freed!" I joked, pulling the top of her swimsuit down. Her breasts came bouncing out in front of me and I got a nice, clear view of them. Her nipples looked just as delicious and suckable as I had imagined. They were right within my reach and I wanted so badly to wrap my lips around one of them; twirl my tongue around it. Her mouth gaped as she tried to cover them with her hands. She only made it worse though because one of her nipples ended up getting pressed between her fingers instead. I laughed as I tossed my dress back on and left her in the dressing room alone to finish. When she finally came out, I expected her to be weird or pissed, but she's wasn't. She just looked at me laughing and said, "You're an asshole." as we headed to our car. "You think that was me being an asshole? I think you'll agree that this is me being an asshole." I said this while lifting the back of her dress and exposing her naked ass to the parking lot. "I stand corrected," she said, laughing and grabbing her dress down while looking around, mortified. After spending so much time walking around in the hot sun, we opted to head back to my place and order in instead of stopping at another restaurant on the way. We showered, put on comfy clothes, and started on a glass of wine while waited for our food. The food took so long that the one glass turned into two. It turns out that what I said to her earlier really bothered her and the wine emboldened her to revisit the topic. "So tell me again why I'm not your type. What kind of girls do you like?" "It's not really like that. There's just not one thing. It all depends on the individual. There are some girls that are just inherently sexy and it makes me want them. I feel the same way about guys. I don't have a type, some people just have a vibe that I like." "Wait, so are you saying that I'm not sexy?" Just then, I was saved by the doorbell. Even though I was very interested in expressing to her how sexy she was, I decided not to pursue the conversation. I was tipsy and she was straight, so what was the point? I kept us far away from the topic as we ate. But she would not let it go. As I searched Amazon Prime to find our chosen movie, she goes, "So?" "So, what?" "You don't think I'm sexy? I don't have a sexy vibe?" "Of course, you're sexy," I relented. "But you're straight, so why would I bother?" "Ok, so if I was wasn't, you'd be into me." It was more of a statement than a question. "Why are you asking?" I asked, playfully. She replied dismissively, "I was just curious, really." "Curious enough that you want me to eat your pussy so you can see what all the fuss is about? huh?" "No! Oh my God, Emme, do you have to say that word?" "PUSSY is just a word, Amber, haha. And it's really no different than getting your PUSSY eaten out by a guy...except most likely better." "Ugh. I'll pass." I laughed, started the movie, and we both relaxed into the couch. Naomi and I were still texting and it was getting quite flirty so I was only half paying attention to the movie. Each time my phone lit up she'd glance but said nothing. Finally after I asked her for the tenth time what was going on in the movie, she decided not to hold back. "Oh my God, if you'd watch the movie instead of texting Naomi you'd know." "Ugh, I'm sorry," I said, "but she's really, really..." "Let me guess," she said, cutting me off, "she has the vibe that you like." Was I imagining things or...did she sound jealous? "Oh my God, She's soooo sexy. But you're right, I'm being super rude." I put my phone down and declared, "Pause it. I think we need snacks." I passed her a bowl of popcorn and she sat on the couch crosslegged, nesting the bowl between her legs. I plopped down beside her after turning the lights back off and spreading miniature candy bars on the table in front of us. "The girl with the vibe texted you again." "No worries, I'll text her later. You have me all to yourself now. " I said the last part with a sarcastic tone. "You sure? I kinda saw the preview and I'm pretty sure she sent you a nude." I shrugged as if to say 'oh well' even though I really, really wanted to see that message. I opted to be a good hostess and eat popcorn instead. Naomi was really just turning me on which was ultimately just going to frustrate me since I could only do so much while Amber was here anyway. I had reached over to get popcorn 100 times just fine until I reached once without looking and my hand went behind the bowl instead of in the bowl. I felt something warm and damp against my hand. Dear God. I had accidentally rubbed against Amber's pussy. She didn't react to it, so I recovered the best I could by grabbing one more handful of popcorn. It was dark when I sat down and I couldn't really tell with the bowl there, so I hadn't realized that her sleep shirt had ridden up when she crossed her legs, basically exposing her pussy. And being that she never wore panties, well...SHE had to know this. I couldn't decide if she just hadn't realized it, or if she just didn't care. A few minutes pass by after I announce I'm done with popcorn and she put the bowl on the table. I'd have expected her to adjust herself, but no. With her legs still crossed, she leaned back into the couch. I snuck a look from the corner of my eye and I could see her mound peeking out from the very edge of her t-shirt. I knew there was no way she could not know. In fact, it kind of pissed me off because it was so tempting and I felt that she was teasing me on purpose because she had some sort of weird competitive streak because of Naomi knew even though she was unwavering in her declaration of straightness. I decided then that two could play that game. She would give in and get uncomfortable much sooner than I would. I reached over and pushed her shirt up a bit more and asked her, "Is this an invitation?" She looked at me like I was crazy, but I slid my hand over her mound and she let me rub her pussy a good three or four times. Her pussy was getting juicy and I was literally just about to work a finger in before she finally stopped me. "I can't," she said, closing her legs, forcing out my hand. "Then why were you sitting here with your pussy out, knowing I could see it if you didn't want me to touch it?" "I wasn't thinking and besides you said I wasn't you're type!" "I changed my mind." "Well, I haven't, so let's just watch the rest of this movie and pretend like this never happened." I complied. We were planning to watch two movies but since things got more than a little weird, I decided to call it an early night. She seemed disappointed but since I was clearly bad at reading her, I insisted. Since my guest room was an office, we normally just slept together in my bed but after tonight's weirdness, I offered to sleep on the couch. "No way," she said, "it's fine. " I lay there unable to sleep for about an hour. I kept alternating from laying on my side, to my back, then to my side again. "Can't sleep? I told you we should have watched another movie!" "No,I can't seem to but I am really tired," I lied. "You just need to relax," she said, and started massaging my shoulder. I tensed a bit at her unexpected touch but she kept rubbing me. She trailed her fingertips up down my back and up to my shoulder again. She moved closer to me and rubbed my neck and my arms. She was so close to me her nips were lightly touching my back when she reached forward and started rubbing my collar bone. She let her hands trail down my chest and over my breasts. Suddenly, she was kissing my shoulder and circling her finger around my nipple. I lay perfectly still when she reached down and rubbed my pussy outside of my panties. I didn't react, I just let it happen. When I didn't respond, she urged me onto my back and straddled me, forcing me to look her in the face. I looked into her eyes and I could tell she was serious, that she wanted me. She brought her mouth down onto mine and I acquiesced. While she was kissing me, I reached down to rub her pussy. She was so wet. I slid my hand back and forth across her clit and wasted no time sliding in a finger. She stopped kissing me and just breathed while her mouth was against mine as I pressed deep into her. She let herself down on top of me and kissed me hard after I slid my fingers out of her. She wanted it badly now. She began kissing down my chest until she reached my breasts and sucked my nipples one at a time. She kept going down, kissing me randomly on my stomach, my thighs. She played with the top of my panties, pulling them down just enough to kiss the crest of my mound while she rubbed the rest of me outside of my panties, between my closed legs. I let her slide them down as far as she could without my moving to help then I took control of the situation. I was going to let her off easy and just let it happen quietly, but I thought better of it. The way she'd teased me and flaunted her straightness! I HAD to hear her say it. I slid my panties off and moved from beneath her straddle. I spread my legs wide on either side of her and began stroking myself as she removed her shirt. She played with her own breasts and watched for a moment as I touched myself. "You want this?" I asked her. She nodded sultrily and slid her hands up my thighs. "I want to hear you say it." "Mmmm," she said, "I want it." "Tell me exactly what it is you want. I want to hear you say 'the word'." She bit her lip and hesitated. I sat up to meet her in her kneeling position. With one hand on her ass and the other reaching to finger her, I pulled in close to her and kissed her tits. "Come on baby," I said softly, " we both want the same thing. I just want to hear you say it. Tell me what it is you want." She put her hands on my shoulders and melted into me as I worked her clit. "I want pussy." She said, in barely a whisper and mostly into my hair. I rubbed her clit harder. I wanted to hear her say it out loud. She knew what I wanted. She just couldn't believe she was actually saying it. "I couldn't hear you, baby. Tell me again." I pulled back and looked up at her. She looked me directly in the eyes as she moaned against my touch. "I want pussy," she said breathily, then again, and louder, getting all the way into it. "Oh my god, I want some pussy. I want your pussy." Satisfied with that, I spread my legs back out in front of her without saying another word and she dived her face in and lapped at my pussy in a way I couldn't believe was a straight girl's first time. She devoured me like an animal. I couldn't believe I was lying there with Amber's face buried between my legs. After we both came once, she couldn't keep her hands off of me. As we lay there post orgasm, she continued to rub her hands all over my body and randomly kiss my arm, my neck, my tits. Her hands eventually found their way back to my pussy. "I want some more pussy," she whispered into my chest as she fingered me. She crawled down and spread my legs. "Mmmmmmm," I moaned as she started eating me out again. "I thought you didn't like girls, Amber," I teased. She looked up at me as she tongued my pussy then gave my clit a nice long, slow suck before she said, "I changed my mind."
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    I just needed a outlet tonight to say how sad I am right now . A month ago I got a call from a sheriff in Atlanta to tell me he was sorry but my twin brother was found in his house and had passed away . It was a heart attack and he lived there alone . He was not married and no partner ...he was gay . And because of this my sister and I had to be the one to go tell my 88 year old mother she had lost her son . My brother had been a first respondo his whole life . The majority of it he was a life flight paramedic . The month has been a roller coaster of emotions . I had to sign to have him cremated and go down to bring him back home to Michigan . The out pouring from his medical community has been amazing . And the people who have messaged me and told stories of how much he taught them and how he was always so compassionate with his paitents has been so comforting . They already had a memorial in Atlanta and dedicated the helicopter heli pad in his name ....at the Atlanta Medical Center ....he most recently had been working back there in the ER ...and had worked there on and off for years also. Now this Sunday is our memorial to celebrate him ...and I have been making boards and things for his friends and family to see and I have to say it is so hard sometimes as I put another picture on the reality hits me again and there I go crying again . I am just sad and needed to share it ....He was a amazing brother ...son ...friend and paramedic and I will miss him terribly .
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    If one keeps things only for herself and not having told any single soul about her sexuality, then it’s like living in a high wall house, fully protected from outside world, and aggressively guarded. I’ve been there when I was young and it’s not a happy place to be, for me. It’s lonely out there. Very lonely. “Secrecy is a deliberate act of keeping things concealed from others out of fear.” For some, it may include some elements of shame, guilt and even feeling of being trapped. My bisexuality isn’t my little secret anymore. It is still guarded but very lightly simply because of prying eyes. What can I do? I can't stand people who don’t have anything useful to use their time and brain for. I don’t have fear. I regard my bisexuality as a “private matter” which I freely choose for others to know or not. I am out to my husband, brother, few friends and few colleagues. I am not scared, too, to be seen being reasonably and appropriately affectionate with my date in public.
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    Before Shybi, I used to think that I had to be either gay or straight. That anything in between was either confusion or a stepping stone to eventually coming out as gay. That by saying I was bi meant I was probably just in denial. Now I know that sexuality is fluid and any feelings that I might have are legitimate and not problems that need to be solved, but simply aspects of who I am.
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    Before shybi, I used to think there aren't that many married ladies who love women :-D.
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    HUGE turn on! I looooove when I slip my fingers into my girl's underwear and she's soaking wet. Or even better, when I work my way there with my mouth and am welcomed with such a clear sign she's into it. Plus, it makes it easier to do a lot of other things without having to apply (or reapply) lube!
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    @lostgirl78 - Much of what you're saying demonstrates something that is common to quite a few women here on Shy, and that is the struggle to live with what I would describe as 'male tyranny' within heterosexual marriage. The term 'tyranny' may seem extreme, but it indicates oppressive, unreasonable and cruel behaviour, and the arbitrary use of power or control, all of which apply very well to the self-pitying, paranoid and bullying actions of husbands who have a very negative reaction to the revelation that their wife is bisexual. To make matters worse. the typical response of a woman in this type of situation is to make excuses for her husband, and feel sorry for him, and to blame herself. This is due not only to the maternal nature of women, but also to societal conditioning to be self-sacrificing, and often also to both subtle and overt manipulation by her husband. You said: Just as in wider society a person's sexuality is not, in reality, subject to the approval of others, so your bisexuality isn't subject to your husband's approval. You had the courage and decency to trust him and come out after you had married him, which was the best you could do, as you had been in denial previously, and his response was to make your disclosure all about himself and his own insecurities, and to let you know it, which laid the foundation for future controlling behaviour, and ultimately bullying. While it's never a great idea to cheat, it happens all the time, for all sorts of reasons, and if you decide to stay together for the long haul, then you need to let go of your guilt (if you're still holding on to it), and your husband really needs to make every effort to get over what happened and move on, otherwise there's no point continuing in the marriage. The insecurity-driven scrutinizing is a form of bullying that appears to have caused you to try to pretend to be 'the good devoted wife' (a sexist stereotype of how a woman should behave in the context of hetero marriage), while your husband apparently doesn't feel the need to be 'the good devoted' husband and try to understand your sexuality. As stated by some of the other members who've contributed to this thread, above, children don't thrive, and in fact, suffer from living in an unhappy household, so your attempt at self-sacrifice may backfire. (I have seen this happen in a major way in my childhood home, and my brother and I still talk about it 40 years later.) What does 'destroying' your family actually mean? Will that happen only if you decide to leave your husband, or could it be happening now anyway, because he is continuing to tyrannize you, and you are dreadfully unhappy? You aren't the only person responsible for the marriage and your family life - your husband is too - so try not to shoulder that entire responsibility, and, if possible, hold him to account for his actions. This is clearly a very candid and heartfelt statement, and is really the crystalization of not only your dilemma but that of many women here on Shy and in the married female bisexual community at large. Further, the fact that you've 'tasted the forbidden fruit', so to speak, makes it all the more difficult... So, what can you do? This is the inherent problem with traditional marriage - people change over time, so the person you marry will probably not be exactly the same person, with the same needs, desires and aspirations, in years to come, and sometimes this means that their sexuality is no longer the same, or they realize, as in your case, that they were never strictly heterosexual to begin with. This is a matter of personal identity (who you are), and therefore human rights (this may sound extreme, but it's true). You have the right to be who you are, and no one, not even your husband, is entitled to deny you that right. So, this may sound harsh, but if you and your husband decide to continue to be married, then he will need to accept that he must respect you as a person, and therefore that your sexuality isn't subject to his approval. He will also need to stop pressuring and bullying you, to attempt to control you and contain your sexuality - which is classic abusive behaviour - using the self-indulgent excuse that he hasn't gotten over your affair. Your need to be able to have a relationship with a woman is another issue, and of course your husband doesn't have to consent to be in an open or polyamorous marriage, so that you can see women. If he won't, then you'll need to decide on the most appropriate way to proceed, and if having a woman in your life is that important to you, you may need to leave the marriage. Some women wait it out until their children are older, and some don't, and leave to be with a woman (or women). I know women who fall into each of those categories, and it's never easy either way, but in any case it's extremely important to be in control of your own life, and not allow someone else (in this case your husband) to take that from you. Either way, your husband isn't entitled to oppress or control you, and provided that there's no perceived serious danger in doing so (i.e. physical abuse; serious mental/emotional abuse), you need to try to speak to him about that, with a view to working through it. However, if you are afraid to do so because you actually fear his reaction, or feel that the situation you are in is actually seriously abusive, or could become that way, then seek professional advice as soon as you can. Remember - no one has to put up with tyranny in the home. I wish you well...
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    With every respect to where you are coming from, I tend to disagree. Some of the actual hatred and bigotry comes from well within LGBT groups and it seems it is usually the B bit that gets erased, trashed or insulted. This is essentially a bi site for women. We need to support all women but have zero tolerance for anyone who singles out bisexual women for abuse or back handed insults wrapped up in humour. There is a B in LGBT and I think this site is likely the only one who fully supports folks not being out and helping them find their way. It is up to the LGT bit to get over themselves sometimes and accept bi folk as having every right to exists and be themselves. It is not a phase. It is a genuine sexuality and if some lesbians cannot accept that then it is their loss to be honest. I am a gay woman but I wholly support bi folk for who they are.
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    The past week has been rough. Yesterday was the 3 month anniversary of my husband's death, my mind has been everywhere, I had a dream that really shook me, and I've felt exceptionally alone. One of my husband's long time best friends, N, (who he dated in Junior high before she realized she was a lesbian.. She also works for my mom now) has been checking up on me every few days, and i had a really good,much needed talk with her about everything on my mind. Talking with her has pretty much kept me sane the past few days, she knew my husband for most of his life and she's completely non-judgemental. I told her about our situation with my girl and her husband, and how my husband's death has affected us, emotionally and sexually. I told her pretty much everything actually. She mentioned that my mom and sister wondered about my girl, considering she was so attached to me throughout the arrangements and the physical lack of distance between us, holding hands, arms frequently around each other, etc. My family is very Republican, religious, etc. Having a lesbian employee who pushes every boundary they have has helped open them up and become more accepting and question why they have certain values imposed by the church rather than thinking for themselves. I'm still uncomfortable with my parents knowing I'm bisexual and that my husband and I weren't monogamous. Though I'm thinking they may be onto me after N told me they'd mentioned something about my girl. Fantastic. N casually mentioned my (previously) teetotaling dad likes whiskey, which blew my mind. I texted my sister for verification and she confirmed that my parents now drink every so often (doesn't sound like a big deal unless you're familiar with the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, even a drop of alcohol is of the devil). I said "all those years of hiding liquor and wine bottles when we knew they were dropping by, now this?" Sister said "they knew you drank, Ambrosia. They know you smoke too. They don't care, all they care about is you being happy and healthy. I feel like i can tell them anything" i told her i knew they know now that i smoke and drink, and i feel like i can tell them most things but not all. She asked me what sort of things? Not pills/hard drugs or anything, right? I told her definitely not, i barely take aspirin let alone pills or hard drugs. So, i told her I'm not straight. And H and I weren't monogamous. She asked, "are you and (my girl, she's G from now on) a thing?" I told her we used to be. She asked what happened, and i told her H died and the remaining three of us didn't know if or how we should proceed. She said "So you like dudes and girls?" So i told her the entire situation, our dynamic before he died, the bits of the night he died that I've always omitted because i didn't want to admit to anyone that we were in something deeper than just two couples hanging out. She took it much differently than i expected. She didn't treat me like I was a freak. She told me how sorry she was that I lost both H and my sexual relationship with G through all of this, empathized with me on how hard it must be to be dealing with such a complicated and heartbreaking situation while also living with G and her husband. She asked questions, what my relationship is like with G's husband (dear friends who don't sexually engage directly but aren't afraid of being naked in front of each other and love the same woman in different ways), if we ever traded opposite-sex partners (we didn't), if H ever slept with other women (we looked, but never found one), if I think the 3 of us will continue (we've discussed the possibility). I feel lighter. Accepted. Honest. I also admitted I've been casually hooking up with M, simply because my sex drive has been out of this world. She didn't judge me for that either. She listened and made me feel validated as i explained to her all of my feelings on the situation and how fucked up it is being 30 and diving into the single world for the first time in my adult life, especially since I'm on the opposite side of a deep, meaningful relationship that ended in death and have no interest in finding another, unlike a lot of singles who are hooking up with the intent of finding a partner. She validated my lack of desire to be with anyone romantically ever again, and assured me that i could be fulfilled without romance as long as I have meaningful friendships (which i have so many). Most people don't do that when i tell them I don't ever want a serious relationship again. They tell me I'll change my mind, I'll meet someone, the right person will come along despite my being adamant that I'm just not interested in coupling up and settling down again. I appreciated her willingness to listen to my wishes and not try to convince me otherwise. Today has been cathartic, after a super difficult and emotional week.
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    I'm going to climb up on my high horse and say things some are unlikely to want to hear. None of the following should be taken personally. This is not a personal attack on either @la-femme or the Mods and should not be taken as such. It comes from my experience and observation. To give this some context, I have both Administered and Moderated forums for 20+ years. I know how they work and have experienced how they fail. - Thanks to Facebook, many forums are dead or dying. Shybi is fortunate in the era of social media to still be relevant and attract sufficient traffic to remain viable. It has that special "something" despite the current poor layout of the site and yes, the quality and value of discussion has fallen significantly in recent times (which likely explains the loss of many longer term members), yet the site continues to attract new members. If Shybi fails, it will be from the inside out: Ongoing funding is clearly an issue to which there are a number of possible solutions. An issue that I'm not going to attempt to address here - sorry. Day to day operation of the site is what I would like to address and there are a couple of appropriate aphorisms: A forum is not a democracy. It is the personal universe of the site owner... and Admin is Queen Bitch of the Universe! She sets the laws which all of us have to abide by. A successful forum requires leadership from an Administrator who is present, active and has vision for the future direction of the site. Administration is not a straightforward task. The back-end operation of the forum is quite technical and it is very easy to do a lot of damage, intentionally or not. The Administrator who is usually the site owner, has a personal idea of what the site should be and relinquishing a degree of control requires an extreme level of trust in the person chosen. @la-femme has experience of giving Admin status to the wrong person and is rightly wary of appointing anyone else. Moderation is a thankless task with no real job description, taken on by volunteers. But and it is a big but, if you do step up you must be willing to be present, do the job impartially and to the best of your ability. If you don't have the time and can not be present or impartial, don't volunteer. If you are currently a Mod and don't have the time or can not be present or impartial, step down graciously. Admin must also be willing to dismiss ineffective or disruptive Mods. There will always be disagreements among any group of people and the worst thing for the membership is to see infighting among the Mods. There have been times when it has been all too obvious that all is not well in the Moderation team. Keeping the number of Moderators to the smallest workable number is perhaps the best way to keep disagreements to a minimum. Moderating the Moderators is one of the Administrator's most important functions! That's all. Climbing down off my horse now...
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    I'm not really willing to go into my own personal finances right now. I don't think it's appropriate and it's a little bit invasive never mind screenshotting them.. However site costs are as follows Shybi has been hosted by Unitedhosting since 2009. It's on the 'Gold server' package listed below but paying an extra £20 per month for extra GB's of space. https://www.unitedhosting.co.uk/dedicated-hosting/managed-dedicated-servers . So yearly I've been paying roundabout £3000 a year to keep the site going and free for everyone. About £25,500.00 over the last 9 years... wow. That's really weird seeing it written down like that ! £25k... For me it had just become a monthly bill that came out of the account every month like clockwork and I was so used to seeing it in among all the monthly bills. I didn't really think about it even when things for my own finances got tighter.. The ads in the past helped a bit, but haven't really brought anything much in for the last 3 or 4 years. They're so old and outdated now. While I recognise there is a need for more admin people here. Especially as I don't have the time to spend the last few months. It's always been the same old story when it comes to appointing them, like with moderators. The drama ! When someone is put into place when others don't want them there, or would like a chance themselves, or don't think they'll be any good at it. My very first co-admin here went on a massive deletion spree when she fell out with a few members.. she banned them all. I was unaware and this went on for a period of about a year when she disliked anyone or she felt slighted by any member. It was only when I was contacted offsite that it came to my attention. We nearly lost many members who went on later to become moderators here. Naturally, since then I have been very reluctant to invoke similar drama, or to place the site in that sort of deletion happy/suck up to Admin or else type places since then. But I am open to it ( all going well over the next few weeks and the site is safe ) if it can be done with little fuss and with a consensus. There's nothing worse than logging in here to see several messages all really annoyed with the latest possible moderator choice, threatening to cancel accounts if X gets picked etc etc. The future changes are up on the IPB forums to see. The new 4.3 is due out soon. Featuring clubs, paid memberships etc etc . This will be the direction the site is most likely going in.. a sort of mini facebook/twitter/social media platform featuring groups with different interests yet self contained within Shybi itself. I need also to pay IPB subscriptions every year. Lets secure the site firstly. Yes I'm willing to appoint more Admins and yes am open to ways of supporting the site financially. Yes I'm open to changes within IPB forum software constraints. But no, I won't be singing any contracts.
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    Ok so what happens now? I think we all agree that this site is valuable and we’d all like to see it thrive...how do we as members make that happen? It seems clear that our current admin no longer has the personal resources to maintain the site...no one faults her for that, but how can we help. Is it a matter of someone(s) purchasing ownership of the site? Does @la-femme have a long term goal in mind? There must be some goal, otherwise why ask for donations to pay the ‘ransom’ to move the server and save the site (for now)? She obviously has interest in keeping the site alive, and so do we, together what can we do to initiate change? Do we really just sit and wait and hope for the best?
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    Not everyone needs to have one person of each gender at the same time to feel fulfilled. Many bisexual people are monogamous, and they fall for who they fall for, one at a time. It's quite possible that she's completely satisfied as she is, and hanging out with her lesbian friends is how she expresses that part of her sexuality. She wouldn't be the first. It's very different when you realize later in life, while you're married, that you have an interest in women. That seems to be an even bigger struggle for many women. Did she say that sex with women is better? Even still, she may not have had a relationship with a woman that she wanted to marry, regardless of how the sex is. Sex is an important element of a relationship, but of course, there are other factors, too. It's sad that she doesn't feel she can be open about her sexuality, especially to her husband, but that's her experience and her life. Hopefully she's happy in it as she is.
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    Not being into a woman who sends naked pics doesn’t make you not bi. I am turned off by a woman who leads with that, too. What kept you from meeting women when you chickened out? What went through your head? I will say that if you anticipate that you’re ultimately going to chicken out, stay off the sites and don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re leading women on. Sometimes the idea of something, or even seeing it in porn, is a bigger turn on than the idea of actually DOING that thing. It’s like being into a lot of the porn out there, but not actually wanting to have that kind of sex. Bisexuality is a spectrum, and if you’re as far over on it as you are, that’s okay. Maybe when you meet the right guy, you two can get off to fantasies about another woman there, or enjoy lesbian porn together, but be clear that you don’t actually want to do those things. Or, maybe as you get older, you’ll find that you DO. You never know. Take it one step at a time, but always be honest with yourself, and in turn, with those around you.
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    Yes definitely. The wetness and the rubbing together. It was amazing. Must admit I’ve never cum like I did then
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    I've made a massive change in my life in 2017. I finished a dead 26 year relationship with a guy. Fell in love with a lady which went horribly wrong in the end and that almost destroyed me. And I've ended the year on a high. In a new relationship with a beautiful woman who has been true to her word and we have promise together. 2018 is a completely new future for me. Where I've huge decisions again to make. But I'm more settled than I've been in a long time and with a lady who has stood by me and supported me and I have with her. This is going to be a positive time and I'm happy.
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    Depends what you define as 'femme' really... If it's a self-determined, or scene, identity that someone is claiming to be in their being 'butch' or 'femme' then my alarm bells go off a little. I'd say I don't like extremes of either end in the 'scene' sense of it - I find some of the butch culture goes a little too far in the over-egging of what they see as masculine traits, and if I wanted masculine I'd just go with a man. On the other end, I've known some self-defined 'femmes' who acted like the worst stereotype of a WAG-type, dependent and high maintenance version of what they (incorrectly) perceived as femininity. In fact one I knew in uni took pride in a nickname of "lesbo barbie". Not my bag. At all. If we're talking about non-scene, kinda softer definitions of femme and butch, and preferring women who we perceive to be slightly more masculine or feminine, then that's all down to personal taste and what floats your boat in terms of attractiveness and chemistry. Personally, and I say this light-heartedly, if I have to look twice to check she's a woman, she's too butch for me... and if I have to sit outside Selfridges makeup hall for 2 hours while she picks a lipstick, she's too femme ... otherwise it's a non-issue when picking a partner
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    Oh, interesting.....It's never happened, so I really don't know. I don't like super aggressive, but I do like a woman who takes charge. But being a little nervous or shy could be cute too...hell, at this point, I think I would be happy with a woman just approaching me, period! I'll take whatever I can get, lol
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    I love my own taste - I lick my fingers when I masturbate, I’ve licked my husbands fingers after he’s had them inside me and sometimes I’ll suck him in between changing positions. It’s great when he kisses me after giving me oral. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it!