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  1. treelover123

    Married & would like a girlfriend

    A mod might be reprimanding us all and tell us to keep the discussion in English, (and this feels a little like a hijacked thread now) but... Julle twee se geflankeer op hierdie bladsy is baie vermaaklik! Pasop net: langafstand verhoudings gebeur maklik hier op shy's. Dit kan die mees ongelooflike ervaring van jou lewe wees, maar hulle is moeilik. If you are interested in reading some naughty stories (there's a tiny splatter of gay and lesbian stuff) in Afrikaans: https://argief.litnet.co.za/listing.php?category_id=273
  2. treelover123

    New Here from South Africa

    Welcome here I can't help wondering. Five hours. Is that a Joburg Bloem friendship then? I'd give anything if my long distance relationship could be conducted across 600km instead of 8 000km.
  3. treelover123

    Time to open up

    Hi Jansen. Stay hopeful. What you are looking for, exists. I would not have believed it until I've lived it, but it does exist.
  4. treelover123

    I wish I had a husband

    Hey! I'm one of those uncaring unappreciative self-absorbed and immoral adulterers. I know YOU didnt say it... My twenty eight year old self would have used those adjectives to describe the current me. It took years of denial, years of restraint, lots of therapy, a miracle to find her, and a husband who chose to not know more, to get here. I thought my life would descend into chaos, I thought I would lose everything, I thought I'd lose interest in my relationship with my husband if I took this step. But none of this have happened. I've been lucky to get these gifts. I don't deserve this. I don't deserve him, and I certainly do not deserve finding her. Do any of us actually deserve anything? I'm ready to take responsibility and to accept the consequences should this get ugly. But, I've learnt that you can love more than one person intensely. I've found two someones I can share separate parts of my life with. I tried to negotiate it openly with both of them, but that just wasn't possible in my relationship with him. I am a horrible adulterer, but I couldn't stay trapped longer than I did.
  5. So here's my story. I met a woman... There was very strong chemistry. I was curious at first, but in a very short time I realised that I wanted her. But my situation is beyond complicated and I could only offer her a very tiny shard of a relationship. Wisely she declined. I was relieved. We resolved that a friendship is probably not feasible and said our goodbyes. Two weeks later I was still missing her. She was missing me too. We got together and decided to give friendship a shot. By this time I was very clear that anything but a friendship is a really bad idea. But... Who was I kidding? Friends with someone you said you want to sleep with? I maintained my line: we are friends only. Privately I had my moments where my resolve almost crumbled, but I tried to keep a friendly distance. The message I got from her, however, was that she didnt accept what I said about being friends. While she said we are friends only, she didn't want to define our friendship. She wanted some open ended maybe "something is possible in future" relationship. I continued to be afraid that if I stuck around her, things might get out of hand. I pulled back, but still I didnt walk away. Then I was away for a while and when I came back she had obviously sorted through her thoughts. She told me whatever I have offered her in the past that's beyond a friendship will not work. I was relieved. Finally we were on the same page. Finally I feel safer to engage in a friendship with her. She is away now, and I don't know whether we will maintain a friendship or if it will naturally fizzle out. The point of the story is: if you dont walk away, you might be signing up for a rollercoaster emotional ride. It might be worth it to you, or not. You should also be prepared to deal with mixed messages from her side. But most importantly: If you dont also accept that you will only have a friendship, its possible that she might have to maintain some fake boundary, which might make for a very difficult friendship. My suggestion: take a break, sort through your thoughts and feelings, and then decide if you can commit to being friends only. Good luck.
  6. treelover123

    Kissing and gentle caresses

    Oh I apologise. That was not intended to be a rude eye roll!
  7. treelover123

    Kissing and gentle caresses

    The girlfriend has no complaints about the approach we followed. No one is selfish here @BenedettaC And no one was deprived of anything. To me, there just does not seem to be such a big difference between straight sex and lesbian sex. This is at odds with what I read. The only difference is that with her we would just rewind and replay many more times. Many many more times.
  8. From what I've read and what Ive experienced in my sample of n=1: Sex with a guy seems to be all about getting off. If you have a patient lover, foreplay might make up a significant part of the act, but getting off is the point, and once everyone had their turn, sex is over. And then I read about how lesbian sex is so different. Lots of gentle caressing and kissing for hours, and the ability to keep going until everyone had as many orgasms as they need. Or so I was told. I told my girlfriend that the idea of making out for hours sounds lovely, but I just dont know... I've never managed it with her. Because still, I think getting off is the point and a very pleasant point, at that. So while kissing is nice and all, I want someone to get fucked... Sooner rather than later. And preferably many times over and over. Am I just a bad lesbian / ruined by years of straight sex / impatient if I too can't wait to make her come? Multiple times?
  9. A Reprise If our first time together was beautiful, and intense and magical, then what adjectives can I use if this time was all that x 100?
  10. treelover123

    Going down - on a man

    I love giving oral. Far more than PiV sex. Probably because I'm in charge and I love to see him totally at my mercy.
  11. treelover123

    Pirelli Calendar 2017

    Aaaaaand the 2019 Pirelli Calendar preview is out and its again something different from the previous years. http://pirellicalendar.pirelli.com/en/home The website says: Watson, who has shot iconic portraits of Steve Jobs, Alfred Hitchcock and Kate Moss, visually narrates the individual journeys, understanding the emotive power of their dreams, the dramatic turning points in their lives, their moments of victory and defeat – and most importantly how they faced each in turn. Featuring seven stars from the worlds of fashion, film and dance, the four vignettes are displayed in an aspect ratio of 16:9, representing their cinematic nature. Supermodel Gigi Hadid portrays a woman who is wealthy, accomplished, the envy of her peers. She has all the trappings of success and she looks to have it all, but there is sadness in amongst her glory. She relies on her mentor, played by the fashion designer Alexander Wang, to bring meaning back to her life. French actress and model Laetitia Casta plays an artist dreaming of her future. Full of doubts about her talent, she works as a waitress as she strives for success, her boyfriend played by the Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin offering her support. Ballet star Misty Copeland plays a dancer dreaming of joining the prestigious Opera Ballet in Paris along with her boyfriend portrayed by fellow ballet performer Calvin Royal III. She works as a striptease artist as she waits for her big break. Hollywood actress Julia Garner’s character is a photographer who works in the botanical gardens capturing still life portraits of rare plants. She is happy to let success happen slowly as the work itself is more than a reward for her.
  12. treelover123

    Making Long Distance Work

    We are still figuring it out, but we've tried it and its awesome. It makes our LDR a little more bearable. It still doesn't address the craving for sweet sweet kisses and skin to skin contact but It definitely opens up some new possibilities for sexting / phone sex. Or public indecency, as @BenedettaC suggests. There are a few different products on the market and some have better reviews than others. The girlfriend did all the research and I think she made an excellent choice.
  13. treelover123

    Making Long Distance Work

    Btw... Has anyone else discovered the pleasures of teledildonics? https://www.vibease.com
  14. treelover123

    Making Long Distance Work

    So back to LDR. My LDR is a permanent situation. We stay continents apart, we are both committed to our families. We get together once or twice a year. After the last time I saw her, I went into a three month funk. The longing for her was intense. I felt like life was unfair. I looked at all of the things I get from her that I just cant get in my day to day life. I'm seeing her again in three weeks. How do I prevent the post visit blues? How do I make it easier?
  15. treelover123


    Whahahaha. You crack me up.