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  1. I thought it might be intresting to see what songs we all like from movies we like to watch. This is one of mine ( I have plenty more lol)
  2. It’s time again for the next episode of.....

    Kitchen Karoke Murdering Songs :music:


  3. Music is my therapy.....


    1. NatashaYork


      It's always been mine too lovely x


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    2. NatashaYork


      You should listen to the original x

    3. Ice


      You talkin to me or Jade? :P I have heard the original one too btw. :)

    4. blueberry


      :wub2: Here we go again @JadeBleu15

  5. Happiness
  6. Pleasure
  7. Song of the day.... 

    Happy Monday! 

  8. Uplifting
  9. cool version! 

  10. Be the heroine in your story 

  11. @blueberry Get some sleep my friend Burdens
  12. Amazing song Cover


  13. Welcome to the site! Looking forward to getting to know you. We are happy to have you here. 

  14. Having a really bad day, this song is my go to uplifting song when I’m feeling this way, I realize this is a more Christian based song and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but my foundation was built upon my beliefs and spirituality and it comforts me..... 

    One of my favorite lines is, when the world says you cant IT will tell you that you can