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  1. Hiya my mrs. Illy xxxxx

    1. Tess155


      Fancy seeing you here!! Kisses back xxxxxx <3

  2. A quick visit to say hi, hope you are well xx

    1. Tess155


      Hi shy, don't come on here much these days....doing well tho thanks. Just had a few days away in Rome with LT. We try to see each other most weeks. I feel very fortunate. Hope you're well too. :) xx

  3. Most certainly I do mean that !! I love our 'room' day's. :-))) xxxxx
  4. It was a beautiful day. And to drift off to sleep in your arms feeling so peaceful was heaven sent. Let's not leave it too long for the next time I love you my mrs. Xxxxxxxx illy
  5. You really have captured our summer perfectly and put it into a blog for us. You asked me first, before you posted it here, if I wanted you to just send it to me. I said I'd like you to put it on Shys with the others you've written, after all it's still and always will be a special place for us.....its where our relationship first started to blossom over three years ago, <3 I don't think you've ever been afraid to take the next step...I have to say I haven't seen you take any chicken ones lol !! I've always admired your strength and courage. Here's to the next bit of our journey darling.....I can't wait for it xxxxxxxxxx illy I know!!! We can't rush
  6. I love you <3

    1. SimplyTrouble


      Hello hello hello you love birds.. Xx

  7. Happy birthday, Tess. Hope that you enjoyed your day & received all that you wished for.

    1. Tess155


      Thanks very much for your wishes...I had a good day but some of it working, looking very much to lacy coming to stay at the weekend. Eekkkk :-)

    2. GypsyButterfly


      You're welcome very much. I'm sure her visiting will make for an even better birthday :)

  8. Happy birthday darling. I love you xxxxxx

    1. Tess155


      That's a lovely suprise as we rarely come here now !! :-)) I love you very much and can't wait to see you tomorrow.....so I can open my pressies :D xoxo

  9. To my Mrs, reading back through this today made me smile at the lovely times and laughs we always share when we're together. Also it strikes me of how just far we've come on this journey, meeting here on Shys two and a half years ago, falling in love deeply and the realisation of us wanting to live our lives together. Helping and supporting each other through the pain of separation from our husbands and coping with our families reactions. Change has been hard, messy but I think the end will be glorious. <3. Xxxxx I love you darling. Xxx
  10. As hard as this is at times for us and our families, we both know we can't go against the grain. Xxxx
  11. Lacy your blogs are so special to us and we will treasure them in years to come. This one made me think of the 'is it weird?' Blog you wrote two years ago. It amazes me how far we've come and how we now are actually experiencing some of the dreams we hoped for and that you wrote about then. Remember this from March 2014?? So, is it weird that deep inside I dream of... ...sharing tea and toast in bed with you on a relaxed Sunday morning... ...that I sit and watch you tend your plants and shrubs as you enjoy your garden... ...or that I feel your eyes on me as I iron our clothes and you sort through our laundry... Is it weird... ...that I imagine us pushing a trolley around the supermarket aisle, as we choose our fruit and vegetables and we try to decide on which yogurt we may like to share... Is it weird... ...that I pleasure in drying your hair after I've washed it for you... ...that you make me dinner, as we chat with a glass of wine after the day is almost done... ...or that we finally sit and eat with a tray on our lap and we just embrace the simplicity of the moment... Is it weird... ...that I long to wash up as you dry... ...that I want to watch boring TV with you... ...or even do that crossword... Is it weird... ...that I now, enjoy the thought of the long dark evening with us both snuggled up together in our Pj's... ...that I now see the appeal of a snowy cold holiday and a view that takes your breath away... ...or that I now long to walk through a spring garden that is about to burst into bloom. Btw....I'll get my revenge !!! Hehe. Xxxx