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  1. JadeBleu15


    Your hurt I believe that is why you feel this way. But if this person couldn’t love you the way you need and deserve to me it seems your better off ( which I know doesn’t ease your pain) but the hurt will fade in time. Your good enough Girl, it’s your broken heart talking. Your heart will mend and I hope you can first find love within then find that person who can see you and love you the way you need/deserve
  2. JadeBleu15


    I am sorry your hurting, I really don’t know the answers, except everything happens for a reason. Maybe she was just someone on your life journey to learn a lesson from, maybe some one who can fill you and nurture you is around the corner... I do know this, you deserve to be happy too, remember to self love my friend.
  3. Always loved this one
  4. Today’s Pun: 

    Did you hear about the negative nelly who hates German sausage?

    He always fears the wurst.


  5. JadeBleu15

    The Art of Reading

    I’m so digging this thread!! @celeste teal
  6. She didn’t just walk on the wild side,
    she lived there, dancing in the streets
    and setting fire to its sky.
    J. Iron Word
  7. JadeBleu15

    What type of art do you pursue?

    I don’t have the talent of art, but I do love to look at paintings. I don’t really know what it is about them but when I gaze at them I often wonder what the artist might have been thinking... idk just really enjoy paintings
  8. JadeBleu15

    Captain Marvel's Sexuality

    Interesting concept, the movie was excellent!
  9. I just found this ..... holy Never let go, Jack! Really excellent for my ears.... peaceful
  10. JadeBleu15

    The Beauty of Dragonflies

    Very lovely
  11. JadeBleu15

    Song Title Of Your Life.

  12. Even my tired is tired! :blink:

    1. mystical1


      *LOL* Been there, done that, so over it. Hey Lady, when you get a chance, drop me a line either here or on the Discord...*wills more energy your way, or failing that coffee...LOTS of coffee.* :lol: Plus it goes nicely with all those cookies...:wink:

    2. JazzyJess21


      hey friend! hope all is well <3