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  1. I just read your post kairi, those words describe me exactly right now:(
  2. Reason Why by Rachael Yamagata, a beautiful song, goes with how I'm feeling atm.
  3. That's a really difficult one but if I was absolutely backed I to a corner and had to pick I'd give up the vino, my coffee gets me through my long working days!
  4. Check out new albums by The National, Royal Blood and London Grammar, they won't disappoint!
  5. Not sure if this exactly applies to this topic but check out the singer LP's album Lost on You. The whole album is excellent especially the songs Lost on You and Switchblade, check it out, highly recommended.
  6. That really struck a chord with me, going through something similar right now. I hope to be ok myself soon.
  7. Couldn't agree more with this, soooo hot love it!
  8. Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall, if ever there was a better cover version of an original song then this is it. Honorary mention for Jimi Hendrix version of All along the Watchtower.......I could go on but it's late
  9. To answer the question I would say absolutely not under no circumstances whatsoever. I had a horrible devastating thing about a crush who led me on but never for a second wanted me back. It took me long enough to recover from and am all the better for it .....In my experience she was so not worth it.Stick to ur current gf, she definitely is:)
  10. Think it's probably true she likes u from a distance, that's the way I always was when it came to liking girls, hoping I would never get close enough and feelings would go away-it never happened!
  11. That's easy, mine would be How soon is now? By the Smiths
  12. I totally have gone through exactly one of those situations only we were friends and was very closeted at the time. The minute my crush found out I was into girls it was like a green light for flirting, touching etc on nights out, staring across the room at me in work etc. It wasn't anything weird it was just how she looked at me, must admit I liked it and thought there was something there (she certainly made me thinks so anyway), but one drunken night out I told her in front of work ones that I fancied her(couldn't remember doing it at the time cos was so drunk, I only found out I did it a year later!!!) and things were awkward ever since. We no longer work together and barely keep in touch but she really hurt me and it took me ages to get over it. That was my experience, hope yours turns out better than mine!
  13. I've been there where u are right now. My whole life I've known I like girls and hated myself for was self loathing at the highest level. It got to the point where I fancied this girl so much (unrequited but that's another story) to the point where I could no longer deny or hide it. I went to counselling which helped a lot and now I accept myself without shame.......took me a while to get here but am happy with myself at long last:)
  14. Hi, just dropping by. I like your choice of music.

    1. Hunguponu1


      Thanks for stopping by:) I am into my music in a big taste can vary depending on my mood lol

  15. Sorry that was supposed to read an utterly gorgeous movie.......I seriously can't type lol