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  1. Hey you, 

    Hope you're well - I see you're following me.. it feels a bit like stalkering so I followed you back to make it even! Message me at some point, let's catch up!

    1. Playful


      Thank you, same to you. Didn't mean to creep you out, just following people I thought I had on my "friends" list from before the change. I'm still getting used to the layout, but overall I like the changes. Plus it looks like the spam has been eliminated.

      thanks for reaching out.



    2. Hungry


      I was joking, I wasn't really creeped. No worries :P 

  2. Go for it, it's fun. We went with friends and we had a blast, the guys were buying us private dances with the ladies. And some were really hot. After telling the guys about our dances it seems that women are allowed to get away with a little more than the guys are. ;)
  3. If we knew then what we know now... My orgasms are just as good and fulfilling now as they were when I was in high school. As some have said, perhaps even better. I would think that may be due in part to what we've experienced in the years gone by. We appreciate foreplay, getting close, cumming, feeling your partner cum. Watching and enjoying their ecstasy as you help them climax. For me I'd say the sex I'm having now is better than the sex I had in my late teens and 20s. I'm much more adventurous and willing to be vulnerable. It's very liberating. When the OP said older women I didn't understand who she was referring to. There are no old women here, just experienced. Age is a state of mind and I'm still a kid at heart.
  4. Would you mind sharing the name/model of the one you have
  5. Never too old and if they make you feel sexy then do it!
  6. If I keep reading this story I'm going to get carpal tunnel in my wrist. ;)
  7. Poking around the new site and came across your page. Hi and thanks for the response on my site question.

    1. Rocker83


      Anytime :) Glad I could help. It was one of the first things I noticed too so I looked around til I found a soloution. Hope it worked for you too.

    2. Playful


      Still getting the hang of the new layout. I do most of my Shy time on my mobile as I'm sure a lot of us women do, for obvious reasons, so the new layout will take some getting used to. So far so good. Hopefully this makes it easier for the mods/admins to control the spammers.

    3. Rocker83


      It's taking me a little time to figure out where everything is too, I spend a lot of time on my phone so it's important to be able to maneuver around quickly. Especially when you're in charge of keeping out the riff raff :P Hope you get the hang of it soon.

  8. Stick around and look through the forums. You'll find that you're not alone and that others have sat exactly where you sit now. This is a really cool corner of the internet and you won't be judged.
  9. Welcome to Shy's! There a lot of us here, although a common refrain seems to be "too bad we don't live near each other". Poke around, ask questions and participate in the threads. I found that to be the best way to get to know some of the ladies here.
  10. Well, if you're ever in London... And, yes, if a service like this was offered near me and legal, I'd gladly pay $200 for a yoni massage.
  11. Is there an option to view the full site while on a mobile vs being forced to view the mobile version? The site, in its current state, isn't very navigable on mobile device. With the old look I had the option of switching to the full site which was much more user friendly, believe it or not, on a mobile device.



    1. Rocker83


      The site isn't quite finished yet. The upgrade is running in the background now so things are still being added. There isnt a button to switch to the desktop version yet but if you go into your broswers settings and click view in desktop mode it'll switch the site to desktop.

    2. la-femme


      Hi. Unfortunately unlike a few years ago, there aren't any separate desktop/mobile versions anymore :sorry:. The forums now just react responsively to how large the screen/resolution is. So if it's desktop it will fit itself to that, mobile to that, or tablet etc. It's just the way all websites are having to go on the internet now. Google and other search engines are now actively penalising sites that aren't very mobile friendly... They definitely weren't keen on the older forum version for that. Give it a wee chance and see if you can get used to it ?

    3. Rocker83


      I just logged into shys on my mobile to have a look, the site was in a smaller more compact mode, but can confirm if you're using google chrome, which I do, if you click the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose "request desktop site" it makes it look like the desktop version.

  12. Coffee with caramel flavoring is preferable.
  13. Very sexy...
  14. FWB. Someone local who is of the same mindset. Preferably the husbands would be on board (if she were married) as mine has encouraged me to explore this facet of who I am.
  15. I like to make noise when I have sex and enjoy myself. But having kids in the house means we know how to be quiet. Kind of like when we were teenage era and we'd sneak some naughty fun when our parent left us alone for a minute or two. Shhhhhhhh