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  1. Fingering is a hard subject. To each there own. But i agree. your finger isn't a tiny dick, so don't use it as such. Dexterity is a plus!
  2. Anytime really, other than middle of the day. Its a good start or end to the day for me.
  3. most positions Im happy with as well. Chair sex, dosen't work with me and my current girlfriend as she is so much smaller than me. Missionary works well. So does car sex! As in my mouth on her pussy in the car. I introduced strap on sex to her.. we did a doggy thing once but never revisted the matter yet.
  4. super into it all the time. a few days before bleeding is best Girlfriend and I tend to still have sex, but with tampons in during bleeding. No messy stuff.
  5. Typically I only wear tampons for 4-5 hours at a time and then change them. I don't like wearing them to bed because frankly I start to get irritated and sore after having a tampon in all day. So to manage I take it out at night and free bleed into into my shorts or sweats or sheets. Its gross. But its what I have done for years. My Girlfriend isn't okay with it. Or at least with me messing up her sheets and expensive mattress. I can't blame her. But pads are super irritating for my lady bits skin, and typically I have a yeast infection in about an hour after wearing a pad...So not an option. And cups never stay in place. Any suggestions as to how to cover myself during sleep at her place? For the past 11 months Ive been wearing tampons back to back ..even while I sleep. But I wake feeling nauseous and often extra sore in my labia. Any experience with the THINKS period underwear. Not sexy.. but maybe an option? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks. Furthermore.. medical Folk... are there dangers in wearing a tampons 24/7 for all 5 days of your period? Of course change them out...but do most people take breaks? or just wear them all the time? Thoughts on why I have so much trouble?
  6. The GF invited me and the kids to family dinner. Everything went so well and my older daughter especially loves her! This woman has Finally come around! A month apart on separate vacations has done us a world of good! It feels good to be happy.

    1. Hungry


      I'm glad things are going well :)

  7. Thank you for educating. And Im so happy you came up clean! Will you provide a link to the other thread please?
  8. I have genital herpes. Hasnt been an issue in the past.. but it is her call. Risk is super minimal. But I'm not going to push her comfort zone or pressure her. Thats gross and not my style. She does a great job attending to other areas, nowadays.
  9. Im surprised at how many different things work for different people. I realize its vague advice.. but seriously the only way to come is to relax and enjoy it. Foreplay is so important. As for giving... we know most women enjoy being fucked in their head.. way before hands and tongues actually touch bodies. It can even start with text when your on the way over.. tell her what your wanting to do or how your looking forward to the way she feels/taste. There is no magical trick or move it all depends on the individual and LISTEN to her body. That's it..that IS the secret move... interpreting what makes her mad! She will move or breathe differently with differing levels of excitement or lack there of. Its always okay to stop. And come up for air! Also its not the end of the world to laugh or take a tiny break. Basics I have found to start with are... licking with a broad soft tongue( but don't try to make it huge.. just not pointy) circles around the clit or opening of vagina, up and down motion with tongue and sucking the clit or labia. That's about it. The rest boils down to the individual of where they want it and how fast. On a personal note. I've sighed up for relationship where I give a lot of oral. But do not receive.... EVER. I'm a bit jelious right now. So Lucky you! I know that the jeliously feeling will pass.
  10. Um.. I draw a clear line. Im 34 and I say no one younger than 27 for me and thats still really pushing my comfort. Also as far as ooogling teenage girls.. as in (13-19) No not cool in my book. But Im a fairly protective mom of a tween so maybe that has something to do with my feelings.
  11. One simple question. Does the husband know? Personally I would start there. I have learned to give people more credit than I used to. Im not judging negatively but I will say I have heard.. things can be a lot easier once everything is out in the open. My open relationships where not easy at all.. but at least we tried. I agree.. responding so intensely to sexual attention could stem from a larger personal dynamic. One many of us have.. no worries, but at some point that is worth looking at. Telling your spouse doesn't mean you have to stop " cheating". As you clearly don;t want to. But lets flirt with the idea of open, forthright communication and just a touch of self control out of respect for your husband. Does he "cheat"? Is monogamy really a dynamic both of you want/can agree to? If he slept with others would it bother you? Those are important questions to ask. I know you don't feel bad about sleeping with others. But think on the ethical idea of lying by omission. Would he want to know? I know that seductive, exciting in the moment dynamic all to well. Literally to well! Personally if my partner wanted to sleep with someone else it MAY not be a deal breaker, depends on the feelings and such. But Im heavily weighing in here on at least telling the husband and starting a courageous conversation about your REAL desires. Try to include him or at least inform him. There are many books on the matter. Ethical Slut is one of the older and most popular. Also a website more than two. The whole idea is overwhelming at first and requires a bit of trimming down and customizing to your own needs/want. But at least it gets you thinking on a different plane and open to other possibilities. Enjoy you.
  12. Hungry.. this is terrible, but I love you for it.
  13. I think its an important topic get out there and talk about. Furthermore, no worries on not responding quickly. Better to think it through..than just start typing. I am curious though.. have you pin pointed some main points as to why you are " far" from being okay with your sexuality? Hopefully if you talk about specific reasons you will help yourself workout some of the knots.. and maybe even help others. Just a thought. And this is very safe and supportive space.
  14. First... I love that you posted this topic! Thank you. Second... Yes.. I agree don't let others define you. To me you are just " as much" bisexual having no experience with men than the women on here who are bisexual having no experience with other women. Really it matters not what others think. Though we must recognize the effect of feeling accepted or not in a community. The best thing I believe you can do for yourself is understand and accept what makes you the most happy in that realm. And Im so happy you don't want to play the " gay enough" game. Its a bullshit game and no different from trying to fit into any box sexually in my opinion. There is a whole spectrum of sexual terms Im not familiar with but I know they are out there and maybe research them and see what feels right for you if you think a need a label. But I say just figure it out as you go, do what makes you happy ethically of course and let it be. Read on if you want my personal experience so far.. otherwise.. that's all I got and thank you again for this topic. Personally. I struggled a great deal with my sexuality. Not because I ever felt ashamed with my true bisexuality. But because it was still so hard to bloody pick one! And for a time I didn't pick one. I identified as poly. I am not. And I also have failed at open relationship type dynamics. I have been in two closed triads. One worked well and One did not. I have miserably tried monogamy with my husband. Because I loved him and our children. That was ugly, and we are many years divorced now. I also struggled with the social aspects of my job and having children and if it was okay to be out dating women. For many years I felt I fit into NO box having NO circle and had NO people, lovers family or the like.. who really accepted me and my orientation. It was the classic and horrific dynamic. My straight friends where creeped out by my lesbian side and my lesbian friends where grossed out by my genuine sexual attraction to men. Lovers NEVER trusted me.. ( honestly that was warranted. on their part.. eek!. sorry guys..) I felt very out of place and like I was lying to both groups of lesbians and straight people and lovers alike and these where people close to me. And I don't really know any other openly bisexual people. It was a very heart breaking number of years for me. And I judged myself very harshly for feeling like I could not be faithful to one orientation or the other. I hated myself for being so unfaithful to each orientation and also to many people. Because I really wanted to be on one side of the fence or the bad! It was a true struggle and a painful conflicted one at that. I wanted so badly to express how I felt and genuinely responded sexually to the different PEOPLE I came into contact with regardless of course of gender. I will say almost a little over a year ago now.. that struggle was finally laid to rest. I had to get older. I had to prioritize what I really wanted for my sex life, for my children , for my career and for the life I truly could live to be happiest Once I turned around my thinking on monogamy and my personal sexual orientation.. and being OUT everything else sort of fell into place. Things are not without struggle... or conflict but the inner conflict and self guilt has been gone for some time now. And I feel so much happier. Don't let others define you, don't try to fit in any boxes. Give yourself the freedom to ethically feel and love whoever and however it feels truest to you. Its your life.
  15. I agree, relax and stop pursuing her on a sexual level. You have made your feelings clear, now its time to see if she is going to reciprocate. She will know how to come to you if she is interested. Especially with her knowing you are already interested. For the sake of the friendship, keep the ball in her court and let her change the game if it happens. If not, then you haven't lost a friend.