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  1. I'm 47 and I have to agree with you. The last few years I am always either in the mood or not far from it. I've embraced my carnal desires with age and experience and am really enjoying myself.
  2. I really like the blouse you're wearing in your profile picture. :) It brings out your hair and eyes! Cheers!

  3. So....I'm drunk and what

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    2. Rocker83


      I never get drunk anymore but the alone part is usually true. But not the good kind of alone with peace and quiet. The surrounded by people but feel alone kinda deal. Hope you're doing okay Babs x

    3. babs*


      I forgot I posted this. Lol.

    4. babs*


      Guilia1098 I wish there was a like button. Lol.

  4. I get very, very wet when aroused. It doesn't seem to matter which sex the other person is or what I'm fantasizing about.
  5. Nice to meet you! Glad you found Shybi. It's a great place.
  6. Omg Jennifer Tilly is so hot!

  7. I'm thinking I can't wait. Hehe.
  8. Wow. Just wow. And I mean that. Woo!

  9. My daughter loves that show.
  10. I like your taste in sexy males and movies, specifically Nathan Fillion and Serenity and Firefly. :)

  11. I'm so glad I finally quit smoking. My roommate just went outside to do so in this 28 degree weather. Ug.

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    2. babs*


      I got tired of my heart rate never going down to a normal resting rate. After about 10 days it was back to normal.

    3. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Congratulations! I quit many years ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I still pat myself on the back for it :)

    4. babs*


      Yeah, wish I could have stuck to it. Ug.

  12. My doctor said the pills are bad for my liver. Sigh. I plan to talk to the nail salon and see if they have anything that really works.
  13. My best friend gave me this name back before the existence of the Internet, circa 1983.
  14. Two more sleeps then it's back to work. I can't wait. :)

    1. Leopard


      Hope it goes well Babs

    2. babs*


      It was a good day