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  1. Hi lavender. Wierd is beautiful. I feel like you see yourself as a misfit. I have been there. Trust me, there are people out there you can connect with. You will find your people. You just found some of them! Check out the geeks Ghetto forums on here. You can post some comics for us.
  2. Hi lavender. Wierd is beautiful. I feel like you see yourself as a misfit. I have been there. Trust me, there are people out there you can connect with. You will find your people. You just found some of them!
  3. So, a tiny spider just decended from the ceiling onto the middle of my bed. Why am I inclined to take this as some sort of omen of import?

    1. jessikanesis


      It's a sign: that it's time to change your sheets!
    2. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Noone wants cobwebs in the sheets!:lol:

    3. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Thes are the things that invade the serenity of the thoughs of an otherwise rational mind.

  4. @ChemFem the other lovely here is Chavela Vargas. After looking back through this thread I realized that I am not the first to post this picture. Someone else posted several pics of Frida with various girlfriends. I forget who posted them, but they are there somewhere if you wanted to find them.
  5. Sounds like you and he both need help, you to extract yourself from a bad situation and him to deal with depression and control issues. Unfortunately his behavior is familiar to me and very similar to experiences I have had. I would say there is potential danger for all involved and you should not take his strange behavior lightly. If you have the number of anyone in his circle that he listens to or is a grounding influence for him, keep it handy. I know we have not met before, but please feel free to message me.
  6. Hey there just giving you a shout out hoping everything is okay with you. :)

    1. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Pretty good actually, how are you these days?

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Netty and I are doing well thank you :)

  7. How I love Frida. I adore this picture.
  8. Is it just me or is this site just a little quieter these days? Maybe it's me that's less rowdy? Is it the format change, or something else?

    1. myladylove


      I have noticed it’s much quieter than it normally is this time of year, maybe everyone is out partying! 

    2. kairi


      Some days are quieter than others. And I noticed some older members are not here much lately too. 

    3. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      I don't know, I took a long break myself.  The atmosphere seems way more subdued. 

  9. Hi girl, how are things?

    1. HulaHoop444



      I'm hanging on. I decided to leave graduate school and now I am starting my job hunt. 

  10. Going a little mad waiting to hear back from a girl.

  11. Settled safely into a new house in a new art studio with a cup of coffee, looking serenely out on a beautiful yard.
  12. So, as a fan of Burlesque, but not a performer, I have often mused about what type of perfomaces and costumes I would choose, as well as a stage name. Keep in mind that many names have been taken. There is even a registry of names. Performers take intellectual property rights very seriously. Try to be very original. There is a name generator on the web, but lets try some suggestions to get you started. Try a color and a flower, for example or a favorite pet's name and a street name. Try alliteration with a starlet's first or last name. Try foods and flavors. Try to be naughty, clever or sublime. I currently favor Meander Rhodes, although I think there is high likelyhood of pronunciation being mangled by the MC.
  13. It describes what's in the tin ;p Freckles can be seen as a flaw or naturaly beautiful. I think if you own your flaws they become a source of power and beauty, also, I feel that Mamma capital M is a title of honour and power. It defines my most important role, it is what my kids call me, and it makes me feel like a folk hero/goddess. One does not necessarily need to bear children to be a Mamma. One just needs to be strong, nurturing, and feircly protective.
  14. I have waited for so long! Dare I still hope? Yes, many times yes. While I breath I hope.
  15. Hi girl, how are things?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Glad to hear. Keeping myself busy too.

    3. HulaHoop444


      Busy is good. I also came out again to myself as gay. Denial just isn;t a river in Eygpt 

    4. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Knowing yourself is essential to loving yourself.