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  1. That scene was so sexy..I wanted to be the one giving mmmm
  2. I wish you would go on and on and on
  3. I'm a charter member of this club!!..I have a vibe hidden away for those nights when I need a little more-I sneak away down staors
  4. Just waving hello :)


  5. A very curious and excitng experience. I have never smoked pot but may need to try now lol. Welcome to Shybi..I hope you find friendship here.
  6. Welcome! I have just returned here after a few years away. I hope that you'll find peace, friendship and a big welcome to a wonderful community.
  7. Exciting and accurate analysis. So far this is only a fantasy for me. But, the reasons here have won me over
  8. I believe that it is our imagination that separates us from other species. Our imagination has led to incredible inventions and discoveries. So, why not listen to voice erotica to stimulate the imagination!
  9. I have sexted and I find it very erotic. I have an active and fertile imagination that enhances the eroticism. I have never sent pics; that is my privacy boundary.
  10. I can see why you love this video and those of Lily Cade. I agree with those who commented that the sexy girl on top should be more active and more vocal!
  11. Thank you for supporting my comment. Have great day!!

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    2. Tpearl002


      Aww, thank you. It’s good to know you make someone smile!

      I try to exercise as much as possible. It’s not something I particularly enjoy but I do it....lol.

      I hang out with friends a lot when I’m not working or otherwise busy. I don’t anything too exciting maybe dinner or a bar.

    3. heidi39


      Just dropping in and wanted to leave you a message. And definitely a big smile. What is the difference between knowing that this woman could be a friend and that woman is someone you want to enjoy sex with? 

    4. Tpearl002


      Hey! How are you?

      Do you mean how do I know the friends I go out with are friends or someone that I would like to have sex with?

      in that case, The friends I typically go out with have been in my life for so long. They’re either like family or actually are biologically related. There’s no sexual attraction there at all. 

      For women in general, It’s just a feeling. Some women I meet and there’s just no attraction there. Not the kind of attraction I would need to pursue something sexual. 

  12. As a few people have commenetd: it's in the soul, the wit, the moment, the eyes.
  13. Sorry. I always found penis pics revolting lol
  14. I find it extremely erotic.
  15. Wow! I'm totally inspired now. What a beautiful collection.