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  1. The freedom to date others should go.both ways, even if you do or do not act on it. Hopefully youll find information and support here on the forum.
  2. updates? Im curious to see how all this is working out for all involved. If nothing else, at least this will be a learning experience. Slow is good.
  3. Hello and welcome. Happy to see you back on the site. I love it when we are pleasantly surprised by peoples reactions. I'm happy to hear that worked out for you so far.
  4. Damn it. In addition to clearing margins on my back... a mole that was removed has " grown" back. Now Im deciding if I should go in again and have it removed again. Maybe they will take a look at my scar while Im there again. I really don't want more cancer..but this was pretty easy, despite the electric shock of cauterizer. Should I get it checked out again if it grew back?
  5. I would have to say also that I became a much better mother once I became single.. or better termed... separated from their father. because I became happier and more self reliant. I know I am the only parent they have on the days I have them.. ( even if I have a GF its not the same) and I am more focused because I am free to do the things we enjoy. And Im more attentive, because Im not always waiting for someone to " share the load" I just do it all. And when I don't have them.. I rest and have fun and study! So its a great balance of kid time and nonkid time. Its scary to think about...I remember that. But many women do single parenting, dating.. etc..very well.
  6. Only you and your spouse can decide if you want to stay, go or change the shape of the relationship. As bold as it may sound.. staying ( waiting) for your children does not work. Children want happy parents.
  7. I can relate to a lot of what you had to write Kathleen. I'm 34 years old. And I have two girls. My relationship with my bisexual self was rocky indeed for a long time. I was also abused by a female when I was young 11 or so. I did tell my mom and it was addressed, but that " friend" of the family remained in our life, even after the abuse, even after everyone knew. So a little different..but I get it. Though I have been bisexual from the start of the development of my adult sexuality.... I really didn't have a large problem with it until I became married to a man for 9 years and made two children. Also I started my own business. I was supposed to be a successful mother, business owner/operator, and monogamous loving wife. Truth be told looking back I was successful. My business is great! I loved and still love my ex husband and forever my children are my heart. But at the time during the hardest years, before we split. It was very difficult. The attraction to women and desire for spontaneity would always wispier in my ear and start to take over my desires. Uninvited. yet so desired. Nothing to do with love for my partner... and father of my children.. just a very large piece of myself was being unsuccessfully kept way way down. As my then husband and I grew apart, as most do... we eventually mutually decided to separate. WE are very good friends and continue to raise our children together and spend birthdays and holidays together.. we both now have significant others and truth be told.. all that has happened is that our family has grown. And the nature of my ex husbands and I's relationship has changed... not ended. And in that regard I could NOT be Happier! Family is everything. As a single mom being " both" parents I get it. Well not really, they have their dad.. but the time is divided. And when dating came up.. It took me just until about 10 months ago to realize I wanted to be OUT. Truth be told there was a break up with beautiful lady that I was dating.. and I simply needed to talk about it and didn't want to hide the fact it was a woman. Or keep reffering to her as " he" or " them" instead of " SHE". Once that was processed. I did find another woman. And have been completly out since then. At work, in LIFE and with my children. My mother is out as lesbian and I hated it. So I am careful not to " lead" with my gay foot forward. However, questions come up and I answer them truthfully. My younger asked me... " Mom... do you have girlfriend? The same way Dad has girlfriend now?" Yes, yes baby I do. Okay.. are they both going to buy me presents on my birthday?!" So you see.. in one example. I was making much ado about nothing. So much struggle and guilt and carefulness. Surrounding my sexuality and my children. But out truth is. We just want healthy relationship models, loving, kind, caring, responsible and fun people in our lives. And thats the same the entire reason I'M bisexual in the first place. Love people and character... not genitals. ( though... those are hot!) And no part of my sex life has a place around my children anyway. Aside from hugging and PG kissing.. they really don't see anything. That is how I choose to raise them. Plus LGBT issues are made light in my kids school. So as they grow it s so nice to see so much of our work is paying off and this intolerance becomes less and less of an issue. Wonderful. In my part of California people are often only judged by the content of their character. And that's all I could ever hope for. The struggle is real. But mine was unnecessary. I wasted so many years and tears and heavy guilt. And now.. Im very happy to set that down. And raise my girls. Good luck.. enjoy the site.
  8. Hello and welcome, Take a look around the site. I will enjoy seeing your posts when you get to that point.
  9. So, on a few of my topics there is this new Alert feature on the right hand side of the navigational bar. It is notifying me that a few people have given me" reputations " in regards to my topics. I see who has given them. But I don't see what the reputation is...or how to view it or what it means? Can someone, hopefully a MOD explain this new feature of our site? How do I read them? And how do I give them out? Thanks.The new site is pretty..but I feel like an old dog.. being taught new tricks! lol.. A little trouble navigating. If there is already a topic on this matter that I did not find, my apologies. Thank You, NL
  10. Not a big porn fan... but I do enjoy Sinn Sage for sure!
  11. What do you mean by spirituality? A forum to discus beliefs and practices? A prayer type space? I wonder what you have in mind?
  12. Zero preference. More emphasis on symmetry is good though. If a woman has smaller breast.. smaller ass and hips is good. If they are curvy...larger boobs and ass is good. But really I have little preference as to how skinny, in between or heavy one is as long as they have a nice sense of security and are healthy. As men go.. well.. Ive almost forgotten! lol. Um... I like muscular arms ( duh) and strong legs... A little extra padding is fine.. but skinny bean pole type is harder for me.
  13. So she gave me a months notice. My Girlfriend and Lover of 8 months is leaving out of the country for the month of June. Damn.. doesn't she know that is pride month! Oh well. So this is my first monogamous relationship were I have actually had NO desire to see other people. Im not even excited about entertaining a fantasy about other people in my head. Though Im not really a fantasy kind of gal... more of a in the here and now. Anyway she is leaving to see family for a month. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a conversation about fidelity while we are separated? I don't plan on seeing anyone romantically or sexually while she is away, as the desire simply isn't there. But could it be considered offensive if I bring up the issue to her? Or in monogamy is it usually some unspoken understanding that no one will be sexual with anyone else while apart? I know each relationship is its own.. but thoughts on common practice on this one?Thoughts? Experiences? etc. Its quite liberating to not be worried about myself and what I will do while she is gone. Im pretty happy with this feeling!
  14. I also do not take offense to the original post. For me its nice to see two people who have good sexual dynamic and the husband is supportive and turned on with his wife exploring. I know I would have wanted that kind of support when I was married and looking. Looking at photos is important. I feel the original poster was being honest about the importance of physical attraction. Good on her for calling it as she saw it and for sharing her experience. It is true many apps and dating sites are about physical appearance. And I will say I do not use Apps.. as as I was so turned off my Tinder and HER. Plus not much content,just photos... Its actually nice to see you two seem to be communicating and supportive and excited by each other. Yay!