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  1. Bit like a lot of people here I equate lonliness with being single. I live on my own and while I work full time and attend fitness classes during the week which occupies me, it's the weekends which are the worst. My ex and I broke up about 4 months ago and my weekends were exclusively about quality her and me time which I cherished more than anything. We'd see each other at least once or twice during the week as we lived far from each other,a train journey at least. Now we're not together I find weekends painfully lonely and that's when I miss her the most. Like everyone else I miss the kisses, cuddles, sex and everything that a proper loving relationship has. Being single sucks right now and being a lesbian in Nothern Ireland where the lesbian scene isn't exactly thriving, I feel like he lonlinest lesbian in the world! Tried online dating before and it sucks as well:(
  2. I just read your post kairi, those words describe me exactly right now:(
  3. Reason Why by Rachael Yamagata, a beautiful song, goes with how I'm feeling atm.
  4. That's a really difficult one but if I was absolutely backed I to a corner and had to pick I'd give up the vino, my coffee gets me through my long working days!
  5. Check out new albums by The National, Royal Blood and London Grammar, they won't disappoint!
  6. Not sure if this exactly applies to this topic but check out the singer LP's album Lost on You. The whole album is excellent especially the songs Lost on You and Switchblade, check it out, highly recommended.
  7. That really struck a chord with me, going through something similar right now. I hope to be ok myself soon.
  8. Couldn't agree more with this, soooo hot love it!
  9. Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall, if ever there was a better cover version of an original song then this is it. Honorary mention for Jimi Hendrix version of All along the Watchtower.......I could go on but it's late