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  1. Cool! Will do
  2. I might be heading to Sydney for work end of the month..
  3. By the way.. Have you seen the movie 'A Perfect Ending'? @Curiouslouisa01
  4. Hey Curiouslouisa01, I have met a few women in similar situation as you are right now.. I was kind of in well a 'relationship' that i thought was casual but she ended up having feelings for me and it was super complicated. I hope that you find the right woman to experience it again and not get tangled up with feelings.. that stuff is hard.
  5. No i wasn't.. but i went through alot of traumatic events throughout my whole life, including Tsunami and also being attacked by my ex best friend's boyfriend with a hammer (i was in the car) n being chased in the car right after the attack. But that was a long time ago n my PTSD has improved alot n i am getting better.. just can't handle sudden disappearance tho.
  6. I do want to see if we could be together someday.. But actually it's more complicated than just distance. B is struggling with some stuff right now and she's not really stable.. one month we could be taking everyday and then she disappears... :( it could be a day, 3 days, 1 week or few weeks before she suddenly writes again. My heart can't handle that.. I have PTSD.. :/
  7. Eh.. yea it is very complicated. But I am honest with both women. And they both know what is going on.. my GF knows about my feelings for B and that B still kinda has feelings for me too. I don't see me and my GF together in the long run because of our differences... just too much to take. Though we tried to make it work for almost 2 years now.. we are still on our 'break'. I would love to be with someone like B to grow old with, she gets me a bit more and we both speak kinda the same love language if you know what i mean.. we are both romantic, we understand each other's sarcasm and jokes, we both love almost the same kind of music, etc. It's nice.. Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it
  8. It's really tough. Me and my GF are so very different and I think we both know we won't work out in the long run. If I had a choice I do want to be with B... we both have known each other for so long but the only thing that is standing our way is our family and also the fact that we live in two different countries. But yea.. we both know that it will be almost impossible.
  9. Thanks ChemFem. Btw she is not preggers anymore.. that was 5 years back when i met her Really appreciate your advice. It was also where my head was heading..
  10. Hello Tara! Welcome to Shy
  11. Ahh we have the same signature fragrance ;)

  12. Hi ladies, First of all Happy New Year! Ok now on to the topic... I need some advice. I am kind of in a relationship... well we are on a 'break' now. We have been dating for almost 2 years. Recently someone I used to love (lets call her B) but never got to get together came back into my life and we got super close. She was married before and live super far away. Now she is single and suddenly said that she wants to come visit. I did not know that she still have feelings for me... She used to always say that we are just friends. But only now she admitted that she had to block all her feelings because she was married. I went to visit her 5 years ago but of course nothing happened. She was 7 months pregnant when i visited her. Anyways, I find that all these feelings started to come back again and we got close for 2 months.. now she went back to blocking her feelings because I have a gf. But eh.. she didn't think about that for 2 months before this. I love my gf but we are super different and she wanted to break up with me because of that. But then decided to just take a break until my old love come and go. Now me and B hardly chat because she became depressed for many reasons and also because well I have a gf and we can't be together... We went from talking everyday to now once in a couple of days.. my msges kept on not getting through to her phone, etc. What should I do? I find that my feelings are kinda fading away from B due to how she is treating me now. It's like back to how she treated me when she got married 5 years ago and it hurts... Why now? Why come back when I am not available to love her freely? Ladies... what should i do?
  13. Hey girlie, how's it going? Been a long time. Happy New Year!