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  1. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
  2. Searching Marie Magdalene Adrift My Dinner with Hervé - This movie I recommend
  3. valkyria

    Lesbian Movie Reviews

    Although the following review isn’t about a lesbian themed movie, I am going to post it because the movie itself contains an important lesbian element in its plot. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women: Movie based in the real life story of Professor William Moulton Marston and the two women in his life, Elizabeth and Olive. Elizabeth was Marston’s wife and Olive was the lover of both. The polyamorous relationship they had inspired the creation of the now beloved comic book character Wonder Woman. The movie establishes for these three people to be truly in love with each other. The three main characters are engaged in every aspect of each others’ lives. They researched together. They shared their lives. They raised kids together. Also, they had to confront the conservative 1930-40s society that didn’t accept their way of living. They lost jobs and practices. They were pointed by society and their children were bullied in school. Throughout the movie we are able to see how these people meet and how their bond develops. We also see some of the research they did in regards to the lie detector development and how Marston created Wonder Woman inspired by these two women in his life. Marston also saw a potential in the emerging comic book media of his time to deliver not only a different type of superhero who was a woman but a character that would base her struggle in friendship, truth, some kinkiness but, ultimately love in order to achieve peace and understanding. The movie has wonderful performances and a very unique story about three people that not only inspired beloved characters but, who lead unconventional lives at very difficult and conservative times. This is a truly inspiring story of love, self-discovery and commitment. One of 2017 best films. Awesome movie that rocks. 4 stars out of 4.
  4. valkyria

    Lesbian Movie Reviews

    Below her mouth: Canadian movie about Jasmine, a fashion magazine editor, and Dallas, a roofer. While engaged to her long time boyfriend, Jasmine meets Dallas. They become attracted towards each other. Dallas, a sort of ‘Shane McCutcheon’ like character, pursues Jasmine relentlessly. Jasmine, who seems to be as straight as spaghetti before being exposed to hot water, wants to stay faithful to her boyfriend. Jasmine tries and tries but, cannot fully reject Dallas approaches. The chemistry between the two actresses is amazing. The sex scenes are very hot. I certainly didn’t expect the amount of hotness from those scenes. I have to say those are quite graphic. Also, I read somewhere the filming crew members were all women. I guess for the things that needed to happen during the shooting of the movie it was appropriate. As for the plot of the movie, well, it is pretty ‘straight’ forward, in a matter of speaking. There isn’t much to it but, the chemistry between the actresses and the connection these two women make manage to make it entertaining. The dialog is cheesy at times but, it manages to be interesting. And, these women are gorgeous. It could have been better or it could have been worse but, good movie for what it is. 3 stars out of 4. And, thank you very much for the one who recommended this movie. I didn’t know about it and I had a good time with it. Black Mirror – 3x04: San Junipero: This is the story of two women who meet at San Junipero, a party town. Yorkie, a shy woman who all her life has experienced a sheltered existence meets Kelly, an outgoing and outspoken woman. Kelly, a woman who is passing through San Junipero just wants to have fun before leaving. Yorkie, also a tourist of sorts wants to have new life experiences but, it is difficult for her. Regardless of their different backgrounds, Yorkie and Kelly develop a deep intimate relationship. The story of the episode is very good. The chemistry between the actresses is amazing. Both actresses give amazing performances. Even when this is just an hour long, the episode manages to tell a full story about life and its turns, love, hope and the benefits of technology. Unlike other Black Mirror episodes, this isn’t a dark story about the misuse of technology. Awesome episode that rocks. 4 stars out of 4. Now, right after my rating I am going to have to get into some spoiler territory without giving away the ending. So, if you don’t want to know anything more, stop reading right now. San Junipero is a sort of virtual reality party town. The visitors, people like Yorkie and Kelly, are elderly people who live in senior/nursing homes. At San Junipero the visitors get to select a time era which can be about anything, the 80s, the 90s, etc. Also, the visitors get to have young avatars, or in other words, be young again. Now, the reason I got into spoilers. During the episode we get to see two scenarios: San Junipero, the virtual party town and, the real world set in the future. It is in the real world in which we get to see the real elderly Kelly and the real elderly Yorkie. And, this is in which this episode distinguishes from other lesbian themed works entirely. Finally, we get to see a lesbian themed work which involves elderly people. Most times we just get to see young people or, at most, 30 something people but, no elders. This certainly is a different approach on LGBTQI thematic.
  5. Life Ghost in the Shell Moonlight