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  1. Just a reminder, mooning has it’s downfalls.

  2. It really has strengthened, especially since she really took it hard when he moved out and I was there for her during that emotional time. Right when he left, I probably stayed two straight weeks at her house. He actually visited her for the first time the other night since he left, so who knows where that’s going.
  3. This is from an actual Disney Princess themed wedding.
  4. Needing the ‘she bop’ to get to sleep tonight.

    1. lsroses


      My innocent mind had an idea of what you were referring to but still felt the need to 'google' the urban dictionary! :lol: I mean, I assume you weren't referring to the cyndi lauper track?? Unless 80's music soothes you :P


    2. KeikoM


      my friends and I, in middle school, used to refer to female masterbation as ‘she bop’ and it was after that song was released, so I’m sure that was where it was from.  I’ve just always referred to it as that since then.  IKR?  I should probably move on to a more mature term.

    3. lsroses


      Well now, where's the fun in maturity?? I'm totally using it from now on so you should keep it going!

  5. Like I said in the other thread, it’s been kind of good between me and my gf and me and my husband, the only difference is that her husband moved out and they separated. And like I said before, their separation wasn’t because of me, they had other problems. On the bright side, she and I have more alone time and I’ll stay over at her house a couple of times a week. We haven’t officially come out, but more and more people have just figured it out to the point when she and I made out at a party the other night, it seemed like no big deal to anyone. So the shock factor is gone. Its been hard on her, the break up, so that takes up most our time. She gets lonely and has stayed over at our house a few times, which my husband definitely does not mind as you can imagine. It’s great, no jealousies and awesome sex. Anyway, just checking in, saying hi.
  6. Thanks, good to be back.
  7. Sorry, not actually a newbie, but I have been away from Shybi for a few months. Just after the format change, got a little turned off by the layout of the new site. Anyway, missed chatting with you girls and missed all the great support and advice from the bi community. Not much has changed with me. Still happily married to a wonderful guy and still with my girlfriend that I visit still a couple of times a week. Only change in our lives is that my gf has separated from her husband and he no longer lives with her. The separation has nothing to do with me, they had other problems. Kind of a bummer, because we were just getting into our foursome weekends without any jealousies. It’s nice to have her to myself right now, although her kids do live with her. Still keeping busy with the kids, still working hard, and still partying hard. In fact we had a great party last night where, and this won’t be a shocker to anyone that knows me, Keiko’s nipples made a public appearance. Not apologizing for being a serial flasher though, lol. Anyway, just stopping by to say hi again, so ‘hi’.
  8. You are only 4 days younger than me. Helloooooo, Gen X!

  9. Tiffany Amber Thiessen. Wanted in her pants so bad in the late 80’s.
  10. Sorry, couldn't find a movie category, but this should be considered art. Came across a story about a German movie in 1931 that was basically the first big screen lesbian movie. The girl on girl kiss in this movie wasn't the first in a movie (that went to Marlene Dietrich in 'Morocco'), but this subject matter was extremely taboo. When Hitler came to power, the Nazis destroyed most copies of this film. In 1958, they remade it in Germany and in 2006 they remade it as 'Loving Annabelle'. Here's a fascinating story about this:
  11. Hubby out of town, laying in bed with my gf right now watching Ghost Adventures, and she thinks I am being unattentive, but I am typing about her, so I am giving her some attention. Shortly I plan on giving her my full attention. Good night all.
  12. 2.52
  13. Poussey marries a writer from the show and they make a very stunning couple.
  14. I don't mind the threesome with another woman with us, I've actually got to experience it before, I just thought I'd always be the one that would bring it up. Her bringing it up was a shock. Just hope she's not tiring of the single sex with Keiko.