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  1. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    Oh cool! We live near each other! I'm so late in responding to this.
  2. I've always given and when I did receive, it was half-a$$ed. I have yet to meet a woman fully committed to oral pleasures. My husband is amazing at it and we switch with each other. 69 is fun on occasion, but I like taking turns. For once, though, I'd like to be a pillow princess. He he!
  3. Oooh I love my new theme! It's purdy! It's different purples and such! Love it!

  4. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    Yeah, that's what I think. We just have to find a central location. Plus, getting a head count of who all would be interested. I forgot how we did it, but we did it.
  5. This looks great! Now to see how to change the theme...he he he!

  6. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    That would be awesome! It took some effort, but I think it would be worth a shot. The only issue was the time. My schedule is not like everyone else's schedules. I only have my weekends free. So I can't do during the week kind of meets. Also, we did it in a public area (obviously) and we had to specify women only because some felt uncomfortable with men present.
  7. I missed you, sweet page! Awwww! *hugs it* LOL! Anyway, during my absence from my page, I decided to make a discord for kinky women. So, if you're interested in joining my discord and just chat about life in the kink world, DM me. I won't advertise on forums because that is kinda rude, but my page is a different story. Anyway, great to be back!

  8. BellaMynx

    Learning Things

    Hey there, I am mostly testing to see if this is working, but I also wanted to comment on how I"m learning a lot. I'm learning that nothing good lasts forever. I should probably enjoy the feelings while they are current and then try to let them go. Easier Said Than Done I've decided to pick up on my hobbies as well as learning Korean and Russian. Yes, at the same time. I hope I can find more language partners. I just love learning different languages. It excites me. Well, have a lovely day, ~Bella
  9. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    Ages ago, a friend of mine from this Shys and I got a group of other Shys members in the Houston area together and we had dinner together. Unfortunately, we have not had a second get together because I guess we all got busy. It would be cool to have another meet up. It felt so nice to meet other members from the site.
  10. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    I know that area very well. Some of my friends live there! We are close!!!
  11. I'm learning Korean and dear goodness! I expected it to be challenging, but I didn't know it would be THIS challenging! I wish I had language partners. It is such a beautiful language. I'd love to chat with someone stateside and meet up to practice Korean. It's such a beautiful language. 

    안니여하세요! 만나서 반갑습니다!~~

  12. I hope everyone is well out there! Just popping in to say hello to my friends and people lurking! 

    1. JadeBleu15


      Hey Lady... nice to see you about... I be lurking lol 

    2. BellaMynx


      Ha ha ha! Cuz you be lurkin' and postin', you be ridin' dirty! (Please tell me you know the song) Lol! How ave you been?

  13. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    Cool! I have family and some friends around there. I used to go to Pearland a lot when I went to U of H.
  14. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    I live kinda close-ish to you! Cool!
  15. BellaMynx

    Anyone in Texas

    Katy area! You?