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  1. Taking a peek at your profile. Figured I should say “hi”. 

  2. Haha yes, see you there!
  3. That blonde girl is so sexy and fun. I want to hang out with her.
  4. Wow, that was hot. I like the one that's suggested below: "girlfriend shared with another girl". It's obvious the girl on top has done this before, and maybe the girl on the bottom was the bicurious girlfriend. I also picture the girl leaving her boyfriend to start dating the experienced girl, but that might just be in my fantasy
  5. I thought I'd say I a hi :)

    1. katiebear92


      Well hello there :) 

    2. kairi


      Hi again.How are you? :)

  6. Hi Katie,

    Just peeking. How are you? 

    1. katiebear92


      Hi thanks for the peek, I'm good, how are you doing? :)