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  1. Hi ladies, I could really do with a fresh perspective. I was just ill to the point where is was a bit touch and go whether I would make it. My husband was quite supportive at the time but made a number of inappropriate comments when I was very ill and afterwards. He blamed me for not noticing that I was ill even though there were very few symptoms and kept saying I had dodged a bullet heading for my brain. He also sulked a lot and refused to speak for quite a while when I was in hospital. He also made reference to lethal injections when I was in the resuscitation ward. I understand he was very scared but I wish he had been more supportive. Am I overreacting? I was grateful for his presence and support during my illness. It is a little complicated by the fact that, when I was ill in the past, my mum (who has since passed away) used to visit me and was always very upbeat and supportive and I can’t help comparing this unfavourably with my husband’s behaviour. Also, and this is not his fault I guess, his sister was very hostile to me on the phone and by text while I was in hospital and he refuses to acknowledge this. The main problem is that I just don’t feel normal towards him right now. I don’t know if it’s because i’m rethinking my life because of my illness or if I just found him harsh and unhelpful while I was ill and can’t relate to him right now. He is being affectionate now but I feel a bit like i’m faking some of my affection towards him which I hate doing. Things weren’t perfect before my hospitalisation but they felt a lot better than they do now. I guess it is not a good sign that I don’t feel able to just bring up how I feel. I worry that he will think i’m being unreasonable and that it will end in an argument which in his case can mean him going quiet for days while he ‘thinks things through’. I’m not strong mentally or physically right now so I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to talk to him about it or even whether the feelings I have right now are better ignored and left to fade. Thanks.
  2. Pierette

    Still numb

    Hi, I lost my mum too. Message me any time if you want to talk. Lots of hugs xx
  3. The title says it all. This is the seventh year I face the festive season without my mum. I try to be cheerful and enjoy Christmas but I can't reach a stage where is doesn't fill me with a sense of deep sadness and loss. My mum made Christmas special and enjoyed it so much.
  4. Oops the next word is hope
  5. I love you As day loves warmth As night loves chill You warm me with your words You chill me with your absences Every day as I wake I wonder which will it be Words or absence These are the boundaries Of my day's hope But I promise myself One day I will adjust Or one day I will be complete
  6. Welcome back hun xx

    1. Pierette


      Thanks sweetie :rolleyes:

  7. Hello, welcome back, how is everything with you?

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      Reputation has replaced ‘like’, so we give a rep when we like a persons post. Yes this is the time of year when we chill and over indulge and worry about weight gain in the new year. Good luck with the job search.

    3. Pierette


      Thanks, I'm getting to grips with the new layout now. What have you been up to lately? I've started playing the piano seriously again :rolleyes: hope you have a lovely festive season xxx

    4. myladylove


      Not much this year, tried a walking club, didn’t work out, did a fit steps beginners course, that’s about it. Looking forward to a women’s group course in the new year. Enjoying living long enough to see great changes for gay and bi women and enjoying being part of shy’s. Happy Christmas season to you too. x