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  1. I think she is trying to feel you out to see if you are into girls.
  2. If thats the case I would find someone that has experience so that you know that they can operate themselves. Also, know that it is not always that easy. Most women do not realize the connection that will happen with another woman until they are in that situation. While it can be done, keep in mind that it might not work out that way and that you might be the one that can not separate your feelings.
  3. My GF is amazing at it. One thing I remember asking her was where she got those skills lol.
  4. It's hard. You have to be a person that doesn't get emotionally involved and is not jealous at all. It takes a very specific person (well people as it has to be from both sides) to make it work. I think men can do it easier because it's how they are just genetically, however a lot of women (just because of how we are) find it hard to seperate feelings and despite what people say, usually someone ends up emotionally involved. I think the thought of the "safe way to explore" that we all start off with is that you can have a friend with benifits that way you can safely explore feelings while still maintaining the security and stability of your current relationship. For me, I was not having my bucket filled so to speak at home. I thought my marriage was happy and that I was happy but the reality was I was not and didn't realize that until much later. Having a "side chick" so to speak was my "safe way" of exploring my feelings for women without having to give that up. It wasn't until I met my current GF that I realized how bad things were in my marriage and I needed to find a way out. Good luck, navigating and exploring feelings when in a relationship can be very tricky.
  5. When I started out I am not sure what I wanted. I think I jus red to experience sex. Then I realized I have never been able to separate sex and feelings so that wasn't going to work. Now I have been in a committed relationship for 3 years.
  6. Best way to do it is to go! 2015 was a long time ago and you can't allow that to stop you! If you experience harassment anywhere contact the manager right away. Do not allow yourself to be sheltered at home, depression will keep you there.
  7. Congrats to the both of you! I met my GF on here 3 years ago as well. I am so happy that you have someone despite the closed minded small town you live in. Here's to many more years!!
  8. In the dressing room at the gym, and on the beach.
  9. Do it! Try some of the things and see what happens.
  10. Wtf? I want more elaboration on this lol
  11. For me no. I have to trust someone and have a relationship to have sex. I just could t do it otherwise.
  12. Sad. My girlfriend of 3 years moved near me in November. This morning she flew home to Cali until Tuesday. We don't live together but just knowing I can't just see her has made me so sad. I never would have thought after we did long distance for so long that I would feel this sad.
  13. I hate when people throw the "I love you" around. The first girl I dated was like that. She was ver flirtatious and anytime I read a story like yours I literally read it in her bounce, ugh! She was the same way, she would kiss me, make out then I wouldn't hear from her for a while and she always had her phone in her hand! My relationship was NOT healthy with her and Amit was soooo hard to cut her off but it needed to be done! Everyone here told me to say good bye and I didn't listen. She is gone now and has been for 3 years. Smartest thing I ever did was walk away!
  14. Glad you are thinking about it! It's so easy to get caught up in these new expirences. Being with a woman can explode fast in a good way and bad. Even if you don't think it can. I have found that relationships with women are usually full speed ahead. Let us know what you decide,
  15. Well essentially you are both cheating and while I understand the excitement of it all, I also know how bad it can be from personal experience. I couldn't wait to have all those experiences to the point where I almost lowered my standards because I wanted to be with a woman so bad, however, I didn't and I never regret it. My advice to you is that you both do some serious discussions. Are you willing to risk your relationship with your fiancé for who knows what with a girl that is cheating while her GF sleeps upstairs? Lucky for you, you are not married yet so that puts you in a better position to make easier decisions then most, however, I suggest you look at what you want in life with or without this girl in it. Are you prepared for life without your fiancé if he finds out? Are you prepared for not bringing with either of them? Just things to think about. I am saying all this because I was you three years ago. Everyone here gave me similar advice and I didn't want to listen and ended up hurt. Just things to think about. Keep us updated!