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  1. @celeste teal I was kind of just testing a bit further but the ability to move pre-existing topics into a club is a moderation/admin feature - in actual fact I could turn entire forums into ie the UK/Irish pub etc - but thought I'd just start a more generic one. If you were to start your own club I would be happy to move topics across for you if you show me where they are. Links from/to the orginal topic location can be kept and are set to expire 6 months later, but I didn't do this with the Fitness club ( was just seeing if moving topics would work instantly or if went into a background task queue ). Any club you or anyone else starts is yours to do with as you wish ( within normal limits ) and can be as private or as open as you like. Hope this helps ?
  2. la-femme

    Shybi Book Club - Herland

    20 posts.
  3. la-femme

    Shybi Book Club - Herland

    You can start your own Book club - or any other sort of club you like now if you like using the new club feature ( you have to be Sliver or above though ).
  4. Hay please join the Shys facebook sight. When fourms mess up we all post there and would be a easy way to get a hold of you in a hurry.Its a closed group just send a invite.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/5789113393/

  5. la-femme

    Page sizing?

    Try the default skin and see what happens there. Is it the Uniform theme ? I haven't touched any sizing here.. it's all automatic these days, and both IPS and any theme builders for them should resize to screen whatever you're using ( in theory of course ! ).
  6. Try typing either your username here or even a completely random one where the Guest box is and let me know if it lets you in. The chat installing now is just a free version to see if we get on with it ( or if I need to try another ).
  7. @leigh11 Ooooh welcome to our little testing ground !
  8. @CallistoDidNotWin @celeste teal Clubs can be :- ========================================= Public Everyone can see the club and its posts, and can participate without joining. Open Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Everyone can see the club and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. Read Only Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. ================================================ For the moment is set so only Admin ( me ) can set up a club etc. Because I wanted us all to see how they worked a little bit before openining it up to selected usergroups. But anyway, they can be as private and public as you like !
  9. la-femme

    Discord for chat?

    @moonbynight @mystical1 On the contrary, I think what you've done is brilliant. The more chat and connections the better as far as I'm concerned. There's room for everything here. I am thinking about a chat room that resides 'in house' here. But also there are options for Discord here too, but that probably wouldn't be quite so intertwined with the software here iykwim ? In the past here when we tried out casual chatrooms tech wasn't quite as refined as it is now. We just put links up here and people clicked an they were in. It soon descended into all out chaos lol. Half the people in there just didn't say anything which was a bit creepy, and a fair proportion were just men or kids out for kicks. That's why it was so good when IPS started their own chat based on usergroups and integrated with the database ( ie you had to be logged in here in certain usergroups/Golden/Platinum etc to gain access ). The chatroom software we used for a long time here was third party, but was also integrated with the database and usergroups. Once both IPS and the other chatroom company both stopped their chatroom services with full integration. You can understand that I was more than a little wary of just slinging up links to any old free chatroom software. I realise of course that Discord is different, that's why I'm interested in what it has to offer and am very impressed by the work you've done so far. There are a few Discord integration apps on IPS Marketplace however it doesn't look like the apps have been kept updated very well but I'll do some further reading. There is also a third party which is more traditional and and works alongside the database and IPS software too. It's a paid service. I'll need to dig into that too. There's absolutely no reason why it has to be one or the other though. There's room for everything.
  10. la-femme

    Discord for chat?

    From checking out the IPS marketplace there is one or two Discord apps floating about for integrating into the forums here. As well as two proper chat room apps ( IPS removed their own chatroom ). We'll see what's the best fit between us ? Chatrooms are good when everyone is on the same page. However when troublemakers/"predators"/folks looking for a laugh/casual trolls and hey I'll just click on the link idiots start appearing regularly... they can be a proper pain in the arse to keep safe. We'll work it out ? Tell me more about Discord. I've only just heard of it last few months. LF xx
  11. la-femme


    Does this work ? @leigh11 @Matty @celeste teal @Sithandra @Jansen @la-femme what happens if I mention you ?
  12. What does ‘please help keep our site live’ mean? How do we do that?

    1. la-femme


      You should be able to read the post below or click on the link?  x

    2. Cute&Curious


      Yea, I just discovered that I could read the entire message by clicking on it 

    3. la-femme
  13. la-femme

    L-Word Love Scenes... Enjoy !

    Donated by the lovely Maverick for your entertainment... :brunette: L-Word Love Scenes ( Windows Media Player format, 9.4 MB )