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  1. Anyone seen the new lesbian film Disobedience with Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams ?Any thoughts?
  2. Hi esore Fellow irish gal here, I'm from up North:) Yeah I found that was my experience as well, mind you I had all sorts of fakes on there too. Even having a genuine conversation with a woman was rare never mind making friends, which was my intention, then see how we go type of thing. Didn't even manage that lol I now tell myself that the right woman for me isn't on there so I gave it up completely for now, I may go back to it at some stage, I dunno. I've been to one or to meetups in Belfast but a lot of the women were older and had their partners with them but it doesn't discourage me from going to others. I was single forever before I met my exgf so I understand being single and lonely completely. Am now single again and I wonder whether I'll meet another special someone, so yeah finding what you want in a woman is challenging but not impossible, or so I keep telling myself!
  3. I'm a (relatively recent) out lesbian who dated a bi woman exclusively for a year and a half, so I have an idea of how you feel. I would never judge you as I understand how difficult it must be. I would totally date another bisexual woman, because at the end of the day it's the person who counts not whether they're bi or not. My honest point of view is I still believe bi women will still end up with a man simply because there will always be more straight men than bi/lesbian women in the world, it's a simple fact.
  4. Hi Brinny:) My confidence was already fragile after a painful break up with my exgf and I was trying to put myself out there, not to find true love necessarily, but to meet new women and have a laugh, no such luck:(. I live in Northern Ireland with a poor scene for gay women , so online seemed the way to go as I have literally no gay friends male or female. I definitely dodged one or two fake bullets mind you lol. Just wondering now how to get my confidence back:(
  5. A lot of what you have said LeedsLass has resonated with me. My exgf broke up with me 8 months ago and now she has moved on and met someone else, which hurts a lot but she's allowed to move on and entitled to be happy, like I am. Unfortunately it might take longer for me to meet someone new, but I know I'll get there. I agree dwelling on things is very unhealthy and can lead to depression which happened to me to the point I had to see a counsellor. Exercise saved me, it was great for my mental health and gave me something to focus on other than her. Meeting someone new is going to be hard (online dating is a disaster!), when I do I know I'll never compare a new gf to my ex because I'd be over her so there would no need to do that. Pining over someone for 4 years like Magdis175 is something I'd never want to do.
  6. I have found it a horrible experience tbh. I've used a couple of sites for the past 5 months or so; lesbian only ones, paid ones and a couple of others. I've had fake profiles, women asking for threesomes, you name it. I never got one date out of any of them so I'm permanently giving it up, found it soul destroying and erased the little confidence I had. I thought to myself maybe I'm saying or doing the wrong thing on there, perhaps it's me in that I don't know how to talk to women....sig:(
  7. Any gals from Northern Ireland or south of the border on here?! Just wanted to say hi!!!!
  8. My experience has been mixed so far. I'm a lesbian (came out late in life at the age of 39) and I was in a long term relationship with a bi woman which sadly ended last year and before that I also briefly dated a bi woman. The thing is I would be a lipstick lesbian and am attracted to and into feminine ladies, who, if they are bisexual tend to be femine looking as well. I personally feel that most bi women will date women and have meaningful relationships however, ultimately will end up with men simply because there will always be more men than lesbian/bisexual women in the world.
  9. Hi there was reading this discussion with interest as I have recently (well this last couple of months) put myself out there the online dating scene. I live in Northern Ireland so the social dating scene is practically non existant for lesbians and I find it hard to meet like minded women even for experience thus far has been awful to say the least. I've been propositioned for threesomes quite a few times (Think it's because I'm very feminine looking and am into femme ladies) and just the other day I had been chatting to a (seemingly) lovely lady from Dublin and when she gave me her number I messaged her, she oddly asked me for a picture of myself. I found it strange as she would have known from my dating profile what I looked like, so I got her to send me a picture of her instead and lo and behold it was completely different from her dating profile, hence her dating profile was utterly fake. So I'm feeling so discouraged right now and am tempted to delete my profile. Anyone got any advice n my next step??
  10. Bit like a lot of people here I equate lonliness with being single. I live on my own and while I work full time and attend fitness classes during the week which occupies me, it's the weekends which are the worst. My ex and I broke up about 4 months ago and my weekends were exclusively about quality her and me time which I cherished more than anything. We'd see each other at least once or twice during the week as we lived far from each other,a train journey at least. Now we're not together I find weekends painfully lonely and that's when I miss her the most. Like everyone else I miss the kisses, cuddles, sex and everything that a proper loving relationship has. Being single sucks right now and being a lesbian in Nothern Ireland where the lesbian scene isn't exactly thriving, I feel like he lonlinest lesbian in the world! Tried online dating before and it sucks as well:(
  11. I just read your post kairi, those words describe me exactly right now:(
  12. Reason Why by Rachael Yamagata, a beautiful song, goes with how I'm feeling atm.
  13. That's a really difficult one but if I was absolutely backed I to a corner and had to pick I'd give up the vino, my coffee gets me through my long working days!
  14. Check out new albums by The National, Royal Blood and London Grammar, they won't disappoint!