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  1. Even my tired is tired! :blink:

    1. mystical1


      *LOL* Been there, done that, so over it. Hey Lady, when you get a chance, drop me a line either here or on the Discord...*wills more energy your way, or failing that coffee...LOTS of coffee.* :lol: Plus it goes nicely with all those cookies...:wink:

    2. JazzyJess21


      hey friend! hope all is well <3

  2. I just came across this song and thought how beautiful it is and the lyrics really touched my heart... thought I would share 


  3. Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings in heaven where the love of the ones we love we have lost through death, shine down to let us know they are happy. 

    I don’t know if this is possible but it’s a lovely thought... gives me a new perspective on the stars in the sky. Looking up and seeing my moms face in one of them. I miss her so much. :sorry:

    1. mystical1


      Your Mom, My Dad...It is a lovely thought...I used to look up at the stars as a kid, and wonder that very thing. But I look down too much in recent years since my Father has passed away. If nothing else, it's a good reminder we should be keeping our chin up. Otherwise if we spend all of our time looking away, we might miss something important. Or Someone. :wink: Keep your chin up, Lady. And I'll try very hard to do the same. *HUGS* 

    2. estee


      That is the most beautiful thought. I absolutely love it 

  4. I just can’t do the threading, I’m pretty sure I would be traumatized for life lol... i just go all naturale lol .... I will share them in at times but that’s it lol
  5. JadeBleu15

    Perimenopause relief

    Black Cohosh I read is also a good remedy, I have been reading, I’m thinking of giving it a try
  6. JadeBleu15

    Shybi Book Club - Herland

    Hey Girl, count me in!
  7. JadeBleu15

    Puzzles anyone?

    This is all very puzzling? jk
  8. Where you been hiding girl? Hope your doing well 

    1. Nidalaeh


      I'm fine, just been keeping to myself. I see lots of things have changed in here while I was gone. 

  9. JadeBleu15

    Anyone want to join me in testing this ?

    Be happy to be part of the test group!
  10. JadeBleu15

    Perimenopause relief

    @delightful34 give the ginger a try and totally on getting better because it sooo sucks!
  11. JadeBleu15

    Perimenopause relief

    I am not sure what the answers are but I can relate it so sucks! I had a bout this morning. I usually pack ice on me but the nausea is pretty brutal, a friend mentioned getting some fresh ginger and putting it in tea for the nausea. I think best we can do is cope with diet exercise, working on the diet part now and going to implement exercise soon.... hope it gets better for you
  12. Extremely cool new look!

    1. mystical1


      I like it too. It pairs really well with a Chrome extension I use called 'Dark Reader'. I tend to keep everything in dark themes on my computer because it saves my eyes from too much strain. 

    2. JadeBleu15


      Is that phone compatible? Sounds really cool, something I might look into 

  13. Just discovered this cover today. I really loved it and thought I would share.... 


  14. It’s Saturday night I Am doing accounting homework, but dang do they have some assets!!!! :hysterical:

    i will be here all week folks, tip your wait staff ... :whistle: