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  1. Hey Girl,  saw you dropped by.  I don't make it here too often.  I hope you are great!

    1. Athena423


      I did...lol. I don't really come here very often myself.  I've just been looking around for anything interesting. I miss talking to you!  I'm doing awesome!  Hope all is good for you too!!

  2. It's cheating if you do it and the other person you're with doesn't know and/or did not consent to your other fling/relationship.
  3. I've never really come out saying I was bi. My outness kinda just happened after having a girlfriend. My son point blank asied if me and my girlfriend were dating. I was honest and told him...this was about a year after I was dating her. And my dad's friend asked my dad about my relationship status on Facebook...I actually put that my girlfriend and I were together...kinda sly...lol. So..my dad asked my mom, who had no idea. And then my mom gave me crap for not telling her before her friends saw. It's hard to just blurt it out...never could figure out how to bring it up. And my friends have basically figured it iut by my constant Facebook posts about the trips my girlfriend and I take. So...I'm probably out to a lot more people than I know...lol.
  4. Athena423

    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    Female: Natalie Dormer Male: Zachary Quinto or Chris Pine
  5. I've only ever done that with who I'm in a relationship with. I'm not interested in cuddling or being affectioate like that with just plain friends. For me...that's a boundary I don't want to cross. Being touchy feely is reserved for someone special...lol.
  6. Eye contact and smiling at you a lot..I think. I'm actually terrible at picking up the signals. But if I'm attracted to someone...I know I want to look...lol
  7. Athena423

    How’s online dating going for you?

    Don't give up on the platform. It's definitely a good place to meet someone. I was on and off for a few years. I met my current girlfriend and love of my life on okcupid. I met her 2.5 years ago and we both believe we are perfect for each other...lol. Anyway...there are a lot of people out there and you're bound to meet someone.
  8. Athena423

    Privacy and respect

    That's a complex situation. I can comment from the side of being the other woman who dated someone who was married. I think jealousy is one of the things that makes a relationship like that difficult. I'm glad you're thinking of some ground rules before you jump in. I think that's really important. I made the mistake of not discussing my boundaries and make sure they were heard by all parties before I dated her. It's important to make sure that everyone is in agreement and committed to making it work. Your husband needs to be 100% sure he can handle it and needs to know how he can control his own jealousy. Because...from my experience..you want to make sure he doesn't get jealous and pull the plug on the relationship you have with the other woman. Because that leaves a lot of people very hurt. In my case...i understood she was married and that was her priority. But being told that he said she could no longer see me left me in a position where I basically had no say in a relationship I was committed to. I would not feel comfortable as the other woman knowing that your husband is reading or hearing whatever I send or say. There needs to be some privacy. There is a good book out there that you should check out to give you some guidance in this area. It's called More than Two by Eve Ricket.
  9. I was extremely deep in the closet... probably in Narnia. I was exploring my feelings and trying to become comfortable with who I am. Now...I'm out to a lot of people...all of my immediate family...and I have a really awesome girlfriend who is now living with me. I have to say that this site has definitely helped and I have made friends here who I can talk to about things that I'm still not quite comfortable talking to other friends about...since me being out to them is still all new.
  10. That's kinda hard. I'm shy and have some sort of social anxiety. I can be introverted...but I think that's just because of my shyness. I think...if I wasn't shy...I'd be extroverted. Gowing up, I dream of performing on stage and acting. Just something hard to do for someone shy. I enjoy meeting new people. Just have a hard time starting discussions.
  11. I tend to be more attracted to someone who is in between femme and tomboy.
  12. Athena423

    Dating Married Women

    I tried that as a single woman. It didn't go well. So much jealousy and obstacles to have it work in any way shape or form. Even if their husband says it's ok...that only lasts for a short time until they no longer feel comfortable with it and start to stop their wife from seeing you. Not all relationships end up like that. That was just my experience, at least a glimpse of it. I can say I'd never do it again. I didn't like feeling 2nd class or only wanted when it was convenient. I am extremely happy in a relationship with another woman (who wasn't attached) now. And I hope to stay with her for a very long time. But, you have to do what's right for you and what you'd be comfortable with. And sometimes you find out the hard way...lol
  13. No way. I'm not going to act as a friend to them. I'll act as their parents and discourage them from doing anything that breaks the law.
  14. Athena423

    Pure Michigan

    I'm from Michigan. There is another older post about people from Michigan too. Not really sure how many of us are here still. I come on the site occasionally.