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  1. Never been the type that was into a person (male or female) being overly forward. I like the friend approach.. that’s my approach and I feel more comfortable when Approached like that. Once that Ice is broken everything else is fair game.
  2. 5'9
  3. Just peeking. Hey

    1. bonita.b


      Hey lady, love the avi and the profile

    2. GoodandGrown
  4. Feel like I'll be going into a hole soon and not the good kind.

    1. Cheska9


      Well if I may, I would suggest to move ahead at warp speed to scape gravity :D

  5. I need to hit the reset button

    1. Flirty


      Do it! It's right next to the easy button :) lol

    2. bonita.b


      How could I ever over look it.. Thanks love ;-)

  6. Girrrrrrl sounds like a sexy ass time... *cheers*
  7. What captures you attention on here, that makes you wanna private message someone? Avi? Their "about me"? Posts? Location?