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  1. I so love this song! Just rediscovered it again recently. I feel it was very underrated at the time of its release.....


  2. If its a well written story my intrest will be piqued whether long or short so I can go either way ( makes me bi erotica??? Sorry super bad joke)
  3. Very long few days,  a loved one has had a stroke and in the hospital, so tired and worn out. Hope all you ladies in Shyland are doing wonderfully! :-)

    1. N00Bi
    2. Newtothis12


      Sending hugs across the pond ;-) x x 

  4. I am finding it really hard to be kind to someone who has stolen my joy over and over again..... in the end I am sure it will resurface but right now I am just trying to weld, pad lock my joy inside by inner vault.  This person just brings it out in me and I just want take a mental chair and smash their face with it.  I realize its probably not the best way to think, but what goes on in my mind stays in my mind, mostly. :secret::wink:

    1. N00Bi


      That's hard,  especially if you can't ignore them. 

    2. JadeBleu15


      I am doing my best to do just that for now.

  5. all super nice traditions.... I am hoping the tradition of someone getting pissed off at Christmas gets skipped this year LOL. Last year one of my sisters was upset because we didn't all go to her house, she lives an hour+ away from me, 1.5 hours from another sister and 45 minutes from my brothers. We decided to go to my brothers who was half way between everyone. She was 2 hours late and gripped the whole time and has not spoken to my brother since that Christmas.... yeah... I think I would like to skip that tradition
  6. Sounds like some nice traditions must be hard being away from family.
  7. I agree, its so exciting knowing, hearing, feeling your the reason this person is receiving pleasure.
  8. Since Christmas is a few weeks away, was curious if there are anything special you do every year. My favorite is getting in the car on Christmas Eve, driving around looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate. When my kids were younger they liked singing Christmas Carols, but have outgrown that tradition.
  9. I just do not understand this world we live in, its no wonder some children are growing up self absorbed and without compassion, its a learned behavior.
  10. Reading your thoughts on the illustration and I think they are pretty direct and on the mark. I have a daughter and lots of nieces and have always tried to speak of staying out of the disney princess syndrome that seems to be still be instilled in our girl childrens head. Although was pleasantly surprised with Frozen and the kiss of love did not come from a prince or a man but the bonds of sisterly love and affection. Sorry I may have got off track.... But I agree with your descriptions and how "we have come along way, baby" but still so much more road to travel. Alot of people today ( from what I have seen) equate feminism to men hating but of course there are radicals in any group. I enjoyed reading the peaceful and orderly world of Herland and when i I think of your last statement "loving and raising children should be the highest priority of society", I think of the old saying it takes a village ( when raising children) and I also can't help but wonder how we fail miserably of doing just that, so many discarded children in the world, my mind reflects to recent events in my state where a young child was discarded and found in a creek clearly murdered, where was the village for that child? I believe in the society of Herland, those woman would never allow such a travesty. My apologies if I got off topic.
  11. Listening to my daughter talk about her day
  12. Happy