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  1. So I come to a point in my life were I am ready to put the finish touches on it and close it. I already started on my new chapter and realize that I can not fully enjoy until I fully close the last. A part of closure is removing myself from this site. Thank you to all the women that gave words of support and help me get through this part of my journey. Now it is time for me to move on. I wish you all the best of luck of finding true happiness. I have found it and know what it is like to be tr...

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Awe well I hope that things are good for you and you will be missed, enjoyed it when you were in chat with us. Sorry to see you leave but maybe one day you'll come back again.

    2. BarbyH820


      Barely go to talk to you but you seem like a sweetheart and I wish you all the best!

  2. Getting some new ink today!!!!! The type of therapy I need!!!

  3. just saying hello ;)

    1. southernbeauty


      Hello! Thank you for stopping by

    2. BarbyH820


      No problem, hope you don't mind me friending you on here too!

  4. Just peeking!!!! Beautiful profile pic!!!

  5. Enjoying a beautiful day at the lake with my kids!!!!!

  6. I hate when ever song you hear takes you back to a time you are trying to forget!!!!!! One day it will get better. Each day I am a little stronger.

  7. How do you still haunt my dreams and thoughts late at night??? Why can't I forget you as hard as I have tried??? I wish there was an button I could push to make that part of my life be filed away deep into my mind.

  8. Had a blast last night. She was amazing and so sweet. Got to see her again today :). Hopefully everything works out and I can see her Thursday. I can't believe how wonderful this feels. I have missed this feeling. Finally my life is feeling like it is back on track. Nothing but good times ahead!!!!

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    2. southernbeauty


      Thank you! All I could do was smile while writing that post and the whole time I am around her. She is pretty awesome!!!!!

    3. HappyFrenchie


      oh lucky happy for you. :-)))))))

    4. southernbeauty


      Thank you!!!!!! I got to see her all day yesterday and night. I will get to see her tomorrow night as well. She is pretty amazing.

  9. I am so ready for tomorrow!!!! Getting to go out with the girl that has feeling something special. Never felt like this. Can tomorrow please hurry up?