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  1. Thank you for enjoying my post :)

  2. Thank you for enjoying my post :)

  3. Thank you for enjoying my post :)..I hope you enjoy it here.

  4. When I read the sexy, erotic stories my Shy lover sends me ...mmmmmmmmmmm just going to reread some
  5. Just stopping by to say Hi=thanks for liking my post :)

  6. Thank you for enjoying my post :)

    1. almocado


      No problem. Let's just say it's a 'tasty' subject!

    2. heidi39


      lol...you have a wonderful sense of tongue in cheek...or...

  7. Thank you for enjoying my post :)

    I do find the taste so erotic. Pressed fully against your lover and tasting our juices really excites me.

  8. It's so erotic! After 69 with a male or female I love to tongue kiss...mmm
  9. heidi39

    Going Down In Public!

    A few years ago I was dating an optometrist. I went to her office for an examination. While she was testing and examining my eyes, I flirted and rubbed against her. I could see she wanted more. She winked at me and leaned out her door to tell the receptionist that she could go home and she would lock up. When the receptionist left she locked the door and we stayed in the exam room for quite a while.....talk about blurred vision!
  10. heidi39


    Turns out I'm a 1-2. Thought my score would be higher :)
  11. Yesterday! But, I will again very soon
  12. heidi39

    Going Down In Public!

    Wow! These are so hot :)..I've had sex in cars and on beaches. Most memorable was with a woman that I met at a convention on Aruba. The waves, the warmth the scent. What a night of passion.
  13. It's a marvellously erotic and yet respectful collection. Something there for all tastes. And the products-well I'm considering which ones.
  14. When alone with a lover I'm definitely very vocal-the moaning-the vocals-the orgasm exaultations of joy and passion heighten the flow.
  15. I was recently introduced to the best videos for us. Bellesa videos are chosen by women for women.we are not the sex objects usually portrayed. Watch one and you'll watch them all!