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I'm going to rewrite this--I appologize ahead of time for the brutal grammar!



I am 52, been with my loving man for 26yrs and married for the last 7 of those years. We have 3 beautiful kids who are young to middling teens.


I've known since I was real young that I had an interest in the same sex. And it's more than that.

I had silently for years been trying to come to terms with why I reacted so strongly to certain women or words or images I thought surely I must be gay but that label didn't feel right AND I really liked guys! Then I rediscovered the word bisexual. The bisexual definition I knew was that of a person who has the attributes of both sexes and despite being a tomboy as a kid I was not that. But the more recent definition seemed to fit better so I sat on that in my mind for a dozen years to see how that fit. It's a little tight in the seat but it became more comfortable it was right. Then it became a matter of time to tell my husband but I was scared. Scared I was lying, making things up, being too sensitive to things and that sent me down the path of answering those fears for myself first which lead me to identity, 'the more than that' I mentionned above.


Bisexuality is my identity as well, the filter I see things through and never realized it, it's more than physical attractions isn't it? This is what I am, bisexual.

So I had to have the 'Talk' with hubby---it was good! He was shocked but is soooo supportive. We cried and laughed and cried together for days! We researched together--he found me this web site to join! It's only been about 8 months and he is rock steady in his support and there for me when I need to talk as am I for him.

We have a very tiny circle of friends and I have only come out to one knowing she is discrete as I really don't feel any need to come out to anyone else just yet--we are operating on the need to know basis right now. I still need to get my head around this whole concept of living openly with my man first And what a relief it is; for him to know why I may linger on an image a little longer, feel some injustice or cheer in a news story a little more strongly or blush at eye contact with a stranger other than another man.


Thank you ladies for sharing your journeys here--it's been very helpful to me.