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    As fate would have it, I have been blessed to be paired with the most amazing girlfriend in the world. Out of all of the people in the world, she picked me.

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  1. I met my GF on here. We did 2.5 years of traveling 2,000 miles (her west coast me east) and in November she moved here. It was hard but we were both honest, scheduled "dates" via facetime, and did all the cute and fun romantic long distance stuff. Now she works literally across the street from me. Me in a hospital her at a bank. We couldn't have planned it any closer.
  2. My GF and I have one. It's not really my thing.
  3. It's been the opposite for me, but maybe because I am exhausted all the time. My GF is younger and has a much higher sex drive then I do and I wish I could keep up with her. I love her so much and it kills me that I don't want it more. I am sure she would prefer that and I don't blame her.
  4. I left you some advice on how to tell her a few posts back
  5. STD

    I just went back and read my response because I thought I may have said something different, in my post I said everyone. And nope no sex is 100% safe.
  6. STD

    Oh that's with everyone!
  7. STD

    Always a risk. You can use dental dams however I have never used them. I consider everyone to have an STD unless proven otherwise. Maybe it's because I am a nurse but I am not taking any chances at all with STDs no sex is worth that.
  8. Nothing wrong with wanting to explore however I think you need to understand the risks. Having a one night stand with a woman can not only become mentally complicated but there are also diseases to consider also your relationship make make a change you are not prepared for. as far as are you bi, who knows, however, no need to label
  9. I would just come out and say, since we have become good friends I wanted to tell you that I am bi. I know you joked about setting me up with that guy but I am at a point in my life where I just want to stick with dating women ;)
  10. Well we can go rounds about this but I won't. the studies I have read state that g spot orgasms are only obtainanable by a small amount of women and that a majority of women must have clitoral stimulation through orgasm. Take that as you wish.
  11. My suggestion would be to find a local LGBT support group or a dating site (although those make me nervous). I think it might help you to find someone in your situation at an LGBT support group. And just because you don't go to clubs doesn't mean you can't start, even if you drink soda all night
  13. Yes it can happen however there are only a small percentage of women that can actually achieve it for various reasons. i recently read a study about "squirting" and 50% of women that "squirt" it is actually urine and the other 50% have actually been able to truly achieve this. I guess all that learning I did in school means nothing then?
  14. I am exhausted every day of my life and wish I knew why. I make things way more complicated then they need to be. my GF moved 2,000 miles to be with menin November. She is the best thing to happen in my life and I wish that I could go home to her every night (we still love seperate for now)
  15. I would say I am a receiver, however, I get turned on making my GF cum that I almost always make her cum before I do, it's just not always by going down on her and I get so turned on doing so. Sex with men was different for me. I was selfish and didn't care what happened to them, only me .