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  1. Was lovely seeing you again last night. Nice to see a familiar face, or name in this case xD

    1. Binoculars


      likewise Rocky! Happy to see you around again and to know you are doing well enough!

  2. These are really good work! Good luck with your sale!
  3. Just stopping by to say hey! I miss our chats. Hope you are well!

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    2. jessikanesis


      I applied to this company on a whim when I was unemployed but didn't expect to hear back, or to be considered because I had zero work experience on boats. But they hired me as a temp last summer, and when I took to it they offered me a permanent position. Now I'm in training for a more senior position so I can train new temps like I was when summer comes again. I've been very lucky.

    3. Binoculars


      That's a nice big circle back to doing what you love! I totally get the pirate thing--kind of the same for that and the whole french explorers come by sea french Canadian, historian in me. Have you seen Black Sail? The pirate loving, writer, reader, bisexual in you will love it!

    4. jessikanesis


      Not yet but I hear good things! I might check it out after I finish Taboo.

  4. Thank you for your such heartfelt LDR experiences and thoughts ladies! Bino