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  1. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any online support groups for parents of children who suffer from depression and anxiety. Thanks in and advance.
  2. Whatever happened to the chat room? Just wondering. 

    1. Shei


      It broke. We kept sending girls over to home depot to see what they could do about fixing it, but for some reason, they never came back.

    2. Kblake


      Maybe they need to try Lowes. I hear they have better customer service. Lol

  3. Thanks for stopping by, hello :)

  4. I'm tired of crazy people.

    1. wolfbigrl88


      "I see Crazy People" lol just kidding was making a joke of a line from a movie :)

    2. brokengirl0407


      Unfortunately, it is an endless supply of them.

  5. Here's. My newest one. Knock knock Who's there A broken pencil A broken pencil who? Aw, never mind It's pointless
  6. To requote myself. I miss you girl! ;)