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  1. Manufactured day to sell flowers and cards. For my husband and I it’s just another day, no cards no gifts.
  2. Definitely like to start with clothes on. Some pettting, kissing, feeling her boobs over her clothes to start. Then the seduction, taking control and slowly removing her clothes. Piece by piece until she’s just in her panties. Then pulling them down, she arches her hips so I can get them all the way off, and kissing her full on her wet lips.
  3. Have decided today that I’m going to make an appointment to get my HCH redone. I miss it and i felt very sexy with it in. Can’t wait to get it done
  4. I feel the same way. It would need to be someone I know and feel comfortable with. I’ve never been into the one night stand thing anyway.
  5. As long as I’m not cramping then I’m up for anything.
  6. Thought I’d stop by your profile and say hi.

    Nice chatting with you in the thread earlier.

    Hope all is well. 

    1. kairi


      Hi everything is good. How are you? :)

    2. Playful


      Very good, but tired. Going to bed in a moment.

  7. We’ve sexted for a long time, but he doesn’t send me dick pics (they all look the same anyway). But the vids started when he was traveling for work. So he’d have something to get off to. Then it evolved into something sexy to do every so often. I do enjoy sending him an unsolicited naughty vid and waiting for his reaction. Some have elicited a phone call but most times he responds with an appropriate text. I’ve texted pics/vids with friends but never anything unsolicited. That would be rude.
  8. I recommend it. I’ll senf him graphic vids, teasing vids sometimes just a “thinking of you” vid. and if he behaves himself I’ll sometimes take his requests or let him direct what I do in a vid. i need to make a video, this has been arousing.
  9. He appreciated it and it was a nice primer for a sexy evening. It’s a sexy feeling to share pics and vids and get the other person worked up and thinking about you.
  10. Last Friday after I got out of the shower. Husband and kids were 2 floors away in the house so I got my Hitachi wand and took care of myself. And I videoed myself and sent my husband a little treat.
  11. I’ve not tried it but I have to admit it’s not on my list of things to do next time I’m with a woman. What do do you find appealing about it? Is there that much friction clit to clit that it’s satifying?
  12. This post is not a bookmark. and thanks for sharing this video.
  13. In MA, enjoying a lovely foot of snow and bone chilling winds today.
  14. Precisely. I don’t need nor am I looking for a deep emotional connection. But I could have amazingly hot sex with a friend. Have done it before, would love to do it again.
  15. I do enjoy the occasional spank on the ass and hair pulling, especially while I’m performing oral. Lately i like having his hands applying a little bit of pressure to my neck as we have sex.