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  1. Anything that isn't country I totally agree with that.. :)

  2. I don’t know how I feel about it honestly. Never even crossed my mind til my girlfriend and her husband have both mentioned it. As of now it’s just been her and I doing our thing. But the past few times we have slept together the guys have came in and been involoved. Each with their spouse as of now. But they have mention, at this point what does it matter, we are all really close anyways. Yeah I dunno. No idea how my husband feels about it as it’s only been mentioned to me. I dunno, will have to discuss it with my husband.
  3. I was also side tracked by society and family to be the norm. I completely just pushed it out of my head. I didn’t really have crushes on my teachers one male in high school and a female one in college. But I was in a long term relationship and expecting my first child so I brushed it off and moved on. Of course it could only stay pushed away for so long. I will also agree that lesbian sex is better. I like both but I will say I’m all into the lesbian sex right now. I cannot get enough of it!
  4. I met my girlfriend at the salon she works at. Another girl was doing my hair at the time and her and I got to talking, and come to find out our kids were in the same class. She invited us over one night when they were having a little party. It went from there. We were friends for awhile and then one night I opened up to her about being Bi. She told me she had been with a girl before. Nothing happened for awhile bc I was all into someone else at the time. The girl I was into broke my heart and she was there picking up the pieces. We had a couple of fun nights but ultimately it was just bad timing. Fast forward a couple of years and we are now together! Funny how things work out.
  5. As a woman, I’m like “wow a bunch of early bloomers”. As a mother of two girls ages 10 and 7 “omg what will I be walking into apparently very soon???” As for me... 14 I was pressured into a situation with a guy and didn’t really want to do it but he just put some of it in and I was done, lol. 16 had sex for the first time, the guy was a jerk but I wanted it and he was way to old for me. 32-33 sex with a girl for the first time. Was unsure about oral until this past December at 36 and I cannot get enough of it! Omg I could have been doing this for 3 years now, lol.
  6. I too tend to over think things. Way to much honestly. I had a friends with benefits with my best friend, I don’t know if she really is Bi or what but we only really had make out sessions. One night we had sex and I guess I had it so worked up in my head how it was suppose to go, it wasn’t what I was expecting. We stopped shortly after that. But we are still great friends and honestly our relationship is better now then it was before. Although that maybe due to the fact she has a new boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. So we are both happy. New girlfriend was also a close friend. I tend to get attached and I will say it’s not as easy as I thought. I thought I could go into it strictly as friends and we would have fun in the process. Of course I start to have feelings and such. We are both married and both happy as far as that goes so it’s not like we are going to leave our husbands. But finding time and learning to be patient and where I fit in can be difficult. If you do plan on going that route, my advise would be to communicate. It is key in this type of situations. Our biggest downfall as been not communicating. I’m working on understanding and being patient and as soon as a I get the chance I’m going to tell her that when she tells me things I can be patient and understanding, but, I need to know things first.
  7. I had signs too when I was younger. I was taught it was wrong, so I never even considered it as an option. I had a crush on one of my friends in middle school/high school. I don’t even think I knew what those feelings truly were though. I thought about sex with her. I never once acted on or spoke of those feelings. I just pushed them aside and focused on guys. The funny thing is, my crush in high school and I were talking one night a few years ago and I told her about it. She told me she had felt the same way back then. Wow, I was expecting that at all! Who knows how life would of been for either of us had we acted on those feelings back then! I wish I would of explored when I was younger and before I got married. But it was “wrong”.
  8. I don’t know if I could stop there! Our kids always get up before us. But we wake up in that situation, I get up and lock the door. It’s gokng to be quick but I must finish if I get that far!
  9. With my husband, more kissing and cuddling. He isn’t a big kisser and it’s huge deal for me. I could do it all day everyday. I would also like for him to last longer then 30 seconds, lol. Which means we need to do it more! With my girlfriend, more of her letting me give her oral. I’ve only done it once and it was for about a minute (we were running out of time). She has no problem doing it to me and I will gladly let her but I want to play too! Having our first unofficial date this weekend! Dinner then her place! We never get time alone like this, so it’s a pretty big deal and I’m so excited! Lots of foreplay, oral and kissing to be had this weekend!
  10. Typically don’t have sex on my period although when we have it’s been in the shower so it’s not as messy. It’s not the best situation but it does help with cramps and to get some relief!
  11. I honestly don’t know. 14 years ago when I met my husband, I had zero interest in women. It was something that was forbidden and I pushed those feelings so far back I couldn’t even find them anymore. Then I met someone who made those feeling surface. I think I could be happy with a woman and only a woman. But I don’t know. Bc of that I don’t know if I could be with someone that is Bi. I don’t know how my husband does it honestly. I would struggle if our roles were reverse.
  12. Very Christian fast food restaurant. I highly doubt they will ever turn over a new leaf with this issue. I love Chick-fil-A though, I can’t help myself. I also live in Ga, and we have at least 6 within a 20 mile radius. I just look at it as they are entitled to their opinion just like everyone else is. If I boycotted every company based on their beliefs then I would end up living off the grid.
  13. I went through a stage like this too. I started looking at straight women completely different. If they hugged me it felt awkward. Like you described the bout girl thing. For me at least it was still when I was coming to terms with who I was. Not quit sure where I fit in. I don’t feel thins way anymore though. I guess bc for once in my life I feel somewhat where I belong. I’m married and have my first girlfriend. When I was chasing after my first love (and didn’t want to admit she didn’t feel the same, even though she led me on for years) I felt uncomfortable around straight women. I’m ok now. Give it some time.
  14. A good friend of mine came on to me a little over a month ago. It wasn’t that shocking as we have fooled around in the past. But I “thought” she pulled away from me, so I pulled away. Come to find out she thought the same thing. Pretty much just a bunch of miscommunication. I have been chasing someone else for a really long time, finally just got tired of it and decided to let it go. Tired of getting my heart broke all the time. So the friend comes on to me and she pretty much makes it impossible for me to say no. We sleep together a few times and she tells me she wants a girlfriend. Everything that came out of her mouth could of easily came out of mine. Trying to figure out how this can actually work as we both have families. We have both talked about what we want. Everything has been going great. Only problem is we have been drunk during all our encounters. It’s easy when you have been drinking. Sober it’s another ball game. I expressed I want to sober, she was all for it. She comes over yesterday morning. We were both so nervous neither one of us even mentioned anything. We sat there for a good 4 hours and just made small talk. It got down to the last 30 mins we had together. I finally made a move and kissed her. A little awkward at first. Just bc we didn’t really know how the other one was feeling. Kissed a couple of more times and then she said let’s go to the bedroom. We kiss for a minute in the bed (still with clothes on), then she sticks her hand down my pants, omg! I think I could if lost it right there. It felt amazing!!!! I wanted her so bad at that moment. This is when I did someting I have never done before. I jumped on top of her and went down on her. Never done that to a girl before. She had done it to me a few times but that was a first for me. Then she returned the favor. We only had a few minutes so we ended up having to end way before either of us would have liked. She comes up to me and says “well we did it sober” lol. We talked about it later on that day and expressed all the things we couldn’t before that happened. It’s so nice to have someone that wants the same things as you and is willing to express her feelings as well. I think this maybe the start of something great! The girl inwaa was chasing after for so long, is still around but strickly a friend. I never thought I would be able to get over her and I’m sure there maybe some struggles later on but I feel like even her and I are in a good place.
  15. If you would of asked me a month ago I would if said no. The finger thing doesn’t do anything for me. But kissing after, yes! In the past no, I would not even remotely kiss my husband after. We don’t have oral a lot, so it’s not really an issue. But every time my girlfriend goes down on me, we kiss and I love it!