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  1. Thanks ladies it was great!!!! It was nice not to have any distractions, just us alone in the house for once with no one telling us to hurry up or walking in on us. Just us, think we were finally relaxed enough to be able to enjoy each other. We don’t get many days alone but I plan I’m making the most of it when we can. Nothing to do with this post but I recently care across one of my old posts, and I said I didn’t know if I would be able to go down on a girl. Hahaha, that is rather funny now, I could do it all day long!
  2. My girlfriend and I have been together for a year now. Have slept together a lot in the course of a year. Well up until today neither of us has had an orgasm. I’m not sure why really, too much to drink, husbands peaking in at us, lol. But today she finally had an orgasm and I did it!!!! I feel like it losing some sort of virginity or something, lol. Just wanted to share!
  3. Both of my parents have passed, my stepdad is still here and doesn’t know. I would never tell him, he couldn’t handle it either. So I get we’re you are coming from. I’m glad your husband is open to it. My best advise is to just be open with him when you do find someone. My husband is more of the, don’t tell me type. Although he is home 90% of the time we have sex. So I don’t tell him a lot. For instance, she is coming over Friday and we will have the whole day together. He knows she is coming over but that’s it. Her husband on the other hand wants to know everything, lol.
  4. All of you need to experience it, it’s truly everything you are imagining it to be! I can go from not being in the mood at all to completely turn on in less than 30 seconds just from a kiss from my girlfriend. I don’t know what is so different, but it truly amazing! I’m so thankful my husband lets me explore this side of me. He isn’t always happy with it, but is ok with it. The way she touches me, the way she kisses me, touching her, kissing her. Knowing that she wants it just as much as I do. She touches me and I honestly feel paralyzed and cannot move bc it feels that amazing. I really hope each of you get to experience that!
  5. I knew since a teenage I was interested in girls. But my mom was religious and that isn’t something I think she could of handled. I also felt it was “wrong” bc of the way I was raised. I pushed it to the back of my head and never really thought about it. Married a great guy and two kids, then BAM, here is this woman and I fell for her HARD. The plus side was my husband was there and we kinda discovered it together. I won’t go to far to say he is all for it. But he is ok with me having a girlfriend for the most part. Her and her husband are good friends of ours and it works out.
  6. If I were single, no. I couldn’t handle being with someone that is married to someone else. I would be extremely jealous and want her for myself and knowing that her family comes first. Just wouldn’t work for me at all. It is hard enough for me to be married to a man and have a girlfriend. I don’t always like the way this works.
  7. Finding someone is hard. I’ve been lucky and have opened up to a couple of friends and let’s just say it worked to my benefit. The first one I wasn’t even sure how I felt. So I started asking her questions in general about how she felt about gays etc. After some time I finally kissed her. That ended up being a nightmare for me in the end. Straight girls are not what you want, lol. Opened up to another friend about her and she wait til the right time and made her move on me! We have been together for almost a year now! Never know who may secretly be bi. Just have to be careful who you open up to though.
  8. I feel like I fit in both categories. I’ve been with my girlfriend for close to a year now, but I still haven’t got to do what I want to do. I biggest fantasy is being sober in this amazing passionate sex with some sort of tribbing or scissoring. I know it’s kinda boring but drunk sex sucks. And unfortunately that’s all we get most of the time.
  9. I completely agree with you.
  10. I think friends can be close and do things like cuddle and hold hands and not be sexual. I have a super straight friend and we used to cuddle when we were teenagers. As adults we don’t and I never had any feelings for her at all. I don’t think it’s for everyone but I don’t think it’s weird or strange for women to do that. Im not one of those anymore. Last week I had lunch with a few friends. There was four of us and two left before us. I was sitting with my one friend imthat was staying in the same side of the booth. I felt weird doing that, like I needed to get up and move to the other side. I felt uncomfortable I guess bc I’m bi and she is straight. She doesn’t know I’m Bi though. I finally asked if it was weird and she said no, not at all.
  11. I have a “girlfriend” and she works ALL the time, married and has two kids.... Both of her kids play sports and one plays a travel sport. So to say she has limited time is an understatement. I’m married and have two kids but do not work. So I have a lot more time then she does. However, she does make time for things that she wants to do. Apparently I am not one of those things..... that is what I have a problem with. As soon as I start to say something she magically has time for me. I’m not ok with this. I guess the point I’m trying to make is, if this is something you truly want, you will find time to make it happen.
  12. My experience was similar to yours. My ex girlfriend had gone down on me a lot. I was nervous about doing it to her. I had never done it before and was scared I would suck at it. I was scared I wouldn’t like it too. I did eventually do it and the first time I honestly wasn’t a fan. Thankfully we were on a huge time crunch and had to speed up the process quickly. The next time however it was a lot better. Maybe just nervous. She never was generally a fan of me going down on her. She told me she likes to give and not a huge fan of receiving. Apperantly that is pretty common. I don’t know if I will hav ethe chance with someone else but I hope one day I get the chance again.
  13. When my girlfriend and I got together, her husband especially wanted to watch. He would open the door and watch us, and drag my husband along. Mine could of done without coming in there. I don’t really like being watched. I prefer it to just be us. I have learned to just ignore it to a degree. Thankfully it doesn’t happen as off as it use to. Neither does us having sex but that is another story, lol.
  14. I have always been monogamous up until my feelings for women returned. I’m married and have/had a girlfriend (not sure how that really stands right now) but for the most part it was good. We were exclusive with each other. I was very clear on that. She is married too, and I don’t want the risk of someone getting something and then all 4 of us have it. If this relationship does fall through, I think I’m done for awhile with women. I’m not going to say I will rule them out, bc it truly is amazing being with a woman. If someone pops up great, but I don’t plan on going out and searching for someone.
  15. My girlfriend is like this. She will let me give but would much prefer to give. But only when it’s just us will she let me. If our husbands are in the house, she will not let me period. So what you said does make sense. Maybe when it’s just us she can relax. Really kinda threw me off at first. I was hesitant at first to go down on her at first, so I thought that may have been why. But no that wasn’t it.