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  1. So I asked him if I could have a girlfriend today... he shot me down with a straight "no and shut up" he wouldn't even entertain it, there was no discussion. That was it. So if I find attention and attraction elsewhere it looks like I'm going to have to go behind his back. The struggle is real. I'm still waiting to see a therapist. I'm hoping she can tell me why I'm such a horny mother trucker and find the "roots of my problems" grr
  2. Thank you marbi, I actually had a half decent conversation with my mum and my sister yesterday... leaving out the sex and bisexual bit because that's far too "out there" for them to understand but they helped me see that the problem is probably within me and I need to search for the root of the unhappiness to be able to go on in life. I think it'll take a long time but today I'm doing ok xxx
  3. I have no idea Grace82. I slept with someone else last night, as in not my husband and on the way over to his I was thinking to myself "where is this going to go? Am I interested in anything more than sex? If we were sexually compatible would I want to start a relationship with him and could I be faithful...?" The answers were clear "I'm going there for sex, I'm not interested in a relationship although he's the sort of person I could be friends with, in fact I felt safe with him. Like nothing in the world mattered and I could just chill. Was lovely actually. I just want an easy simple but fun life... being a Mum and wife is hard and even after nearly 9 years im still struggling
  4. I've gone down. I only seem to be happy when I'm getting attention from others. In a sexual way. I sext a couple of people on a regular basis but if they r busy or don't get straight back to me I get in a mood. I realize I might need some professional help and am waiting for a counselor to get back to me but has anyone else ever felt like this or am I alone? Im married. 2 kids. Perfect life from the outside but I'm so unhappy
  5. You are beautiful :) 

  6. I can do it!! I discovered the other night upon request of my husband. It's actually quite nice!!
  7. I am happy. I feel like me. My husband wouldn't even consider the thought of me sleeping with someone else. Last year I had a breakdown because I was stressed and confused, broken in so many ways. I started hanging out with different people who encouraged bad behaviour. So I cheated and because I wanted my husband out of my life and out of my house I told him I cheated knowing it would hurt him. So I carried on this life of doing what I wanted having not a care in the world. Even sleeping with my husband because he wanted it. A few months later we had a holiday booked for us and our children. And we went and it made me realize that I needed and wanted him. But the sexting didn't stop. I still sent and received photos from old fuck buddies and now I've cheated physically again. And it feels good. I know he's forgiven me once but he would never accept it as a permanent and have an open relationship. That's just not him. I want to show him the respect he deserves but I feel it would compromise my desires and needs. im pretty sure there's actually something wrong with me actually because I think about sex all the time, wanting, needing someone or something to get me off :/ xx
  8. I've always considered myself as shallow... looks r really important to me :/ that said I don't really have a type. I like pretty girly girls but I'm also attracted to obvious looking lesbians so I don't know. I'm just greedy!!
  9. I need to book up getting the other one done.... I've also discovered a tongue piercing I like! Snake bite.. goes horizontal rather than through the middle. Looks awesome xx
  10. Would u like any more?? Xx
  11. Thanks girls. Really appreciate your words xxx
  12. Haha. Omg I love you lol. That's exactly what I needed to hear! I want a woman so bad it's just finding a local woman who wants the same. Obviously I don't want to put myself out there too much because I don't want anyone to find out so it's difficult. This guy is just easy and we understand each other and what we want. Xx
  13. I'm a cheat. I love sex. I love my husband but I love attention from others. I know I'm a horrible person but I can't/don't want to stop. I got myself in a situation last night and I caved. Husbands away and I had been texting a guy I've slept with before and before I knew it I was under him. And it was so good. Waiting for my hubby to come home tomorrow because I want more sex. I'm obsessed. I go through phases of being mega horny and can't get enough... hello libido! Just need to tell someone cuz I darent tell friends etc cuz I know they won't approve! Not that I'm expecting any of u to approve I just need to know that I'm not alone xx
  14. I just got out the bath and laid on my bed in the nudie, I felt so turned on I had to get myself off a few times ;-p