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  1. I think it's safe to say my ldr is not working. Communication has been breaking down for a while. We haven't seen eachother for some time. I can accept life getting in the way for a while, but my yearnings are being overtaken by frustration. The distance isn't even that huge, a couple hours drive, which is nothing compared to some. I don't know if I should make one last push to meet again, but I am thinking even if I do it will probably be for the last time.
  2. I woke up turned on with no outlet. Damn it! It's been far too long since I've seen my girl.
  3. It's been too long since I've spent time with my girl. I'm going crazy.

    1. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      There was a day not long ago that half a dozen people would have jumped on this post with encouraging words and jokes to make me feel better. What's happened to shys? Am I talking to an empty room?

  4. Hey lady,

    I saw that you checked out my profile not too long ago. I'm doing well.  I found a new job.

    1. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      I am happy to hear it. You deserve heaps of success and happiness.

  5. My advice is keep talking. It sounds like you have a loving trusting relationship. He may have cold feet. There is potential for a cnsiderable shift in the dynamics of your relationship. This may or may not lead into a romantic entanglement, but talking about the possibility now will help both of you figure out how you feel about things. Be kind and gentle if he has misgivings, but make sure you are tuning into your own feelings as well.
  6. I am here reading this thread because it relates to what I have been experiencing. I feel though that I have a perspective that may add something to the conversation. I have been married nearly 18 years. In my experience, the problems with connecting sexually began with issues that weren't entirely related to the bedroom at all. We were basically hungry for eachother for 14 years, until a series of events, medical, financial, and emotional, shifted things for us dramatically. These events culminated in a break in trust too deep for me to discuss here. It wasn't cheating, which is probably what most would think would be the breaking point. Our relationship changed from what we once had in more ways than physical. Trust is something I thought we always had in spades. I was left feeling like the solid ground had turned to shifting sand underneath me. I began to recoil from his touch. I don't find this easy to share or talk about, and of course any synopsis here is destined to be an over simplifcation. For us the sex isn't the root issue, but the symptom. I would venture to say as well, that in any commited relationship, trust and sex have a hand in hand relationship. Trust is reinforced and nurtured through sex. Without it, the glue that holds a couple together disintegrates. It would be disingenuous to say this was the first time we had ever experienced problems in our marriage, we have had our share. I am still in it, and still working out what direction this is going. The reality of things is complicated, and evolving. Like a lot of you have sought out another relationship in search of sex, comfort, excitement and connection. This isn't a cure for my marriage or my life, but it has been accompanied by a breakthrough in trust and understanding. We as a species have a tendancy toward guilting ourselves and eachother out of happiness. It isn't reasonable to expect any partner to "be your everything", but that is what we are taught to expect, then we hurt eachother when we don't get it. Needing affection and emotional connection is human, as is being imperfect. I don't know all the answers to this balancing act, but I think we need to be kinder to ourselves and our partners. Expecting any person to be your perfect compliment and never let you down for a lifetime is too much pressure for any human.
  7. Hi lavender. Wierd is beautiful. I feel like you see yourself as a misfit. I have been there. Trust me, there are people out there you can connect with. You will find your people. You just found some of them! Check out the geeks Ghetto forums on here. You can post some comics for us.
  8. Hi lavender. Wierd is beautiful. I feel like you see yourself as a misfit. I have been there. Trust me, there are people out there you can connect with. You will find your people. You just found some of them!
  9. So, a tiny spider just decended from the ceiling onto the middle of my bed. Why am I inclined to take this as some sort of omen of import?

    1. jessikanesis


      It's a sign: that it's time to change your sheets!
    2. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Noone wants cobwebs in the sheets!:lol:

    3. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Thes are the things that invade the serenity of the thoughs of an otherwise rational mind.

  10. @ChemFem the other lovely here is Chavela Vargas. After looking back through this thread I realized that I am not the first to post this picture. Someone else posted several pics of Frida with various girlfriends. I forget who posted them, but they are there somewhere if you wanted to find them.
  11. Sounds like you and he both need help, you to extract yourself from a bad situation and him to deal with depression and control issues. Unfortunately his behavior is familiar to me and very similar to experiences I have had. I would say there is potential danger for all involved and you should not take his strange behavior lightly. If you have the number of anyone in his circle that he listens to or is a grounding influence for him, keep it handy. I know we have not met before, but please feel free to message me.
  12. Hey there just giving you a shout out hoping everything is okay with you. :)

    1. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      Pretty good actually, how are you these days?

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Netty and I are doing well thank you :)

  13. How I love Frida. I adore this picture.
  14. Is it just me or is this site just a little quieter these days? Maybe it's me that's less rowdy? Is it the format change, or something else?

    1. myladylove


      I have noticed it’s much quieter than it normally is this time of year, maybe everyone is out partying! 

    2. kairi


      Some days are quieter than others. And I noticed some older members are not here much lately too. 

    3. Freckle Faced Mamma

      Freckle Faced Mamma

      I don't know, I took a long break myself.  The atmosphere seems way more subdued. 

  15. Hi girl, how are things?

    1. HulaHoop444



      I'm hanging on. I decided to leave graduate school and now I am starting my job hunt.