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  1. I am a moaner when we are away from home but otherwise i have to keep it in...turns into heavy breathing which i think is pretty damn sexy if i do say so myself!
  2. this reminds me of my bf and i when we were younger (and braver! lol) we would go to the movies late at night when there would hardly be anyone there. i would lean over and suck him off while he fingered me. thinking of doing this with a woman is even hotter! i probably wouldn't now that I am a little older..too afraid of getting caught! lol
  3. this is one of my biggest fantasies. most of the porn i watch is lesbian massage porn!
  4. with my boyfriend, i love when he's hitting it from behind and i rub my clit until i come. i've never really been with a woman yet but i fantasize about 69ing !