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  1. So, having read the whole thread I tried (in the interests of research, you understand). It appears that I can lick my own nipples but I am expecting a stiff neck in the morning.
  2. I started watching porn about 5-6 years ago and now watch almost exclusively lesbian porn. I'm quite picky, though- surgical enhancements and silly long nails are a turn-off! I sometimes watch straight porn, although it doesn't do much for me, and occasionally I watch gay porn. It's the women who really do it for me, though.
  3. A bed. Only joking. Usually in the nude.
  4. Only for Lent. I gave up beer one year, when I was a student. I gave up tea another year. The worst was giving up swearing. That was a real struggle!
  5. Definitely! Leaf tea, milk (just a dash), no sugar.
  6. Bad tea!
  7. Long.
  8. Slightly tipsy. Well, it is Friday!
  9. Esmerelda is my far more glamorous alter ego!
  10. These are beautiful!
  11. Hi, I used to live in Barney. Bishop has changed beyond recognition since I was a kid. (long time ago)



    1. Esmerelda


      Hi Starbuck! TBH I don't go into Bishop much! Barney is nice, though. Where do you live now?


    2. starbuck


      Lincolnshire now. Its a bit flat compared to Teesdale and not very rock and roll.

    3. Esmerelda


      Funny- I lived in Lincs too- just outside Gainsborough. I used to work in Scunthorpe- that's definitely not very rock n' roll!

  12. Not a great one for tears but Dancer in the Dark had me in floods pretty much from start to finish.
  13. I liked the one where they made a car (I think it was a Skoda) out of cake.
  14. Migraines are hell! I get them every so often and I find that the only thing that really helps is to lie very still in a darkened room. This is no good if I have one at work, like I did last week. Then it's Nurofen, but quite honestly, that barely touches it. When I get them it feels like my head is being squeezed in a vice, it's pure torture!
  15. The concept of chivalry is problematic as it has its roots in a courtly culture that did not consider women as equal. I agree with previous posters that it's plain old fashioned consideration for others and being kind, and yes, if everyone was kind the world would be a better place. I find it mildly odd that random acts of kindness often generate a surprised response- kindness should be the norm, surely? But, not convinced.