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  1. Hi Katie,

    Just peeking. How are you? 

    1. katiebear92


      Hi thanks for the peek, I'm good, how are you doing? :)

  2. Just peeking, saying hi!

  3. Hiya! I thought I'd say hello. ^.^

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    2. katiebear92


      If someone sees that photo, then they made a decision to join here, so you wouldn't have to worry. Yay cute photo is back! :)

    3. Channen2120


      Haha thanks. ^.^ Your photo is cute, too.

    4. Leopard


      Cute all around

  4. Large B to small D for me. As long as they fit her body well!
  5. Thanks for saying hi

  6. Hey love! :D

    1. Magnolia


      I saw you peeking! ;p

    2. katiebear92


      Hi, I have missed you! :)

    3. Magnolia


      Heh! I decided to sporadically pop back in! <33

  7. I'm returning after some time away and wanted to say hi

  8. Dim lights. Not too bright, but enough to make it interesting. Occasionally in the total darkness is fun
  9. It can be fun, especially as the unicorn. As long as it's not with people you're really close with, so if it gets weird you can get the hell away from it. But as the unicorn, the attention is fun
  10. Thanks for looking :) You are sooo pretty!

    1. xMissChloex


      Aw thanks, you're pretty yourself :)

  11. Waving and saying hi

  12. Hi, I saw you came by and thought I'd return the visit. I wonder what caught your eye on your picture?

  13. Just wanted to say Hi!

  14. I just want to be thrown in a pile of hot naked girls and have no idea who is licking me or who I'm licking. However many that is