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  1. I'll definitely pick the blue one cuz with the knowledge I have and time on my hands. I can easily make more than 50million within a few years just by correcting some wrong choices I had made in the previous life.
  2. My ass please! Play with them like some toys , knead like you're making bread, fondle them like some tits, squeeze them like some oranges, taste them like some juice, smack them like an ass! Bite them like some chicken.... Oh my! I love my ass!
  3. I appreciate ur acknowledgement. Cheers to all of us.
  4. Ass shaking and eye contact will be enough for me to understand the message. or walk back and forth with that ass several times and i will understand.
  5. For me i don't mind being watched. It'll give me an extra edge to make it look good and nasty besides, i have got some good ass goodies so why don't i flaunt it. Sadly, i haven't been caught or watched inspite of my numerous public orgasms.
  6. Wow! I love to clench my thighs and grab some good orgasm. It feels extra relaxing when u are in a bad traffic..That's my "high"... When I'm "high" on orgasms the traffic can take forever i don't mind.
  7. Well, I'm a culprit Since i don't have any girlfriend in real life. I subscribe to anonymous virtual sex. I always love to cum. No wonder I'm not aging! I always love to get something to make my clit tingle whiles at work. I love to read those hot sexy text and view those juicy photos! Oh gosh!!
  8. Be my friend! And fuck the hell outta me! what are friends for?
  9. I don't have specific body types but i'll be will quick to go in for a woman with lots and lots of ass (Big Booty).
  10. Fingers crossed
  11. So sexy. Time to cool off
  12. Very erotic vivid description but i was expecting her tongue to run from ur spine valley through ur ass to ur cunt . Spare no holes! Lol. Especially after ", she grabbed my hair and pulled me back to standing and turned me around".