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  1. We just joined FetLife as well. Not for dating purposes but to explore some of the kinks we’ve developed and to post some of my pics.
  2. I understood that part of it. I was saying that I’m the one who likes to take direction and provide the responses for my husband. There’s a little sub in me.
  3. My husband and I do that, especially when he travels for work. He’ll send me a request in the morning and if I’m in the mood, I’ll send him exactly what he requested later in the day.
  4. Shower sex is fun, and a good place to try new things.
  5. I will most likely take care of myself when I go to bed. Need to relax
  6. And I’m more passive, but I’m becoming more vocal in saying what I want or would like to try. It’s been empowering to say the least. I’ve asked him to do a few things that are out of character for me. He’s known me for 30+ years (I’m only 46) but some of these new ideas are surprising him. But in a good way.
  7. To continue to be sexually adventurous. I recently suggested trying some kinky stuff with my husband and he was agreeable. It’s been very sexy to be exploring new things and trying new things.
  8. So I’ve asked my hubby his thoughts on putting pics of me (no face) online. I did it once before and it scratched my exhibitionist itch then. Thinking about doing it again on Tumblr. Love the anxiety of doing it and of course, taking the pics.
  9. Not at all. My husband and I will look at porn together, I’ll send him something I find sexy or he will send something to me. Sometimes with a caption like “why haven’t we tried this yet?” My husband sometimes travels for work and I’ll look at porn to get in the mood or masturbate to. Perfectly acceptable in our relationship.
  10. Manufactured day to sell flowers and cards. For my husband and I it’s just another day, no cards no gifts.
  11. Definitely like to start with clothes on. Some pettting, kissing, feeling her boobs over her clothes to start. Then the seduction, taking control and slowly removing her clothes. Piece by piece until she’s just in her panties. Then pulling them down, she arches her hips so I can get them all the way off, and kissing her full on her wet lips.
  12. Have decided today that I’m going to make an appointment to get my HCH redone. I miss it and i felt very sexy with it in. Can’t wait to get it done
  13. I feel the same way. It would need to be someone I know and feel comfortable with. I’ve never been into the one night stand thing anyway.
  14. As long as I’m not cramping then I’m up for anything.