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  1. Down in Shropshire here.
  2. Took me a while to realise it but yes, it was rather traumatic as I've been married for 17 years and together for 20 so hadn't had to end anything for a while. Bizarrely I don't think she saw it coming but I couldn't keep doing it and having my self-confidence eaten away.
  3. Hell no. LOL. Not had a girlfriend since then, so approaching 3 years ish now I think. I decided to stop actively looking and went back to Uni as well. Now studying to be a midwife. xxx
  4. If I had a spare room babe you'd be more than welcome. I always think it looks easier in the US for bi married ladies, but then I guess not. xxxx
  5. Communication sadly seems to be a dying art form. Poly requires a lot of talking and working and actually being able to understand that you need to give your time and concentration to others as well as your primary partner. xxx I certainly have an issue with a supposed girlfriend not being able to make time to see me for about 4 months at a time! I'm not obsessive but I do expect a little respect, attention and time. LOL
  6. Communication is everything, more so sometimes in all female relationships and especially in a poly situation.
  7. Right here hunny, just been away from Shybi due to a past experience. Only just decided to come back again. xxx It's also about them actually having that time to give and being willing to work at balancing it all.
  8. There are indeed but then there are also those who look like they will and then when it comes down to it they actually haven't thought through or worked out how to give that time to a secondary relationship without making that secondary partner feel completely worthless due to their lack of ability to make that time for them. It's a tough ask sometimes, especially from my point of view but I know it can be done. Just need to find people who think the same way.
  9. Love Dixie Chicks, Lullaby is awesome, I love I'm not ready to make nice too. xxx
  10. Hey there hunny :) Just thought I'd pop by and leave a message.  

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      So why are you up? Xx

  11. Sorry to hear you got worried and freaked, it's difficult those first few times. I was lucky enough to have my husband for support and encouragement in my first lesbian experiences as it was at a swinging club so he was there.
  12. I completely agree. I mean I'm 39, I'm not the smallest of women but I'm not exactly huge either. He's pretty awesome and yes we are poly and he does women but and it's a huge BUT we also are quite happy if the secondary partners are not involved sexually at all expect with one of us. It just seems that the world is full of crazies and psychos when all I want is a woman who actually likes woman, has an idea where her own clit and g-spot are so we have at least a chance of clicking in bed and actually has personality and life of her own so that we have things we can talk about, share and do together besides sex. Apparently this is too much to ask? xxx
  13. It's so difficult, I'm up for travelling a little and such like, it's just a matter of getting chatting with someone and then actually meeting up etc
  14. I agree, seems even harder in the UK. I'm not looking for perfect, I'm looking for someone with a personality and a genuine interest in women, not someone who wants to fuck me to get to my husband. LOL
  15. I'm lucky in that I don't need to hide it but recognise that others do. My hubby is fully aware and open and we are actually polyamorous in general, just currently neither of us have a secondary relationship. It's hard on dating sites because I have to say I'm single and I then look like I've been lying when I say I have a hubby. It's not easy, and I miss women, LOL