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  1. Reliving memories and making new memories...
  2. Oh most definitely....69 wins out...but I do enjoy watching her face and hearing her moans..
  3. Watching a French series called La Mante..The Mantis or The Preying Mantis..poised and ready..lol
  4. In that case sign me up as a charter member! She is so hot.
  5. Very erotic! And a wonderfully happy ending.
  6. If there's a Lily Cade fanclub, sign me up! Wonderfully hot videos.
  7. That was very sexual...so hot...and natural..is there a part 2?
  8. What is it with hot sexy yoga instructors....can't keep my mind focused when I'm in class...thanks..Feefee
  9. What a hot wet group!!! I too am a fan of hot and heavy messages...
  10. Hi there! Welcome.

    1. BenedettaC


      Hello @heidi39 - it's good to meet you. :)


  11. Haven't gone down on a man in years...but kept me from getting pregnant in younger days..only go down on women now
  12. That scene was so sexy..I wanted to be the one giving mmmm
  13. I wish you would go on and on and on
  14. I'm a charter member of this club!!..I have a vibe hidden away for those nights when I need a little more-I sneak away down staors
  15. Just waving hello :)