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  1. Workplace relationships have disaster written all over them, mostly. I had a guy who confessed a crush on me... It was not mutual by a long shot... The work relationship broke down. But my sister dated her boss and eventually the two women got married.
  2. This afternoon I was sitting in a meeting with a client and 30 stakeholders. My girlfriend started a steamy text conversation describing all sorts of indecencies she would engage in if she was with me in the meeting. It took all of my concentration to still get my job done. And for at least half the meeting I had this silly grin on my face.... And wet panties. 8-o
  3. Wow. I'm so happy for you! I hope it works out this time. How amazing that life hands out gifts like these. I'm smiling on your behalf.
  4. I still nursed my baby last year this time. Due to meds I'm on, I still produce milk. I am sometimes surprised when i feel the wetness around my breasts when I'm very turned on but its not a turn on itself. Maybe just a minor hassle. My husband also does not seem to be fussed at all. My breasts aren't really sensitive to touch, and never has been, so breast play is usually rather limited. My girlfriend, however, says she has plans to get me to appreciate the potential of my own breasts, so I'll report back if my opinion on this changes. :-)
  5. Yeah... That will do it. When you count the potential costs... But it is so incredibly hard, isn't it? My long term crush is a friend from College. She is married to a guy I've called my friend for 30 years. They are my friends, and my husband's friends, and we have other close common friends too. I can't imagine losing them all as friends. I can't betray her husband, my oldest friend, like this. I can't leave my crush in a situation where the guilt will eat us both alive. I'm married and not out so I already have that betrayal in my own household to cope with. At a time when I again started reconnecting with my identity, and in a time that I felt really lonely and frustrated in my marriage, I decided to pursue this thing again. I told my crush I'm bi and into her, as recent as 8 months ago. I established the feelings are still reciprocal. This is 7 years after we first almost kissed and had a short exchange along the lines of "We can't, because we shouldn't." Nothing else happened with my crush, although I so badly wanted to take things beyond words. In March of this year, after seeing her again, I finally decided that it really just cannot be. Again. But I think this time it's for real, because I did become vulnerable with her and gave it a real shot. It just didn't feel right enough. As the universe often has it, a door opens where another closes. I unexpectedly fell in love with someone even more amazing, with the benefit of not having any of the enmeshed social networks that made the other situation so complicated. It is still unfolding as a relationship, but I can't even imagine missing out on what I have now. I hope you can find your peace in some way. Its hard, I know.
  6. I know that confusing exhilirating uncomfortable feeling all too well: Being friends with a woman and then suddenly crushing hard... Then willing yourself to go back to the "just friends" space and then feeling that thunderbolt out of the blue when something else happens. Its torture. If you don't mind me asking: Why didn't you tell her about your feelings? How did you manage to keep it under wraps for nine years? What about her and the rest of your life makes you vulnerable?
  7. An Update Four Months Later... Loving intensely and being loved back. Oh what a feeling! Whispering "I love you" "I want you" "I miss you" in bits and bytes. Marvelling at the cosmic magic that brought them together. Wondering where the other had been for 39 years, as new compatibilities are discovered. Touch that reaches across an ocean warms two longing bodies. Boundaries are pushed. Fun is had. A reunion planned for November is suddenly brought forward to September. Miracles seemingly still happen. The longing is a cruel master. Being tied up in life is far less fun than being tied up in someone's bed. Oh where are the ruby slippers? Thirty Four Days... Thirty Four Days.
  8. Those lovely friendship butterflies. This is an article I greatly identify with: About friendship, it says: "It’s nervously texting a new friend something pretty random and hoping she’ll shoot something witty back — simply because it’s fun to be in touch. It’s “learning” someone — is she the kind of person who goes to a hip hop dance class or would she rather make some fancy mixed drinks and watch our kids smash all the different colors of play-dough together? Will she be less into me when she realizes that I don’t cook? Is it time to share the hard stuff with her or will she think it’s too much, too soon?"
  9. The idea of switching between dominance and submission on different ocassions turns me on. But not any of the Sadism and Masochism stuff. More generally smart women get me very interested. And if I can admit a shallow thing: I love beautiful hands and arms. Because I am quite good at imagining what I could get them to do for me.
  10. My name is treelover, and I am a cheater I have a very different experience of cheating. When I joined here a couple of years ago, I was a Christian, monogamous and still convinced that cheaters are the worst people in the world. I almost crossed a line with a friend at that stage and felt horribly horribly guilty for it. But over time I realised that the way I've been practising my faith only caused guilt and anxiety. I've taken a bit of a break to figure out what I want. I guess at a later stage I'll find my way back into the Christian fold... Probably with a lot more compassion for those who badly fuck things up. My thinking about marriages has also shifted significantly. Before this, I have never really focused on what I want for myself, in life. I've been the good girl, toeing the line, pushing some of my significant needs to the background. I have a lovely family and a successful career to show for this restraint. But at age 40 I know there must be a more creative way of living my life. If I don't figure out what I want and look for safe ways of getting my needs met, I only have myself to blame. Then, I met an amazing woman, whose only fault is that she lives 8500 miles away. After a lot of renegotiating boundaries in my head, and starting conversations about bisexuality and non monogamy with my husband (that went nowhere), I came to a place where I decided to take this for myself. I want this, and fuck everyone, especially my judgmental younger self. I became involved in an affair. An amazing, wonderful, exhilarating life altering, beautiful affair. With an amazing woman. What a stroke of magical luck! I am trying to go about it in an ethical manner. I was upfront with my girlfriend, I am ready to face any consequences with my husband, should I ever be found out. I have become the person that, ten years ago, I would have judged very severely. But I'm trying to be good while betraying my husband. Surprisingly enough the world has not come to an end. I have not become some reprobate. I still care very deeply for my husband and I'm very committed to sorting stuff out between us to ensure that our relationship continues to work. I'm happier and more content. I love my life even more. And I've made peace with it all. Of course I would have preferred to have my other relationship out in the open, but it isn't an option. And disclosing is probably something that I need more than my husband does. So as contrived as it might sound... I'm having a clandestine relationship. Keeping it hidden works for everyone. Having it benefits everyone. I have no regrets.
  11. I dont know. To go back to friends after something so intense, and then knowing that you should not even think about the connection and the sex you had? And all the while you need to interact with her regularly? Sounds rather impossible. I can only offer to commiserate with you. The fact that its forbidden is probably going to just make it more desirable. Maybe you should not think of it as forbidden forever. Just forbidden for now. Or forbidden only because you choose to not go there. I know her husband isnt cool with your relationship, but the choice is still yours. Remember at any point you can choose something else, even though you shouldn't . I don't know. Mind tricks only work for so long. Find an outlet perhaps. Write her long love letters that you send... or not. Or perhaps set something to look forward to. Even if it is just an agreement that you will talk about how you are experiencing this break, or what you really desire, and how to possibly just share a kiss.. in like six months time. Basically approach it like a long distance relationship. I'm not in your situation, luckily... so my suggestions are probably not useful. So again, let me just say: your situation sucks. I'm sorry :-(
  12. A Sunday to Remember and Relive The Traveller met the Cheerleader at the airport, and whisked her away to the agreed upon spot. Nervous flutters of energy were almost palpable. And then... it happened. IT HAPPENED! Things escalated unexpectedly quickly, like a sudden lightning strike. The experience felt excruciatingly vivid and left them both a little dazed and out of breath. Yet it felt like the most normal thing in the world. Concerns were discarded almost as quickly as some clothes were. A Sunday un/like any other? An afternoon suddenly etched in two minds as a moment to relive and reminisce about? Too soon 8500 miles opened up between them again, and only the distant prospect of the closing of the gap kept them anchored.
  13. The Traveller's Count Down T-5 days Let's dream up our moment. Let's meet Sunday. Somewhere we can be away from our families. I know the perfect spot. It will be dark, no one will be bothered by us. And if we choose right, the mood will be set. Hubby, who has no clue what the nature of our "friendship" is, said I can be excused for a couple of hours even though I'll just be back from a week long absence. Let's do it! T-3 days I want you to be my first girl kiss, but I want so much more. Let me tell you what I want to do to you. That's so incredibly hot. We will not have to do that, will we? I want to do all of that with you! I can't believe I'm telling you this. You drive me crazy! T-2 days Sexting until three hours before I had to catch my flight made me almost miss my flight. I'm walking around with a smile that makes everyone wonder how I'm so perky after a 3.30am wake-up call. Goodness, the things you do to me. The things you make me want to do! If my husband knew... T- 1 days Can I tell you something? I'm scared. So scared I phoned my best friend and told her I'm in love with you. I told her I will be cheating on my husband. She went all buddhist on me. This is a big deal to me. Despite all of the talk, I'm not sure I can exactly go there with you. I know you say we could just have coffee and stare into each other's eyes. But I know it won't stay there. I want you so badly. Of course I won't cancel. T-8 hours I wake up not knowing what will happen. I do everything I know to manage my anxiety. At least this morning will be very busy with family commitments. I cannot stop thinking about you. I'm excited, I'm anxious and I'm turned on. T-1 hour I kiss the husband goodbye. He has been the only one I've kissed in more than 15 years. What am I doing? She is on her way now. Arriving soon after a 2 hour plane ride. A three hour window will open soon. The next three hours is going to change everything. Still excited, anxious, and turned on, I'm ready. Will I greet her with a hug? A kiss? How will I not lose track of time?
  14. Hi Ladies. Any update on how things are progressing with updating some of the forums and site info so that they are visible to signed-in members only?
  15. Mmm. I believe you, and I look forward to actually understanding what you say once I get to practise it.