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  1. I'm basically in the same boat as you are Purple_Rain except that my friend and I are both out to each other and have kissed a couple times and touched. I realized I was interested in women about 7 years ago but since meeting her a few months ago everything has changed and now it's actually a reality. At this point I am not ready to tell my husband about her mainly because I know he couldn't handle it due to depression/anxiety/insecurities so for now what her and I have is just between her and I.
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    Ya I'm still in shock over it all and honestly can't believe I've been lucky enough to have met her and have such a connection and physical attraction. If you had of told me 6 months ago that this would be happening I would've told you you were crazy! The hardest part is seeing each other at work and not being able to touch. Our alone time outside of work is extremely limited but we are going out once she's back from vacation so I'm sure there will be more hands on action lol.
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    Hi Ladies, I'm 41 married with kids and have been bicurious for about 10 years now. All of my close friends now and have all been so amazing and supportive. I had honestly given up on ever meeting anyone and making my fantasies a reality. I had decided that I wouldn't tell any new friends I met for fear of rejection and them treating me differently. Well a new girl started at my job just over a year ago and I found her quite attractive and interesting. She's 46, married and her kids are moved out. We casually talked about life and general chit chat while at work but nothing else. About 2 months ago we started text regularly and long story short she asked if I was into girls because she had a instinct. I admitted that I did and she was totally fine with it because as it turns out she's bi and has had several experiences over the past 15 years or so. Her home life is complicated right now so we agreed to just be friends as she wasn't ready for anything more and we didn't want to make things awkward at work if things didn't work out between us and neither of us wanted to ruin our friendship that had gotten really close really fast as we have so much in common it's crazy. Needless to say the attraction is so strong between us that we have been flirting and sexting on a daily basis, sending pics to each other. We went out a couple weeks ago and we couldn't stop checking each other out, she kept touching me and rubbed her hand on my thigh. When I dropped her off she gave me a hug and kissed me goodbye. Since that night things have escalated quite quickly. We went shopping a couple of days ago because she needed new bras for a trip. We had been texting and teasing each other all day so when we got to the dressing room she asked if I wanted to come in with which of course I did. She changed right in front of me which it self was amazing and when she was done she took my hand and put it on her boob for me too feel. We finished up, went for dinner and drove home. When she dropped me off we had a quick kiss goodbye and she had a quick feel of my boobs. She just left for vacation and I won't see her again for 11 days so I already warned her that I'm gonna be all over her when she gets back. So never give up on finding someone because you just never know who's looking as well. You have to keep yourself open to anything because the right woman is out there.