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  1. Meeeeeeeow. Meeeeee...oowww.

  2. Cool! Aww that's sweet. UK and Australia is far :/ I am like in the middle, but nice that you got to meet each other. Did u meet on Shy? I have been thinking of visiting UK and Germany.
  3. Great things take time. Be patient and trust the process. 

  4. I love both Bette and Nadia! Oh the sexual tension between them. Grr. And yes. Female kisses are amazing and so so soft. My ex gf has the softest lips ever and kissing her was always so nice. You'll get your first female kiss soon ;)
  5. Whoa really? Is the Malaysian girl from here too? We have a few circles of LGBTQ here. Is your gf Australian? That's nice that you went there together.
  6. Lol. It's ok. But what did you mean by South African Malaysian? Or wait.. maybe South African Malay? I am Malaysia btw
  7. There's a Gay South African Malaysian Imam?
  9. For those who chose to walk away and leave me during my struggle and my weakest point, please don't come back when I am stronger and successful.

  10. Whoa! Really?! That's so cool and yes what a small world! I love this song. I know how it feels like to write from the heart and he wrote this so beautifully. Love his voice and his courage. So you live in the same city as him?