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  1. Hey, ladies! Tomorrow, I shall embark on a journey to be with other people in the same field as I am! I hope that I do well with mingling and doing these mock interviews and stuff. Omg, I'm so freaking nervous! However, I'm so glad that I made a friend, so I won't be alone. They're my only friend that I've made so far. I don't know if that is a bad thing or not. At least I won't feel alone. In other news, I have met a few people who have piqued my interest regarding my romantic interests. They're men. I have not been able to find a woman yet who would like a moment of my time. Oh well, it will happen one of these days. I've decided not to stress too much about finding a girlfriend because I believe it is simply not time for me to have a girlfriend at the moment. I digress, so let me get this back on topic. LOL. I have decided to work on another side of me that I have put on hold to explore. I'm on another forum and I have met this one guy who has fascinated me since the day he began talking to me. I am so impressed with our discourse, and he keeps me craving for more! He has also helped me discover a side of myself that I never knew existed, and he has the patience to help me continue exploring that side of myself. I swear he takes my breath away. Whether he stays in my life or not is undetermined, but my gosh, he just makes me fan myself! Another guy has my interest as well. He is such a mystery to me, yet he is very open. I love that he too is bisexual and damn proud of it. I love how our conversations are practically daily and we flirt a lot. His flirting is a lot more subtle than mine; however, he still gets me. I'm planning a trip to drive to his city with my friend, but for a completely different reason unrelated to him. He just happens to be in the same area of the person we are visiting, and he got wind of it and is willing to accommodate for me as long as I keep him posted. I'm super excited about this! I've also recently gotten back into yoga this week. I've decided to get back into meditation as well as getting back into belly dancing. I love how after a yoga session, I move straight into belly dancing, which fits with the music I use to do much of my yoga practice. Of course, this doesn't happen all the time, but a few times, there have been songs that have influenced my body to move in ways I never knew I could do. I have decided to create a belly dancing outfit for the Renaissance Festival. With that said, I'm in for a journey of deeper self-exploration. I've picked up on a few things, but there is more to unfold. Enjoy yourselves! Bella
  2. Getting ready to go to Phoenix for a conference. I am so nervous about traveling. It is so annoying how traveling can do a number on those who have anxiety. Like, I'm finding it very difficult to stay focused on what I'm doing right now because I do not want to be selected to go into "the room" and have my stuff searched through like they did when I came back from Colombia. I was hot mad!

  3. Isn't that the truth. I swear, I get so angry when I come back to my senses. Lol!
  4. I have tried OKC and each time it has been nothing but disappointment for me. I gave decided to go to LGBTQ friendly spaces and mingle. Perhaps I'll just find someone there. I just hope to find other sites for married women who look for people open to V-dynamics. I do not want a triad or have a threesome. I just want one person for me. I also belong to a site that is for very special interest people, and I've met more there than OKC. However the vetting process can be so painful. Once get a hit, they seem to be phenomenal. I want to lurk on this topic because I hope there are other sites I can try.
  5. I have been anywhere from ghosted, lied to, be in the relationship for 8 months and then meet the girl for her to tell me she wasn't as serious as I thought, to a 3 year relationship with a verbally and emotionally abusive guy with a serious problem of jealousy, to rage quitting, the list goes on... I've gotten to the point where when I get an online relationship, I live in the moment. I expect the worst and hope for the best. Sure, it hurts when the relationship ends, but I just take my time out and jump right back in. It's a special kind of torture for me. One of these days, I am going to find someone who is genuine and right for me. Until then, I'll just continue deep sea diving for treasure online.
  6. My cover photo is of my lips. I decided to take various pictures of my lips, and I think I did a pretty damn good job! Lol!

  7. I wanna put a new pic of me because my hair is much longer, but I'm such a critic of pics to put on here. Lol! I'm so silly. :P

  8. The sooner, the better. Allow me to preface this: whatever works for me may not work for everyone else, but I'd like to share my experiences, if I may. With all the men and women I date, I tell them up front that I am bisexual and I open myself to whatever questions they may have. I feel that my orientation is valuable to me, and it helps creates more bi-positivity out there. If my prospects feel uncomfortable with me because of that, then I do one of two things: give them time to process or leave because they're not the right one for me. I also wanted to comment about how you mentioned that because you have not had a relationship with a woman, it somewhat discredits your bisexuality. This is far from the truth; there is no need to prove your bisexuality to anyone. If you know you're bisexual, then you need not prove it to anyone by having a body count of people from different genders to back you up. I think you're just as bisexual as someone who has been with several people of different genders. Bisexuality is part of you, and I don't think you need to hide it, especially if it is from your partner. When you're ready, I think a great way to open up to him is sharing who you are and allowing him to ask you questions if he has any. This way it shows that you're real.
  9. Thank you, girl. I just had a reminder the other day when I allowed the words of this stupid guy affect my outlook on myself. I needed to put myself in check.
  10. It Begins With Me To love thy self is to love without fear of what others may say. Wear that outfit you feel makes you look a bit too fat. That outfit that makes you look a bit too, sexy? Just wear it! Why do I have to dress to make others feel comfortable instead of myself? It is hot outside! Why do I have to cover myself from head to toe because of my stretch marks? Why do I have to hide my jiggly thighs? Why do I have to hide my belly because it makes you uncomfortable? The belly, which does not meet the world's terms of What is the epitome of attractive? If I don't love my curves, then I have allowed another win against me. If I don't appreciate my body the way it is before I change, then I'm buying into the world's view on Women who do not fit inside the outfits in the front of the store. The outfits that look like flags and trash bags, yeah, those... If I only allow those to be my options, I do not do myself justice. I do not need to be thin to be beautiful. I need to be human to be beautiful. It is not like the grass is greener on the other side either. Just because a woman is thin, doesn't mean her life is better either. We do not know what she is fighting too. It is not a war between the big girls and the skinny girls. It is a war against materialism vs. realism. Realistically, women define their beauty. Every woman has her own size. Every woman has her own style. Every woman has her own beauty. I am my beautiful. If someone else can't accept my thickness, then it is on them. I will not adjust myself to fit the terms someone else placed for me to be beautiful. Walk on! Walk on by, child. I'm not for you. I'm for someone who appreciates my beauty and never lets me forget That which I define as my beauty. I define my worth. And baby, I'm worth it! My jiggles are as vivacious as can be. My skin, the color of milk chocolate. My belly that bounces to the rhythm of the music I sway to. And honey, do I sway and sway to the music that lifts my Spirits! I am the Johari, the precious gem that is like no other. The bells that hug my hips as I shimmy my way across the floor, Help me feel all of my femininity I forgot I had, which I was taught to be ashamed. I am that lovely, magnificent being I longed to be. I just never realized it and allowed myself to believe the lies Others tried to tell me. Self-love. It begins with me. ~Bella Mynx
  11. Self-love is the only love that tops all other forms of love. I don't care what anyone says. I need to practice this a LOT! 

  12. Hi Shy ladies! It feels good to be back home! Yassss! 

  13. I am sad! Awww, I miss being in here. I wanted to write a blog! :(

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      I'm happy it is back now!!! Yadda!  *kisses the ground*

  14. What has happened to the site. I can't get in...

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