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  1. Ha! I just started listening to an old playlist full of Brandy Carlile somgs yesterday!
  2. I'm thinking out loud, having not experienced anything of the sort you have, but: I imagine bad sexual experiences (especially early ones) are so upsetting, particularly because its one of the places where many people feel so vulnerable. Do you have any idea of how you want your next time to be? Do you have any idea on how to approach things with this imaginary woman or man to make sure you experience sex without pushing through boundaries you are not ready to? Why don't you share some of your ideas here. I'm sure some of the more experienced ladies on here could help you talk through some options before you have to think on your feet in another situation like this. It is always good to have a plan, even if things rarely do turn out exactly as one plans. In the mean time, rest assured that you are not wrong to feel violated. Below is a cute and very funny British video that clarifies exactly how consent in a sexual situation should work/ not work. I hope you get a good cup of tea next time! There's nothing quite like a good cup of tea made by the right person at the right time, even if it takes some practice figuring out if you like it with cream or lemon. Or sugar... Or milk... Or black... Or iced. So much tea to be had... But you have the rest of your life!
  3. From my very big research sample of two women (me, and the gf), I can tell you that women's orgasms aren't the same. So don't worry about having small orgasms... And continue trying to figure out if you can have the big ones... I'm sure you didn't imagine them. Although this might not be an exact answer to your question I will mention it: For all things about female orgasms, you could check out I find the whole thing intriguing, partly because I like research and partly because the candidness of the women in the videos are rarely seen elsewhere... And I could relate to so much of what they said.
  4. Labels. Yes. Lisa Diamond's research on sexual fluidity shows that many women move to a "who cares about labels" position at some stage, and that the majority of women's sexual/ romantic orientation labels do change over time. I kindof like the bisexual label. Im choosing to own it! (In my own closeted way!)
  5. I found this story and video about a girl coming out as bi. Cute, encouraging and maybe a little over the top?
  6. I can relate to what you are saying in a small way. I too am married and have a long distance girlfriend. I love my husband and my family and I'm very committed to sorting out the issues we have, because being married is never a fairytale, right? And I definitely have no plans to pack up and leave my life for anything or anyone. Then I saw my girlfriend for a couple of days. The emotional connection, the sex, the escapism, it was incredible. I came back home and I felt totally disillusioned with my life. Logically I know you cant compare a short break from reality with your regular life, but it just brought into focus many of the things that I miss in my real life. I was in mourning for like a month or two: About being apart from my girlfriend, about feeling the need to have a girlfriend in the first place, about not being able to share this significant part of my life with anyone and about the fact that my husband will never completely be what I need. Even my relationship with my girlfriend got a little weird for a while. But eventually, things settled back into place. Its possible that it may be the same for you. Just give it a little bit of time and perhaps you can again be mostly content with your life. From what you are saying, however, it seems like the discontent has been brewing for a while. Perhaps you are ready for a change? If you don't want to settle back into your regular life, now is perhaps the time to start making changes?
  7. Mmm... @BenedettaC I think @ChemFem needs a double dose of punishment. Can you take care of that? We really can't let tattletaling go by unnoticed. Luckily I am more than satisfied in my current arrangement. Else I might have wanted to get in on the action and then we would have had to decide who gets to mete out the discipline first. And then perhaps a struggle might have ensued to settle the whole thing. Or perhaps the retribution could have been exacted in double dose simultaneously. Perhaps I'll just forgive and forget this time.
  8. Very welcome! I might be talking out of turn, but just so you know: a big part of this forum is accessible to people who are not members. So if you are not out to your people, and you want to be extra careful, you might want to choose a slightly less identifiable profile picture. But if its not a concern of yours (you'll see there are some women like that on here)... your profile picture is perfect. Its nice to put a smiling face to the online persona.
  9. What to do? Nothing more clearly says what you feel than a kiss. Ans then you dont have to worry about what to say. And it is your turn to step up. Come on. Just do it. She is waiting for you to do something bold! Do it!
  10. Oooh! Rejecting the definition of femininity as its been used for thousands of years sounds like a fabulous feminist initiative. But apparently: "cuddling up to femininity as if it were a special treasure to prize and preserve is counter to the goals of feminism." Per My take? Thinking about femininity as a feminist hurts my head. I'm sorry *I think I'm just going to go back to soaking the gellish off my toenails right now* (maybe I'm just a bad feminist and not qualified to give an opinion).
  11. The 2018 Calendar is out. I am very much a fan of the Dormouse.
  12. Well... My girlfriend is a Virgo too. Virgo's don't need to date anyone else, we have our own very exclusive club. We are more awesome at everything and if you disagree: "Poor you!"
  13. Dear lord people! Zodiac signs? Really? I refuse to date anyone that believes in ANY Zodiac sign. ***Ducking for the projectiles likely to come my way next*** BTW I'm a typical know-it-all Virgo
  14. Ok... You have three options as I see it: 1. Stay in Limbo and wait for her to make a move 2. Start a conversation where you outright say what you are feeling. Hoping that she reciprocates or feels at least flattered. 3. Kiss her and hope she reciprocates or feels at least flattered. You can't control how she will react but you can control what you do. I think... You are ready for this: