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    I listen to pretty much anything, except rap. The Fray, Maroon 5, Hunter Hayes,many more.
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    Reading, watching tv & movies, going for walks, being around my family especially my kids, making friendship bracelets when i have time. Mainly reading.
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    Grey's Anatomy, WENTWORTH
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  1. xxshy-bixx

    Age and a little about yourself

    Im 28, newylwed, mother of 3. Just moved to a new town, very small, hard to make friends. I use to write, i just havent had that creative thoughts in awhile. Im a stay at home mom for 3months now. Ive been crocheting every couple days. I love tv shows, reading, watching movies. Adult coloring, playing some videos games. But mainly just being bored since bot working and no friends where i live.
  2. xxshy-bixx

    Help!! Advice

    Thank you. I will definitely try some kind of diet. He is just very picky. And he has some bad mood swings.
  3. xxshy-bixx

    Help!! Advice

    Thank you ladies. I'm planning on getting professional help, I just moved so I'm getting settled first. I believe when she says I can't do this, I feel she means for good. But they just started at a new school. So I'm hoping things can and will get a little better before i can find a professional.
  4. I need some help. I'm a mom of 3 now, moved in with my girlfriend and her son. But now my son has been acting out more. He has ADHD & odd, he's been saying things that involve the word kill. I'm afraid something bad will happen. So I want to try and do something before that would ever happen. Advice on home remedies, would really help, I'm afraid my girlfriend will tell me to leave. She's already said she can't do this twice. I love her so much.
  5. Feeling some type of way and can't do anything about it. :-( 

  6. Never been in this situation but all I can give is advice, on what i would do.. i just think if you're constantly obsessing over it, you should just try and find a way to make it happen. Or maybe try to manage one night and go to like a gay bar or any place where you know that has alot of gay/bi women. I think it would drive me crazy always thinking about women but never trying to do anything about it..but good luck if you do try.
  7. xxshy-bixx

    First time with new gf

    Aww..maybe you will, only time will tell.
  8. xxshy-bixx

    First time with new gf

    Lol. Glad she liked it.
  9. Just want to make new friends, even if its virtually. Lol 

  10. Hey wolf, it's been a long time , hows everything going? 

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Going well thanks :)

  11. xxshy-bixx

    First time with new gf

    I'm always nervous when I'm with anyone new, so adding sex to it makes me more nervous. I would hate to go down on someone and them just lay their, I would feel like I'm not doing something right. Lol.
  12. xxshy-bixx

    Would I ever experience it again?

    I have to agree with Ame, it was beautiful yet sad..I have been in the same situation as you..I was the woman in your story. We kept our distance and are still friends to this day. But it was definitely hard to not have those type of feelings for her anymore. It did take time.
  13. xxshy-bixx

    First time with new gf

    Lol. Yes I'm definitely going to go slow...thank you, I will have fun..I just hope I can soon.
  14. xxshy-bixx

    First time with new gf

    That's exactly how I felt with my first ever...I think I will let her know, I'm just really shy about how I feel sexually. I just dont know how to start out the conversation