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  1. We need a Midwest meetup!
  2. I’ve tried a couple of sites but have liked and stuck to the app HER. It’s just for women and you can find someone in your area. I’ve had several dates from meeting women on there and only one has been a bit crazy. I also had a really amazaing connection with one of the women and we dated for a while.
  3. I consider that I had two first times lol my very first time was 16 years. I was curious and I explored with my best friend, but it was awkward. My first time as an adult was amazing. I met a girl online. We went out to eat, walked around for a while then went back to her place to watch a movie. Got through 20 minutes of the movie before we were paying more atttention to each other then the movie. She had been holding my hand and I could feel the sparks flying, ever time she looked at me I lost my breath. When she leaned in and kisssed me, my heart was beating so fast I thought it would burst. It was so soft. We ended up laying down and she showed me many different ways to have fun with clothes on. Lol. We ended up in the bedroom and she took it slow pleasuring me. It was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life. (I thought sex with my husband was good. This was mind blowing). Then it was my turn. I had a second hesitation of “oh my god, am I really going down on a girl?” Then wanted to so bad that I completely forgot about that question. I never realized how incredible sexy it could be to please another women. It just made the sex even better.
  4. I’m also married with a kid. I have craved a women so much that I’ve been trying online dating but it’s hard when people find out you have a husband. Currently, I’m crushing on my straight, co-worker even though I know that’s usually not going to ever work. Lol. It’s hard being bi.
  5. So I grew up in a very religous family where the only sexual identity was straight. Gays, bisexuals, transgender anything outside the straight identity were considered devient and "sinful," any participation in these other identities resulted in going to hell when you died. So in the midst of my struggle to find my sexual identity and keep my faith, I surpressed my identity for years. Once I did except my sexual idemtitiy as bi and not straight I struggled to keep my faith. I felt that I was acting like something I was not and ended up giving up my faith. My question is how many others have felt they had to give up their faith to be them true selves? Or have any of you mamaged to keep your faith while being who you truly are, and how did you do that?
  6. I was wondering this very question today at work. We got a new nurse at work recently and I havent had a chance to stop and talk to her personally. But everytime we interact she finds a way to banter/flirt? With me. I definetly flirt back. The problem is I have no idea if thats how she acts normally of if she is trying to indicate somethung. I tripped over a mat last week because I was checking her out and she caught me but I dont know if she knew why I tripped. Lol
  7. I kept it inside for years until one day I could no longer keep it from him. It was soooo hard to tell him and took so much courage but the freedom was so great. At the time it was so emotionally exhousting just to prepare myself to tell him that when I did all I told him was Im attracted to woemn. He ask how much and I told him how I felt when I saw a women. That was the end and it didnt come up again for a while. Ever once in a while Id let a comment slip about a hot girl unintentionally but the more I did it then more comfortable I became with talking about it After many years (that just how long it took me to be ready). Fianlly my husband told me to go explore, figure out myself as he could see how it was bothering me. All that to say I agree with the other ladies, bring it up slowly. Maybee once he knows he will see what is bothering you. Also if he sees thst gou are not trying to leave him or go behind his back he will be more open.
  8. I came to the conclusoonthat if anything was going to happen, I had to make it happen. I hoped that I would just meet a women but everyone Im surrounded by at work and home is straight. So although I wasnt a fan I tried a dating app called HER. Its only for women. Ive only been using it for a week and a half and already have chatted with several woemen in my area. I dont know if anything will come of it yet but at least I have some women to flirt with. ;) Its slow so it makes it easier to get.
  9. My first time was out of the blue. I was 16 watching lesbian anime with my best freind who was bisexual. I asked her about being bisexual (my family had brought me up straight and only straight). I then came on to her and ask if she could show me. She went slowly and I loved it. Its like a flood gate opened and I wanted to feel and try everything! I had no experience at anything sexual so I had no idea what I was doing and it was awful. I was so emberrassed that I refused to talk to hef for days. Then she told my best friend I came onto her but I denied it (sigh, if only Id admitted then my life might look much different),
  10. I too have struggled with needing a women since my teens. I hid it for years as well because of the Christian upbringing. Years ago I came out to my husband but nothing materialized. However I continued to bring it up just to get it off my chest every few years. Last month when I discussed it with my husband he said "you need to find out what it means for you. I believe discovering this part of your life will fully open yoirself to who you are." I agreed and we decided to try opdning our marriage. I am scared but feel so free now that I get to discover. I dont know where any of this will end up but Im keeping my hisband informed as much as he wants to be. I agree wiyh the others make sure he still feels loved and cared for and communicate. Last week I got so caught up inmchatting with women on Her and enjoying being filrted with that I neglected my husband. I realized that this would be a delicate balance. If I ignore him, he will hate our arrangement and ask me not to do it anymore. So in order to keep doing both I have to still be his wife. Its not going to easy. However I feel so free and so excited that after all these years Im getting to figure out this part of my life.
  11. Started chatting with this women on Her. We seemed to hit it off talking for hours everyday. Asked her to meet up, she agreed and seemed excited. Somehow it came up that I was married (it was placed on my profile) and she said she was still interested. Then she didnt contact me for thr next two days, didnt even respond. On the third day she texted me again like before but when i brought up meeting she never responded back. Still waiting to hear from her. I still feel like she is really interested in me. Its so frustrating.