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  1. Well, for me, I know it's time to pursue and explore the inner urges I have had for many years. That's my attraction to women. I was with men all my life but a few years ago, I just had enough. So now I'm interested in the friends with benefits, enjoying all that another woman has to offer, where we both feel excited and satisfied. I am excited about venturing into a new world with an intimate femme partner.

  2. Just wondering--what sort of relationship do you hope to have with a woman? Are you looking for something long term--falling in love, marriage even--or do you see yourself involved more casually, in a friends-with-benefits situation or hook-ups and one night stands? Or do you plan to act on your desires for a woman at all? I'm curious where everyone stands on this. For me, I wouldn't say I'm strictly looking for a woman; I'm just open to meeting who I meet. It may be that I meet a guy I really like, and that'd be fine. But I am a bit (ok, a lot) biased toward the hope that I meet a girl. When and if I do, my aim would absolutely be to fall in love and ultimately get married. I want that deep, emotional, soul connection. What about you?