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  1. And it feels amazing doesn’t it???? I’ve never felt better in my life! Letting go of her was one of the best feelings in the world! Freedom!
  2. I agree 100% with this! This is exactly what I did with my best friend, I really wanted to kiss her more then anything but I’ve never done anything like that before. One day we were watching tv and they were discussing LGBT rights (probably 5 years ago now). I picked up on it and started asking a few questions. I knew she went to an all girls school in college. So I just filled her out a little. She told me she kissed a girl in college but that was it. I waited a good while before I kissed her. it was a super quick peck kinda kiss and I wasn’t so sure I should have done it. The next morning I asked her if we were ok and she said “of course, nothing wrong with best friends kissing”. Completely threw me off by that comment! We aren’t even friends anymore but it isn’t bc of that. We just grew apart, our priorities and lives changed a great deal. Not like I wouldn’t speak to her if I saw her but just not close. Just get her opinions on gays/lesbians in general when the opportunity approaches itself and it will, heck just watch a tv show and there will be a couple on there, lol.
  3. I’ve never had a romantic relationship strictly online but I do have a platonic relationship with someone from shy’s and we have been friends for years. Message each other weekly and even daily sometimes. Depends on what is going on in our lives. Literally across the world from one another but she is one of my best friends.
  4. I’m super shy too. I can’t ecen ask my girlfriend stuff I want to ask her. So I get it. But I have started to come out of my shell a little bit. I started out by flirting with a waitress that I knew I would probably never see again and it did make it easier. A lot of people don’t catch my eye but when one does, I have learned to embrace it instead of shying away. For example the lady at the liquor store. I caught myself flirting with her the other day. I didn’t even realize it til after the fact. She has caught my eye, but I’m not looking so I didn’t really notice. Til I realized I went out of my way to go there and then flirted with her... and I do see he regularly, lol. Just take it slow no rush. Do a test run like I did on someone you will probably never see again. Never know.
  5. We have that happen too. It used to bother me but I’ve got used to it now. They don’t stay in there the whole time. Somits not a huge deal.
  6. I guess I struggle with boundaries. Our families are really close. Our husbands are friends, our kids are friends. We are just super close so it’s hard to know what they are. She is not a planner and just kinda goes with whatever. I really just need to talk to her honestly and just see what exactly she wants out of this. Another problem I think is I have way to much time on my hands as I don’t work. She works all the time! So I think balancing everything for her is hard. I think she knows I’m not going anywhere, she knows how much I want this. I question it sometimes and she tells me chill and everything is going to be fine. She knows I question everything, lol. She knows how to handle me when I do that. I think if we can just figure out what exactly we want it could be an amazing thing. I don’t think she feels insecure, she knows I’m not going anywhere. And even if I question our relationship she knows I’m just being paranoid.
  7. I need an emotional connection. Otherwise it’s just not worth it to me. However, being married that can be dangerous. I have a girlfriend now but I don’t really know where exactly we stand. We are exclusive but I think I want more then she does. I want some sort of relationship beyond sex. Sex is great and all, I love every second of it, don’t get me wrong. But I want to date her and take her out and spoil her. I don’t think she really wants that. I still try, I bring her Starbucks at work and show up unexpected to take her to lunch on her lunch break. Heck I even went to her house and cleaned her kitchen and left her flowers one day when I knew she was busy. I got a little sidetracked but I need that connection and sexually we have it, I kiss her and I automatically want her. As friends we have it but I want more. I’m afraid if I ask for what I want she will say no or even if she says yes that I will want even more. 2 relationships in general is just hard.
  8. I’m glad you moved on and out of the picture. I know my life in general has been so much better once I got rid of mine and moved on. No more drama, no more waiting and hurt feelings. It feels great doesn’t it? I hope you find someone that catches your eye soon.
  9. I’m with you on the best friend and girlfriend thing. I don’t think I could pull it off with my kids if it wasn’t my best friend. As far as meeting someone, I don’t know. It’s not easy. I did catch myself flirting with the girl at the liquor store tonight. I covered it up quickly though as I got shy. Plus I do have a girlfriend, so shouldn’t be doing that anyways. My best advise is in person. I don’t like the meeting people online but that’s just me. I just kinda feel people out if I’m interested. See what their thoughts are on gay/bi people and go from there. With my girlfriend now, I was hung up on someone else and just told her about the other girl one night shorty after we met. When the other girl broke my heart, she picked up the pieces and later on came on to me super strong. Making out is by far my favorite! Just saying, lol
  10. I could of written this myself a few years ago! The old post actually resurfaced not to long ago and I read it. Heck it might be this post. Anyways, I didn’t think I could go down on a woman either. And I just didn’t do it for a long time. I was the type that didn’t even like to kiss my husband after he went down on me. So going down on a woman was a hell no. Even after my girlfriend I decided we were going to try and make this work, I couldn’t. She was fine with it. What shocked me the most was the first time I did it, I did it sober and honestly didn’t like it. Thankfully we were in a time crunch and had to get going. Second time was a lot better, and it only got better from there. Not saying the same would be for you, just telling you my story. I do agree with you, if both parties are happy then it doesn’t matter. My girlfriend was just fine doing it to me and me not returning the favor. We are pretty open with our husbands, but mine doesn’t know I have went down on her. I’m not sure how he would react to that.
  11. If it makes you feel better, maybe make a joke or remark about two women on tv. You know it’s on almost every show. Just get a feel for how he feels about it and go from there.
  12. Me too! She is 7 and I love her to pieces! Ball of energy and soccer loving little tomboy. Couldn’t imagine my life without her. She drives me batty but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Glad My husband said oops.
  13. Currently reading Harper Bliss Pink bean series. On book #7 right now. I have loved every single one so far!
  14. Thank you! It was truly amazing! I love every second of it! The passion btw us is indescribable!
  15. I hope you get your chance one day too! I’ll give you the short version of our story..... We met 5 years ago with our kids were in the same class at school. She also worked at the salon where I got my hair done. Our friendship grew from there pretty quickly. After hanging out with her and her husband for awhile, I opened up to her about being bi. I was in love with someone else at the time. Well the other girl completely broke my heart and she picked up the pieces. She came on to me super strong one night and we fooled around. We did that a few times. Not going all the way. We grew apart a little bit, not to the point where we weren’t talking or anything but just not as close. The other girl came back in the picture for a little bit and then left again, and came back again. Long story there, lol. About 6 months ago I finally fooled around with the other girl. I’m not sure if that sparked something in her when I told her or not, but it wasn’t long after that she came on to me super strong again. That night though she wasn’t going to hold back. She caught me by myself as I was leaving the bathroom and started kissing me and before I knew it threw me on the bed and pulled down my pants and was going down on me before I could tell her no, lol. Ever since that night we have been together. Other girl is out of the picture for good now and it’s just us. I couldn’t be any more happier. Just took me awhile to see what was right in front me the whole time. We have slept together a lot in the past 6 months but this was the first time we were alone and had the time to really enjoy it. The only other time we had alone time was a few months ago, she came over early that morning and the kids were at school and husbands at work. However we were both a little unsure how the other one felt as we were sober for the first doing anything. We wasted the whole damn day! At the last minute I made a move and we had a few minutes but it was literally long enough to go down on each other for just a minute and that was it. So thebother night was super special, I hope we get to do it a lot more alone. I’m used to the men watching us at this point, but I prefer not to have an audience.