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  1. You may find you come and go, many do. It's a multi layered forum, for sure. For some it serves it's purpose and people leave. I've been a member for several years. Initially with a different user name. It was so long since I had visited I couldn't remember my log in details and now I am here most days. As Bitri said, it does ebb and flow. I've seen many come and go. People often go for a few years without popping in. The forum is very fluid and changes, you notice the changes more when you take a break from it. On the whole, it's enjoyable. As for navigating.... I dont use the entire forum. Never been on the shout box, never used the naughty forum. You will soon adapt to it.
  2. Anybody who starts a post with lables. Oh no, Ohhh please no. Pan, Polly, bi, straight, hetero, get her hoe, unicorn, three in a bed, 52, 47, monkey, married, out of the scene, in between, pleas, no, STOP!!!!!!!
  3. I'm warming to you, definitely warming.
  4. Well, there's Tribbing, there's scissoring and there is downright humping. Three different things. In my limited ( ahem) experience. Throw the text book out of the window and concentrate on pleasure. Doesn't matter how you get there, get there if you can. Editing to say, three different techniques. End result ...much the same.
  5. Feeling someone looking over my shoulder, breathing down the back of my neck, watching my every move........Reminds me that I must stop being paranoid. Hmmmm or am I ?????
  6. Hmmmm, interesting. Obviously, for my self, I must make every effort to drink more wine. Now, having given this a lot of thought. And being the caring. If not sharing person that I am. Lol I have a double nomination. * drum roll* On behalf of all those lonely people at this time of year...... I nominate Wolfie and Netty. For the entire month of January...... Try not to openly declare your love for one another. By all means do so in private but stop reminding us misfortunates what we are lacking in our lives ;)
  7. Berlin Amsterdam Rome Hamburg Rotterdam
  8. I really do not like the tone of this conversation. Mini bar emptied perhaps. Stretchered out? Never!!!
  9. Ermmmmm, the kind with boobs. Ohhh, good in bed also helps ;)
  10. As usual I will cook. And I'll serve it when it's ready ok? It will be nice, it always is.
  11. I'm surprised that no f****** C*** has taken umbridge at this thread. Suppose it all depends which f****** C*** started it. No offence Intended whovian.
  12. Ok, it seems more and more married women on this forum are against having a relationship with so called single woman. Well, I really don't get it. I'm single, I'm a mother, I have time consuming commitments. My time, with my responsibilities is doubled as a single woman. I'm doing the job of two parents, two incomes, two house keepers. I just don't get why you married women think all single women are too needy. If anything it's the reverse. A lot of us are single by choice. Because we don't have the time to commit to a full on relationship. Just saying, and sick of us single women being ostrisised. It isn't easy, you go home to your man, we go home to an empty bed. Sick of hearing about single women being too demanding or needy. It's about the person not the relationship status.
  13. I'll start us off with my favourite one. Sipping from the furry cup. ;)
  14. Ok ladies, In order to settle an argument I would appreciate your valued opinion and experience please. 1. Have you had your bum kissed? 2. Is having your bum kissed enjoyable? 3. Do you think that having your bum cheeks kissed has any association whatsoever with Anal sex?