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  1. I dated a married woman once who lives on the other side of the world. Her husband knows about it and all but it was too hard for me. Don't think i'll ever do it again.
  2. Dropping a hello! :)

  3. Hope you're sleeping tight. 

  4. So... it has been awhile since i do this whole flirting and sexting thing online. Must say a little bit rusty lol. I know that some women likes to build connection first before moving any further. How soon is too soon for sexting do you think? Have u ladies ever sexted someone on the first day you started chatting with each other?
  5. I do enjoy sexting.
  6. Come on shake your body baby do that conga 

    1. Punk Maneuverability

      Punk Maneuverability

       I know you can't control yourself any longer. :whistle:

  7. I miss the chatroom alot. Why is it gone? :(
  8. I love astrology! Thanks for creating this topic What's your sign? (Western and/or Chinese Zodiac) - Libra Which signs do you feel most attracted to? - Geminis and for some reason some Leos and Aries Which ones do you get along with the best platonically? - Aquarius and Leo Which ones have hurt you? - Aries, Gemini, Taurus Which sign or signs would you like to date but haven't yet? - Might be a bad idea but curious to how it will actually feel like to be with an Aries or Pisces.
  9. Hello :)

    1. tnmom


      Hey hey!! :)

    2. Ice


      How's it going? Nice to e-meet you! :)

  10. Hey, you're still here! How are you?

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    2. Ice


      Aww hehe. That sounds awesome! I am good thank you :) This place has changed so much!

    3. BiTriMama


      Yes it has!  Luckily it functions better than it did, and there’s certainly less spam!  The good news is the vibe is still the same.

    4. Ice


      Oh yea? I still find myself a bit lost on the new look lol. But good that the vibe is still the same tho!

  11. Peeking. Hola :)

    1. Baby Avocado
    2. Ice


      Which part of Malaysia are you at? 

  12. New

    Welcome to Shy Nightbird.
  13. Just gonna get straight to it... Looking to make some connections here. Holla if you will and i'll holla back :)

    1. Punk Maneuverability

      Punk Maneuverability

      A peek, and a holla. :D

    2. Rocker83


      Welcome back Ice! Lovely to see you again :)

    3. Ice


      Aw thank you! Lovely to see you again too :)

  14. I bet it is nice there
  15. Dropping by to say hello! :)

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      Hello! *Waves*

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      Hehe. How's your day going?