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  1. It's a marvellously erotic and yet respectful collection. Something there for all tastes. And the products-well I'm considering which ones.
  2. When alone with a lover I'm definitely very vocal-the moaning-the vocals-the orgasm exaultations of joy and passion heighten the flow.
  3. I was recently introduced to the best videos for us. Bellesa videos are chosen by women for women.we are not the sex objects usually portrayed. Watch one and you'll watch them all!
  4. I agree...it is so sexy to watch each other as we rise through levels of joy and then to close your eyes for the ultimate climax.
  5. Reliving memories and making new memories...
  6. Oh most definitely....69 wins out...but I do enjoy watching her face and hearing her moans..
  7. Watching a French series called La Mante..The Mantis or The Preying Mantis..poised and ready..lol
  8. In that case sign me up as a charter member! She is so hot.
  9. Very erotic! And a wonderfully happy ending.
  10. If there's a Lily Cade fanclub, sign me up! Wonderfully hot videos.
  11. That was very sexual...so hot...and natural..is there a part 2?
  12. What is it with hot sexy yoga instructors....can't keep my mind focused when I'm in class...thanks..Feefee
  13. What a hot wet group!!! I too am a fan of hot and heavy messages...
  14. Hi there! Welcome.

    1. BenedettaC


      Hello @heidi39 - it's good to meet you. :)


  15. Haven't gone down on a man in years...but kept me from getting pregnant in younger days..only go down on women now