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  1. Finally after a year of searching B and I found a house! We have so much crap. Omg... We are slowly getting settled in and everythingnis falling in to place. On to the next chapter of our lives as homeowners. I would have never guessed a little over 3 years ago that I would be laying in bed in my new home with my soulmate. Dreams do come true ladies. 

    1. SimplyTrouble


      Awesome awesome awesome .. :-)

  2. I am never wearing womens pants again. I just went shopping. I was fed up. Nothing fit. I went to the mens section. I found a pair of jeans. Not only are they comfortable and of higher quality but I can go in any store, and pick up my size without trying it on. Its done by measurement. They also have FULL POCKETS. A whole cell phone fits in there..with room to spare. No camel toe. Theres plenty of crotch room. In womens pants I wear a 7 in one store and a 10 in another store. Sometimes the pockets are sewn shut..or they have fake pockets. Yep..I wear mens from now on. I already wear mens sneakers because I dont care for pink, purple or turquoise. I just wanted to share. :) give it a try ladies.

    1. HeartChakra


      sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing

    2. Shei


      Way ahead of you on this one. I love having pockets! I always check the men's section when I run out of women's options that are in my size or to my taste. Remember you can always get it tailored and still get a better garment for less money if you're struggling with men's options!


    My heart is heavy... R.I.P. Chris

  4. The little gray kitten (Jethro) has found a home. He will be going to ne with his new mommies in 2 weeks. 

  5. Medicinal Herbs and plants. If I had a bigger budget I would have a huge greenhouse. I also like spending money on experiences rather than things. Going places with the family that we have never been. Hopefully in the near future I will enjoy spending money on my little homestead, if we ever find what we are looking for.
  6. Being brought up in a church and having both a pastor for an uncle and a grandfather, I was conditioned as alot of others are to follow a religion based on fear. The patriarchy in which women are lesser and are the root of evil. A religion written by men. As I struggled with my sexuality and sought truth inwardly I began to research and find the origin of the religion I was born into was Egyptian, and taken and rewritten. I found out that the text had been changed and omitted numerous times. I began to let go of the fear that had been ingrained in me since birth and embraced the beauty of my soul. When I was alone, in silence with no fear I began to awaken. I felt a connection to the source of creation. A source who does not make mistakes, therefore I am not a mistake. I began to look at nature and saw the beauty. The womb of earth. I saw that babies formed in a womans body are first female before they are male. I saw that in almost every example in nature the males only role is to fertilize. And it confirmed my truth for me that the God I was taught to worship was not man. I embraced the masculine and feminine energies that I discovered and I found my own truth. I let go of hate based teachings and decided that my religion is love. It is the purest of all things. I am still learning every day. My conditioning still creeps in all the time but I have to let go of what I learned in order to embrace what I know. Everything I need to know is already inside.
  7. Im sitting in my sons' karate class and I want to join in so bad. I picked up some skills from Jean Claude and Chuck Norris. I think I could keep up. 

    1. curiousforknowledge



      I had a huge crush on Jean Claude, and his sexy dance moves.  

    2. bluebell


      I like karate, just started last year

  8. You are an amazing person and we have spoken about alot of things. I feel blessed to have you as part of my life. Im always here. You know that.
  9. B and I were out with the kiddos at the park and found 2 orphaned 4 week old kittens. We scooped them up and I took them to the vet today.Im happy to report that after a worming they got a clean bill of health. Although we have a zoo already I think the solid black one will be mine. We will find a loving home for the other one as well. We aready have some interest. They are going to grow old and fat and have a wonderful life. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rocker83


      Aww good job you 2! I'd also have the other one but I've already got 6 over here. It reminds me so much of my old cat Elvis who passed. I hate when people just discard them like trash, thankfully you both were there :wub:

    3. bailiwick


      The gray one is a little boy and the black one is a girl. Her name is stevie belladonna (insert last name here). Im sure you can tell where we got the inspiraton for her name. The boy we have named Jethro for now because of his eating habits. I added tull as his middle name to keep with the theme. 

    4. bailiwick


      Someone definitely dropped them. They have no fleas or mites. They were clean. Someones cat got out and got pregnant and they didnt want the kittens. Im just glad we saw them. They may have frozen to death. 

  10. Nice chill song. Have a great weekend ladies. 



  11. I wish I could like this 100 times. Truth!! Well said DIY.
  12. I guess I can be a creepy lady. I think of it as more of an excited one though. Let me explain. B and I live in a VERY red state. In a VERY small town in the bible belt of 'MURRICA. "Our kind" is a very small minority. So...when we are out and about we keep things at a friend level. No hand holding. No kissing. No ass pinching... When I see two women together in a public place and they ping my gaydar I get so excited. I whisper babe!! Look!! Theyre on our team. And I watch them to see what they do, and how people react to them. They probably are whispering to each other look at that girl over there. Do you think shes high? Whats wrong with her? I dont know...just keep walking. I just want to go over and say HI.. We are "on your team" we should double date sometime!
  13. In my own experiences with lesbian friends and knowing their issues with dating, a title like "gold star" or "bi" doesnt matter to anyone that I know. I do know however that my friend has dated two "gold stars" in a row and they were horrible people and mediocre in bed. ...NOW..."gold stars" if you are reading this dont get puffed up. I wasnt insenuating anything about a woman who has never been with a man. I was just trying to illustrate my point that it doesnt matter in the least. It doesnt make someone better at relationships, or a better lover. On the other side of the fence, one might say that a bi sexual woman who has come from a relationship with an insensitive untidy neanderthal-ish man may be more appreciative of what they can get from a relationship with a woman. Every circumstance is different. If someone is a self centered beeotch it doesnt matter who they slept witb before, theyre still a self centered beeotch. This kernel of wisdom is coming from me, a lesbian who slept with men till I was 32. I think that going in if you are committed to the relationship thats the most important thing. If one wants a monogamous relationship and the other doesnt it isnt going to work, obviously. Most lesbians I know are "uhaulers" me included who want a monogomous relationship. I dated a woman in my early 20's who wanted us to be "friends" in public and also wanted to openly flirt and go on dates with men. I wanted a monogomous relationship. She wanted me to be her little secret. Instead of blaming all bisexual women for her behaviour I realized she was just not looking for what I was looking for and it hurt me. I met B and shes the one Im supposed to be with forever. She was with men her whole life. Shes nothing like girl 1. We uhauled up. She chooses me and only me. We both want the same things.
  14. For a soulful bluesy mood try Beth Hart Also if you havent heard them try the civil wars, or the paper kites. I love them both. Kaleo is really good as well. I love kings of Leon too. I dont know if any of that is your cup o' tea but it may be. Concrete blonde is also good lady rock. If youre in to heavy dirty rock try in this moment. She rocks out. Smoother jazz type mood..melody Gardot