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  1. Tried to send you a message but it says you can't receive messages at this time?

  2. Wanted to stop bye and say hello after 6 years thought it's time .. Lol I'm headed to the UK in a few days to stay with my gf whom I meant on this site. So thank you.. Hugs :-) 

    1. la-femme


      That's lovely to hear ! I hope you and your girlfriend have a wonderful time !!! LF xxx

    2. SimplyTrouble


      Thank you she has a lot planned even a week in Portugal.. She is a very special lady one of a kind.. Xx

  3. Need to send a pm but your box is full xxx

  4. @ana There's a lot of stuff going on in the background just now rebuilding content, and getting the forums back to where they were before the upgrade. The chatbox is a new app and should really be used for anything much other than general chit chat. Certainly nothing which could be considered sensitive info, which in any case you're not ( or shouldn't be ! ) posting under any indentifiable info anywhere online. Lots of forums which are still appearing as normal for users right now, are actually waiting for a background task to move, merge or delete them. Either into other forums or for the mods and myself to start afresh with. Some have extremely outdated and/or info in them which sometimes goes all the way back to 2006 ! Unfortunately the forum upgrade stalled for a few days behind the scenes and a load of tasks the upgrade still has to complete are still ongoing including the shift about of old forums and data ( last on the list ! ). Shouldn't be long now. Hope this helps and please bear with me. I've had a mare of a time with these tasks.
  5. @Golightly63 You should be ok to delete them now. They've rebuilt and I've activated the delete facility for membergroups. Don't go too mad with too many at once as they system is under a bit of a load at the moment so the forums are slowing up and down as the tasks get done. Just saw the -4000 thing on the HTFW's ... wtf !!!??? lol..
  6. @Golightly63 I 'think' that attatchments are still being rebuilt in the background. There's a lot of processes still to finish from the upgrade as myself, the hosts and IPS between us had a few hiccups after the upgrade with nothing rebuilding and converting ( was a php memory issue ). I'll check and see what I can glean from the admin panel though. Am still getting used to how things work too.
  7. Wall ball squats... euuurgh.. I curse my petite 5ft 0 genes everytime those come up. But get to smirk a bit at the 6ft'rs when it's burpee time....
  8. @Becky Nope. I did got to my local rowing club for a years but their training sessions tended to focus a lot on rowing technique and ergo's. Being from Scotland the slightest hint of even fair weather meant we out on the water. So there wasn't a lot of strength training. Also the usual round of trying out yoga and spin classes over the years getting bored after a few months. Let's put it this way. My first Crossfit session I made it through one and a half warm ups ( they do two before the real workout ) before they stopped me.I was gasping for air lol. I couldn't do a sit up without dumbbells under my feet and to start the lifts I used a pvc pipe. Graduating to an empty bar before adding weights. Two years on doing everything everyone else is. Choosing my own weights and scaling exercises to suit. I don't do box jumps, I step up/down instead. And there are others who do the same ( one doesn't do kettle bell swings due to a shoulder problem etc ). I keep just about up with everyone else, and even when I'm last it's fine as they are all now good friends. Nothing brings people closer together than a good whinge before and after a workout ! I've lost a stone and a half with no changing of my diet. And I have a waist again that I thought had gone for good after having my children. My legs and arms are also now also much firmer with real muscles rather than just gaining flabbing out gaining more cellulite as they were two years back. I don't look like a rugby player or super slim, I do though look much better than I did. And I've NEVER been bored at the thought of going there since the workout changes daily. It's tough, well it was for me. Ego left at the door and all that. But it's done and dusted under an hour and I know I've worked HARD. My big red tomato face everytime I leave testifies to that.
  9. I do Crossfit as well. Boredom being a problem for me when following a fitness routine.. I've been going now for two years and the daily changes in workouts mean I'm never bored ! Also really love learning the barbell lifts. Something I've never done before. Still a bit of a duffer and come in last regularly in workouts. But I don't really mind and neither does anyone else. I'm 200% fitter than I was when I started that's for sure.
  10. We're looking forward to getting to know you too. So sorry you seem to have arrived when the forums are being upgraded and there's a lot of things moving about. But please don't let that put you off. There's lots of ladies here just like you, or have been there at some point in their lives, all eager to help you through. So feel free to ask for advice and help ! Welcome !!!
  11. Thanks so much for sticking with this; legions of the named an anonymous appreciate you!

    1. la-femme


      Thank you SO much ! You make it all worthwhile ! :lips:

  12. Does this work ?... Oh it does !!! :clapping:

    1. Golightly63


      Apparently so. Congrats on the upgrade. We just need a few interesting skins now. The out of the box blue IPS skin is rather bleuch. I think they put a lot of hard work into making it so bland. ;-)
    2. la-femme


      I agree with that. I've got a light and a dark one to try out but am desperate for a large vodka after spending the last few days on this lol !

    3. Golightly63


      I'm on the wine... Cheers! :D

  13. Hello stranger, hope we can catch up sometime :-)

  14. Welcome back! I'm thrilled to be a part of this amazing community of lovely ladies in which you built. We owe you tons, first for creating this wonderful site, and also for saving it when we all thought it was gone forever. I think I speak for many when I say, we have nothing but gratitude for you

    1. la-femme


      Thank you so much for your lovely words ! But it's the mods that should really take the credit for keeping it going this last year or so. And not forgetting that Shybi would be nothing without all the wonderful members here who make it what it is. So thank you too !

    2. Cute&Curious


      :) I'm just glad it's back
    3. Shende


      You deserve the praise chick. Loads of us have found ourselves and comfort here.


      La-Femme - Thank you for putting the site together. It's been a massive help to me, I've met great people and felt better about myself. Thank you again.


      Cute&Curious - You're a hero and deserve all the plaudits for your tenacity x