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  1. @ChemFem Lol, you just say "boobs," and he nods in agreement. I probably wouldn't answer unless it related to the kind of treatment I was getting (like a therapist or something). Gynecologist only asks if you re sexually active, not your orientation so that doesn't even apply.
  2. Thank you for sharing. Im sorry your friend s jealousy ended the friendship. But time will heal all wounds. I had similar fears when my (then) boyfriend and I got serious. I feared that I couldn't promise being with him for the rest of our lives. Forever is a really long time. How do I know what I'll want in five, ten, thirty years? Can I honestly promise I'll be with him forever? What if I change my mind? What if he does? What if I'm not a good wife? Or he doesn't find me sexy in twenty years? How do I know if I'll be a good mother? Honestly it was very overwhelming. I read somewhere one woman who struggled with similar issues. Forever is too long, but 1 year is doable. So she would commit to be with her partner for one year, then reevaluate the next year. Eventually one year turned into three, then into five, then into ten, and they re still together. I also read a book that helped me at the time called The Secret Lives of Wives. It taught me that every single relationship is unique and relationships evolve over time. There is no "cooker cutter" wife. You decide how your relationship looks. Just be honest with who you are and what you want. Then decide together what you want your relationship to look like.
  3. sapiosexual - didnt know there was a term, but im totally the same. intelligence and independence is such a turn on.
  4. I decided to follow you. You seem pretty cool. :D Thank you for responding to my post! 

  5. Anyone seen Strangers on facebook?


    1. ChemFem
    2. amsterrock


      it s a show about a woman who discovers she's bi. just search "strangers" in facebook. really short episodes. 

    3. ChemFem


      Looks intriguing. I'll check it out.

  6. Sounds like you re pretty awesome. Someone will see that. Just don't lose hope.
  7. I think she was right, people aren't used to honesty. Probably because of their own insecurities. But I'd much rather be around someone like you, that doesn't stand for BS. I would say don't rule out anyone because they've put you in the "friend zone." I ended up marrying someone I friends-zoned. Sometimes it takes just a simple gesture to see someone in a whole new light. If you're interested in someone, show them by making them feel special.
  8. Im in an interracial marriage. It was difficult for the in-laws to accept me. There s nothing I could do about that short of changing my race. But for us there s no issue. The only adjustment was food, so it's been a learning experience. If there s any differences in our values, we talk about it and agree on what we'd like to pass on to our child.
  9. Don't settle for anything less than this! You deserve this. If you love others as yourself then you are one with God. That is all He asks of us. And if other people don't accept you, it's not your problem, it's because of their issues. Let them work through it, and keep on loving others unconditionally.
  10. You re in good company here. Lots of wise women. You do not owe it to anyone to come out. It's when/if you want to and in your own timing. Yes it might be hard for some friends and family, but do not apologize for who you are. And you can still be Christian as a bi woman, even a gay woman. If your church doesn't accept lgbt, I'm sure there are plenty of churches in the area that do.
  11. If a friend had feelings for you, would you want to know? So we've all had crushes, and we've all debated whether to speak up or not. But if it was the other way around, if a friend had a crush on you, would you want to know? Or stay oblivious?
  12. Been looking forward to fridays because I get to have dinner with one cool lady. 

    1. ChemFem


      Sounds excellent!

    2. amsterrock


      First thing I think walking in: "God, she s beautiful." Darn it,

  13. Im very sorry you re having such a hard time. Communication is very important and not just about this. It can be frustrating talking to men about their feelings. I dont think they re used to analyzing how they feel as much as women are. Maybe instead of trying to have a big talk, just reveal small bits at a time. That might be less intimidating and help with the anxiety. Like maybe asking him if he has fantasies, or bring up people in the media that are bi. If there s a hot woman celebrity, say so. Like while watching tv, just yell out "Damn, I'd jump her!" I really don't know if that helped, but I wish you the best.
  14. Crammed 3 days worth of chores in today. 

    1. N00Bi
    2. amsterrock


      I was sick in bed all weekend so i think i made up for it. :-)

  15. Heck no! I would never come out to my mom. Because then this would come up, and then she would cry because I was calling her a horrible mom, and would spiral out of control from there. No, our conversations stay very casual and superficial.