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  1. Im not sure what you would consider older? Would it be older than you? Or women over 30? 35? I agree with BiTri that individual maturity and priorities and every day behavior matters more than actual age. That being said, I am almost 35 (2 months to go) and dating someone much younger would be an issue at first for me. But if all played out well, I wouldn't let it be a hang up. My current girlfriend is only 11 months older and that seems to be a pattern for me. The largest age gap I have ever had was with my ex husband who is 4 years older. I have been attracted to women older than me.
  2. Netflix: BELOW HER MOUTH. pretty awesome and fairly realistic.
  3. I love the idea of surprising someone with a sexy outfit. I like to dress up. Even though its rare as I am tired. The skirt idea is a great one! Everytime I wear a skirt, my girl seems to touch me and tease me a lot more. Which of course I like. Even though I simply hate being teased. But there is a primal side of me that deeply enjoys the nakedness, the sweat, the hair and spit. I have a very natural shameless sexual side nowadays and though outfits, skirts, stockings, corsets, ties and yes belts, greatly excite me. Im old and boring now.. lol. Simply put skin and sunlight is seeming to be more of a favorite of mine most often. More comfortable,natural, the different shades of different body parts and of course lets not forget the lovely sensation of skin on skin and the oxytocin and other chemicals that are released. If Im forced to choose, I will choose tearing the clothes off. And leaving them on the ground. An ex of mine said something to the extent of " sexy underwear looks best on the floor". And I would agree.
  4. Hello and welcome! Lots to check out.
  5. Hate the labels on others. But I'm happy to fit myself up in a nice box.
  6. Come out. Its way easier. Slowly of you must..but I wasted a lot of energy concealing things that never needed to be. And felt way more free after. A lot of my fear was invalid. Just sharing.
  7. Whats your system? I love it but my GF dosent want to taste herself. So how to get around that? Currently I have to wash my hands and face before kissing her after. And I always want to right after....
  8. We all fit differently its true. With my current its amazing, but took literally 6 months to get it right, and even then its hit and miss. Worth the effort when you DO find that sweet spot though. Omg. Wish I would have given this move more energy sooner in life, but at least now I know. She still does better than me, but always still give it a good try.
  9. Im 34, and I would say my drive has gone down. Ha ha no pun. I used to put a huge value on sex, how good it was how frequent it happened how much I want them or they want me. Nowadays. My drive is healthy and constant but not over the top. Sex is good between my beautiful girlfriend and I. But she has a lower drive than me, and I have accepted sex isnt nearly as important as I thought it was as far what constitues a satisfying realtionship for me. But I do get around her and then sex is always on my mind.
  10. Most position that can be done with a man can be done with two women. But so much more! My current girlfriend proves this to me often and its super sexy. But there is no need for the template to be from straight sex. Just sayin.
  11. Ya. She bought a massage table and we have used it for many mutual massages. Her and I both are in much LESS pain. Super fun and fun to role play! And helps with the stretches. She's not letting it stop her... at least not..when I start taking off my clothes and talking to her as much as I can.
  12. Can't remeber the first time as I have been Bi, my entire life. But I will say after what feels like a very long time of being with men and women.. With women, It is softer, more real, more honest, more sexual and more enjoyable. I remember being married to a man I loved. And yet being so pulled to women who so obviously wanted me. The soft hair, the sweet skin, the way their eyes flashed when flirting with me. Simply captivating. Now... only women. And I couldn't be happier!
  13. She has a " bad back:" suggestions, ladies? Im fairly limber. and curvy body... .. go yoga!
  14. Specificity really helps. Thank you. I agreee with the song thing. I like latin themed music. So we will see where it goes... She so wants a striptease from me... time to step up, I think.
  15. It is working.. phew...finally!. Onto sex....She has a more masculine persona sexually. So it would likely be me straddling her on the chair.. But Im 5ft 9 and she is maybe 5ft 2... with a very small frame.. we don't line up on the chair... though she is dying for a lap dance! Suggestions, please hungry?