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  1. "I thought you'd quit drinking?" A friend had a rough night
  2. Welcome back! Seriously cute pooch
  3. Just made me shoot coffe out my nose
  4. @Hungry it's not an easy thing but we do the best with what we have. Some days are easier than others but we keep in mind that we're both working hard towards being together permanently. It definitely helps having some family support. They absolutely love Rocky who by the way is never human. She is a goddess thanks for reading! I'm not the best at putting myself out there haha
  5. Just finished the latest underworld movie. Wasn't bad but wasn't the best of the series either
  6. Hey there! Just peekin back 

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    2. tbare13


      Doing good! You?

    3. JazzyJess21


      doing well. what did you do today?

    4. tbare13


      Took the day off work to take my pops to some appointments.

  7. Hello and welcome to shys! See you around the forums
  8. We have another movie to watch and I already napped today, so should make it to the end :lol: I think. Date night x 2?

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    2. Rocker83


      Take your phone. I can pretend it's the trailers :lol:

    3. tbare13


      You're really enjoying my waterproof phone aren't you? 

    4. Rocker83
  9. Having a crummy morning. Can I come snuggle? X

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    2. tbare13


      Which is of course through the sternum. Cmere and get comfy. We'll watch a movie that you can fall asleep during:lips: 

    3. Rocker83


      That should be on my list of hobbies. Falling asleep during every movie I watch.

    4. tbare13
  10. Love is indescribable. Mere words can't begin to paint the picture
  11. Age is just a number. Love and attraction comes in all different kinds of shapes and sizes.
  12. Usually a long younger than I am. I actually got IDd for a lottery ticket today and I am plenty over 18
  13. Thank you all for reading. Like Rocky said I don't share much haha! It hasn't been an easy journey and there are still hoops to jump through but one day I'll get where I'm going
  14. Date night with my missus! :wub2:

    1. Rocker83


      You just wanted to watch Kate Beckinsale in PVC showing off how supple she is :lol:

    2. tbare13


      I prefer you in that leather outfit actually :wink:

  15. Hiya! Just peekin back 

    1. Nidalaeh


      Yea, I need to fill this out. I hate feeling things out about myself LOL

    2. tbare13


      No need to be shy here :lol:

    3. Nidalaeh