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  1. I want to learn Korean and better my Spanish.
  2. Last I posted my hair had grown out a bit past my shoulders. That lasted for a time. It was the longest I'd had it in years. I now have really short hair. You may or may not be able to see it in my default pic. I prefer it short on myself. I'm not sure that I have a preference in regards to others, though.
  3. It's so pretty out today. Such a contrast from yesterday. I haven't really gotten to see  and enjoy it much, but considering how the heat was I'm not sure I'd have liked it that much. I'll enjoy it later when it's cooler. :) 

  4. Hello! Figured I'd pop in and leave that just because.. 

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    2. tizoodle


      Well it's big, so I can't speak for all of Texas, but lol Houston is gloomy today. Very humid  and wanting to rain. It looks like it does when it's about to be dark in the evening. 

    3. tizoodle


      Of course I'd bring up the weather, but with how it is it's just on my mind. lols :)

    4. Sarah james

      Sarah james

      Well,  it didn't rain here !

  5. Wow, this place has changed. The look is great. Thumbs up Shybi.  

    1. Sarah james

      Sarah james

      Yep,  I though I was in the wrong place when I came back 

    2. tizoodle


      It's really nice. It'll take a bit to get used to, but I wouldn't change it. :)

    3. Sarah james

      Sarah james

      I'm still trying to get use to it, but getting there 


      But must say it is nice here 

  6. i'm a sucker for a hashbrown and sausage biscuit from mcdonald's.
  7. I haven't been feeling too well recently, so journaling and other things sort of stopped or lessened. I'm hoping to get back into the groove again.

  8. I decided I'm going to try my hand at a written journal again. Its been years. I think it'll be a good thing for me.

  9. I had another low key holiday, which was OK by me. New years eve will still be fairly low key, but me and my guy still still be going out as per usual. Hoping friends and bro in law/sis will be able to join us. :)

  10. Weird that it's now Christmas Eve. Came so quick and doesn't even feel like it.

    1. myladylove


      ya, I agree, especially with this weirdly warm weather.

    2. tizoodle


      it would have been nice to have at least been "cool" for christmas, but this... meh... at least from what i hear new years eve will be nice, have a great christmas!

  11. There's nothing like late night music listening for me. It doesn't even matter the kind. It's always kind of peaceful to me.

  12. it’d be nice to have more friends. i’ve always had so few and now even less. i only see two sort of regularly and i have to say that’s rather depressing when i think on it too much. which…right now i won’t do. i’ll just keep on doing this and then watch one of my shows.

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    2. Cheska9


      Yes i totally understand the feeling.

    3. tizoodle


      @bluebell friends of mine also moved too and then there's that it's not simple making friends... at least not for me

    4. tizoodle


      @Cheska9 It's nice to know some do... not that i'd wish the feeling of this on anyone, but it's a comfort of sorts.

  13. Have you tried talking to him about seeing another person? For whatever it is, fwb, one night stand, etc... It seems less complicated and messy than going behind his back. It’s not something I’d do or even recommend, but in the end this is up to you.