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  1. Hey, how u been? Long time no talk. Hope everything's been going well for you. 

  2. I'm waiting to be honest because I still love them. And they still love me. They r in an unhappy relationship, they're with someone who cheats on them constantly. I don't know what's going on in their head. I am going to just focus on me, because Idk when they're going to leave their gf. They say they want to leave them, it's not a pattern for this person. We just honestly need to work on ourselves first before we try again. We're still in the same position when we were together 3yrs ago. It's just hard feeling like I'll end up the lonely old cat lady,lol.
  3. Aww, well thank you for thinking about me...sometimes I don't feel strong. I'm glad that I've finally left, I knew things would've gotten worse. I'm not going to rush, just wish I could get a read on how this person is feeling.
  4. Loved this movie, didn't know it was a true story.
  5. I figure i'd give everyone an update. I have broken up with my gf, I've given so many chances to make this work. I just wasn't happy and knew it would be the same thing every month, this would have been my longest relationship, it would b a yr. But I'm happy that I'm out if this toxic relationship. Now im just feeling lonely. Recently been talking to an ex, who I do still love. We want to make it work, but they're in an unhappy relationship and lives quite a few hours away. I'm just patiently waiting for them to leave their gf. Which they said they will, just don't know when.
  6. I believe it's a newer movie 2016, I recently just saw it. Watched it on Netflix, and I have to agree the sex scenes were just WOW.
  7. Wow, nice story, seems like you two had fun...
  8. Hello. I'm also trying to be back into the shy world. Lol. I just work so much. :-) :-)
  9. I just hate that we'll have some great days then she says something that will make me feel hurt. Like I'm the one whose doing the wrong in the relationship. I'm just going to give a bit more time. Hoping things will get better .
  10. Don't worry you havent offended me. I like honesty and good or bad feedback. Im juat taking it one step at a time. I know not all relationships are perfect, so im just going to wait it out a bit longer. But I'm not sure I can, I've been thinking lately about being with someone else, No one in particular, just maybe I'll be better off with someone my own age or someone who Ik more attracted too.
  11. yes I do. but I don't talk to them about her. I don't think I can, I'm too afraid.
  12. she makes me feel good, happy. but things shes says to me make me upset, she constantly asked me if I'm happy or do I want someone else. But other than that I'm happy with her, my kids like her. like if she didn't always ask me if I want her or if I'm talking to someone else, I would be much happier. I just don't know what to do sometimes.
  13. She's the type of person who thinks she doesn't have any faults. I'm just afraid she will not let me break up with her, if I try again.