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  1. My first sexual experience ever was with girl. A innocent high school crush turned relationship when I was a wee thing of 16. I loved her, but sexual contact was downright awful. lol. From there though encounters became better and better as time went on. Now Im 35 and looking back Im thankful for the upward trend!
  2. I agree with BiTri. Not fair to anyone to compare. And its a great point that different people meet different needs. Also a great point, you might be surprised and happily so. I will be honest and I think of my exes at times. One of my first was an amazing creative woman who couldn't help but see art and potential in everything. But she had no sense of responsibility or commitment. And when we split and I was with someone new, they were practical and stable, but life to then didn't have a resonance or color. And then we split and a found someone who wanted me, bad. And that felt amazing to be wanted and respected and loved. And sex was awesome! But to many other real life things didn't line up. And I was dishonest and selfish. And we split. And yes its true, I haven't spent a ton of time alone. But I have done A LOT of work, breaking up, forgiving, forgetting, over comming and appreciating the lessons learned by each partner and hoping they have learned something from me. When the think of me they smile. I know this because I still talk to most of them. Now I am with someone and very very happy. And it is largely because I had to learn all these hard lessons with other people. And watch myself fuck up so many times. And at the time I didn't want those relationships to end. But I see now that I needed those memories to use to build to my current status and state of happiness. Which isn't perfect, just stable and happy. The point is thinking of your exes isn't a bad thing. But comparing them is unfair. They are them, now and you are you now. Move forward, not backwards.
  3. Wow, trip down memory lane on this one! Its surprising to see how I felt then and now. A lot it the same as far as labels go. Though in this moment, as I am so happy with the woman I am with, I don't see myself going back to men. The other side is just to damn good! And I would be shocked if I ever went to a closed triad situation again either. I think that side of me died, when I chose one woman. And more accurately I know I can want for nothing in intimacy and sexuality in this relationship. ( I do want $$ though.. never seem to have enough to feel settled. lol.) If I had to say labels. I would shout " IM in LOVE with her" from a roof. That's as transparent as it gets.
  4. naturally_lovely

    Loss of Hearing.

    This is awesome. I've been diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss. Happened all of a sudden 12 days ago. A ringing in the ear. Followed by 10 mins later of complete loss of hearing in the left ear. I can still hear just fine out of my right. Had a cochlear hearing test with the Ear/ Nose/ Throat doc and yep.. IM 95% deaf in the left ear. More annoying than that, I constantly hear a ringing in my ear, sometimes high sometimes low. The good news is IM an finding each person and home has a unique resonance that I can hear now... so its kinda like my own personal spidery sense! Rad. It permanent. I tired to sit through steroid injections in the ear, but couldn't tolerate it and there was much worse risk of damage to my tympanic membrane than benefit, Because I kept twitching when the needle hit the membrane. Its okay because even if my body responded to the the steroid injections and oral dosing... best case scenario is only a 15% improvement and Im now 95% deaf....so I don't think I will ever hear out of that ear again, nor will the ringing ever stop.. My girlfriend, bought me noise cancelling ear buds. Helps just a bit.... I play static in my ear and it lowers the tone of the ringing just a bit. Anyone have any experience with this diagnosis? The hearing loss is annoying. Lots of adjustments form my loved ones. Like if I'm in another room I literally cannot hear someone call for me. You have to look at me when you speak to me, and if you approach me from the left.. I simply wont know your speaking. But .... the question I have is.. does the ringing EVER STOP? I fall asleep to it, I wake up to it. Its always happening when Im trying to listen to people speak. Any suggestions? or tried methods? Thanks in advance.
  5. naturally_lovely


    Though its true age is just a number. Individual personalities and maturities.. differ, I personally wouldn't want to be with anyone much younger than me. Older is fine. But Im turning 35 in two weeks so that doesn't put me in any kind of "young" category. Is it wrong? Well... legally no as long as they are actually 18. But please strongly consider the amount of emotional maturation and life experience that comes with living thru experiences and learning the lessons we all need to learn only through actually living them. I would be nervous someone 18 or 19 would later think of me as taking advantage of them. So I personally stay within a safe 8 year age span either older or younger. Right now my current is only 11 months older and I really like it that way. We can laugh at getting older together! And I find in this relationship and stage of my life its important to me we value the same things in life and I feel its partially because of our common age. I know my values even 2 years ago, were so different. And sex even 2 years ago, was so different. Just a thought.
  6. This is an easy one, flirt back, if you like her.
  7. naturally_lovely

    Gf Is Leaving For A Month: A True Test

    yes. completly resolved. We are a exclusive couple.
  8. Im not sure what you would consider older? Would it be older than you? Or women over 30? 35? I agree with BiTri that individual maturity and priorities and every day behavior matters more than actual age. That being said, I am almost 35 (2 months to go) and dating someone much younger would be an issue at first for me. But if all played out well, I wouldn't let it be a hang up. My current girlfriend is only 11 months older and that seems to be a pattern for me. The largest age gap I have ever had was with my ex husband who is 4 years older. I have been attracted to women older than me.
  9. naturally_lovely

    Down the rabbit hole

    She just made a comment about adoption. Not to be taken seriously. And she is doing a very nice job building different relationships with each of them. And me as a mom. Very supportive. For the most part I love her approach with them, fun, light hearted. They seem to be enjoying each other. Thank God. We are still on trial. Likely for a few more months if not longer. Sometimes my nerves are shot. But I am happy. Yesterday we spent Valentines together the 4 of us. We had a very nice night. And like a lot of couples with kids, promptly fell asleep after the kids were asleep. Tonight is our night together just the two of us. Hopefully I can find ways to keep her awake and entertained for some romantic sexy time. We woke up early this morning, so I will be drinking A LOT of coffee.
  10. naturally_lovely

    Down the rabbit hole

    No, No We do deserve her and she us. C'mon.
  11. naturally_lovely

    Down the rabbit hole

    Thanks again Hungry. Obviously the person who has you is lucky!
  12. Netflix: BELOW HER MOUTH. pretty awesome and fairly realistic.
  13. naturally_lovely

    Sex with clothes on or off?

    I love the idea of surprising someone with a sexy outfit. I like to dress up. Even though its rare as I am tired. The skirt idea is a great one! Everytime I wear a skirt, my girl seems to touch me and tease me a lot more. Which of course I like. Even though I simply hate being teased. But there is a primal side of me that deeply enjoys the nakedness, the sweat, the hair and spit. I have a very natural shameless sexual side nowadays and though outfits, skirts, stockings, corsets, ties and yes belts, greatly excite me. Im old and boring now.. lol. Simply put skin and sunlight is seeming to be more of a favorite of mine most often. More comfortable,natural, the different shades of different body parts and of course lets not forget the lovely sensation of skin on skin and the oxytocin and other chemicals that are released. If Im forced to choose, I will choose tearing the clothes off. And leaving them on the ground. An ex of mine said something to the extent of " sexy underwear looks best on the floor". And I would agree.
  14. naturally_lovely

    Down the rabbit hole

    Still spending about 75% of my time at her place. She has taken on my dog, and two kids as a part of our relationship. This is plain nerve wracking. My older turned 11 last Friday. I have issues trusting my girlfriend will be able to handle being a larger part of her life, as she is very challenging. I also have trouble trusting she will desire to continue moving in this direction. I just need to vent. So far that has been fear. And so far so good. There have been two comments from my girl about how she was on the verge of asking us to leave just for the night, due to my older continual verbal attacks and sass towards me. However again, we did not leave. I still worry, if she feels that way and we live together there will be no " home" to go to. Her dad takes her most nights at 10pm so that has made it tolerable. Also my older is putting forth a lot of effort to hold it together, because she adores my GF so much. Again time will tell. On the flip side, she wants to adopt my younger. Which of course will never happen. My kids already have two parents. Their dad is pretty rad. But it's seen by me as sweet sentiment. I know she is on trial by me as well. But really Im feeling a lot of pressure. Thoughts?