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  1. That was only one job and was a private corporate job. I've worked on and off in the corporate charter world and never enjoyed sucking up to picky rich people! I've had many other flying gigs where I was well respected, and the flights had purpose because they revolved around getting doctors to their patients instead of rich people to their hunting parties.... But enough about my story. What is important is that it really made me question what sort of images, or gender parameters western society (because that is the only world I've lived in) places on us. Imagine if the world woke up one morning with amnesia about who we were. Imagine if we woke up with not knowing how to read, but only knowing our native spoken word. (This is sounding like a good Twilight Zone episode!) How would we interact? How would we carry ourselves? How would we reorganize society? Would things be more equal between the sexes? Would trans people identify with any gender? Maybe I should have been an anthropologist..Lol!
  2. I'm a bit on the "dainty" side and was told customers don't like that.. (I'm a commercial pilot).
  3. I joined the group mainly to meet new women, and also to discuss, argue and learn thoughts and information on a topic I haven't put much thought into. What I like is that the women in the group range in age from their 30's to 70's, so there is a wide range of perspectives. I honestly don't have a definition for what is feminine, although I've been defined as being such, and it's cost me employment because of it. So I am curious about other women's experience is with their own "femininity"...
  4. So I just sat through an intro to a women's group starting in January which discusses the "divine feminine" and will be accompanied by a discussion of the book "Leaving my father's house: A journey to conscious femininity". by Marion Woodman Haven't started the book .. Anyway, the group is being led by a wonderful Jungian psychologist and in the meeting the other night she brought up an interesting point: For the past several thousand years woman's "femininity" have been interpreted and defined through the eyes of men. We see this in their art, their religions, their books etc. and we've succumbed to those views. But now in this time period we can all see gender being redefined (especially in the Western world) , men being called out for hurting women and others, and more women in leadership roles. So the question being asked to the group is "how do we define our femininity as women, not as men" ? What does it really feel like to be female? Any thoughts???
  5. That is an interesting point to think about... I mean now that we have texting, and our phones are pretty much on us 24/7. I mean for myself there is this sort of rush I get when I'm constantly in communication with someone I love, yet at the same time I'm sure that probably contributes a lot to the feeling of suffocation!
  6. I have two strongly opposing core desires: Freedom and connection. Having been married (and in several relationships) which I felt very controlled, I have a strong desire for freedom, and to do things my way now. In fact when anyone tries to tell me how to do something, or I feel the slightest hint of an attempt of control of me (whether real or imagined) I get triggered. But at the same time I desire connection with another woman, and a future relationship. I guess connection is a really basic need for everyone, but relationships not so much for all. What I want to know is can we still feel free in a relationship? How does it work?
  7. Having been raised in the Catholic church (currently more agnostic myself) I think it's morals are more or less governed regionally in the US. In the Bay Area my aunt attended a predominantly gay Catholic church, while I went to mass at a rural mission with women still wearing veils. In fact I remember being lectured by the mission's wedding coordinator "now you two are doing this because you believe in the church and promise to raise your children Catholic, and you're not doing this for cultural reasons".. while the priest looked at us and rolled his eyes! So yes the culture is changing but there still is much resistance and I'm happy to not be a part of it anymore. (But I still light candles!)
  8. I hear you..I've been going through this long divorce process after also being married for 17 years, and have two kiddos. Most of the arguing and games have stopped and we are being civil and working together in the final stages. I'm actually excited about this new transition and looking forward to starting a new life. It's been so long since I've been financially independent though, so learning to budget again on one income is challenging.
  9. What about trying no underwear and a skirt? Wish I had that problem instead of having to go pee!
  10. Not having the feeling of being connected, and having to face the world head on alone.
  11. I think I'd read the past just to compare my memory of how I thought things went to what the author wrote. That give me some insite into how I'd interpret future possible events in this book.
  12. I believe that we are all on a spiritual journey of sorts, just all exploring different paths while some of us have ventured out a lot further. But, all of us hide in costume to varying extents on this Earth walk and it's not easy for everyone to see through all the layers people hide beneath, including the mask and costumes we wear ourselves. It's a never ending game of "hide n seek!" There are so many tools we can use to tap into our "higher selves" (if you want to call it that) like your Angel cards, oils, yoga, or even a simple walk some place that fills your heart. Lately I prefer the later finding the little monkies of the mind seem to calm down after the first hour or so on the trail. In my life journey I've tended to go through periods of study into metaphysics, and philosophy. Then I get bored and focus on my creative side. Then tire of that and just work really hard at making money or whatever large earthly projects I got going on. Did I mention there are a ton of falls, and bruises along the way? It's a constant circle leading back to the spiritual side and another assessment of how much I've grown, along with what tools I've managed to accumulate that assist on that path along the way. It's all fun!
  13. Years ago when my sister in law was online dating she met and dated another "woman", who she later found out was really a man. When I use to go on dating sites I found I was also being hit on by trans women, but luckily nothing I ever pursued. Nothing against the trans folks but I believe they should be totally clear what they are and not misrepresent themselves as biological women. I guess that's another topic up for debate though...
  14. The grass is always greener... They call it a paradise where I live and I believe Oprah said it's one of the happiest places to live in the US....based on what I'm not sure. What I do know is that it is expensive as hell and don't know how long I can keep working two jobs to afford to live here! I'd love to pick up and move and start a new life in another beautiful place someday when the kids are grown and out the door.