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  1. Oh my, this definitely turned me on. Agree with the kissing being sexier than any actual sex that might be shown!
  2. For me sex is best when there's mutual desire. Strong dominant/submissive behaviour is a turn-off for me, but on the assumption that people are actually using dom/sub in terms of leading/following in sex, with boys I'm the follower/sub. Males are naturally the leader when it comes to sex, they generally have the gift of a strong sex drive. With girls, I can be either but usually I'm the leader/dom. But in all cases, it's mutual love, passion and desire that drives me and makes for intense and powerful orgasms. <3
  3. I find myself being tired at night these days so often morning is the best time for sex - if I have time for it. Whether with myself or someone else, a morning orgasm satisfies me and if I try to leave it till night sometimes I find myself just wanting to go to sleep and missing out for the day. So if I can do it in the morning, I take it.
  4. Clothed to start with, and the process of taking them off is a turn on too, but I prefer being naked for the passionate love-making and climax stages. Skin to skin just feels so good.
  5. Chinese Aussie here.
  6. That's brave! Did anyone notice or guess what was going on or did they just assume you were having a cuddle?
  7. I suppose sometimes you just need to use whatever is at hand!
  8. I was being polite. I can be as circumspect or as explicit as people want me to be, but I've mentioned my love of swallowing before and seem to be in the minority, so I didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. ;)
  9. Sounds like everyone is different. For me, I think I've always had quite a strong sex drive but I've noticed in the last couple of months that I'm really struggling to maintain my regular schedule of orgasmic release. A close friend told me that it's okay and I'm probably going through a phase and maybe that's true but I don't think I've ever gone this long without regular release before. Ever since I experienced my first orgasm when I was around 13 or 14, I reckon I've been averaging at least one orgasm per day whether from having sex with myself or someone else (I didn't start having sex with others till I was older, though!) and it's not like it's a routine thing as some days will have several orgasms while others have none. But recently it's been more like once per week. The desire for sex is certainly still there, I just haven't been able to act on it, even to spend time making love to myself. (And to think that as a horny teenager I used to make love to myself several times over a weekend...)
  10. Lots of different opinions here and I agree that we have to be very careful and protective of our children especially when it comes to sexual abuse. I think it's unfair to generalise all men as ogling teenage girls too, but there's no doubt that there are a lot of creeps who do eye girls with a mind of sexual lust and fantasy. I'm not a mother (though I'd like to be) so I might not have the same kind of instincts as others here, but I admit I find some pretty young girls quite attractive - the more grown up ones can look quite mature in the way they've grown (full breasts, etc), how they carry themselves (body language), etc. Then I will notice they're in school uniform and feel a bit embarrassed/ashamed of myself because then I realise they're still so young. Of course younger teens who are still developing, that is they still look like children, of course I would not think to go there. Would I actually have sex with a young woman (18-20)? I think probably not as there can still be quite a generational gap even among the mature ones. A high school friend married a girl ten years younger than us (he didn't know the age gap was that large at first) and she really is quite grown up and mature, but sometimes I forget that she doesn't know about something from our childhood that we're talking about because she was still a kid during those years, or not even born! That said, she's a lovely lady and mother and she's just as much a friend to me as her husband is.
  11. I think having the motivation in the form of company present is important. Often when I'm masturbating I imagine that I will keep on pleasuring myself endlessly... and then I have that intense orgasm that exhausts me and I struggle to keep going because I know I need to spend time on other things besides playing with myself. But having sex with someone gives that motivation to keep going even after you experience that first big pop of pleasure. I don't think girls should worry if they find themselves experiencing a bit of a 'refractory' period after a powerful orgasm. Obviously it's easier for us than for boys to keep coming after the first one but it's not unreasonable to find that we can also need some time to recuperate too.
  12. I can't believe I haven't answered this one. I love giving oral sex, for both boys and girls, I seem to be quite good at it. I don't mind receiving it either, but I think I get more pleasure out of giving. Especially feeling him/her writhe in pleasure before coming, and of course, the lovely reward I get from boys when they come.
  13. I like tasting myself and I love kissing, so yes, I would be completely fine with kissing after oral sex.
  14. Nothing so outgoing for me! I think the time I made love under the stars is probably my closest. At the time I was living near to a park/reserve and it was a hot summer night... it was family-friendly suburbia so I felt quite safe, and it was late at night, close to midnight if not after. At the time I think I was going through a phase where I got turned on doing sexy stuff in public places, running the risk of possibly getting caught without actually wanting to be caught. Not something that you'd do on the spur of the moment, though, unless you like having grass rashes all over your body (or you're fortunate enough not to get it). I wouldn't mind doing something like that again though these days I prefer to have sex in a comfortable bed, it's much more convenient.
  15. I've been having a bit of trouble with this lately. I used to be pretty regular but I've been finding it hard to be so this last month or so. Maybe I'm just tired and/or busy. How have you been managing when the desire for release is there but you just don't have the time or energy for it? I think the last time I masturbated was last Monday. :(