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  1. I just got the oregon trail playing cars. we ll see if that s any good at family christmas play day.
  2. Gotta ask you - what breed is that puppy in profile pic? (It's completely adorable!) :)

  3. Help! I want to kiss my friend. 

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    2. ChemFem


      I wouldn't recommend kissing her without context. You could mention that you have some attraction to her though. In my experience rejection based on orientation is actually easier to deal with for both parties than rejection for other reasons. Her being single simplifies matters somewhat.

    3. amsterrock


      Don't worry, guys, I don't even touch her. I'm so conscious of boundaries. But I think it would be pretty incredible. Maybe one day. 

    4. ChemFem


      Not worried at all, I was just indicating more general agreement with @BenedettaC. You seem like a very respectful and level-headed person, so I doubt you would do anything to make her uncomfortable.

  4. So I might have deep seeded issues from my childhood :-P . But I turned out reasonably sane, I promise. These are sayings grown-ups used to say that now as an adult I disagree with. "You have to suffer to be beautiful." From waxing, to high heels, to spending hours of doing our hair, women go through a lot of pain to look "pretty." My mom's justification is that it's just the cost of being beautiful. I strongly disagree. I believe beauty is when we are truly ourselves. We are truly ourselves when we are comfortable and in our own element. We are the most comfortable when we are at our most natural, when our essence shines through. And that takes no work at all (maybe just a little courage). So I believe that being our beautiful selves is the easiest thing in the world. "All couples fight. It's just part of love." I guess this was a way to explain the fights our parents would get into. There was always a lot of yelling, sometimes things got broken (photo frames, lamps, walls....). I understand that life has it's struggles, it's not all unicorns and rainbows. But yelling only escalates things. As an adult in a relationship approaching a decade, I have discovered that not all couples fight, at least we don't. Does that mean we love each other less? Certainly not! It means when we disagree we don't get defensive, and we listen to the other person. There are times when I do close in, and need space in order to process my feelings, but I would never lash out at my partner. We're in this together. "Better to have loved and lost, than not loved at all." I hate this saying. A lot. I've gotten it many times from adults after a heartbreak, and it did not help in the least bit. It doesn't make sense to me, and brings little comfort. Was I suppose to feel lucky then? Grateful that someone ripped out my heart? How does this help me heal? It didn't. Nor did it help me evolve as a person. Just say: "It sucks, I know."
  5. This is a similar quote that I really take to heart: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” I usually play devil's advocate in discussions because I try to empathize with the other party.
  6. My friend keeps recommending it too, but I already don't care that much. :-P I guess now i should look into it.
  7. I dont think it s all hollywood s fault. Here it was the actress that chose to leave the show.
  8. I feel guilty that I fantasize about my friend without her permission. Feels like a betrayal of some sort. 

    1. Hungry


      This is might seem like a double standard, but men do this usually without a second thought and these days many women also. Thinking and wanting is harmless, don't beat yourself up you can't help what you're attracted to! You might as well enjoy letting your mind wander...


  9. Very excited to see so many diverse candidates elected yesterday. Huge step for LGBT. Good job, America. 

  10. i know!! here s confirmation: Hollywood has a bad history with lgbt characters, usually killing them off quickly. We ll see how the CW handles this.
  11. Lolol, I can't watch scary movies at all. But stranger things was okay. Just on the verge. I like the 80s nostalgia aspect.
  12. Weekend without the husband. :-(

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    2. amsterrock


      characters from Avatar: Legend of Korra. it s prob the only cartoon show to have a bisexual main character. all the two ladies ride off into the sunset at the end. :-)

    3. ChemFem


      Oh ok now I recognize them. I did watch Korra just didn't register that's who they were.

    4. N00Bi


      *I didn't know who they were.*

  13. I wouldnt over analyze behavior at work. I ve worked with my husband many years, on the same team, in really close proximity. We act very differently at work to keep things professional. No physical touching, no terms of endearment. People would think we re not in a relationship. But outside of work we re totally "couply." So she might be doing the same thing: act professional, without showing preferential treatment. It s not because she s giving you the cold shoulder, or because you did anything wrong. It s just because she s good at her job and a professional.
  14. Yea, feelings are hard. I don't think you should feel insecure. She likes you. You like her. This is new to the both of you, and it's huge. Realizing you have feelings for other women, after decades of thinking you re straight, and being married, is a big jolt. You both need time to process and adjust. Just communicate and respect each other's wishes. But you re in good company here. We ve all experienced similar things with varying outcomes. Lots of heartbreaks and some happy endings. You re definitely not alone. :-)
  15. She might also be dealing with issues in her marriage or figuring things out herself which might be why she distances herself sometimes. Just be a friend for her in which ever way she needs, you re very special to her.