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    As fate would have it, I have been blessed to be paired with the most amazing girlfriend in the world. Out of all of the people in the world, she picked me.

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  1. I honestly used to cry during sex for a while with my girlfriend, the orgasms were so intense and I had been in such a shitty marriage for so long that I couldn’t contain myself. To feel like someone was really making love to me and it wasn’t just a chore. It was such a crazy range of emotions.
  2. Will you Marry me
  3. Booo I am about 5 hours from Orlando, but I am moving out west, my GF and I so would have come.
  4. My advice walk away. My gf and I don’t always have a lot to talk about but nsometimes it’s ok to just sit and not talk. We almost never fight, life is easy together.
  5. Oh my goodness you sound like me 4 years ago! Pretty similar situation but we never had sex, she loved the case and I stupidly gave it to her. She finally moved, said she was afraid to tell me she was moving but I felt so much relief! I erased her from my phone, deleted her on Facebook, and never looked back! It’s been over four years, I met someone right after and fell madly in love, we just celebrated 4 years together.
  6. We have great communication and are madly in love. Somehow it doesn’t seem like 4 years because our relationship has never gotten “old” if that makes sense. 4 years and it still feels like we are still “new” we were at a party the other day and realized we had been together longer then some of the people there and seemed the most in love. It’s just hard to step back in reverse. We will be 20 hours away from each other. We plan to get married and buy a house so giving up is not an option but dang :(
  7. Annoys him? Wow! He might be kicked to the curb, find someone that loves the sounds you make when you cum.
  8. Being with a woman just made the desire worse. I decided I didn’t want to be with men anymore.
  9. That I didn’t realize I was into girls sooner. All that shitty sex with men, I was really missing out. Sucking on boobs, yum.
  10. My first femal relationship was with a “friend” although I am pretty sure I only befriended her because I thought she was cute. We never had sex but oh what a tangled relationship we had. We did everything but. Ruined our friendship.
  11. Moaner here, and according to my GF the sounds I make vary depending on where we are when we have sex.
  12. Friends are not food. seriously though only few can make that work usually it crashes and burns fast!
  13. I always say everything happens for a reason too but dang it sucks. It’s so depressing and I feel physically sick.
  14. It’s been 4 years since I met my GF through this site. She moved across the country to be near me a year and a half ago and now life is forcing a move on me (we do not live together) she is working on moving up on her job (she transferred with her company here) and I am working to save money and find a position in my career that I really love. I am trying not to let this depress me, and instead try and believe that everything happens for a reason. I know there is a time and a place for everything. Praying this is one of those things that makes us stronger. Just needed a place to vent.