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  1. Fingers crossed
  2. So sexy. Time to cool off
  3. Very erotic vivid description but i was expecting her tongue to run from ur spine valley through ur ass to ur cunt . Spare no holes! Lol. Especially after ", she grabbed my hair and pulled me back to standing and turned me around".
  4. Anal sounds naughty! Feels good!!
  5. Both ways is amazing
  6. Phone sex is indeed great. At least u can experience the other person emotional state live. Sexting with images is my "shit".
  7. "All the windows have fogged over" is the line that brings back some hot memories. #Car sex
  8. For me i enjoy - Pussy sex - Anal sex: took me time to recondition and adjust to love it. - Foreplay comprising of nipple and boob play, kissing and smooching and light fingering. - Oral sex : cunnilingus, analingus. - Dirty talk - Baby oil covered LIMITS - BDSM: candle light play, anal fisting, enema play, pussy fisting, machine sex, spitting, gagging and choking, slapping, rough hard spankings, urine or pee play, scat sex, rope ties or hog ties,
  9. This challenge is pretty easy, as a matter of fact I'm even past day 30! There are days that i masturbate like 5 times a day. Talk of the wash room breaks, restaurants thigh "clenching and muscle flexing orgasms" -with that u don't touch urself u just flex ur thigh and pelvic muscles and wosh! U just orgasm in public, also in traffic masturbation and the bedroom masturbation is like 3 orgasms straight. Whew!
  10. It is only natural, sometimes our fantasy changes, some move away whilst others are discovered...some of them refuse to go away.. That's what life is all about. We discover and learn everyday. Enjoy urself!..You only live once. .
  11. Ass is my biggest turn on
  12. Hi Percy! :) thanks for stopping by!

    1. Percy


      Thanks Softie, hope to chat u soon. Hit me up when ure free.

  13. Happy birthday, Percy. Hope that you enjoyed your day & received all that you wished for.

    1. Percy


      OMG! Thanks Gypsy.... I really really appreciate ur birthday message...I never thought anyone would wish me a once again. ...I did enjoyed it. quite unfortunate I didn't see this message early enough. .

  14. i strongly believe that it is the love level on ur part that has declined....because without love, even if u are with the same sex partner there wouldn't be that attraction and lust for u to have sex or make love. As u say, he's not a bad person, because the love has declined u are beginning to see him as any other man. What I'm trying to put across is that love brings attraction irrespective of the sex... so u need to work out ways to get that love back....think of the care, sacrifices he's made for u, the security he's provided over the years and a lot more good things about him constantly and you'll find a good reason to love him and.....boom love comes! is like having many proposals and u begin to consider the pros and cons then u find a good reason to give one a chance... we are with you..don't give up, is just a strong! Thank you