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  1. Rain drops
  2. Just discovered this cover today. I really loved it and thought I would share.... 


  3. It’s Saturday night I Am doing accounting homework, but dang do they have some assets!!!! :hysterical:

    i will be here all week folks, tip your wait staff ... :whistle:

  4. Imagination
  5. Smoldering Hot
  6. Present. ( but I’m on older student)
  7. Rock star
  8. I can’t dispute that I just never could quite do it, re putting myself before my children but I do agree in hind sight I should have practiced more selfcare.. but hey better late than ever :-)
  9. Joke of the day: 

    I was going to tell a Sodium joke but Na know one would get it...... 

    ( actually yesterday’s joke but still is funny to me :lol:)

  10. Good Question, one I struggle with too. I think the answer to that question will vary from individual to individual and a case by case basis. What I am learning is we can’t help others if we are drowning. My responsibilities Were to my children first now that they are grown up ( kind of) my responsibility is to myself first ( still working on that with my children) and everyone else comes second. Now, how do you balance the selfish aspect in that equation is tricky, I still have sometimes I feel guilty but those feelings are not as prominent as they use to be. As far as my attraction to my own sex and how it fits into the equation, it’s easier for me now not to feel guilty or selfish, in the beginning I fought the feelings and hated myself for feeling the way I do, but after finally accepting this part of me I was more at peace with this part of me. I don’t think there is a general answer, I think each of us have to seek our own answers and what works for us.... but Bi/lez feekings aside, we do have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, if we don’t know one will is my opinion. ( sorry this was so long but once I started typing it just flowed out lol)