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  1. So I asked him if I could have a girlfriend today... he shot me down with a straight "no and shut up" he wouldn't even entertain it, there was no discussion. That was it. So if I find attention and attraction elsewhere it looks like I'm going to have to go behind his back. The struggle is real. I'm still waiting to see a therapist. I'm hoping she can tell me why I'm such a horny mother trucker and find the "roots of my problems" grr
  2. You are beautiful :) 

  3. I can do it!! I discovered the other night upon request of my husband. It's actually quite nice!!
  4. I am happy. I feel like me. My husband wouldn't even consider the thought of me sleeping with someone else. Last year I had a breakdown because I was stressed and confused, broken in so many ways. I started hanging out with different people who encouraged bad behaviour. So I cheated and because I wanted my husband out of my life and out of my house I told him I cheated knowing it would hurt him. So I carried on this life of doing what I wanted having not a care in the world. Even sleeping with my husband because he wanted it. A few months later we had a holiday booked for us and our children. And we went and it made me realize that I needed and wanted him. But the sexting didn't stop. I still sent and received photos from old fuck buddies and now I've cheated physically again. And it feels good. I know he's forgiven me once but he would never accept it as a permanent and have an open relationship. That's just not him. I want to show him the respect he deserves but I feel it would compromise my desires and needs. im pretty sure there's actually something wrong with me actually because I think about sex all the time, wanting, needing someone or something to get me off :/ xx
  5. I've always considered myself as shallow... looks r really important to me :/ that said I don't really have a type. I like pretty girly girls but I'm also attracted to obvious looking lesbians so I don't know. I'm just greedy!!
  6. I need to book up getting the other one done.... I've also discovered a tongue piercing I like! Snake bite.. goes horizontal rather than through the middle. Looks awesome xx
  7. Would u like any more?? Xx
  8. Thanks girls. Really appreciate your words xxx
  9. Haha. Omg I love you lol. That's exactly what I needed to hear! I want a woman so bad it's just finding a local woman who wants the same. Obviously I don't want to put myself out there too much because I don't want anyone to find out so it's difficult. This guy is just easy and we understand each other and what we want. Xx
  10. I'm a cheat. I love sex. I love my husband but I love attention from others. I know I'm a horrible person but I can't/don't want to stop. I got myself in a situation last night and I caved. Husbands away and I had been texting a guy I've slept with before and before I knew it I was under him. And it was so good. Waiting for my hubby to come home tomorrow because I want more sex. I'm obsessed. I go through phases of being mega horny and can't get enough... hello libido! Just need to tell someone cuz I darent tell friends etc cuz I know they won't approve! Not that I'm expecting any of u to approve I just need to know that I'm not alone xx
  11. I just got out the bath and laid on my bed in the nudie, I felt so turned on I had to get myself off a few times ;-p
  12. Lol. Unfortunately that's the only naughty one I have, but I have my nose and ears 8 times. I love piercings. I want tragus and scaffold. Do u have any?? Xx
  13. Ok you've persuaded me! I'll do it. Lol xxx
  14. Hell yeah. I love them on women. So sexy xx