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  1. I wish I had a girlfriend. I miss the feeling I get when I'm with a woman who is crazy about me. It makes you feel damn good. 

  2. Exactly. As I've mentioned in my post, sites like Shys is a community site. The intention of this site is for people who are similar (other than straight) to connect and make friends. It is not intended for the sole purpose of dating, however, there are people here who have met and are now dating. I've met people here and have dated them, but I didn't go in with that intention of meeting women to date. I came in here to make friends with people who are similar to me: we know we're not straight. Dating sites are like OKCupid, eHarmony, etc...where the sole purpose is to find someone to date. Many people go on these sites to find friends, and then get upset when people get irritated because they thought they wanted to date them. That's what I was talking about.
  3. Just wanted to say hello! 

    1. N00Bi



  4. So, today has been a rant day for me. Oh well...I have nowhere else to put my stuff. At least here, I have my wall and if people don't like it, they can simply unfriend me. I've been hurt too much and this is part of my healing process. 

    1. JadeBleu15


      <hugs> rant away!

  5. Ok, I know that I might be nailed to the cross for this, but I feel strongly on this. There are dating sites and community sites for a reason. In my opinion, if you're solely looking for friends, then go on a community site. If you are actually serious about dating, then you can do both because sometimes you end up finding someone to date on the community site. The reason why I have a stick up my backside about this is that if I only wanted friends, I would just stay on a community site. Yes, I get that it is essential to get to know someone while deciding if you're going to date them; however, that is different than solely looking for friends on a dating site. It irritates the piss out of me when I finally find someone on a dating site only to find that they were just looking to find friends. Then get offended when I tell them that they're wasting my time. I don't make friends on sites like OKCupid or Polyamory.Dating. There is where I set my intentions on finding someone to possibly go on a date with and get to know better. I don't know how to explain how different the two are. On a community site, you can meet people and make friends with people who have similar interests as you. That takes some work, and there are several sites with special interests and other. Hell, FB has several communities and such like that. There is where you can make friends. You don't get confused about whether or not someone likes you unless they PM you and tell you that they like you. However, on dating sites, I don't want to look at a message and question if the person is messaging me because they're interested in me or are they just wanting friendship. It is depressing! It's like, wtf? Call me an a-hole, but I just don't like being blindsided like that. You're either on here to date or just don't waste my time. There are community sites for making friends. Now if you end up becoming friends on the dating site because you find that you're not right for each other, that is a different story. That is totally fine. I just wish that dating sites didn't have people who are only on there to find friends. It makes it difficult for people who are actually looking to date, and they keep getting more friends instead of finding someone to date. I hope someone understands what I'm saying. Otherwise, I'm going have to continue being called an evil grump just because I can't find a date. If you just want friends, go to community sites. It makes dating sites more challenging because I don't know what you want. Bella
  6. It's very difficult being married and polyamorous. So many people think that all I'm looking for is a third for a triad. Or they think I want threesome fun. Nope. Not the case. 

  7. I found an erotic story that I wrote, which is along the lines of kinky. I had a sub who enjoyed some rather interesting forms of torture. I miss him... :( Anyway, I need to finish that story! 

    1. ChemFem
    2. BellaMynx


      I will try. It is a male-female kink play session interaction. He he! So if you're in to the fetish life, then you might like this story. He he!

    3. ChemFem


      Ooh that sounds lovely.

  8. I'm making the decision that when someone tells me that they're going through a divorce, that means that we're just going to be friends. Not a bad thing, but I'm not going to get my hopes up that any form of dating will come from it.

    When someone goes through a divorce,  in my opinion, they need to not get emotionally involved with someone until everything is over. Don't even flirt with me if you're going to flake out on me just because I said you were beautiful. Jesus! Ughhhh! 

    How are these people even finding me?! 

    Before someone jumps down my throat, I'm well aware that not all divorcees act this way. Trust me, I've met some before and we had normal dates. Just some divorcees, like the one I've talked to now, just pissed me off. 

    So screw it. 

  9. I want to go on a date with a woman who digs me and I dig her. Ughhhhhhh! This is frustrating! 

    1. Katy


      I second this!

    2. BellaMynx


      It's so haaaaaard. I can't seem to find anyone. :(

  10. When you miss someone you were involved with long ago and have trouble staying asleep...ughhhh it is 7am. 7...SEVEEEEEEN I want to sleep in!!!! 

    1. N00Bi


      I totally get it. 

  11. Welcome!!
  12. (hugs back) It is pretty infuriating, and while I was typing that, my fingers were flying at the rate of how angry I was with her after I came back to Texas. It was total bull. I just ugh...girl, I didn't tell the whole story about the flight back home. I experienced every type of wrong that could ever happen the whole way home. The flight was delayed by 2 hours. The flight attendant mistreated me on the way to my layover. Girl, it was so horrible. It confirmed how much I did not like her after that bs.