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    As fate would have it, I have been blessed to be paired with the most amazing girlfriend in the world. Out of all of the people in the world, she picked me.

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  1. Holy cow, HUGE update!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!
  2. How did drinks go?
  3. My GF and I went to the gym this morning and as we walked in she made a comment wondering if the girl that checked us one as a lesbian, said she kind of gave us a "look". I didn't notice the look but I did just wonder by looking at her. As we left she said bye ladies and sort of waved with this little finger wave. My gaydar is usually pretty good but it's going back and forth and it was until she waved and now I am scratching my head lol. Anyone else? ***edited to add we didn't walk in looking like a "couple" so I don't think she was looking at us because we are together.
  4. Omg I spit my coffee!
  5. Always wanting to put that person first no matter what.
  6. I let my GF on here 3.5 years ago! I had been married and got into a relationship with my neighbor one drunken night. We kissed and I was surprised how normal it felt. We went back and forth for months and finally it ended and ended our friendship. I knew I didn't want to be married anymore. I started chatting on here with a girl just about advice and I knew I didn't want anything long distance. Well turns out we eventuallybstarted flirting and I decided to fly 2,000 miles to meet her. We decided we would both be so nervous that we should just have sex as soon as we were together. She picked me up from the airport we met face to face, went to the hotel and I dragged her on top of me. We spent the next 10 days in bed exploring and getting to know each other. It was amazing! Fast forward, she moved across the country a year ago
  7. Yes, but only with my GF. It was so intense having an orgasm with with her.
  8. I met my GF on here. We did 2.5 years of traveling 2,000 miles (her west coast me east) and in November she moved here. It was hard but we were both honest, scheduled "dates" via facetime, and did all the cute and fun romantic long distance stuff. Now she works literally across the street from me. Me in a hospital her at a bank. We couldn't have planned it any closer.
  9. My GF and I have one. It's not really my thing.
  10. It's been the opposite for me, but maybe because I am exhausted all the time. My GF is younger and has a much higher sex drive then I do and I wish I could keep up with her. I love her so much and it kills me that I don't want it more. I am sure she would prefer that and I don't blame her.
  11. I left you some advice on how to tell her a few posts back
  12. Nothing wrong with wanting to explore however I think you need to understand the risks. Having a one night stand with a woman can not only become mentally complicated but there are also diseases to consider also your relationship make make a change you are not prepared for. as far as are you bi, who knows, however, no need to label
  13. I would just come out and say, since we have become good friends I wanted to tell you that I am bi. I know you joked about setting me up with that guy but I am at a point in my life where I just want to stick with dating women ;)
  14. Well we can go rounds about this but I won't. the studies I have read state that g spot orgasms are only obtainanable by a small amount of women and that a majority of women must have clitoral stimulation through orgasm. Take that as you wish.